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Friday, April 1, 2016

If Hitler had Won the war in 1945?

Lies being told;
Hitler would have ruled the world (Jews are ruling the world through USA through their control of USA's Central Bank the Federal Reserve). Hitler would be offered virgins; (Hitler was one women man. nly women in his life was- Eva Brown)
Now the alternate History;
If The 3rd Reich had won – There would have been ;-
- No Nuclear, Atomic or Chemical weapons anywhere in the world. Hitler considered them inhuman.
- No USSR (the Soviet government murdered 66 million of its own people throughout its 70 year reign; to study this topic read the writings of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn -- Hitler would have liberated Russians)
- No cold war (because, again, there would be no USSR)
- No Communist Eastern Europe, Iron Curtain, where citizens were enslaved in their own countries.
- No Red China and Mao's slaughter of 45 million Chinese (Mao was aided by the USSR, thus if no USSR, no Mao victory)
- No Communist North Vietnam (Red China aided Ho Chi Minh)
- No Communist Cambodia and Pol Pot's slaughter of 2 million Cambodians
- No North Korea which is, of course, Communist (the allies split Korea following WWII)
- No Communist Cuba
- No Communism anywhere (Hitler was the world's greatest anti-Communist)
- No Cultural Marxism or political correctness (these are social engineering "products" of the Jewish led and staffed think tank known as the Frankfurt School)
- Decadent enslavement called Liberalism & depraved Multiculturalism wouldn't dominate Western ethos (because no Jewish influence)
- No 3rd world immigration into Western nations (Jews wouldn't be in power positions to craft and force through liberal immigration laws; Jews are responsible for each Western nation's liberal immigration policy, most were orchestrated by the World Jewish Congress)
- No depraved filth on TV, in movies, etc. (because Jews wouldn't run Hollywood)
- No widespread pornography (Jewish lawyers & Jewish plaintiffs were the main challengers of obscenity laws under the guise of "Freedom of Speech")
- Prayer in public schools (Jewish lawyers were instrumental in banning prayer in public schools under the guise of so-called "separation of church and state", something that appears nowhere in the U.S. Constitution)
- No man-hating radical feminist movement (Jews such as Betty Friedan, Sonia Pressman, and Gloria Steinem, among others, were the key drivers of radical feminism)
- USA will not be a colony of Israel and all the problems it has brought the USA & the immeasurable misery it has wrought on the Palestinians
- Jews would be living in whole of Jerusalem as present day Israel was one place Hitler considered as a Jewish homeland. No Gaza problem, since the site of first temple would have been handed over to Jews.
- No Wall Street Bankers
- No Federal Reserve
- No Foreign Zionist Wars
- No Outsourcing to China
- No Hollywood degeneracy
- Less Crime
- Higher standard of living
- A space program on Mars
- Less dependency on fossil fuels
- A sense of pride among Europeans
- Development of alternate fuels

- Hitler's intentions were the recovery of Danzig and the Germany territories, taken away by the foul Versailles treaty. It should also be noted that Hitler never wanted to "conquer the world." He simply wanted to safeguard his nation from nefarious Jewish influence and the world from usurious Jewish banking.



  1. So some point in time during the war Hitler and Stalin used to be friends. When you said There would've been no USSR, are you saying Hitler would've betrayed Stalin and would've invaded Russia?

    1. short answer. Hitler perceived communism as threat to humanity and freedom. Stalin had desire to conquer as much of Europe as he can. Their alliance in 1939 was temporary. Hitler wanted to take back Danzig and Stalin as first step to take Poland and later conquer as much of Europe as he can. After 1945 most of Europe was under Stalin.

  2. You are much wiser than a normal 15 year old. your question is short but complex. year I have mentioned is 1945. Stalin and Hitler were already at war with each other since June 1941. In 1945 Stalin's forces defeated Hitler's army. It was Stalin's forces who first entered Berlin and Germany. win of Hitler in 1945 automatically means end of Stalin and communism. what you are asking is; "Was Hitler against communism since before the WW2 and because of it, would Hitler have attacked Stalin at some point of time". The answer is yes. Hitler was against communism. communism is Zionism. Communism is against liberty and freedom. there is no freedom in China, Russia and North Korea. these are fascist regimes. next question of your is "Does it not mean betrayal since they were allies in 1939 during dangiz liberation". On March 31, 1939, the United Kingdom pledged the support of itself and France to guarantee Polish independence. "... in the event of any action which clearly threatened Polish independence, and which the Polish Government accordingly considered it vital to resist with their national forces, His Majesty's Government would feel themselves bound at once to lend the Polish Government all support in their power. They have given the Polish Government an assurance to this effect.
    I may add that the French Government have authorized me to make it plain that they stand in the same position in this matter as do His Majesty's Government."
    Now it would stand to reason that a prudent person would think, that when Russia attacked Poland from east as they did in 1939, England and France were to attack Russia and that would be a formidable task and thus would prevent entry of England and France into war. The alliance of Germany with Russia was to prevent interference from France and England while Germany takes back Dangiz. but Zionists who already controlled Russia were keen to control Germany and hence in 1939 England and France only attacked Germany and not Russia who attacked Poland from the east. Germany had to be controlled because Germany was printing its own currency. the issue is not about friendships and betrayal but economic control of countries and the world.

  3. Ok so let's say Hitler destroyed the USSR. would Hitler happen to destroy Mussolini as well? I mean Mussolini was communist but would've he had a greater chance for resisting? I've done some research and a lot of pictures came up of Hitler and Mussolini in Paris together. Wouldn't that mean Mussolini's forces would taken over Paris and other territory around them when they found out Hitler had won and taken over and destroyed the USSR and was eventually coming after them next.

    1. Hitler was not against Russia. he was against communism. He would not have interfered with mussolini unless people of Italy wanted him to. France was much better of under Germany. french citizens were not harmed. even German treatment of POW was most good.

    2. Mussolin wasn't a communist you idiot

  4. and when you said "Prayer in public schools (Jewish lawyers were instrumental in banning prayer in public schools under the guise of so-called "separation of church and state", something that appears nowhere in the U.S. Constitution)"

    Wouldn't that create more problems being that some kids will be atheists and will not do prayers and forcing the educational system to ban the prayers.

    1. as young student I studied moral education and we also sang prayers. the prayers were not religion specific but sang do good and good will befall you and do bad and bad will befall you. helping needy, being compassionate, study hard love for universal living beings etc etc. no one is born atheist. people become atheist when they don't get what they deserve or when destiny is cruel to them for no fault of theirs. I am sure as a child everyone would sing prayers.

  5. Actually its the other way around. People are born Atheist and become religious.

    But to touch on Karters question... Germany invaded Poland in 1939to take back Danzig, right? why did Russia also invade two weeks later and what was their alliance with Hitler at the time?

  6. why did Russia invade Poland is answered in Mr. Kheras question. The Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact was a non agression pact.