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The Day We See The Truth And Cease To Speak it, Is The Day We Begin To Die. MLK Jr.

Excerpts 'Mein Kampf'

Understanding Hitler; Excerpts from Book "Mein Kampf"
Chapter VI propaganda by enemy.
Chapter VIIa When soldiers came home they saw Jewish Takeover of Germany 
Chapter VIIb Jewish stab in the back contd. 
Chapter VIIc Jews stab in the back final
Chapter VIII Capital and labor.
Chapter IX German labor Party.
Chapter Xa Fall of second Reich.
Chapter Xb commies joyfully welcome misfortunes to their nation
Chapter Xc Moral decay in second Reich 
Chapter Xd-Marxist Press 
Chapter Xe- German Army stood tall 
Chapter Xf- What Army gave to Nation. 
Chapter XIa Race and People 
Chapter XIb, Aryans place society before self. 
Chapter XIc-Jews 
Chapter XIc - Jewish Revolutions 
Chapter XIIa - Need for national resurgence. 
Chapter XIIb-Obligations for national resurgence 

Chapter XIIc- Obligations for national resurgence. 
Chapter XIId- Beginning of National Resurgence 

Volume II

Chapter 1; Our Belief and our party. 
Chapter 2a The state 
Chapter 2b Functions of State
Chapter 2c Curriculum
Chapter 3 Citizens and subjects 
Chapter 4 Ideals of People's State 
Chapter V Weltanschauung and organization
Chapter 6a the first period of our struggle
Chapter 6b Orator and writer
Chapter 7a Bourgeois, National socialist and Marxist public meetings; 
Chapter 7b Bourgeoisie, Marxist and National socialist Flag
Chapter 7c Conflict with red Forces
Chapter 8 Strong is strongest when alone
Chapter 9a How the revolution unfolded?
Chapter 9b Why Revolution succeeded
Chapter 9c Storm Troopers
Chapter 10a Marxists promote hate enmity among masses
Chapter 10b Confederacy and unification
Chapter 10c Unification
Chapter 11a propaganda
Chapter 11b organization
Chapter 12a Trade Unions
Chapter 12b Trade unions 2
Chapter 13a Foreign policy
Chapter 13b Alliance with England
Chapter 13c International Jewry wants to enslave german finance
Chapter 13d South Tyrol
Chapter 13e Germany must take back lost provinces
Chapter 13f future alliances and international jewry finance
Chapter 14a German policy in eastern Europe- the factors
Chapter 14b Defeat Russian Communism
Chapter 15a Germany was deep in enemy territory when it surrendered.
Chapter 15b as a hyena will not leave its carrion, a Marxist will not give up indulging in the betrayal of his country.


  1. I have just found your blog while doing background research for my own read of Mein Kampf, started in January 2016. I am into Chapter 3 and so far, am not seeing the ravings of a crazy man; rather a very thoughtful and logical presentation. Along with this I have just completed watching the video documentary The Greatest Story Never Told. I am now armed with a whole new version of history, that makes me understand why this version has been kept from the general populace. Deborah

  2. I have read sections of Mein Kampf before, but are now rereading and also listening to an audio version. I am impressed by the critical and self-critical development of Herr Hitler's insights. He struggled with a number of core questions, and tried his best to situate the position of the German people within the constraints of the inner conflicts of European politics. He was no madman but instead a creative and critical thinker, who was able to understand the core of what moved people, and also what caused self-doubt and even self-destruction. Looking at our world TODAY, he was right on the mark w.r.t. the influence of international Jewry and it continues today, but in ever worsening forms, to the detriment of all on the planet. I happily spread the good message, as the world of today can see that he was right after all.