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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Who is Responsible For World War 2 and 72 Million Dead?

                      THE FREEMEN

Dear Brethren,

World War 2, Main Causes and Adolf Hitler, Lies being taught;
Hitler’s desire for world domination.
Policy of appeasement by England and France.
Hitler attacked and conquered various nations.

Now the truth; 
The Treaty for War;
The War Treaty of Versailles, signed on 28th June 1919 was the work of International Bankers. They took all the measures necessary to ensure the next World War. The British Prime Minister, Lloyd George, wrote: 'The international bankers swept statesmen, politicians, journalists and jurists all to one side and issued their orders with the imperiousness of absolute monarchs.

The American President, Woodrow Wilson, was "advised" at Versailles by Bernard Baruch, The British Prime Minister, Lloyd George, was "advised" by Alfred Milner, Rothschild employee, and Sir Phillip Sassoon, a direct descendent of Mayer Amschel Rothschild, The French leader, Georges Clemenceau, was "advised" by his Minister for the Interior, Georges Mandel, whose real name was Jeroboam Rothschild. (Fritz Springmeier, Illuminati Bloodlines).  The interpreter was Mantoux; and the Military Adviser was Mr. Kish. Interestingly all the advisers were Jews most of them representing International Bankers. The "leaders were hazy about geography. However, their Jewish secretaries, were very much on the spot on such matters. These Jews met at 6 p.m. in the evenings to plan next World War; and accordingly, mapped out the decisions for the following day's conference of the "Big Four" .

Under the War Treaty of Versailles, Poland was given a "corridor" to the Baltic Sea, along with large areas of West Prussia that were populated by Germans. This "corridor" completely separated East Prussia from the Reich, making trade and communication difficult or impossible. During Allied discussions on the peace treaty, Lloyd George, the then British Prime Minister, tapped this spot on the map and probably echoed the words of his secretary said an evening before; "This is where (we have planned) the next world war will begin!" Unknown to Hitler this was how International Bankers had planned 2nd World War to begin 20 years earlier on 28th June 1919.

Under the War Treaty of Versailles, Jewish International Bankers cut Germany in several pieces and gifted it to other European Countries. A piece of Germany - Alsace-Lorraine was gifted to France, A piece of Germany Saar Region of Coal mines was forcibly brought under French Protectorate, A piece of Germany – Eupen, Malmedy, Moresńet, and St. Vith was gifted to Belgium, A piece of Germany - Northern Schleswig was gifted to Denmark, several pieces of Germany - Hultschin and Opava was gifted to Czechoslovakia, several pieces of Germany - West Prussia, Danzig, Posen and Upper Silesia were gifted to Poland, several pieces of Germany – Rhineland and Memel were brought under the League of Nations and people of these regions were to vote in future, to decide whether they want to remain in Germany or not. League of Nations also took control of land won by Germany under treaty of Brest-Litovsk. Some of this land was gifted to Poland and some made into new states of Estonia, Lithuania and Latavia.

Jewish International Bankers also cut Habsburg empire in several pieces and these pieces gifted to other nations. First it was cut into two separate countries; Austria and Hungary who then had to sign two separate treaties;-
Austria was forced to sign Treaty of Saint Germain

Hungary was forced to sign Treaty of Trianon

Hapsburg Empire was not only cut in two but large piece is further cut out of Empire to form a totally new country Czechoslovakia. Several Pieces of Hapsburg empire i.e. Bohemia, Moravia, Opava Silesia and the western part of Duchy of Cieszyn, Slovakia and Carpathian Ruthenia formed the new Czechoslovakia.

Several Pieces of Austria i.e. Galicia, eastern part of Duchy of Cieszyn, northern County of Orava and northern Spisz were gifted to Poland. Several Pieces of Austria - Bolzano-Bozen and Trieste were gifted to Italy.

Several pieces of Hungary - Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia-Slavonia, Dalmatia, Slovenia, and Vojvodina were gifted to Serbia to form the Kingdom of the Serbs, Croats and Slovenes, later Yugoslavia. (Several ethnic minorities were deliberately merged in Yugoslavia by International Bankers so that they can earn money from future wars between these ethnic minorities).

Several pieces of Habsburg Empire Austria-Hungary - Transylvania and Bukovina were gifted to Romania.

All states of Eastern Europe became hub of large national minorities. One eighth of German population found themselves in the newly created countries as minorities. One third of ethnic Hungarians found themselves living outside of Hungary as minorities. From its borders before World War I, it lost 72% of its territory, which was reduced from 325,111 square Kilometers (125,526 sq mi) to merely 93,073 square Kilometers (35,936 sq mi). It also lost 64% of its total population, which was reduced from 20.9 million to 7.6 million, and 31% (3.3 out of 10.7 million) of its ethnic Hungarians, who suddenly found themselves living outside the newly defined borders of Hungary. Hungary lost five of its ten most populous cities and was deprived of direct access to the sea and of some of its most valuable natural resources.

In January 1921, the total sum due to be paid by Germany as war reparations was decided by an Inter-Allied Reparations Commission at 269 billion gold marks (the equivalent of around 100,000 tonnes of pure gold). Germany was held responsible for World war 1 when it came to aid Austria.Though it was  England and France who first attacked Germany.

France was first to violate war Treaty of Versailles when it occupied Ruhr in 1923
Public desire for Freedom began to reverse the War treaty of Versailles;

Saar Region; January 13th 1935; By the treaty of Versailles, the separation of the Saar province from Germany was to terminate at the end of fifteen years. This period ended in January 1935, and a free vote of the population, supervised by British and Italian forces, was held to decide their future destiny. Ninety per cent voted for reincorporation with the German Reich. No shot was fired.

Rhineland Mach 7, 1936; Rhineland had 100% ethnic German population. After French forces left at the end of 15 years, the entire Population of Rhineland erupted with glee to welcome German police. When German forces entered Rhineland, there was Jubilation on the streets of Rhineland. No shot was fired.

Berlin Olympics 1936; Morale of the people was high, there was euphoria among the population and a feeling of freedom after 15 years shackles of slavery under war Treaty for Versailles. A sense of general well being and good feeling after years of repression was felt by public which was reflected in performance of its people in all spheres of life. In 1936 Berlin Olympics; Germany topped the medal tally with 33 gold, 26 Silver, 30 Bronze medals.  United States of America came a poor second with 24 gold, 20 silver and 12 Bronze. Habsburg empire (Hungary + Austria + Czechoslovakia ) won  17 gold, 13 silver and 8 Bronze.  

Austria March 9th, 1938; Austrian Chancellor Kurt von Schuschnigg calls for a public vote for the 13th March, to decide if the country should remain independent, or join Germany. Thereafter Austrian Chancellor Kurt von Schuschnigg resigns. On 12th March 1938, Germany announces "Anschluss" (Union) with Austria, and German forces cross the border to a cheering population. In the plebiscite 99% Austrians voted in favor of union with Germany. There had been no ultimatum and no threat, but instead there had been a spontaneous popular uprising of the Austrian people. When the German troops arrived in Austria on March 12, 1938, they found the streets lined with cheering crowds of jubilant Austrians who greeted them with the Nazi salute, showered them with confetti and threw flowers at their feet. No shot was fired.

Cheering Austrians Greet Adolf Hitler in his Hometown of Braunau am Inn (March 14, 1938)

Cheering crowds greet Hitler as he enters Vienna. Austria, March 1938.

September 1938 Sudetenland with its Majority of 95% Germans also wanted reunification with Reich. In order to evaluate the situation the British government sent Lord Runciman to the Sudetenland. In his report on 16 September 1938 he wrote: "I have great sympathy for the cause of the Sudeten Germans. It is difficult to be governed by a foreign nation, and my impression is that Czechoslovak rule in the Sudetenland displays such a lack of tact and understanding, and so much petty intolerance and discrimination, that dissatisfaction among the German population must inevitably lead to outrage and rebellion." Following this the British government joined in urging the Czechs to allow a plebiscite in Sudetenland.

October 1st 1938, Sudetenland; The Czech Government rejected the suggestion of a plebiscite. However they voluntarily agreed to relinquish the Sudeten districts since these regions were populated entirely by Germans. No shot was fired.

This is how the "Munich Agreement" came about. It resulted not from threats and extortion by Hitler, but rather an agreement by all parties that the Sudeten Germans rightfully belonged "Heim ins Reich" (back home in the Reich.).

On September 30, 1938 at the request of Chamberlain, Hitler agreed not to built German navy provided Britain would agree not to attack Germany. Chamberlain the then British Prime Minister agreed and they both signed the following treaty, Hitler not to built his navy and Britain agreed never to attack Germany.

Neville Chamberlain and Adolf Hitler’s Joint Resolution Never to Go to War with One Another Again (September 30, 1938)

In 1938, two Germans scientists, Otto Hahn and Fritz Strassmann, working at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in Berlin, discovered that when they bombarded uranium with neutrons they could split the uranium atoms' nuclei into two parts releasing energy and more neutrons (a process called fission.) From this it was obvious to scientists that it was possible to create energy-producing fission chain reactions as the neutrons from one split-atom plowed into surrounding atoms, splitting them also. There are conflicting facts about whether research was stopped there or that it was carried further, atomic bomb built and also tested but undisputed fact remains that when Hitler realized the horror of such weapons and scale of human suffering that would eventually follow, he forbade further research and production. In 1941, German Army Ordnance began compiling a report which ranked weapons development programs. Development or production of nuclear weapons was nowhere in the picture as it had been completely banned as early as in 1939.

March 14th 1939 ; Czech president Emil Hacha accepts Adolf Hitler offer of making Bohemia-Moravia a German protectorate. That same day Slovakia and Ruthenia declare their independence from the Czech government in Prague. Poles invade and occupy Olsa region. Hungarians do the same occupying border regions populated by Hungarians. if Hitler had desire for world domination then Hitler would have taken over these regions of Slovakia, Ruthenia, Olsa. But Hitler had no such desires. he wanted people to have freedom to choose their own destiny. Hitler makes no attempt to take over regions of Slovakia, Ruthenia, region taken over by Poland and Hungary as this was done in accordance with the wishes of the people of these regions. Czechoslovakia a new country which was created by pieces of Germany and Austria ceases to exist. No shot was fired.

It was important to revise treaty of Versailles and restore German Lands to Germany. This was required to fix the damage done to Europe under War Treaty of Versailles. It was important to allow plebiscite in all areas which had been forcibly cut away from Germany when Germany was cut in several pieces by International Bankers / Rothschild’s / Jews for sake of their personal gain. A four-power conference was suggested which would preserve the peace and allow plebiscite in all German dominated areas which were forcibly cut away from Germany in war treaty of 1919 and gifted to other European nations. The four powers were Great Britain, Germany, France and Italy. 

Reasons for World War 2;

Wars are financed by debt. Whosoever controls the debt makes immense profits for itself during wars. Wars means profits for International Bankers. International bankers/Jewry believed it to be dangerous doctrine to allow people to choose their own destiny. People cannot be allowed to have freedom to choose peace over war. Hence International bankers / Jewry decided to end peace talks.

International Bankers put an end to the proposed four power conference for preserving peace that would have allowed plebiscite in former German areas. On 7 November 1938, a few weeks after the Munich Agreement and shortly before the journey to Paris of the German Foreign Minister, Von Ribbentrop, a Polish Jew, Herschel Feibel Grynszpan murdered the German Third Secretary of State, Ernst von Rath, in the German Embassy in Paris. The five bullets fired put an end to the proposed extension of the Munich Agreement and revision of the Treaty of Versailles by allowing plebiscite in former German areas. Simultaneously pressure was exerted by International Bankers and Jewish lobby in Washington and London who wanted war.

Under the War Treaty/Dictate of Versailles Poland was given a "corridor" to the Baltic Sea, along with large areas of West Prussia that were populated by Germans. This "corridor" completely separated East Prussia from the Reich, making trade and communication difficult or impossible. During Allied discussions on the peace treaty, Lloyd George, the then British Prime Minister, tapped this spot on the map and probably echoed the words of his secretary said an evening before; "This is where (we have planned) the next world war will begin!" Unknown to Hitler this was how International Bankers had planned 2nd World War to begin 20 years earlier on 28th June 1919.

The beginnings of War;

March 21 1939;  Hitler reiterates his old demands against Poland for the return of Danzig and the "German Corridor" to the Reich.

March 22, 1939; Poland again refuses German demands for the return of Danzig and the "German Corridor" or allow Plebiscite.

March 23 1939; Poland starts mobilization of its armed forces. Mobilization of forces is declaration of war.

March 31st, 1939 a British guarantee to Poland is given by Mr. Chamberlain on the strength of a false report (most probably circulated by International bankers/Jewry) to the effect that a 48-hour ultimatum had been delivered by Germany to the Poles. This report subsequently turned out to be false. While giving this guarantee, Chamberlain forgot the non aggression guarantee given by Britain to Germany under which Hitler had not built German Navy. 

The American Secretary of State, James Forrestal, who later died in mysterious circumstances, wrote in his Forrestal Diaries (Cassel and Co., London 1952):
'Have played golf with Joe Kennedy [US Ambassador in Britain, father of President John Kennedy]. According to him, Chamberlain declared that Zionism and world Jewry have obliged [forced] England to enter the war.' 

People of Danzig Desperately wanted to rejoin the Reich and had been flying German Flags since 1937. see the picture below;

Since Wars are financed by debt and are profitable for International Bankers, International Bankers / Jewry decided that time is now ripe to implement the decision taken 20 years earlier to start World War - 2. Thus on one hand it instructed Jews to start exterminating Germans in Danzig, knowing fully well that it will infuriate the fuhrer to come to rescue of Germans in Danzig and on the other hand it had Lord Halifax and Churchill firmly in their pocket to force declaration of world War 2 by England. They had Winston Churchill (some say as their keep) since October 24/29 1929 when he witnessed the power of Jewish Bankers from visitors Gallery of New York Stock Exchange and later joined them in celebration of the "crash" on October 29, 1929.

Poland / Polish Jews begins programmes for complete extermination of Germans in Danzig. Danzig and German corridor had 98% ethnic German population. Polish authorities started murdering the Germans in Danzig and German Corridor. German population was peaceful, most of them were farmers. More than 58,000 died at the hands of communists and Polish authorities. Hitler pleaded for the League of Nations dozens of times to protect them. The world failed these people in 1939. 

August 10, 1939;  Albert Forster, Gauleiter for Danzig, addresses a crowd of 100,000 in Danzig. Crowd seeks protection and help from Germany. He assures the crowd that He has Invited Hitler to liberate them and Danzig. "The hour of liberation is at hand... our Motherland and our Führer, Adolf Hitler, are determined to support us". The crowd cheers in anticipation of liberation. It is the same help which today the UNSC has offered to people of Benghazi (Libya) (If only France, England had offered to same help to people of Danzig in August 1939, 72 million people would not have died).

August 25, 1939; German sent following demands to Poland;-.
a)     The return of Danzig to Germany.
b)     Rail and road access across the corridor between Germany and East Prussia.
c)     The cession to Germany any Polish territory formerly of pre-WW1 Germany that hosted 75% or more ethnic Germans.
d)     An international board to discuss the cession of the German Corridor to Germany.

August 28, 1939; Emboldened by the war Guarantee given England and France, Poland refused to budge or allow plebiscite. 

September 1, 1939; No one can tolerate continued murder of their kin. Hitler finally took matters into his own hands. On Sept. 1, 1939, the German Army crosses into Danzig at their request to rescue Germans from massacre.

September 3, 1939; Britain, France, Australia, New Zealand and host of countries under British Empire attacked Germany. Soon thereafter over 100 countries were simultaneously waging war on Germany (see here). Germany was merely defending itself. Hitler never wanted war with England or France He was surprised when they attacked him because of a German town of Danzig a town having 98% ethic German Population.  Thus England and France were the ones who declared World War 2 by declaring war on Germany and not the other way around as is being falsely taught.

The Jewish magazine Sentinel of Chicago printed in its issue of 8 October 1940:
'When the National Socialists and their friends cry or whisper that this [the war] is brought about by Jews, they are perfectly right.'

If Germany was held responsible for ww1 for coming to aid of Austria than it was England who was responsible for WW2 for coming to defend Polish possession over Danzig, a German corridor

Six years later, 72 million had perished. Britain was broken, bankrupt and Lost its Empire and consequently World Domination, France and Germany a smoldering ruin. By May 1945, Red Army hordes occupied all the great capitals of Central Europe: Vienna, Prague, Budapest, Berlin. A hundred million people were under the heel of the most barbarous tyranny in history: the Bolshevik regime of the greatest terrorist of them all, Joseph Stalin.

What cause could justify such Horrors ?

The German-Polish war had come out of a quarrel over a town Danzig, the size of 1950 square Kilometers, population 408,000, 95 percent German, had been forcibly severed from Germany at Versailles in violation of Woodrow Wilson’s principle of self-determination. All world leaders and many British leaders thought Danzig should be returned as its 97.6% population had voted against forced union with Poland in the year 1919. After the war, whole of Poland and half of europe is gifted By same england and France to their arch enemy Russia.

Was Danzig worth a war? Unlike the 7 million Hong Kongnese whom the British surrendered to Beijing, who didn’t want to go, the Danzigers were clamoring to return to Germany.

If Hitler wanted the world, why did he not build strategic bombers, instead of two-engine Dorniers and Heinkels that could not even reach Britain from Germany?
Why did he let the British army go at Dunkirk?
Why did he offer the British peace, twice, after Poland fell, and again after France fell?
Why, when Paris fell, did Hitler not demand the French fleet, as the Allies demanded and got the Kaiser’s fleet? Why did he not demand bases in French-controlled Syria to attack Suez? Why did he beg Benito Mussolini not to attack Greece?

Why Hitler did not use Chemical Weapons against Normandy Landings ?

Why Hitler did not encourage and rather banned production of atomic weapons?

Because Hitler never wanted world domination but simple a plebiscite to allow people to rejoin Germany which had been cut in pieces in 1919 and gifted to other nations (supra). He never wanted war.

Hitler's Reichstag Speech of September 1, 1939

Hitler spoke to the German Reichstag at 10:10, on the morning of September 1st. He reminded his deputies that Danzig "was and is German." He made the same comment about the Corridor, which he had been willing to renounce to Poland, as he had renounced Alsace-Lorraine to France and South Tirol to Italy, in the interest of peace and cooperation. Hitler emphasized that he had attempted to solve all German problems by "peaceful revision (friedlicher Revision)." He confessed the failure of this attempt, and he deplored the fact that many of the practices of England were in evident contradiction to the provisions of international law. Danzig and the Corridor were problems which had to be solved. Hitler conceded that it might be a matter of indifference to the West when this was to be, but this was not true for Germany. Above all, it was not a matter of indifference to the hundreds of thousands of people suffering from the absence of a settlement. Hitler had announced his position in this dispute to the German Reichstag on April 28, 1939. He was prepared to resume negotiations for a settlement of differences with both Great Britain and Poland. He had waited four months in vain for some response from the Polish side. The British advised him on August 28th that Poland was prepared to resume negotiations. He informed the British Government on the following day that Germany was prepared to negotiate. He waited in vain another two days for a response from Poland. The Polish Ambassador at last announced on August 31st that the Warsaw Government was considering whether or not it would negotiate with Germany. Lipski indicated that they would inform England, and not Germany, of their eventual decision. This meant that the Polish attitude on August 31st was actually far short of what the British had indicated it to be on August 28th. Hitler promised that he never had asked and never would ask anything from Great Britain and France. He ardently desired an understanding with England, "but love cannot be provided from one side if it is not received from the other (aber Liebe kann nicht nur von einer Seite geboten werden, sie muss von der anderen ihre Erwiderung finden)." This was an amazing declaration to the leaders of a nation which had attacked Germany in 1914, had starved to death hundreds of thousands of German children and old people, and was threatening to attack Germany twenty-five years later in a dispute which did not affect British interests. Indeed, the dispute in 1939 concerned what other prominent Englishmen had insisted was the most objectionable part of the 1919 settlement. Sir Austin Chamberlain, the brother of the Prime Minister, had promised in 1925 that no British grenadier would be required to die for Danzig or the Polish Corridor which were essentially German.

Britain has never acknowledged other nations' right of self-determination, whether in India (where those who favored independence were tied to English cannon) or in Ireland (where almost the entire population was annihilated because they would not submit to British domination.)

Day after day the public was deluged with Jewish war propaganda and misrepresentation of the situation. Finally their minds were closed against any further regard to the demands of justice or reason by a new slogan,
"You cannot trust Hitler's word."

With this lie the public was finally stampeded into throwing all reason and judgment to the winds and accepting at their face value the war propaganda in the press.

This slogan was founded upon a misrepresentation of Hitler's assurance given on more than one occasion after a "putsch" such as that into Sudetenland, that he "intended to make no further demands."

The misrepresentation lay in the fact that the press steadily obscured the major fact, that the "demands" to which Hitler referred were all along five fold in character; and covered those five areas taken from Germany by a dictated peace in which the population was overwhelmingly German, i.e. Sudetenland, part of Czechoslovakia, parts of Poland, the Corridor and Danzig.

As German troops occupied each successive section, it is, I believe, accurate to say that Hitler declared, that he had no further demand except those already made which included Danzig.

The British public was deluded by its press into supposing that when Hitler said he had no further demands, that there had never been any statement of his demands which were still unfulfilled. They were led to believe that Hitler either never had any other demands, or that he had abandoned the rest as soon as he had obtained one of them.

When, therefore, the next installment was added, the Jewish press built on this misunderstanding the fallacy that Hitler's word could not be trusted. Honest dealing needs no such trickery and deception. Such methods are only necessary to bolster up bad or unjust causes.

Fortunately we have the calm and dispassionate judgment in this matter by no less a person than the late Lord Lothian, former British Ambassador to the U.S.A. In his last speech at Chatham House on this subject he remarked:

"If the principle of self-determination had been applied in Germany's favour, as it was applied against her, it would have meant the return of Sudetenland, Czechoslovakia, parts of Poland, the Polish Corridor, and Danzig to the Reich."

Here is a very different presentment of the case to the one which was foisted upon the general public in 1939; and it is the true one. Small wonder that these facts had to be withheld from the ordinary citizen.

Had the public realised the truth, that each of these demands of Hitler's rested on a foundation of reasonable fairness, the people would have ruled out any question of war; and it was war, not truth or justice, upon which international Jewry was resolved.

If Germany was held responsible for WW1 for coming to help Austria, (Historically Austria was always part of Greater Germany) than it is England which is to be held responsible for WW2 for coming to aid of Poland over Danzig and German Corridor in possession of Poland. England must pay same reparations to world for being responsible for WW2. Germany paid equivalent of 100,000 tonnes of pure gold after world war 1. Now it is the turn of England to pay the Germany equivalent of 100,000 tonnes of pure gold even though casualties have more than doubled. 



  1. Thank you so much my friend. You have done your history excellently and I agree with every single word you have written may others read this so they can put German history in its proper context

    1. For more WW2 truth, read HELLSTORM by Thomas Goodrich. My oldest brother was in the war and saw Americans commit more atrocities than the Germans.

    2. mon dieu, reading these and so many other alter-history of years past and wars fought , i m beginning to think that there might not have been any 'true' history as we were taught in class....sad sad sad!!!

  2. Great work, you truly explained how the International Bankers deceptions worked in their favor which resulted in the demise of the German empire and Europe. I read books on the subject but they never used the real names (mostly Jewish) of the real culprits behind the damning Versailles treaty. Thank you

  3. Amazing article, the vast majority news to me. I'll certainly be forwarding it to friends.

  4. I thank you for the content and source, as I am now 84, soon to be 85, a vet of WWII, Pacific, and as a child remember some of the history regarding Germany and the Jews taking place.
    I do not however, remember all of the details as described in this article you provided, and this article tends to refresh my memory, so again, thanks.

    I have, for many years tried to research some of the past details but as you're probably aware, they, the Jews have managed through control, to eliminate such past history from the library shelves in favor of that propaganda that aims to get more sympathy for their people over the truth.

    They absolute control over what we can and cannot read, plus a great deal to do with our economy, problem is, how do the American people get wise to the facts, and stop with the constant aid to these murderous people?
    It is also amazing that more people around the world do not care to look up the actual history of the Jews to find out why they are not accepted or trusted anywhere in the world.
    I for one, and like many others was not born to hate or distrust anyone, my dislike and distrust of the Jews was of their own doing, through reading their history and personal dealings with them.

    This massacre of Germans in Poland was typical of their actions through the centuries when trying to establish a place to settle, steal, murder and confiscate, their way of life.
    So, have a good one, and good health.

  5. As a History teacher I knew all the facts. It is interesting the way you have put all facts in one place in chronological order, which gives a different conclusion

    1. If students give accurate answers to history exams they will be flunked.

    2. History is a group of lies agreed upon by Historians at the direction of the State. But there is hope among the few thousand of us that all shall be set right, even in a world that is 70% evil in one form or another. Respectfully to All, Rev. Robert Rankin Doggart, Ph.D.

  6. well i think the moral of the story is who writes the history, who teaches it and to whom.i say that these facts should be made public in a big way so that we can learn from the real history rather than twisted glorified history to suit some is widely propogated as truth.

  7. but it was good for Asia that Europeans killed each European domination has gone and Chinese and Indians have arrived....and yes, they are not ruled by Jews.
    - 'Han Rules'

    1. No, Jews control china as well....

    2. so the coming conflict will be between China and the West?

  8. And the reason why the whole of third world got its freedom.

    1. third world is not free. colonisation never ended. more Africans were killed by Rhodes and Leopold. Jews say Hitler was worse because in the 72million people who died 6 million were the chosen people.

  9. Are you saying that Nazis merely wanted peace and freedom to people to let them choose their own destiny and that we have been taught lies about them by 'Victors'?

  10. Yes. You, me and every person who believes in peace, freedom and liberty to people to choose their own destiny is a Nazi at heart.

  11. Are you endorsing Nazis then?

  12. I endorse every one who believes in peace, life and freedom and liberty of people to choose their own destiny and it includes Nazis who had same love for freedom and liberty and New Zealand Prime Minister, Helen Clark who asserted in March 2003 that Iraq war might not have happened at all if Democrat candidate Al Gore had been elected president. (Meaning there by that George Bush like his father was a war monger and worked at behest of International Bankers.) I also endorse barrack Obama who was elected on his promise to end all wars that US was unnecessarily engaged in under Republicans past few decades. I endorse the view that foreign forces, where ever they may, be must leave and US must end its occupation of foreign lands. Only then can US come out of its debts to federal reserve / International Bankers.

    1. So how has that ending of all wars and transparency, cutting the deficit in half during his first term, and all that hope and change working out for ya?

    2. Well, I replied last evening, but my reply was not approved. So much for freedom of speech. Perhaps this website has an agenda that does not wish to open up the truth? You be the judge. - Rev. Dr. Robert Rankin Doggart

    3. This post is not to discuss about president Obama. both the above replies will be removed after one day. Yes Obama did not approve Israeli action in Syria, he did bring back troops from Iraq and trying hard in Afghanistan. inspite of Israeli dictate, He did not attack Iran but managed a truce and he did reduce deficit by half. POTUS is not a freeman till Federal reserve is not completely under government control. But he is doing better than the option except perhaps Ron Paul.

  13. Amazing to see the other side of the reality after 24 years being taught otherwise... good work!

    I generally don't like to tell people that I have German blood because of the hatred against Germany implanted by the Zionist media here in my country. Also, German government today works for interests of the British/Zionist New World Order, and they prefer to give German citizenship to Jews than to their own relatives that had to flee in times of need... I've got all the documents in hands, but I don't have much hope of being recognized as a German someday.

    Unfortunately, the story doesn't simply end here, and I'm forced to disagree on endorsing Barack Obama, because he works for the Bankers/Zionists just like George Bush did, and it is very clear that he, together with Israel, has already declared war against Iran. They have been forging lies on nuclear bombs development and terrorism as an excuse to invade Iran. I just feel sorry for all the innocent Iranian blood that is going to be shed if Ron Paul doesn't win the elections in the US.

    Bush's reputation wasn't good after war, so they seeked to replace him with someone that looked different on the eyes of people but would simply take care of the bankers interests the same way. Fox News has been trying to convince people that Ron Paul in ""unelectable"", hahaha!

    You know, ""thousands"" of civilians have died in protests in Syria, but simply _none_ died in NATO attacks against Lybia. War media at its best! Our media and schools are absolutely manipulated, and sometimes I feel alone in all of this: am I a terrorist for being against war?

    I'm Christian and not against the Jewish people in general, for I believe there's always innocent people serving as puppets for higher interests.

    Peace be to all!

  14. All jews aren't bad but too many give allegence to Israel rather than America.

    1. You have made many valid points but can you explain the mass murders of the Jewish people by Hitler

    2. there was no mass murders of Jewish people by Hitler. kindly see the proof in my articles on holocaust. (see history index0

    3. Kapil, Your statement above is not even worthy of a response. I suppose we must throw away all of the photographs, right?

    4. Dr Robert, I am a researcher. You speak out of ignorance. Please go through my articles and photographs on Holocaust and then respond.

  15. Dear Friend,
    Thank you very much for the website you have created.May God bless you!!!I really do not know your religion,but I do know that the Freemasons want to destroy Christianity and create a one world government!Please check the website will help you know the truth!!!

  16. i think as the years go on people are waking up to the truth and are wising up to the jewish conspiracy. one day the world will know that adolf hitler was the greatest leader the world has ever seen.

  17. Though, I have not so mush knowledge about the History. But, I surely can say that the man, who wrote this article has a great and deep knowledge about the History. I appreciate this.

  18. Good Job. Some day the truth will rise and will be the end of those parasites.

  19. I believe that the World War has not ended yet but in hibernated phase... The 3rd WW will be the cyber war + Biological warfare. Because almost 90% of the internet is being controlled by the jews and they have an eager to rule the world since the beginning of their belief.
    Jews were planning with pretty patience.
    If anyone feel interested in the history of formation of Independent America, it can be found that the key people behind that was "jews". They freed america from the British reign and formed their base of global operation.
    If anyone can look upon the map, it easily can be seen that the position of jews in Palestine and how they formed their own country by exterminating Palestinians and the Palestinians themselves become refuge in their own land.
    If you call Hitlar a mass murderer & feel sympathized for the dead jews, what do you call the jews now what they are doing in Palestine? The scattered the mind of people in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and other oil rich countries in the name of "Arab Spring(!)".
    Most of the key people in NASA are jews, and who knows if they are placing satellite containing nuclear Air-to-Surface (ATS/ ASM) missiles in the name of MARS exploration!
    Jews community knows very well that they own the mass media & if they can conquer oil rich countries ( which they will ), it'll fuel their tanks and fighters and warships so the world domination is in their hands.
    I think, since i never met Hitler, he found out very well that jews cannot be trusted and always act like rats in the cellar. And that's one of the key reasons he was flushing out jews ( if so ).

    1. seems ur prediction is coming into fruition..the west african economy which is set to rise has been crippled by the mysterious ebola virus which just happened to have come from nowhere...the fact that west african countries dont do researches in deep core medicine as they lack the resources makes these epidemic more suspicious

  20. Was Anne Frank a liar? Was she a real girl? This is all confusing.

    1. Anne Frank was real, her diary was completely re-written by Jewish writer Meyer Levin. such real diaries are written by every household in 3rd world countries. See my article on Anne Frank under History Index - 'holocaust'.

  21. Great read indeed.
    I have always stated that; ashkenazi lies are all over.
    South Africa aided the world war mongers, but when we were in trenches against the apartheid regime; the ashkenazi media called us terrorists; and when the tide changed to our advantage they called us freedom fighters.
    Why were they not declaring war against the apartheid regime; because they're apartheidists themselves.

  22. In last 2-3 days, One particular individual has been indulging in name calling, threats etc, however without disputing any facts told above. The People who fear Truth, alone talk of actual or verbal violence. Let the truth set him free from his disturbed conscience. May he learn to live without fear, hatred and in peace with himself.

  23. First, a BIG applaud for you mate. This is a great work. Really interesting.

    I think, I should erase all information about the world war I'd thought/read so far from my mind.

    I've few questions though..
    1. What about Germans invasion on Stalingard ?
    2. Are you saying Shindler's list movie is not true (I guess Stephen Spilberg is a Jew..) ?
    3. Did German allied with Japan, Italy was not correct, as Japan and Italy did some massacres during world wars ?

    1. The article deals with responsibility for war. How it all began. If we had allowed freedom to Danzigers to vote for their destiny than there would have been no war.
      1. to defeat communism. same as USA did later-on.
      2. of course.
      3. You mean Hiroshima and Nagasaki or Dresden?
      I have not dealt with actual battles but entire war as Churchill said an "unnecessary war" to DEFEAT AND DENY FREEDOM.


  24. If Hitler doesn't want/liks war, why should he be worried about communism in Russia ?

    Do you say all movies that potray's Germans/Hitler are incorrect ?

    Why did Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg tried to assasinate Hitler ?

    Why politicians want Hilter to be assasinated if he is doing good for his country mens ?

    1. 1. The same reason NATO is/west was afraid of communism.

      2. Yes. made by whom?

      3-4. Eight US presidents have been assassinated, he was not.

  25. Wikipedia lists as the greatest mass murderer of all times, NKVD General (later the KGB) Vasili Blohkin , who is known to have singlehandedly executed tens of thousands of human beings, men and women at the behest of Stalin. A film based on his deeds was made in the early nineties called 'The Chekist'. The protagonist in that film donned, as did Blohkin , a long leather apron and gloves that went past his elbows, so he wouldn't get splattered by the blood of his victims. These were dispatched by a pistol shot in the back of the neck. He also was in charge of the mass executions of the Polish prisoners of war, in the Katyn forest.

    You can get the film on line. (Caution! It is very difficult to watch!)

    Now, the one fact strenuously omitted in Wikipedia, is that Blokhin was a Jewish Shechet, i. e. ritual butcher. Instead, he is blandly described as the son of Russian peasants.

  26. my father is a history professor,,and he has always taught me how charishmatic and true was Hitler,,,,,after reading this article i truly believe him,,,,,,,,,,the history which we read in infected and we all should study it without having being biased,,,,,germany was prosperous and confident under hitler reign,,,,the germany we see today is all because of him,,,,

  27. Now look at what France and England and jews are doing to Syria. They are pure evil. I can clearly see the future of jews in Israel. It well be same as ww2

  28. This ha opened my eyes, i were taught that it was the Germans that started the war, now i can see that it was the Zionist Jews that started it, and it looks like they will start the next world war.

  29. Awesome ...MAKES A HELL OF A LOT MORE SENSE than German ambition for expansionism. Unfortunately the world media is in the hands of a conspiracy it seems.

  30. Hi, amazing work sir! It opened my eye's! Thank you very much! I live in Czech Republic.. and I'm not sure about one thing. The assassination of Reinhard Heydrich and burning down Lidice, Ležáky, Javoříčko and Český Malín. I would love to know the TRUE answer. Could you tell me anything? Thank you!

  31. "If the international finance-Jewry inside and outside Europe should succeed in plunging the nations into a world war yet again, then the outcome will not be the victory of Jewry, but rather the annihilation of the Jewish race in Europe!" Adolf Hitler, 1939 Reichstag Speech

  32. absolutely fascinating, and much like what I have discovered in my researches. Kudos to you!

  33. Very interesting story; as with all wars history is written by the one, or allies, that came out with the spoils. It may or may not be the truth. The fact remain it is how the masses perceive what was written or how the were educated to perceive it. The truth however is that there is now truth, nor right nor wrong, the only thing is what is justifiable at the end to achieve those goals or to get those spoils. I may not agree with it, but its the truth.

  34. This is a good article as it inspires doubt in the one sided history as referenced by the press and the establishment and makes very clear the real causes of the war. It is just too easy to use these revelations as a base to disbelieve all the excesses that ocurred before and during the war under the Third Reich. I must investigate these issues further!

  35. The truth may set us free maybe ….

  36. when the queen of england is reported to own 6600 million acres of land across the globe.It is hard to attache moral values to any of these countries fantastic article.we here in ireland have been plauqed with them as neighbours.

  37. fantastic article do you have any work done on british involvement in my country Ireland

  38. We were never told it was the poles/jews who were killing Germans in danzig and hittler only wanted to stop this by wanting danzig land back gain.

  39. Here in what was then ... ENGLAND, we were never told about the (polish Jews) killing Germans in Danzig a section of land bridging and separating Germany, and Hitler wanting the land back to stop it and protect German people and Poland refusing. We were just simply told Hitler invaded Poland and was killing POLES and was out to rule the world. It would appear Hitler never broke his treaty with England/Britain regarding... should he build up his navy. It was then that Britain/United kingdom that broke the treaty with Hitler and Germany as a pact with European and Jewish bankers and I might add that this did not include the English, and this is why the English are resented so much to this day just like Hitler was. One can see in the present day the same thing happening with Israel and Palestine.

    1. you sound as though the english were led into the war it may have escaped your notice that the mighty uk goes to war at the drop of a hat. it must be the imperious nature of the english.I suppose nobody told you about the desecration and slaughter your country has done done to Ireland. the genocide that was commited during the famine when all the food produced in Ireland was taken by the english and millions died or emigrated. Instead of making out how innocent you all are you should be going to every country on the planet promoting peace in the hope of attoning for your sins

  40. Guys... you can try watching the arrivals... if not mistaken is a 51-episode documentary in youtube. Watch it before the 'others' delete it. If reading is a bore, viewing will make you understand the article above. Peace...

  41. Interesting. Learn otherwise since there is history in schools. Its actually quite fascinating to know that THIS history here is the actual truth rather than whatever was taught. I would agreed with this history. Now to think of it, the Nazi's logo resembles that of Buddhist. As such, basing on THIS truth as told, doesn't the Nazi's logo hinted that German in a sense are peace loving population? However, the sad truth is those who are in power, don't like to lose whatever they already hold in their hands even if it does not belongs to them. Rather, they issue some kind of lies, statements, whatever you can call it, to mesmerize people, make or force others to believe that whatever sprouts from their mouths are the whole truth. These lies over the years since there are fights, forces war to start and also genocides against groups of peaceful people against them. During the Roman empire, the killings of Christ. The Persian killings for their world domination. Viet Nam war fought by US for no reasons. These are some examples of man slaughtering for stupid reasons thought of by perverted minds of somebody in power.

    If any one thinks clearly about these, they would understand who are believable, who are not. Even in the era of the 21st century, there are genocides occurring.

  42. May I know where do u get your sources from and references?

    1. If I start giving references, I will have to give it against every line and the blog will become another Wikipedia. secondly what is the source of the source. In case you want to know the basis of ANY particular FACT, you can ask it here or Google it. Truth is always strange and hard to believe and will remain the Truth nevertheless.

  43. "September 3, 1939; Britain, France, Australia, New Zealand and host of countries under British Empire attacked Germany. Soon thereafter South Africa, Canada also attacked Germany. Germany was merely defending itself. Hitler never wanted war with England or France He was surprised when they attacked him because of a German town of Danzig a town having 98% ethic German Population. Thus England and France were the ones who declared World War 2 by declaring war on Germany and not the other way around as is being falsely taught."

    While the fact that England/France declared war first is true, the use of the word 'attacked' is ludicrous. South Africa and Canada 'attacked' Germany on Sept 3, 1939?

    Excellent stuff.

    (Beyond that, interesting interpretation of events.)

    1. Two sentences read together indicated that perhaps both referred to September 3 1939 whereas date was mentioned against first sentence only. however I have now added a link of dates when each of 121 countries declared war on Germany. thanks

  44. True. The media is being bias. Whatever it is GOD is fair. There will always be a KARMA. Just wait and see. peace

  45. what is lie? what is truth? whoever has more power retains control and causes what they want to become the truth.

  46. What about the holocaust? Understandable that the above can be very well facts. If thats the case, why would he order and conspire the extermination of the jews? Many whom are innocent w/o reason?

    1. there was no mass murders of Jewish people by Hitler. kindly see the proof in my articles on holocaust. (see history index)

  47. I thought we were all being lied to with the official story that Hitler was a monster - that with the research that the likes of Mr. Irving did, he wasn't guilty of the murder of millions.

    I just received my copy of Hitler's War by David Irving. It says on the back:
    "A brutal and ruthless despot, Hitler ordered the extermination of millions...yet flatly forbid the assassination of foreign leaders and the battlefield use of poison gas."

    I thought he wasn't guilty of the deaths of innocent millions?????
    Haven't gotten to reading anything yet, but will someone please explain?

    1. there was no mass murders of Jewish people by Hitler. kindly see the proof in my articles on holocaust. (see history index)

  48. How about Einstein? And other Jewish scientist like Emmy Noether? Ain't they forced to flee their country because of Hitler? Or was there some like of conspiracy behind this?

    1. Part of Jewish war on Germany. On 30 January 1933, Adolf Hitler was appointed chancellor, less than 2 months later Jews Declared war on Germany ;

  49. Hi there,
    What is your take on David Irving?
    Do you believe what he has found in his research?

    1. it may seem strange, but I have not read David Irving or any other Historian. I do my own research and let facts speak for themselves.

  50. Dear! Thanks for all this! But! Scanning this I miss THE ONE AND VERY ONLY DETAIL regarding the plot of start of WWII. In book 'Struggle for World Power' by George Knupffer 1975, there is mentioning of the 'Rakovsky interrogation 1938'. I consider this THE ONE AND DECISIVE DETAIL regarding start WWII.

    In this, at the end of it (googled on: Rakovsky Interrogation 1938), the proposition is made by Christian Rakovsky to Stalin to make a pact with Hitler about Poland. Hitler will take the bait and allies will declare war on him. As happened. SU will accordingly attack also, but NOT be being declared war at....

    This is exactly what happened. It is confirmed NOWHERE, but all events exactly fit in.
    See also 'Red Symphony'.
    Kind regards, Wouter Kok Netherlands


    Oops, pasted the wrong link.... here's the correct one.

    Kind regards, Wouter Kok

  52. "Der Krieg,der viele Väter hatte" is a good book also on YouTube. use Google

  53. Damned Jews! When it is not them it is The Catholic/Christians. It seems they are manipulating The USA this time around. Do not borrow from foreign lenders, or allow large groups of foreigners into you country that do not actually want to unit as one people!

  54. Was Danzig worth a war?

    Was the Death of 500,000 Iraqi Children Was Worth it?

    Sometimes Genocide Is OK…
    It just depends who is in office at the moment.


  55. This is what we allready hounestly hypocritly knew in our harts and now just the truth comes out as in black on white proof...

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