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The Day We See The Truth And Cease To Speak it, Is The Day We Begin To Die. MLK Jr.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Thoughts of KD Aggarwal 2014

A collection of my thoughts on facebook in the year 2014;

Oscars; handful of people, 'selecting' no 1, 2, 3, from another handful of people, who do no better, than what Dolphins or animals are rehearsed to do in animal world.

For most Journalists, news is a source of Income. News for the sake of news is an exception.

Masses are foolish and their memories short. Most do not have ability to think beyond today or themselves.

People are not born equal. they are born with different qualities. Things can be taught but something’s just cannot be taught and most are ingrained.

For the world ruled by Israel owned Federal reserve, Palestine does not exist.

Why should west wage an unnecessary war in Middle East on behalf of Zionists. The day west stops fighting wars, on behalf of International Jewry, is the day they will be free and that day will see end of Suicide bombers.

Guys from E Y,PWC and others  can only be servants of self made rich and powerful men like school drop out Bill Gates. These Institutes only teach how to be a good slaves and not how to a master of yourself.

Money has a tendency to flow from poor to rich. Poor is paid so that, rich can become richer, by labor of poor. whole purpose of life of poor is to make life of rich more comfortable.

Experience has shown that Politics is about fooling people and using their needs for personal benefit. it has nothing to do building Nation.

Why should any public servant need security. One goes, there are others to take over. Every PM or President acts on the advice of others including their staff. On death of another takes over. In a democracy, no one is indispensable. One goes, there are hundreds waiting in the line and another one takes over immediately.

There are more people to pull you down than those who will push you up.

The only thing necessary to control the sheeple is keep them busy watching inane things like cricket, movies, TV serials and news which are disguised as facts.

Any person who goes out to kill other people makes himself, those he loves and his own home vulnerable.

if you follow path of truth than be aware that politicians, judges, police and government employees will be after you as well as every other criminal.

People tend to see in you what they themselves are;

In a democracy it is mostly, money or media which wins elections and both are mostly controlled by same persons.

Corporates which mortgage their wife's gold and self acquired properties to provide employment to youth are different from those corporates which are monopolies like pepsi, coke. the second types own and control left parties.
There is no god. Religion is opium and has only commercial use.

Strange are the ways of the world. In west truth is called anti-semantic and in India it is called communal.

Enemy of USA is only one, has been only one, and will be only one, The Chosen One.

More people have been punished for speaking truth than punished for committing any other crime.

Truth is not neutral. Either it is with you or not.

No has ever run away from death or destiny.

Journey of life is like a long railway journey where everyone stays with you and gives you company only from one station of life to another and yet throughout the journey of life one travels but alone.

In most of countries be it USA, UK, Australia or Canada people earn just enough so that they are able to live and work again tomorrow. in yesteryear times this was known as slavery.

When Iraqis forces entered Kuwait. Most of western world was quick to mobilize forces to oust Saddam and later kill him. Now Israel has invaded Gaza and western world is silent. who says west is free. it is a colony of Israel simply because central bank of USA (federal reserve) and most central banks of Europe are owned by Israelis.

USA creates and funds Afghanistan rebels (Taliban and Al-queda) against Russia is legal and same USA imposes sanctions against Russia for supporting rebels of Ukraine.

Twin purpose of 9/11 was;- 1- To take out Saddam Hussein and weaken Iraq (arch enemy of Israel) and 2- To take over poppy fields of Afghanistan for money. The drugs are coming from Afghanistan/Pakistan and going to US through east Punjab India.

The desire to hide anything means that you are afraid, and fear is a bad thing.

Degrees only give you jobs mostly by persons who are without degrees.

What Justice fears most is the Judges.

Import of cheap labor and goods is essence of capitalism. Use and purchase of goods and services from whomsoever one wants is essence of freedom.

There is no such thing as Zionist Christians or Christians Zionists. Zionism is Jewish. Zionist is political movement of Jews since 1897 Basel where it declared that Zionism aims at establishing for the Jewish people a assured home in Palestine.

There are seven estates. Three paid by Taxpayers namely Legislature, Executive & Judiciary. There are four more outside the organs of state. They are; 4th Media, 5th bankers / corporates, 6th religion - Godmen and 7th Organized Crime.

USA a country all of made up of immigrants mostly from Europe and these immigrants from Europe and England are afraid of immigrants from Mexico. funny.

Natural Liars always make Good Actors.

No religion teaches war and yet most wars are fought due to religion. 

US Policy for Army Veterans; US army is a herd to be used to earn money for bankers, Zionists and for world domination. veteran do not have any such utility. spending even a single penny on them is a waste of precious resources of USA. The money be donated to Israel for (fictional) Holocaust victims.


  1. A considerable amount of information provided herein is clearly accurate. It is indeed sad that it could not have been edited and put into more scholarly language including, but not limited to proper use of English grammar.

    1. i fully agree i will appreciate any help in this regard and i admit my language and choice of words is also not so good.have been requesting many friends for help but to no avail,