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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

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Russia threatens to shoot down Israeli jets over Syria and now their ambassador shot down in Turkey. back flash. Israel did same in 1938 when Polish Jew Herschel Feibel Grynszpan shot Ernst von Rath, in the German Embassy in Paris on 7 November 1938. the murder put an end to the extension of the Munich Agreement/ revision of the Treaty of Versailles which was to allow plebiscite in former German areas. this could not be done and thus issue of Danzig- the German corridor was kept alive which finally led to WW2.

Telling truth to Americans is a crime. (On CIA that Russia disclosed emails of Hillary to Americans which led to her defeat).  

Chinese naval ships are being deployed at Gwadar Port, Baluchistan, Pakistan. Freedom of Pakistan is now in their hands. Indian cannot protect Pakistan from Communist China. Communists plans to make Pakistan a colony. it is already under their protectorate. slowly Communists will take over areas of NWFP, Balouchistan, Sindh, much the same way they took over Tibet.. then will start a proxy war against west with radical Islamic hordes of suicide bombers.

A Government to be loved must first be feared by the corrupt and anti-nationals.

Though India got independence in 1947, it was in name only and our rulers bowed to Marxists and Islamic fundamentalists. India got its freedom in 2014 when for first time a secular govt came to power and since then India has seen several reforms in every area. Corruption, terrorism, drug smuggling, mafia is a big issue which is done mostly in cash in big currencies. Modi govt made big currencies issued prior to 11.8.2016 as illegal tender. this made all hoarded up big currencies as redundant in hands of corrupt. Banks, post offices and petrol pumps are giving new currency in exchange for old currency. Some people have to Que up to exchange old currency with new ones which issue is being misused by Marxists, Marxist media and Islamic fundamentalist old regime followers a ruse to whip up passions.

As per salient provisions of Indian independence act 1947 passed by British Govt under which India became independent. "Dominion of India may be regarded as an expression of the desire for self-government of the HINDUS in India, and the Dominion of Pakistan as the expression of the demand for self-government by the Muslims."

Some are wise, some get wiser after some time some get wiser after few years and some never do.

Today's comment on my blog;" (your article) Proves my elder brother was right when he stated, We are all mushrooms, kept in the dark and fed a load of bullshit"

Today's comment on my blog; "Hi, as I grew up, was born in 1950, my parents where both veterans of the Canadian air force, you have to understand the amount of propaganda we were under. The things that were said and things you were not allowed to say. It makes it hard to get past a lot of the bs that is out there. I have managed but I know a lot that haven't who are still stuck in their beliefs. To see evidence like this makes it a lot easier for me to solidify my convictions about the lies I was fed, intentionally or not. It makes it hard to asses who you should believe and what you need to toss. I had a lot of questions about things that happened as I grew up and could never get an answer that satisfied me. I see now where the American controllers wanted to shut down a lot of the Canadian research as it wouldn’t be good for them with somebody living next door with their own big stick. I have seen and felt politics change and watched with total dismay how the United States started to sink and be torn."

What is value of light without darkness?

It's better to have an education without a degree than to have a degree with no real education.

USA which invades other countries in name of freedom, do not even have freedom to print or back their own currency.

Hatred by commies and congis is automatic certificate of nationalism and honesty.

1.Anger means absence of self control.
2.Abuse means mentally bankrupt.
3.jealousy means internal weakness.
4.Hatred means acute frustration.

Personal opinions
Commies and Muslims do not live peacefully together in countries ruled by each other;

Never believe newspapers/news channels. they paddle commie advertisements, not news. marxist press is self serving and against truth.

USA is having military bases in 70 countries. England France and Russia have military bases in about 30 countries. They take away freedom, In the name of Freedom,

Today's comment on my blog; "Most people could give a rats ass about TRUTH. They are too attached & committed to fairy tales they've been taught. They'd rather not upset the apple cart and, instead, go about being 'nice people' towing the line. Revisiting history and reexamining their belief constructs is much too hard and inconvenient. Truth also hurts, and most goy cattle are busy watching football, movies, TV, mindlessly to escape real life and... the real truth about the world they live in.

My research told me that Candidates for both Republicans and democrats were selected well in advance by same persons and every USA president just works for them. I was not the first to say this. when i realised this i researched to find if someone other than me also came to this conclusion and came across a book written by son-in-law of FDR WW2 President of USA. "By 1914, Bernard Baruch had developed two unusual qualities. First, those of an able financier, a man with an alert, broad vision. Secondly, he was one who had gained the confidence of important world politicians and world money powers. This combination of talents caught the "eye" of world money and the "ear" of world political leaders, those who actually groom and select the candidates for President and Vice President in advance, for both the Republican and Democratic Party". page 71 from book; "my exploited father in law" by curtis dell son-in-law of FDR.

I am a historian and history helps us understand present and the future. Fact 1; I have no interaction with Jews. Fact 2: from control of Communism, to Banks to financial institutions to insurance to stock markets to taking over several countries by genocide and holocaust, use and development of atomic weapons of mass destruction to war on Iraq, Syria, Libya, Egypt from American revolution to Russian Revolution. all were controlled, financed planned by a group of Zionists.

The commie wish to replace democracy by introducing the dictatorship of the plutocracy. In the foolish masses organized under the Marxist banners he has a weapon which makes it possible for him to discard democracy, so as to subjugate and rule in a dictatorial fashion. The enemies are still around and living between and of us. We must first deal with internal enemy otherwise all efforts to deal with external would fail.

Trade unions which are almost exclusively composed of workers are under the leadership of chosen monopolies, huge corporates and Jewish financiers. To all external appearances, this movement strives to ameliorate the conditions under which the workers live; but in reality by use of these workers, they aim to annihilate their competitors in finance, capital and production and thus enslave public by taking control of majority public resources.

Read somewhere that food which nouveau rich indians leave in their plates is more than entire food production of any European country. The person who eats from his hard earned labor alone knows the value of food.

Rivers of blood shed by 'peaceful' religion. how can a doctrine which takes another's life be called 'religion'.

Whereas Iran's; nuclear weapons are perceived dangerous but why not Pakistan’s. Both countries are out of area of greater Israel and hence not a direct threat to Israel . Allying with Israel can bring not only peace to Kashmiris but it can also help liberate balouchnistan, Sindh and POK from horrors which pak army is committing on its own citizens in these areas.

In times of Google, what is relevance of PHD?

Time is the greatest teacher. It teaches several times more than all other teachers put together.

My blog blocked in Russia. no visitors in last 10 days whereas last month there were almost a 1000 every day from Russia alone.

The only genuine Holocaust was committed by Jews. let us remember victims of atomic bombings.

There are no muslims in India, Pakistan or Bangladesh. Urdu is derived from Hindi/Hinduism and spoken only in Hindu land/Greater India.

Pakistan is to India what Taiwan is to China.

Essence of religion is tolerance and peace within and without. Jihad is intrinsically intolerant and violent both within and without.

Shopping is something for which all women have a genetic predisposition.

Fact; Bachelor politicians carry no corruption charge !

It may sound to be intriguing but it is a fact that Bachelor politicians carry no corruption charge ! Corruption charges normally stick to those who have a family.

Today’s comment on my blog;
"Yes this is more great work ,by people who care about truth ,thank you friend ,The world is full of brainwashed dumbed down and indoctrinated people or " Persons " the truth will set you free from your life as a slave ,one who breaks the law by bowing to your fake Government ,run by Jews ,wake up World Hitler was the Good Guy.

I am politically incorrect, that's true. Political correctness to me is just intellectual prostitution.

Benazir Bhutto was prime minister of Pakistan in 1989 when mujhadin were sent from Afghanistan to india as lashker. CIA and Mosad and pakistan's ISI were involved in creating funding and arming Mujhedin to oust Russia from Afghanistan. when russia was defeated, these mujhedin became threat to US and Israel. rather than having to fight these mujhedin. these were renamed as lashker and sent to India.

Destiny is real whether u believe in it or not. only demonic do not believe in destiny. Demoniac think that whatever they find pleasurable is for their enjoyment without restriction and they will scheme to obtain it by any means. The demoniac only respect power and might. Their conception is that might is right and hence they will destroy whatever is an obstacle to fulfilling their ambitions and desires, not hesitating to injure or even kill others. The demoniac think that their ideology is superior and they resort to deception, hypocrisy, intimidation and force to coerce others to believe and accept such a fallacy. The demoniac are captivated by lust, greed and false ego. They make concerted efforts to orchestrate events to try to influence others to acknowledge them as superior and in the process immerse themselves deeper and deeper in illusion. Hence although the demoniac exercise considerable power and various areas of control because they are so completely deluded as defined by their own degraded mentalities they keep themselves enslaved in bondage by incessantly pursuing materialistic desires and mundane goals due to following false ideologies and belief in erroneous concepts.

Bailouts and insolvency are means by which large banks shift their losses, real or managed from the owners of the large financial institutions to the public.

CIA, Mosad funded and trained lashker earlier mujaheddin which ousted Russia from Afghanistan was then sent by Israel/USA to Kashmir to kill kashmiris. ISIS is Israel secret intelligence service. ISIS (Israel secret intelligence service) attacks only Kashmiris. Over 400000 kashmiris are living in camps all over India because of Israel and CIA funded Lashker earlier known as mujaheddin. Israel wants to sell arms to India as well as border security and USA wants to reduce Russian influence and sell arms to India, hence problem in Kashmir.

The law is found in statutes and codes and rules and regulations. But wisdom can't be found in a law book. Wisdom is found in life, in death and every day in between. And justice isn't found in a courtroom, it is found in a human heart.

TV and Newspapers should be banned from publishing self serving statements of politicians.

Why there is no crime in Iceland? because there are no commies or Muslims there.

Jammu and Kashmir the part which is 'under custody of Pakistan has no schools, no colleges, no roads, no universities, no hospitals, no water, no sewarage. it is life which stood still as it was 100 years ago. the part with india has everything a city dreams of except that since russia left afghanistan CIA diverted the taliban who were earlier killing Russians to Indian to kill kashmiri and over 400000 kashmiris have been killed or forced out of their homes. still more than 1100000 lacs people from JK voted in favor of BJP and those who shouting slogans for azadi are less then even 200 group of motley riff raff of society. the petty convicts in any jail are larger than this number.

What is Marxism/communism. Check what is common between China, Russia and North Korea, they are dictators, fascist, intolerant. mass human killers, control lives of people where, people are not allowed to disagree at pain of instant death, where people have no freedom and live like slaves in their own countries. Like slaves, if the don't work for their masters they are either starved or killed. Who finances communism and thus control communists ? Jewish bankers, multinationals and capitalists. What are their tools? False propaganda, Most media is owned by Jews, Capitalists and corporates to fed lies and hate among unsuspecting masses. What is aim of Marxists/ communists ? They want to rule world by violent means including mass killings of inhabitants of nations and infact rule entire western world since the entire banks including USA's federal reserve, etc is owned by them. Communists/ their Jewish masters control 90% of world's wealth. What they achieve. they make nations and its people morally poor and bankrupt and salves. How to identify a core communist? he is habitual liar, immoral and preaching death of humans and destruction of people's property, denying you freedom of expression and avoiding discussion of facts.

Three things which define Communism; It is Jewish; it is ultra capitalists and it is anti people; nothing manifests it better than French and Russian Revolutions;

Exceptions apart, media is always owned by corporates and corporates created communists to destroy machines of their competitors. Fact. Marxists, Media and corporates are always in bed with each other to loot poor and downtrodden.

Indian Judiciary by the judges, of the Judges, for the Judges. No place for honest Citizens to go, enter at your own risk as to your previous good reputation and money.

Finally one court affirms right to truth UN holds that detention of Julian Assange by UK as unlawful

For judiciary to be really free from corruption, nepotism and sycophancy, judges needs to be appointed by people independent of judiciary.

Indian courts are by the judges for the judges and of the judges. public, truth, law and justice are not relevant.

Judgment which is based on truth and law is always predictable.

Every developmental, pro poor and pro people project passes through 4 stages i) generating an idea (planning) ii) feasibility study (whether it will result in desired benefits to people. whether it can be accomplished, how it can be accomplished and what would be required for it to be accomplished including fund requirement etc) iii) sanction after review by experts and GOP, iv) execution stage.

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