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Saturday, November 1, 2014

who is responsible for anti-sikh Riots 1984

No reasonable man can blame a reaction without holding the original and first action as responsible for what happened. It was Beant Singh and Satwant singh who were responsible for 1984 riots and they have already been hanged. If Satwant singh and Beant singh had not done what they did, there would have been no anti-Sikh riots.

Some people blame Army entering Golden temple for what Beant/Satwant did. However Army did not do anything new. They took arms inside Golden Temple when Arms were ALREADY INSIDE the Temple.  So the first person/s who Took arms inside the Golden Temple were responsible and they were goons of Bhinderwala. Lootings and Killings had began in Golden Temple much before Army went in to clean it. Again it was a reaction and not an action.

Golden temple was under control of Mughal funded and Mughal weapons terrorists. Sikh Gurus had down laid their lives for fighting Mughal control and Mughal weapons. Had they been alive today, Sikh Gurus would have done the same thing as Army did i.e. fight Mughal control and Mughal weapons.

Some people  blame Indira for arming Bhinderwala to counter Akali Dal and sending in Arms in Golden Temple and daily lootings and killings of Pligrims by Bhinderwala. Again if we accept this solely for arguments sake even then Indira realized her mistake and sent in Army to cleanse the Temple of Bhinderwala and his goons for which she should have been honored.

Looked at from any angle, it was Bhinderwalan,,Beant Singh and Satwant singh who were responsible for Anti-Sikh 1984 riots and none else as when mob forms, an individual looses its thinking and mobs have no control on its mind. 

In 1984, sikhs were burnt by kerosene, similar modus operand was used by same people to burn hindu pilgrim in 2002, Hindus jain brothers in Muzzafarnagar (UP) 2013 and Malerkotla 2013. Muslims have always been die hard supporters of congress and Indira Gandhi till 2013 when for the first time they shifted to Kejriwal.