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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Truth of Operation Bluestar.

An event which took the life of Indira Gandhi Prime Minister of India and Gen A L Vaidya, Former Chief of Indian Army.

Lies being Taught ;
5th June of 1984; Operation Bluestar; Indian Army attacked Sikh Religious place Golden Temple. (This lie is told by about 4-5% of Sikhs mostly Canadian citizens.)

Now the truth;
1984; Operation Bluestar - Was it an 'attack' on Golden Temple or Freedom of Golden Temple. The issue is whether it was an invasion of Golden Temple or Protection/ liberation of Golden Temple; You decide;

But before that a little bit of history;

April 13, 1919; General Reginald O'Dyer marched a squad of soldiers into the Jallianwala Bagh, a large enclosed public park in the holy city of Amritsar, and opened fire without warning on an innocent crowd of Punjabis gathered to hear political speeches. He ordered his troops to continue firing into a mass of between 5000 and 25000 people for 10-15 minutes.  Around 2000 shots were fired and about thousand people were killed with many more injured.  Dyer led the troops personally and the firing was performed in a systematic fashion with a round of shots, a cessation of firing, a selection of a new target then another round of shots. The firing only ceased when the ammunition had reached a minimum level to assure a safe withdrawal for the troops.  The action was premeditated. There can be little doubt that Dyer knew that the meeting was going to take place and selected the troops to commit mass murder. Simranjit Singh Mann's (President of Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar)- "nana" (maternal grandfather) Aroor Singh then head priest of Golden Temple honored General O'Dyer at Akal Takht after the Jallianwala Bagh massacre and initiated him as a Sikh and a True Khalsa for his brutal act of mass murder of hundreds of unarmed innocents. The proceedings of the exchange between the priests and the General are :-
       ‘Sahib,’ they said, ‘you must become a Sikh’. The General thanked them for the honour, but he objected that he could not, as a British officer, let his hair grow long. Arur Singh [the Sarbrah or manager of the Golden Temple] laughed. ‘We will let you off the long hair,’ he said. General Dyer offered another objection. ‘But I cannot give up smoking.’ the priest concluded, ‘We will let you give it up gradually.’ ‘That I promise you,’ said the General. ‘At the rate of one cigarette a year.’

The only qualification that General O'Dyer had to be made a True Khalsa was that he had brutally murdered hundreds of unarmed Punjabi civilians by pumping bullets into a peaceful gathering. As would be demonstrated henceforth, there are always minuscule minority of Muslim converted Sikhs who believe that a True Khalsa or True Sikh is a person who murders hundreds or thousands of unarmed innocent Punjabis in cold Blood.

Singh, Mohinder, The Akali Movement, Delhi, Macmillan, 1978, p. 14.

1972; Bangladesh takes freedom from Pakistan with help of Indian army. Pakistan/ Muslims who have historically been trying to finish Sikhs again start concentrating on Sikhs to finish them and /or take over Golden temple to avenge creation of Bangladesh.

True Sikhs never trusts Muslims but then some violated this sacred doctrine.
1974; Akali Dal declares Anandpur Sahib Resolution. 

1977-78; G S Tohra harbored political desires and made tie up with Marxists/Naxals Marxists teach hate of every religion including Sikh religion. Marxists view religion as opium and one that retards. Marxists/Naxals start infiltration of some Gurudwaras as Jathedars. In approx 100 Gurudwaras (out of 10,000 plus in Punjab), which Naxals took control, they slowly dismantled religion and started spewing caste based hatred. For first time some Naxalite organizations started attacking people on the basis of their castes and community.

10th April 1978 Harkrishan Singh Surjeet becomes Rajya Sabha MP with help of G S Tohra. Marxists/Naxals have power in West Bengal and Kerala. Both West Bengal and Kerala are the only states in India, where population of Muslims is 1/3rd. 

13th April 1978, Damdami Taksal attacked Nirankaris, Bhindranwala was one of the attackers, but he ran away from one to one fight in which both sides were equally armed.

January 14, 1980; Congress comes to power in center. Zail Singh is made Home Minister and his bitter rival Darbara Singh the Chief Minister of Punjab. Zail Singh decided to use Bhindranwale to finish Darbara Singh.

24th April, 1980; Source of power of Marxists/Naxals is fascism. they believe in killings to attract attention and gain power. Nirankari leader Gurbachan Singh is murdered at his home in Delhi. The police named Bhindranwale as a suspect. Bhindranwale hid himself in a religious complex near the Golden Temple. Zail Singh told the Indian Parliament that Bhindranwale had nothing to do with the killing. Emboldened by the protection of Zail SIngh the then Home Minister of India, Bhindranwale offered the killers their weight in gold. assuming 3 killers the cost of 200 Kgs of gold at that time was about Rs 4.00 Crores and now at over 60 crores. How a poor Granthi can get Rs 4.00 Crores (in 1980) or now Rs 60 crores except from his masters the ISI/Muslims? With arms and ammunition funded from enemies of Sikhs, Bhindranwala began a reign of terror in Punjab.

September 9, 1981; Lala Jagat Narain, proprietor of a prominent newspaper, Punjab Kesari, and a witness against Bhindranwale in his attack on Nirankaris was assassinated. Later his son Ramesh Chander who succeeded him was also killed. Once again the police reported that Bhindranwale was the one responsible. Darbara Singh Chief Minister of Punjab ordered arrest of Bhindranwale. Bhinderwala did not give up easy and eleven people were killed in the fighting which followed his arrest. On the same day, Naxals on motorcycles opened fire on Hindus in Jalandhar and other towns in Punjab, killing several. Among the targets was one of the police officers who had arrested Bhindranwale.

14th October 1981; Zail Singh Indian Home Minister told Parliament that there was no evidence against Bhindranwale in the killing of Lala Jagat Narain and ordered his release. This wasn’t the verdict of a court, or even of the police; this was the government, in the person of the Home Minister, which let Bhindranwale go. This elevated Bhindranwale’s status. He said as much: “The government has done more for me in one week than I could have achieved in years.”
1982 to August 3, 1984;  Akalis at that time had their own axe to grind as inspite of having Punjabi Suba. they were lost elections to congress. They hoped Bhindranwale's race card may attract more voters to their fold and by remaining silent they hoped to pressurize center to concede more of their more demands which had sole purpose of vote bank politics and on April 1982 began Morcha for political money and power. 

On 19 July 1982 the police arrested Bhai Amrik Singh son of the late Sant Kartar Singh Khalsa and president of the All India Sikh Students Federation. To prevent being arrested, Bhinderwala alonwith his militia took refuge in Guru Nanak Niwas in Golden Temple complex next day on July 20th, 1982. His militia mostly consisted of common criminals who joined just for fun of killing. Rooms of the Guru Nanak Niwas were turned into armories. From these rooms, Bhindranwale would issue orders to his men, who would spread out of the Temple to spread murder and mayhem far and wide.

Each day, he would go into the Golden Temple itself from the hostel complex and hold court on the rooftop of the Langar (kitchen). Using religious places he preached hatred against members of other communities and govt. His militia invaded Golden Temple and paraded anti tank mines, machine guns, bombs, rocket launchers on parikarma on daily basis. The anti tank mines, rocket launchers, RPGs and Ak 47/56 were not meant to garland devotees or Guru Granth Sahib. They were meant to shed blood and spread terror. From inside Golden Temple Bhindranwale’s and his terror militia indulged in murder of innocents, torture, rape, extortion, the desecration and abuse of Gurudwaras as sanctuaries, and a limitless host of other crimes that do not bear mention next to these. Tortured bodies of young Sikh girls and boys was found in severs of golden temple almost on daily basis. Most of the Golden Temple Complex became a torture chamber. Golden Temple fell from the most religious place for Sikhs to a Naxalite Hideout, a place more hideous than any villain’s place seen in any Hollywood or Bollywood film.

August 4, 1982 to June 3, 1984; There were over 1200 violent incidents committed by Bhindranwale and his Naxal militia and those like him, in which 421 persons were killed and more than 1180 injured. During January 1 to June 3 1984 there were 775 violent incidents in which 298 persons were killed and more than 525 injured.  On April 23, 1983, Mr. A. S. Atwal Deputy Inspector General of Police Jalandhar was shot dead after prayers on steps of Darbar Sahib within Golden Temple Complex. On April 3, 1984, Dr V N Tewari member Indian Parliament and professor at Punjab University Chandigarh was shot dead. Thirty seven Railway stations were burned down on one day and several attempts were made to derail trains by removing fish plates and planting bombs on tracks. (Indian Democracy derailed). Later an Indian Airlines plane was hijacked to Pakistan. All this proved that Bhindranwale already had a terror network willing to obey his orders. He began a deliberate campaign to create enmity between the Sikhs and Mona Hindus of Punjab and started targeting Mona Hindus by killing them in cold blood after separating Hindu passengers traveling in Buses and trains from Sikh passengers and desecrating Hindu temples, actively seeking a Mona Hindu backlash against Sikhs elsewhere in the country. Bhindranwale fomented race card. 

All the evil they did was in the name of God. And they did all that was evil. They did it, they said, to avenge the ‘injustices’ done to the Sikhs by the Mona Hindus; to defend the Faith against the machinations of the ‘evil Brahmins’ who were out to destroy it; to protect the lives and liberties of ‘persecuted Sikhs’ against an inimical and communalised State. And yet out of a total of 11,694 persons killed by Naxals in Punjab during the period 1981-1993, 7,139 - more than 61 per cent - were Sikhs.

Amritsar a city of religion became a city of death (The time Magazine November 1983). His men were spreading violence throughout Punjab, and targeting just about anyone and everyone. Bombs were being thrown, planes hijacked, buses, Trains  stopped in the middle of the countryside and Mona Hindus separated from the Sikhs and massacred random shootings in parks, markets and other crowded places. As killings grew and tortured bodies of young sikh boys and girls began to found in severs around temple complex. On 15th December 1983, Bhindranwale and other naxals took refuge in Akal Takht the highest temporal body of Sikhs. He took his advisors and host of hot weapons inside Akal Takht. alongwith hot weapons like machine guns, bombs, rocket launchers, anti tank mines etc and started destroying its religious structure and began converting it to military bunkers and hideouts. As his terror grew so did his militia. He also occupied most of buildings in Golden Temple in addition to Guru Nanak Niwas.

Any action by law enforcement agencies to take out Bhindranwale and his armed militia would be an act of liberation of Golden temple from evil forces which had invaded it.

These people killed several thousand innocent unarmed Punjabis exactly what General O’Dyer had done in April of 1919. It follows that for Bhindranwale and the likes of him, definition of a true Sikh/Khalsa is a person who kills hundreds and thousands of unharmed people, children like General Dyer did for which act General O’Dyer was declared a Khalsa and a shrine erected to him within Golden Temple. SGPC was unable to either fight or remove Bhindranwale and his heavily armed Naxal militia. The five High Priests of the Sikh faith and their assistants considered issuing a hukumnama (a religious edict) ordering Bhindranwale to get out of the Akal Takht. A hukumnama is – like a Shia (though not Sunni) fatwa, considered binding on all the faithful, Bhindranwale pre-empted it by giving threats to the High Priests. To make his point and threat very clear, he killed a former Akal Takht High Priest, Pratap Singh. The clergy buckled; the Harimandir Sahib’s High Priest even officiated at the marriage of six of Bhindranwale’s Naxal terrorists.

Knowing fully well that their action will invite law enforcement agencies any time, Bhindranwala and his Militia began damaging Golden Temple, Harminder Sahib and Akal Takht to build fortifications. Multiple holes were made in all walls of golden Temple Complex for Gun Placements. The change in nature of building from Temple to a fortified militarily Garrison wasn't restricted  to the Temple only. The Naxalite terrorists who also changed the nature of most buildings in the vicinity by breaking walls for the purpose of making holes for the gun positions and sightings. Nature and purpose of two old towers and an overhead water tank, was also changed to militarily attack points and high caliber Machine Guns, Rocket launchers or RPGs etc were positioned there. These buildings were turned into militarily Garrison armed with light to heavy machine guns, rocket launchers, RPGs, anti tank mines etc. The Golden Temple ceased to be a religious place and became a fortified militarily Garrison with sandbagged barricades and bricked up windows. They destroyed Akal Takht, and all buildings by making multiple firing ports on all walls by cutting into the marble and gold plated walls.

This was the situation when Law enforcement people along with Sikh Gurudwara Prabhandak Committee and Akali Dal began seriously thinking of liberating the Golden Temple and Akal Takht.

June 3, 1984; Since Bhindranwale and his armed Naxalite militia was armed to the teeth with RPGs, Heavy Machine Guns, anti tank mines, rocket launchers etc, the operation was beyond the power of local police, so Army was called in to liberate Golden temple. The Army operation was led by a Sikh General K S Brar. Before the start of action, General KS Brar Spoke to his troops and said that it was an operation to flush out terrorists who had been indulging in evil acts thereby desecrating the Temple. Brar gave all the men the option to decline to participate, but nobody did. Many of the troops were Sikhs. 

June 4, 1984; Few harmless shots were exchanged between law enforcement agencies and terrorists who fired from within Golden Temple. Whether it was over zealousness on the part of terrorists or probe by law is not known.

4.30 PM, June 5, 1984; Loudspeakers from outside the Temple Complex broadcast appeals to Bhindranwale and his armed Militia to come out and respect religious sentiments attached to Golden temple. As many as 129 people actually did. 

In 1846, a single incident had threatened this untainted peace. A group of armed Nihangs had occupied the burjis [towers] of the Temple in a dispute over its custodianship. When the Khalsa Durbar, under Maharaja Dalip Singh sent an army detachment to clear them by force, they had immediately abandoned its sanctuary and surrendered saying that they could not make the "holiest of holies" a battleground.

However for Bhindranwale and his Naxalite Militia, Golden Temple was not a religious place but a hideout which they converted into a fortified military garrison. They attacked Indian army with heavy machine guns, RPGs and Army fired back in self defense and thus began operation to liberate Golden temple from armed terrorists who had destroyed Golden Temple by converting it into Military Garrison and indulging in murder of innocents, torture, rape, extortion, from within Golden Temple. Troops were handicapped by the order not to fire in the direction of Harminder Sahib, though there were being fired at from all directions. This severally restricted the fighting capability of army as they could be fired at and were being fired at but could not fire back for fear of hitting Harminder Sahib inadvertently and hence operation had to go by cleaning room by room which meant taking heavy casualties.  (Harminder Sahib remained undamaged largely because army chose to die rather than fire back in self defense). Finally Golden Temple was freed renovated and handed over to SGPC for their peaceful possession. Correspondence between Akali Dal, SGPC and state for liberation of Golden Temple from armed militia, if any, remains classified.  Government renovated the Temple and restored the nature of Temple as a religious place.

The Punjab Police under most able leadership of Sikh Indian Police Officer KPS Gill crushed the insurgency with a ruthlessness that matched that of the Naxalite themselves. Young men were eliminated on reasonable suspicion, arrested, tortured for information, and then bumped off in “encounters”. Naxalites soon started escaping Punjab, but even that wasn’t good enough. On one occasion, being tipped off that a certain Naxalite was hiding in Calcutta, in West Bengal state on the other side of the country from Punjab, a hit team went there without a word to the local cops, summarily killed the Naxalite and his partner, and brought their corpses back to Punjab. Gill says the turning point came when the average life span of a Naxalites fell below six months, at which point it ceased to be attractive to criminals or anyone else except that Marxists/Naxalites.

Sikh Community is 2nd most prosperous community in India, first being, Marwaris of Gujrat. The people of India have long moved on, and, have largely managed to heal their wounds. India had several Sikh army chiefs, and Prime minister for last ten years was also a Sikh and President of India through courtesy of Indira Gandhi was once Zail Singh who started it all.

Sh Akal Takth Sahib after repairs was handed over to SGPC for spiritual and religious purposes.
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  1. If the army only wanted to catch Sikhs who were hiding in golden temple. Den why did it attack other 38 gurudwaras in punjab .....please get ur Intel right. Before posting any the bullshi . Like u just did

    1. 1. Law including Police and Army only wanted to SAVE sikhs from being killed by Terrorists. Terrorists had killed more than 7000 sikhs.

      2. Law including Police and Army only wanted to catch terrorists hiding in Gurudwaras. Sikhs through their elected body SGPC wanted their gurudwaras freed from Islamic Terrorists forces who had attacked and destroyed some of them (according to you 38) and wanted them back under their control i.e. SGPC.
      3. Terrorists are mostly of Islam religion.
      4. Sikhs Gurus died at Hands of Islamic leaders. Terrorists were armed and financed by Islamic forces to kill sikhism.
      5. every few Kms there is a gurudwara and there are several thousands of them. terrorists were able to destroy few of them before they were freed by army and handed over to SGPC for peaceful use by Sikhs.
      6. Later SGPC and Sikhs asked for financial help for their gurudwaras which was given by People of Punjab to financially help sikhs modernize their gurudwaras.
      7. several Gurudwaras were renovated and modernized at cost of tax payers money for peaceful use by Sikhs.

    2. Mr Mann,
      I - a hindu, born Punjabi - was in a hostel in Patiala in 1981, when first Daheru kand i.e. Bus massacre of Hindu passengers traveling from Amritsar to Delhi in a night bus, happened. It shook us out of sleepy, comfortable life where we used to travel by night buses often to home in every corner of Punjab. What was the fault of Hindus - have you ever asked your fellow Sikhs? From then onwards - no evening went without shooting of Hindus in buses, trains or in markets. Your generation has grown up on selective feeding of memories. If a group of criminals and religious bigots starts ethnic cleansing of other community, will a govt sit quiet??? Wont it respond? The govt responded 3 years later - after many Hindus like me had decided to leave their Home State. In Punjab, Hindus have been living with majority of Sikhs and had accommodated to the life. But the religious megalomania of few Sikhs spoiled the peaceful life of all. SO, MR. MANN, DONT JUST LOOK AT ACTIONS OF GOVT AGAINST TERRORISTS, first go into the origin of the whole issue. The history of that period has been correctly listed by the author. I am witness to that era and lived through that daily fear for life, through communalised comments of my own Sikh classmates, with strange glee on the faces of many Sikhs when HINDUS got massacred. Be willing to accept the history as it is.

    3. It's amazing how this pattern of infiltration of Sikhism and corruption from within, that further manifests as divide/conquer, outward hate mongering, including a call to arms, is quite a familiar pattern some call the Hegelian dialectic. “We control the opposition by leading it.” Lenin

      This is readily apparent in all law enforcement and media, especially the 'alternative' media. Infiltration is used to attack specific targets often via layered setups leveraging private and public sector sayanim. (Search “Public Private Sayanim” for two real life examples of late.) Victims can be the target's children and/or extended family. (Firearms violation setups are a favorite, and they will make up sh*t if need be; our Masonic/Qabala controlled system has been totally corrupted like all others under this yoke.)

      This “cancer from within” method was used in supremacist "communism", and in how the FBI handled the “Black Panthers” by using their spy to agitate to arms the real Black Panthers. Those panthers were a lot different than we were told and nothing like the new racist group we have today.

      After seeing these tactics in India the potentially ritual numbers on the Halloween assassination of Gandhi was run and on Operation Blue Star. There was a very strong indication that this was a ritual murder to further beat back a perceived threat. The Sikh “terrorist” crew was allowed to import all those weapons by their Mason controlled cops into a TEMPLE. WHY?

      Because this was a “Killing of a King” ritual on the perfect date similar to the one the same crew did on JFK. (London involvement was reportedly found which was merely the icing!)

      Good luck with your great website!

      Twaine Anderson(Cal)

      ps: My blogs are here where an attempt was made to relay information on 'their' ritual symbols and number vocabulary; the prerequisites are not optional:

      They're connected to the UnoRaza Vlog on youtube; I too have been exposing the worst part of this cult. A recent video of import can be found via “Supremacist Cult of Psychiatry”.

  2. Well this is a very one sided piece you have written here. Though most of the history and timeline which have been told here is fine, but the other side of the story also need to be told. Also, there are factual (read deliberate) errors like Bhindrawala was brought in Giani Zial Singh. He was brought by Sanjay Gandhi and Indira Gandhi themselves.

    Nonetheless, if you talk about Gen. Dwyer being honoured at Golden Temple, you should read this as well - "The surprising this is that Jathedar Arur Singh was actually the grandfather of Simranjit Singh Mann. However, Simranjit Singh Mann had apologized for the act in 2002 and stated, “seeking apology would give peace to his nana’s soul.”

    The operation BlueStar is much more complex than what is written in this article. It was Indira who should be blamed the most (if not all) for this heinous crime of attacking the holiest shrine of Sikhs. There were various other ways to tackle the problem like cutting off all the food and water supplies to Bhindranwale and his team.

    Also, we need to also understand the fact who let all the ammunition reach Bhindrawale in the complex of Golden Temple! So much of ammunition was reaching him and nobody knew. Give me a break brother.

    So, before you post anything just try to be rational and see the over all picture.

    Jai Hind!

    PS: I'm a Sikh and love the Hindu-Sikh Unity to the core. But, please do not try to picture the Sikhs in a bad light here. There are extremists in every religion. Not everyone thus can be called Extremists.

    1. There are no factual mistakes.
      1. Bhindranwala was brought in by Zail Singh is a fact. Indira Gandhi or Sanjay do not know him from B.
      2. Apology by Mr Mann does not mean that some Sikhs do not take pleasure in killing innocent persons. if Sikh treated Gen O'Dyer as true khalsa is a fact and some 'true khalsa' still copy him and massacred 11,694 innocent persons out of which 7139 were Sikhs.
      3. Attack was not by Indira Gandhi. Attack was by commies and muslims who destroyed it to make it a military bunker. removing killers of Sikhs, removing bunkers from a temple and handing them back to their custodians is an act of liberation. Military can be fought only with a military. we were not dealing with novices but heavily armed military.
      4. No body knew??? Give ME a break. ever heard of Gen Shabeg Singh?
      5. Truth is never neutral. It is rational it does not paint Sikhs in the bad at all. Most of the victims of Bhindranwala were Sikhs and Sikh devotees.

      The word Hindu refers to the original inhabitants of ancient (H)Indus valley Civilization. People living across river (s)indhu were colectively called Hindus by foreigners.India is a country where every 100 Miles language and religious ceremony changes. At every few miles there is a Mahatama, A Sant, A Baba, A Swami, A Muni, A Guru, An Ashram, A Dera, A Satsang giving his own beliefs, practices, traditions and religious definitions. Even within same caste or sub castes for example Baniyas or Vaishyas known as “Aggarwals” the religious ceremony changes with place it is different in Bengal where Vaishyas worship ‘Durga’ in West they worship ‘Ganesha’ in central India they worship ‘Sun’ (chhath Puja). Dharma here refers to moral obligations or duties like duty of father/mother towards children, duty of sons or children’s towards mother and father or teachers duty towards student and vis a versa etc. After Ashoka the great laid down arms for good, India ceased to e a military power thus became easy prey for invasions. Muslim invaders, such as Nader Shah, Mahmud of Ghazni, Ahmad Shāh Abdālī, Muhammad Ghori, Babur etc forced or lured, many inhabitants to convert to Islam. Their culture remained as Hindus, but called Hindu-Muslims since Islam is not indigenous to India. Similarly English and Portuguese invasion led to many to convert to Christianity. However they are also culturally Hindus. Hence converts to Christianity are called Hindu-Christians since Christianity is not indigenous to India. Indian ‘Muslims’ whether living in Pakistan or Bangladesh are not called Muslims for two reasons;
      1. They speak Urdu. Urdu is derived from Hindi and is spoken only by Hindus or in Indian territories of Pakistan or Bangladesh. One can easily follow Pakistan news channels since they use mostly Hindi with little smattering of Persian. We cannot understand Muslim TC Channels of Saudi Arabia, Iran or Iraq.
      2. Muslims consider Indian converts as their Dogs not Muslims;-

  3. Kapel, are you saying Bhindranwale was a terrorist, or am i misunderstanding again. because He was a true hero for the Sikhs.

    1. Bhindranwala was a terrorist and anti sikh. Sikhism was born during Mughal era when religious freedom was under threat. people were forcibly being converted to Islam. Guru Arjan Dev ji was killed (martyred) for being a Hindu and refusing to convert to Islam. Guru Teg Bahadur was martyred for coming to rescue of Kashmiri Brahmins and for refusing to convert to Islam. Brahmins gave a call that elder child in each punjabi family will become a Sikh to protect religious freedom. Sikhism has history of fighting AGAINST Islamic terrorism but Bhindranwala and his goons become symbols of same islamic terrorism and began killing punjabis mostly sikhs. Out of 11694 punjabis who were killed by bhidrawala 7149 i.e. 61% were sikhs. He hid behind the golden temple to carry out attacks against Sikhs. he was the one who b broke the walls of akal takth and golden temple to make military positions for his own safety. if he had respect for akal takth and golden temple, he could have used some other building to do his dirty work. law was after him not akal takth or temple.

  4. i said at top lies have been taught by and to canadians. mr khera you must be from canada. I am from Ludhiana and myself an eyewitness. Bhindranwala was massacring sikhs like ahmed shah abdali, he destroyed akal takth and golden temple like ahmed shah abdali. His goons kidnapped and raped sikh girls, like ahmed shah abdali he was into extortion and loot again like ahmed shah abdali. check police records of complaints of all the above. or read DGP Punjab KPS gill book lies of falsehood it is on line.

    1. His goons did not rape girls. to make people think what bhindrawale was doing was wrong the IRS and the government let out bad people into his ranks as spies. and I'm not Canadian I'm American and from Ludhiana as well.

    2. Bodies of sikh youth including raped sikh girl devotees started flowing in severs of golden temple only after Bhindrawala had taken their complete control. he had destroyed the Golden temple and akal takth to converted them into military garrison to be used as a hideout for himself and his goons. Osama Bin Laden also fought but he used his house and was killed in his house. Osama never attacked a mosque or hid behind a mosque.

    3. Are you saying Osama was better than Bhindrawale?

    4. 10 times better;
      1) Osama death toll excluding 9/11 is less than 100. (9/11 is by Israel), Bhindranwala death toll is 11,694.
      2) His targets were military. Bhindranwala never targeted military.
      3) Osama did not target civilian. Bhindranwalas most targets were unarmed civilians.
      4) Osama Never killed Muslims. Most targets of Bhindranwala were Sikhs.
      5) Osama never attacked Mosque. Bhindrawala attacked Golden Temple and Akal Takth.
      6) Osama never ran away from fight.Bhindranwala ran away from every fight. first was with Nirankaris.
      7) Osama never broke walls of a mosque. Bhindrawala broke every historic wall of Golden Temple and Akal Takth to make room for gun, mines.RPGs and anti tank mine positions.
      8) Osama's men never indulged in kidnappings rape, and extortion. Bhindranwala's men were doing all this.
      9) Osama had no political patronage. Bhindranwala was protected by then home Minister Zail Singh.
      10) Osama never hid inside a mosque. Bhindranwala hid inside Golden temple.

  5. "Osama never ran away from fight.Bhindranwala ran away from every fight. first was with Nirankaris."

    if he ran away from fights why didn't he secretly leave the temple. Now I am a sikh and please please if you would ask or interview sikhs in punjab not one of them will say he was a terrorist. They will give ten times more better reason that he was not.

  6. He hid inside temple because he felt he was safe there. Secretly leaving it would not helpful because he was not safe anywhere outside temple. That is why he did not allow even pilgrims to leave as he was taking shelter behind pilgrims. every Sikh and every east punjabi is very happy at peace and prosperity that punjab saw after elimination of Muslim terrorist Bhinderwala, public views of sikhs of Akalis and communists are different then there private views. Sikhs felt relieved at liberation of their temple. and congress which is credited with its liberation by killing terrorists won several times after 1984. Bhinderwala had killed more Sikhs than anyone else. Let alone east Punjabis, even Canadians do not have any one reason to defend a muslim terrorist who attacked and took over their temple and started massacring people in general and Sikhs in particular.

    1. Sir, you have been fed false information. I belong to Ludhiana and presently based in Chandigarh. I have lived through the dark days and i am eyewitness.

  7. Replies

  8. Kapel this just hit me. You said the Indian police and army were protecting the temple from Sant Baba Bhindrawale. Then why did they blow up the gurudwara and not just capture him?

    1. If Bhinderwala had respect for temple or akal takth, he would have either surrendered or come out to fight sparing the temple, like Nihangs did in 1846. he also would not have taken shelter behind the temple. Oasama never took shelter behind a mosque. Army did not blow up gurudwara, rather they protected it. It was already destroyed by Bhindranwala. army had gone to capture him but Bhindranwala attacked army with RPGs, HMGs, anti tank mines AK47s etc. he died when army fired back. Gurudwara had to be liberated from those who were killing sikhs while hiding inside Akal Takth.

  9. But then why does every Sikh think he was a hero? I mean they all can't be Canadian . you talk to families that have lost there sons to the army . they tell you the Indian police was corrupt. If they really wanted to protect Sikhs from bhindrawale than why did they after blue star start the Sikh genocide. I'm not say it was all Indian. If you talked to people who were beside bhindra wale they will tell you he was a man of honorable intentions as was Hitler. If you were to listen to bhindrawales speech's the truth is right there . Even the 2 men who killed Indra Gandi loved bhindrwales beliefs and wanted to help him get better Punjab for Sikhs. if Indian government really wanted to help the Sikhs. Then why didn't they give justice to families who lost people in the genocide.

    1. 1. Most Sikhs in India know that dark days in east punjab were due to Bhindranwala and his removal has removed darkness from east punjab.
      2. Canadian or American Sikhs are reluctant to admit that it was Muslims who took over their temple through Bhindranwala.
      3. Most media is owned by Marxists. They deal with lies and only lies.
      4. 7149 sikhs were killed by Bindranwala and his armed militia. they need justice.
      5. some 400 muslim sikh terrorists were killed in operation. On gun point, they also did not allow pilgrims to leave temple and later killed these pilgrims also. the pilgrims who took shelter with army were saved and others were killed by bhindranwala and his militia. Bhindranwala did not spare anyone. some 100+ army men also lost their lives trying to save sikhs, liberate and save golden temple from muslims invaders. bhindranwala's men threw bombs in some rooms not protected by army and some 22 of his men were also was inside sanctum temple for 3 days doing their daily routine right inside where guru granth sahib was read. Bhindranwala actions cannot be called genocide it was an act of mass killings of sikhs. with death of bhindranwala temple is safe, sikhs are safe and east punjab is peaceful again. read eye eyewitness to operation bluestar.

  10. Really interesting article with lots of information.

  11. मै सहेमत हु पूरी तरह से की आतंकबाद से मुक्ति जरूरी थी ।

  12. Kapel de, amazing piece pf work,telling truth without any fear. Army held its high values by not firing at temple. If sikhs want a different country, than go out of India, make your Khalistan in Canada or May be us,they will hit bullets at your ass. Sikhs are coward, apni maa nal thoka jis dharti Te Janam lya us nal hi dhoka. Sri guru gobind singh Ji had written that sikhs will die fighting with each other and that day is not very far. Want Khalistan ? Army will give you, don't worry.

  13. It’s not true for all but what is wrong is wrong and not the whole dharam is Clean in every religion ..For the sake of some people like him and youth after him can’t blame all ..Every religion’s people has such stories where ppl are following the wrong doers..let’s pray for eye awakening time and true peace and no division