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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

ooops 6 million Jewish Holocaust / Jewish Holohoax 1932-1939 Germany

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Dear Brethren,

Lies being taught;

6 million peaces loving Jews were killed or burnt alive in ovens, children used as target practice etc by Hitler/Nazis in Holocaust.

Now the truth;

We have heard the story of "False Cry of Wolf", "6 million Jewish Holocaust" is a similar story being told since 1899, only difference is, that, in this story, there was never any wolf, only Rothschild's desire to have possession of Palestine and Jewish homeland 'Israel' .

Oops 6 Million Jews holocaust 4th March 1933 even before Hitler became Chancellor;

OOPS Jews declare war on Germany in 1935 immediately after Hitler became chancellor of Germany on 2nd August 1934.

Published March 14, 1935 Daily Express.

OOPs Jews again claim 6 million holocaust in May 1936 NYT and now want creation of Jewish Homeland in Palestine.

Published May 31, 1936 New York Times.

oops Jews again claim 6 million Jewish Holocaust in January 1938 much before start of world war 2.

Published January 9, 1938, New York Times

oops yet again 6 million Jewish holocaust in February 1938 ;

Published February 23, 1938 New York Times 

OOPS German Jews had left Germany by 1937 and settled in England and other places.

Published in Daily Mail, 1938.
New York Times, January 15, 1939.

oops Jews have left Germany in 1933 NYT i.e. 12 years before end of WW 2, who were claimed dead in 'Holocaust'

Published June 1st, 1933, New York Times

If England had honored its commitment given to Rothschild contained in Balfour Declaration of giving Jerusalem to Rothschild and creating Israel rather than creating Czechoslovakia, than neither WW2 would have happened and nor the myth of 6 million Jewish Holocaust.

Please don't forget to see the following time line for 6 million Jewish Holocaust;-




  1. God. 6 million Jewish Holocaust even before the War........... oh My God, Oh my God, ..... Now I understand why Holocaust is called a big lie.

  2. mein Gott, das deutsche Volk wird nur verarscht, eine der vielen Lügen.

  3. Ja. einer von vielen jüdischen Lügen.

  4. no account taken that newspapers at the time were nazi written.. propaganda and censorship? of course all the pictures of the thousands starved dead bodies must be fake.. or the video footage of nazi death missions shooting hundreds of jews must just be acting?

    1. I would bet a lot of those pics were of the 3 MILLION German POW's starved to death by the allies AFTER the war. Or pics of Russian Goulag's.

  5. Newspapers were written in New York mostly new York times which is Jewish owned. pictures and videos are of 1.7 million unarmed German POWs killed by and in Eisenhower death Camps. You can check my next article and all previous for details.

  6. No puedo acceder a 135 AD y 1895, dice que no estoy invitado, como hago para ver esa pagina?

    1. links are not opening because they are of different site where owner has changed settings. but you can check here for 135 AD.