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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Illuminati-Mind Control

Lies being Taught;
Illuminati is a sham;
Now the truth;
Here I reproduce a series of article by a friend;
Illuminati: Mind Control
        So this is what it all comes down to; the occult, control and the manipulation of the mind. The Illuminati are ruthless control freaks and are experts in understanding the way humanity works.
“The most dangerous man to any government is the man who is able to think things out for himself, without regard to the prevailing superstitions and taboos. Almost inevitably he comes to the conclusion that the government he lives under is dishonest, insane, and intolerable...”  -H.L. Mencken
        MK-ULTRA was a covert illegal human experiment program performed by the CIA throughout the 1960's. The president holds little jurisdiction over the CIA so it's unlikely Kennedy played any part in controlling their experiments; Kennedy was more of a political man. The project focused on mind control and unlocking ESP within the human brain.
        But before setting our sights on MK-ULTRA, we should probably look back to its origins, which may have been the Montauk Project. The prelude, we have already touched on (Philadelphia Experiment). As phenomenal as opening an interdimensional gateway was, the Department of Defense saw opportunity in its midst. The consequence of sending humans through this portal made its existence irrelevant. There would be no point of traveling through it if the human mind wasn't susceptible to the space-time distortion. The Montauk Project started out as determining how to make this technology useful; in so they needed to study the human mind, which is where John von Neumann comes in. However he would later discovered that the reason the human mind couldn't handle the time-lock due to the absence of the Earth's magnetic field. They needed to bottle the magnetic energy.
        It may even date further back to World War II, not the Philadelphia Experiment, but Project Monarch, which was the Nazi's experimentation on Jews; they practiced mind control as well. It's very possible that some scientists that were experts on the matter were brought over through Project Paperclip.
        The Department of Defense found with the impending Cold War, this technology would be useful by driving enemy soldiers to the brink of madness on the battlefield. The CIA found other uses; mind control.
        The CIA used multiple methods to induce mind altering states through drugs and various chemicals. LSD was just introduced into the country and wasn't just used by the hippies, but CIA experimentation. Many who have used LSD have claimed to have had spiritual experiences during their hellucigenic state. Being under the influence of hellucigenic drugs creates an alternate state of mind and realm of thinking. Francis Crick cracked the code of the double helix, which led to the rise of modern genetic medicine while on an LSD trip.
        The truth of the matter is not all mind altering drugs are bad; they're not all addictive and they don't all cause brain damage; the Native Americans often smoked peace pipes which didn't do any harm and they're often ingested in shamanic rituals in Africa and South America. The suppression of mind altering drugs are mainly to keep the public from thinking outside the standard orthodox belief.
"How about a positive LSD story? Wouldn't that be news-worthy, just the once? To base your decision on information rather than scare tactics and superstition and lies? I think it would be news-worthy. 'Today, a young man on acid realized that all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration. That we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively. There is no such thing as death, life is only a dream and we're the imagination of ourselves."
                                                                -Bill Hicks-
        Not that I'm trying to convince the reader to go out there and try all various forms of drugs, many are harmful and could ruin one’s life. However, in a controlled state and used responsibly, some mind altering drugs could lead one to see what, otherwise, has been missed.
        In most countries that work towards the Illuminati's global all mind altering drugs have been made illegal and in most cases rightfully so. Certain clinics around the world use Tabernantha Ibogain to treat alcohol addiction with much success, yet in the United States it's illegal. Marijuana, again, can be used for medical purposes such as Glaucoma but once people figured out how to grow the plant themselves it was illegalized. The subject is controversial and I understand substance abuse has ruined people's lives but these drugs are smuggled into the country by the CIA. Rest assure the Illuminati use these drugs just for the high.
        In this time frame the CIA and MI-6 experimented with all types of mind altering drugs in their methods of mind control. The truth is that this is only the tip of the iceberg. Hypnosis has always been a popular method, but by no means the least. American citizens (often homeless) were used as lab rats using sensory deprivation; impairing a person's sight or hearing, etc. while inducing them with drugs and electric shocks or subjecting individuals to highly irregular electromagnetic fields. Source;
        The experiments people have undergone on behalf of their country was torture in its simplest form: isolation to verbal, sexual and physical abuse. Children were often intentionally traumatized to the point that their minds created a split-personality; the alter ego or other persona that the mind created could then be formed to be the person CIA decided. The idea was to train people to become assassins without knowing they're assassins, such was the idea in the movie "Manchurian Candidate".
        Victims of the shadow government's secret projects came forward with the tales of their inhumane treatment in the early 1970's which sparked Congress to launch an investigation in 1975. The head of the investigation was, wouldn't you know it, the Rockefeller Commission. Nelson Rockefeller, vice president to Gerald Ford, was the leading member of committee. Faced with overwhelming evidence of victim testimony; Richard Helms, director of the CIA, was the fall guy. Helms was said to have ordered all MKULTRA files burned. In reality the Rockefeller Commission kept their findings secret and only published a few unimportant documents pertaining to the matter. The victims that weren't confined to a psychiatric ward were compensated by the government.
        The documents that have been declassified don't give an entire story of what went on, but only what it may have been about. Through the documents that have been revealed to public, these are some of the more interesting facts about MKULTRA that relate to the Montauk Project:
1.) Radio controlled stimulation to the brain using radio implants and radio signals.
2.) The development of a certain chair so extremely sensitive to a human that when sat in it required no external connections to pick up changes in heart rate and/or pulse.
3.) Sophisticated approaches of coding information for transmittal population targets. This approach used principals of the Automata Theory.
4.) The founding of the Office of Research and Development to take the existing data of mind control a bit further; into the realm of the supernatural and black magic (Operation Often).
5.) Project Pandora was to investigate the effects of electromagnetic fields on the human body and mind using microwaves and radio waves.
6.) A belt that when fitted to the body transmits and enforces behavior (Schwitzgebel Machine).
7.) Implants that could control sexual and other behavior with the touch of a button.
8.) Modulate words into electromagnetic energy and transmit directly to the subconscious part of the brain.
        It's believed that John von Neumann played a key role in the advancement of the Montauk Project, which took place on Long Island, New York. There are multiple military bases located around Montauk Point, but the primary one, in regards to the Montauk Project, is Camp Hero, a derelict Air Force Station. Von Neumann wasn't only the inventor of the modern computer but a brilliant mathematician and physicist. At this point he attempted to couple computer technology with sophisticated radio equipment, trying to link people's minds to machines. Eventually they were able to transmit human thought through crystal radio receivers and relayed into a computer.
        The technology went even further in the Phoenix Project, which is where MKULTRA meets Montauk. Those gifted with a heightened sense of ESP were used for the project. It can also be noted that Camp Hero was built atop a ley line, which could be used to aid psychic phenomenon.
        Around the time when they started using the Phoenix Chair is when the project started becoming unsettling. The Phoenix Chair enhanced the psychic ability of the person sitting in it. The hardware and technology put into this was so grave that they surpassed telepathy and mind control when they were able to start manifesting objects themselves. The disturbing implications were not that objects could be created but when they were manifested. If chosen, something could be created from the person's mind and appear a hundred years ago. They were, thus, able to create impressions through time, which was too dangerous.
        The "official" story is that it never happened, but the official unofficial story (set about by the insiders) is that the time/space portal was reopened 40 years after the Philadelphia Experiment, bringing back the two lost crew members, brothers Edward and Duncan Cameron. The story gets more elaborate and crazier if one tends to listen to it; aliens and transplanting the soul into a different body the story seems to lose credibility.
        Though I feel it may be foolish to believe all conspiracy theories, it's downright stupid to not believe any, especially when the evidence outweighs the accepted version of things.
        The conspiracy could be taken further when connections could be drawn between Duncan Cameron, Al Bielek and Aleister Crowley. Cameron is briefly mentioned in Crowley's "Confessions" autobiography, which one can assume, doesn't admit everything.
        The official unofficial story that draws the project to an end is when Duncan Cameron and a few other insiders became scared by the power that they were giving the government. Cameron seated in the Phoenix Chair, created a thought beast, which trashed the place, bringing the project to a close. Supposedly the beast named Junior wanders around Camp Hero to this day; subsequent photos have been taken that proves nothing.
        It's uncertain on what really went on during the Montauk Project and the documents (if any remain) will forever be kept secret. The story has more than likely been embellished and changed over time. The testimonies made by Duncan Cameron and Al Bielek are thought to be outrageous and too unbelievable it's very likely that there is some truth on the matter but government agents poison the well by paying someone to come forth with unbelievable stories of a fabricated incident that discredits the entire tale.
        Government experimentation was also performed on animals and it probably went further than just behavioral. On Plum Island, also located on Montauk Point, there is the Animal Disease Center. Many believe that this is where the Montauk Monster was created. The carcusus of mysterious creatures have washed along Montauk Point and they were dubbed "Montauk Monster". Several pictures were taken but the animals were hauled away before any determining tests could be done.
        When researching the Montauk Project one other name comes up that played a critical roll in the advancements in technology that most people don't give a second thought about. Wilhelm Reich developed the concept of orgone, a sense of cosmic energy, which some people call "God". His theories were outright controversial and he was criticized for them in the later part of his life. It's often forgotten that he worked closely with Sigmund Freud. Reich also had several meetings with Albert Einstein in 1941.
        According to Reich, orgone is the ether and spiritual energy of life. It is omnipresent, responsible for the sky's color, weather, the expressions of emotion, gravity and the formation of galaxies. He created orgone accumulators to help boost a person's immune system. The discovery gave explanation to the Placebo Effect and in many cases cured tumors. He believed he developed a unified theory to physical and mental illness, which was an outrage to the psychoanalytical community.
        How does this relate to Montauk? Reich claimed that sexual activity channeled this energy. Phoenix programmed their psychics to achieve heightened states of sexual arousal to peak PSI abilities. This will also be attributed to the occultic nature of things. When orgone is blocked or irritated by a control it was called Deadly Orgone (DOR). He formulated the possibility that DOR was contributed to mass psychological dysfunction thus if one controls the orgone level one could control physical, mental and social disorders.
        One other thing Reich came up with that would be later used as a weapon at the Illuminati's disposal; he created what was then known as a "cloudbuster", where he manipulated streams of orgone energy in the atmosphere to induce rain, which he used in the summer of 1953. This technology still exists today under the name High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP).
        The Food and Drug Administration filed a complaint for injunction on Reich, with very little to hold their case. The sales of Reich's Orgone Accumulators were to be investigated. Reich was imprisoned and his books were burned by the FDA and his accumulators were destroyed. Reich was sentenced for two years for contempt. After serving a year he was found dead in 1957 from sudden heart failure.
"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident."
                                   -Arthur Schopenhauer-
        The projects and experiments of MKULTRA and other related stories are just some of the more hardcore aspects of the Illuminati's way of gaining control and/or playing god. There are various other means where they can sway the public opinion using the media or celebrities to sway the public mind.
        The media plays one of the most commonly practiced method of mind control; repetition. Though technically they don't have control as much as they have influence.  Reports you see on the news are actually repeaters. The official story is handed to them by the government, who in turn feeds it to the people without question. If there was such a thing as honesty among journalism the official story would be proven wrong on a constant basis. As Weishaupt suggested in his letters to gain control of the printing press, they have the ability to filter all that gets through to the public. Though it's not 100% effective, people buy it.
        Subliminal Messagery is constantly being implemented into child movies and television shows. Disney movies are constantly throwing in hidden words or symbolism. Sometimes we see them without knowing we see them and subconsciously the message is received. Though Disney isn't an Illuminti bloodline, they work with them with so much influence that they practically can be considered one. Brittany Spears, Justin Timberlake and other various stars and musicians made their rise to fame through Disney televised series.
        The whole career crisis of Brittany Spears is worth noting. She was so famous until she went a little crazy and shaved her head. Her career went down, she had trouble with the law, lost custudy of her child; could she have had some knowledge of the occult underworld and attempted to rebel? Since that time she's become as slutty as Rhinanna.
        Celebrities are also constantly working in conjunction with the Illuminati, possibly being mind controlled themselves. You have talented artists in the music industry that never go anywhere while those with little talent are elevated. Controversy is a very big way to gain public attention such as Eminem's rise to fame. Jay Z is another big name who constantly preaches the Illuminati's secret message to the public. The words "Illuminati", "New World Order", or "Rain Man" will constantly appear in rap videos with very little explanation given. Children idolize Jay Z and Rhianna buying into the sex appeal and messages they give to the public. They influence public thought, belief and opinion while creating a distraction and bringing in large sums of money into the business.
        This term "Rain Man" didn't start coming about up until the music industry was taken over by the Rockefeller family. It's uncertain what this means; some refer it to the movie "Rain Man"; Tom Cruise wins a substantial amount of money with the help of Dustin Hoffman, who practically plays a human computer (Savant). Looking up the definition of savant it reads "a person of profound extensive learning; learned scholar". The word is French in origin, past participle of savior. The Latin term sepere means "to be wise". The Illuminati believe themselves to be "the enlightened ones". Ancient cultures believed the sun god to be wise and thus wisdom became associated with light. To have wisdom is to have knowledge and knowledge is power.
"Our society is being run by insane people for insane objectives. I think we are being run by maniacs with maniacal ends and I think I am liable to be put away as insane for expressing that. That's what's insane about it."     
                                                        -John Lennon-
        The Rockefeller Family owns a big portion of the music industry, have you not heard of Roc-A-Fella Records? You'll often see the symbolism in music videos briefly in the background such as the drawing of the pyramid on the wall or one the artist covering one eye suggestively in reference to the All-Seeing Eye (Lady Gaga is notorious for this) and every now and then there'll be a horned beast where the Illuminati has adopted this symbol as "Baphomet", which originally has nothing to do with a goat, it started back during the inquisition of the Knights Templar. Catholocism turned this Baphomet into a Satanic symbol, applying Samhain's description.
        Do you see any similarities of the three depictions below of Zeus, George Washington and Baphomet?
        The suggestion of mind control can be taken much further; that perhaps some political figures or televised personal have been controlled through certain brain washing techniques. It's not only possible but in certain cases likely.
        The inventions of MKULTRA are still commonly used today through the invention of the RFID chip. This chip is being implanted into Mexican police and may end up later used in other countries. The RFID chip is sold to the public as a method to invoke safety; implanting the device onto a child in case they go missing they'll be able to find them in a matter of time. Similar chips are used to track lost pets. This is just another way for the government to keep track of individuals, not necessarily for safety. Asides from tracking they would be used to store personal information and so on and so fourth.
        One thing that should also be noted with this chip is the ability it might pose on a person's mind. Take another look at #'s 1, 6 &7 in the list of technological discoveries of MKULTRA  a few pages back. Each chip holds certain frequency that can be used by radio waves that could send signals to the human brain and perhaps not just alter our moods, but thoughts as well. The chip has been used in certain countries to admit people into night clubs yet they think it's only used as scans at the door. This could be used as a very dangerous weapon towards the people.
        TETRA masts are other weapons in the Illuminati's use. These masts let off an electromagnetic frequency similar to that of the human brain. Like radios that come out in static because it's caught on a channel between two stations, radio waves close in frequencies cause interference. The human brain could easily be effected by these TETRA masts. It has actually been proven that people who live closer to these masts are at greater risk for disease then those who live further away.
        I heard in Britain some time ago when they first started constructing these masts around schools; mothers of the school children objected to the placement and took the case to court. Where the courts are about upholding the system rather than the people, the request was denied.
        Where good people try to seek justice in a court of law, the courts are no longer designed to uphold the people or the Constitution, but the system itself. There's something known as Maritime Law that most people aren't familiar with. Back during the days of sea faring man ships carried a flag of the country they represented. If sailors would cross boats from one ship to another they would enter that country's domain and was subjected to that country's laws. When someone walks into a court room, as boats are enslaved to water, court rooms are enclosed by four walls. The flag in the courtroom you'd see behind the judge is the domain of the country you're under. People hardly recognize this fact that the flag behind the judge is not that of your country. People fail to notice the gold fringe around the flag and think it's just there for decoration, which is misleading. The three-sided gold fringe represents admirality law. When you walk into a court room you are no longer under the jurisdiction of the country you live in, but under Military Law of that country, in turn your rights as a citizen of your country are forfeit upon entering.


To be continued……


  1. The illuminati is real, but they are NOT of Satan.

    It's ironic in a way, that you are unwittingly creating propaganda fuel for them.

    1. Yes,it is the freemasons who mislead everyone into believing that they and the illuminati are one, they are complete opposites, illuminati do wish to kill god, but God is only a job title which the masons hold, so yes, death to God would bring freedom to the people, it's such a mess trying to explain this because they have twisted information and mixed in false, then put 2 things together which shouldn't be, separate one into three, it's so scrambled that only enlightenment can bring truth cuz then you no longer rely on words, the truth is within you and you feel it.

  2. People say the Jfk was in fact Illuminati which i think is ridicules but it could be possible right?

    1. quite the opposite;

  3. In response to Vovina-De-Micaloz, 6 of the 13 Families are Satanists, since 2004 those 6 Families are no longer members of the group, though they still hold some power. The group is now led by a Van Duyn, William Cornelius Van Duyn is the highest ranking human Illuminati member. See these pages for more info.

    Now down to the Mind Control,
    I have personal contact with an individual who makes the claim to be a member of one of the 13 ruling families who has not only completely broken and undone his TBMC but has also left the group. I can assure you that I and others have verified the validity of the individuals claims.
    As they said to me, just 2 years ago I was living a life total oblivious to my own programming, then I started to read Fritz Springmeier's book "The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave" when the realisation came that this book was talking about things in my own life, and by the time I finished the book the snowball was well underway. This then led them to discover a way to UNDO the programming, and today this individual now has one single personality and not the 34 that did exist.
    They have put their technique and other valuable knowledge into a WIKI, which is a very extensive collection of information that now could be used by any programmed individual to undo their own mind.
    A warning must be noted. If you are yourself a programmed individual read only the "Deprogramming Modalities for Trauma Mind Control Survivors" which starts with a warning that it can be dangerous to those individuals to explore the "Internal Worlds". See,

    The Wiki is a very elaborate creation for anyone to FAKE, and if anything is a tool for good and not evil. Make up your own mind, but only after actually looking at the Wiki and not just saying "BS its FAKE, your arrogance and ignorance is not your fault, do yourself a favour and "PROVE ME WRONG". I challenge you to, and if you can I will happily admit that I am WRONG.

    During my research of Mr Van Duyn, pronounced "VAN DINE" I have come to the realisation that this group that call themselves The Illuminati are themselves very arrogant to anyone without Nobility, but they are now in fact waking up themselves just like the rest of us, and it appears that they have looked at the state of the World and are ashamed of what it has become by their own hands. They are now trying to find "Solutions" to fix this SHIT, but still they strive for a NWO, but without the Satanic influence.

    I will end it here, but there is plenty more to divulge.