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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Germany or Hitler were never Racist

Lies being Taught;
Hitler was racist. During 1936 Berlin Olympics, He refused to shake the hand of the American Black athlete Jesse Owens after the latter had won a race, because Jesse Owens was Black.
He put Jews in concentration camps which proves he was racist.
Now the Truth;
        One of the famous American 'Tuskegee Airmen', Alexander Jefferson, wrote a book called 'Red Tail Captured, Red Tail Free' where he talks about being a second class citizen in his own country. He was shot down and put into a German P.O.W. camp where for the first time in his life he wasn't segregated from the white troops. He recalls the incredible irony of finally being freed and returning home and no sooner did he walk off the ship when he was told 'Whites to the right, niggers to the left'!
         The brilliant black historian and sociologist W.E.B. Du Bois visited National Socialist Germany in 1936. He related that he received more respect from the German academics then from his white colleagues back in America. He was treated like a human being in Germany, and stated: 'The National Socialists did not show any trace of racial hatred toward blacks.' Society under Nazis was completely integrated.
Owens said, "Hitler didn't snub me – it was FDR who snubbed me. The president didn't even send me a telegram." On the other hand, Hitler sent Owens a commemorative inscribed cabinet photograph of himself. Jesse Owens was never invited to the White House nor were honors bestowed upon him by President Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR) or his successor Harry S. Truman during their terms though they did meet many other American medalists.
       Germany was never racist. Owens was allowed to travel with and stay in the same hotels in Germany as whites, while at the time blacks in many parts of the United States had to stay in segregated hotels while traveling. After a New York City ticker-tape parade of Fifth Avenue in his honor, Owens had to ride the freight elevator at the Waldorf-Astoria to reach the reception honoring him.
       The reason why Hitler could not shake hands with Jesse Owens is that Hitler had personally attended the first day of the track and field competition on 2 August 1936, and did personally congratulate the German athlete Hans Woellke, who became the first German to win a gold medal in the Olympics since 1896.Throughout the rest of the day, Hitler continued to receive Olympic champions, German and non German, in his VIP box.
   The next day, 3 August, the chairman of the International Olympic Committee, Comte Baillet-Latour, approached Hitler early in the morning and told the German leader that he had violated Olympic protocol by having winners paraded to his box.
     Hitler apologized and gave an undertaking that he would from then on refrain from publicly congratulating any winners, German or otherwise. During this day, Owens won his gold medals - and in line with the Olympic Committee's ruling, Hitler did not shake his hand, or anybody else's for that matter, at the games again.
        On reports that Hitler had deliberately avoided acknowledging his victories, and had refused to shake his hand, Owens said at the time:
     "Hitler had a certain time to come to the stadium and a certain time to leave". "It happened he had to leave before the victory ceremony after the 100 meters. But before he left I was on my way to a broadcast and passed near his box. He waved at me and I waved back. I think it was 'bad taste' to criticize the man of the hour in another country”
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George Takei, of Star Trek fame, was one of the many victims of American racist policy. Here's his account of his experience in American concentration camps during WWII:
        ’I was only a child when soldiers with bayonetted rifles marched up our driveway, banged on our door, and ordered us out. I remember my mother's tears as we gathered what little we could carry, and then were sent to live for many weeks in a single cramped horse stall. Our bank accounts were frozen, our businesses shuttered, and our homes with most of our belongings were left behind, all because of what we looked like.'
        'A few months later, we were shipped off to the swamps, over a thousand miles away, by railcar. They placed in all one hundred twenty thousand of us inside barbed wire fences, machine guns pointed down at us from watch towers. We slept inside bug-infested barracks, ate in a noisy mess hall, and relieved ourselves in common latrines that had no walls between the stalls. We were denied adequate medicines, shelter and supplies. I remember as a child looking up toward a U.S. flag in the room, as we recited the Pledge of Allegiance, those ironic words echoing, "with liberty, and justice for all."'
        Executive Order 9066, signed by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, was issued on the premise that anyone of Japanese descent could not be trusted and was to be treated as an enemy, even those of us who were American citizens, born in this land. We were viewed not as individual people, but as a yellow menace to be dealt with, and harshly. The guns pointed at us at every point reminded us that if we so much as tried to stand up for our dignity, there would be violent consequences. The order and the ensuing confinement was an egregious violation of the constitution and of due process as we were held, without trial and without charge, awaiting our fate.'


  1. I can't stop reading your blog, and I have to work tomorrow! I will have to blame you all day for not sleeping...sorry

  2. Watching the fiasco that represents western media today I finally have started questioning what started ww2.And the more I dig the more obvious it becomes why teachers have a curriculum to follow when teaching.

  3. I always knew my history teacher was full of shit.10/10 jeofery Davis for knocking him out one day.interesting read.thank you

  4. USA education / media / religion / banking / etc....all totally controlled byRothschild's banking cartel = "King of the Jew's" !

  5. I knew this since I was 13 when I first showed an interest in national socialism.

  6. Is the same, in England... We were all taught, how Hitler was the 'Murderous Bastard' and Churchill, the Righteous Hero... I have since leaned that Hitler was far more the 'Humanitarian'- actually financing jewish placement, in Israel and doing much to put Israeli infrastructure in place... whilst Churchill was the 'Warmonger' and a Coward, to boot - learning through codebreakers, when the German Air-raids were due and then fleeing to a safe haven, in the country, though banging on about how he would stand and face the Air-raids, side by side, with the Londoners... all the while, having ignored and blocked all 'peace treaty' offers, from Hitler, as War was breaking out...! There was so much more to 'why' war broke out and what led to that, than the media or the 'official narrative' will ever say...! Hitler and Germany became propsperous, following recession and Hitler snubbed the Jewish 'international' Central Bank - hence the Worldwide jewish community declared corporate War and instigated a boycott of German products and trade; while they Bankrolled/practically bought Winston Churchill and pressured him into waging War, on Germany...

  7. history is written by the winner.. not by the losing side..

  8. Very informative!! Keep informing us and telling us the truth like you do.

  9. Compare the present day tirade against Trump with all the verbiage as well as methods that were hurled against Hitler and his reforms. Now let God save America in whom the American people reposed Trust as their national motto and built the U.S with toil of sweat and tears physically and flair for freedom and love in their hearts.

  10. Winners are never judged. Nobody ever checks whether they lied or not

    Adolf Hitler

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