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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Illuminati: Bilderberg and FDA

Lies being Taught;
Illuminati is a sham;
Now the truth;
Here I reproduce a series of article by a friend whose judgment I fully trust;

Illuminati: Bilderberg and FDA
        May 29 - 31, 1954 at Hotel de Bilderberg in the Netherlands was hosted by Józef Retinger and Andrew Nielsen. This was the first of an annual secret meeting comprised of 140 or so of the world's national and industrial leaders. Although over the years the list of attendees change, but throughout the past 40 years David Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger have attended every one. These men are kingpins in the Illuminati.
        List of attendees haven't included individuals from Asian countries east of Turkey with an exception for recent years of China; ambassadors of South America, Australia and Africa are never in attendance either. If most of these attendees are corporate representatives one must wonder how the agenda spreads world wide. In most cases, which people don't realize, corporations have more financial backing then most countries. Wal Mart is richer then Poland, for example. Those with the gold make the rules. But the standards that the Illuminati initialize in the Bilderberg meetings also need to advance politically as well.
        Unlike the G8 summit, the Bilderberg isn't just about national leaders, nor is it covered by the media, where the G8 Summit is observed by the masses through the media, so there's no security for the Bilderberg group; there's a complete media blackout so their true intentions don't need to be rationalized to the public.
        For some time independent researchers such as Alex Jones, Jim Tucker, Danial Estulin and Mark Dice have been tracking the Bilderberg meetings; where the media won't cover it, a group of protestors have started gathering outside catching the arrival of attendees.
        I can't remember the year but during one of the weekend Bilderberg meetings, Daniel Estulin was meeting with an inside source, whose name has been kept confidential, at a hotel. After Estulin was handed the information and the two attempted to leave the hotel the elevator door opened without a floor, had his contact not warned him Estulin would have fallen 800 ft.
        The most recent Bilderberg meetings, however, have been the most controversial. Although none of the corporate media have been announcing it, over 1,000 people showed up to protest. In recent years people have been waking up, which is an excellent sign.
        The 2011 Bilderberg meeting was cut short by Switzerland authorities, who demanded the press to be present at the meeting. George Bush did not make an appearance when there was a public demand for his arrest for the treatment of prisoners at Guantánamo Bay.
        Below is the illustration of the top Bilderberg members around the circle, surrounding them is every major institution with lines drawn connecting to those who have a say on what goes on within those groups. Their level of power and control is absurd!

        For a closer look see below:
        So how do these people of power pass down the agenda to the rest of the world? It's called compartmentalization, where they have power over someone else who have power over other people and so on. From the Bilderberg group the agenda is passed down to the Trilateral Commission, which consists of the some of the same people. There's an additional 200 or more but from there those people pass it onto the Council of Foreign Relations and this is where it splits to individual nations. Most people think they're doing the right thing, it's surprising that those that are even this far up in the pyramid structure are oblivious to the agenda.
        To be democrat or republican is irrelevant; although seemingly they both represent different views, they work as a right and a left foot. Two candidates are generally presented out of nowhere; have you ever wondered where these candidates come from? It wouldn't matter which president would be elected, they all work towards the same agenda. In the most recent American presidential election Barack Obama and Mit Romney are reported to be winning the election, but where do we get most of our information from? Independent sources report that that Ron Paul is actually winning if this were a legitimate election. Even more recently reports have been made that Paul has dropped out of the election completely, which is misleading.
        In 2008 Barack Obama was "elected" president and all his promises made during the campaign turned out to be lies. There has been speculation that Obama is the antichrist because the Hebrew word "baraq" means lightning and "bamah" means elevation or high place in Hebrew while "O" or "U" is used as a conjunction for a combined translation of Lightning from the heights.
"And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning falling from the heavens."                                                                                                                     -Luke 10:18-
        I don't believe Obama is the antichrist; in fact the word that comes to mind when I think of him is "puppet". He is Wall Street's puppet executive in the presidency. I wouldn't doubt Obama to be a Satanist, nor do I doubt that he knew the reverse message of his "Yes we can" speech. If this speech is played backwards you can clearly hear the words "Thank you Satan".
        There's no doubt Obama was the preferred candidate to the Illuminati, but I have little doubt the same ordeal with the birth certificate would have occurred if John McCain won the last election; where there is speculation if Obama was actually born in Hawaii, McCain was born in Panama.
        In the 2000 election George Bush controversially defeated Al Gore; this was the perfect excuse to change the voting machines from paper ballets,  that offer receipts that could be recounted if demanded, to electronic votes, which can easily be modified by manipulating the memory chip.
        The following election was the test. If George Bush had legitimately won that election there is no hope for the American nation. They placed Bush up against his distant cousin, John Kerry, who was also a member of the Skull & Bones secret society. Out of 160 living members compared to the population of the United States, two members of the same secret society were put up for election. Kerry was obviously a fail-safe candidate; this was the first year they played the electronic ballots and in the event of public awareness, Kerry would have brought about the same agenda.
        Skull & Bones at Yale University is the prime example of Illuminati training ground. Although there are various secret societies in Yale, this is the only one that produced people of major importance. Three former presidents have been produced from Skull & Bones. Those initiates are made to take an oath to put Skull & Bones above family and country. None that I know of has ever been an initiate and denounced the order. One of the rituals of this secret society is to lie naked in a coffin blindfolded and confess your most twisted sexual desires and darkest secrets (probably for blackmail).
        There have been occasions when Skull & Bones initiates have been caught in a crime and a past initiate will use their influence to make sure no charges are made. In fact, one of the idols the fraternity keeps in the tomb is skull rumored to be that of the historical Native American, Geronimo, which was stolen from his grave.
        Often the initiates of certain secret societies will start by becoming high ranking members of the corporatocracy, which are the leading corporations around the world. George Bush after graduating becomes the head of Abusto Energy and then he becomes president; Dick Cheney was president of a company called Halliburton and then he becomes Vice President of the US. You'll often find politicians working for some company that funds them. With these standards in act, you'll often find laws are put into place to benefit the corporations instead of people. The legal term for "person" specifies that corporations are treated as having the same rights as a human being and are granted equal protection of laws.
        Those who advance the Illuminati agenda will keep appearing in administration after administration. Donald Rumsfeld, for example, served as Secretary of Defense in the Ford, Reagan and Bush administrations. While in the Reagan Administration a chemical company named G. D. Searle passed the toxin aspartame as an artificial sweetener to the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) despite the laboratory results that proved it burned holes in rat brains. The FDA conducted their own investigation and discovered the harmful effects of this substance. Searle appointed Rumsfeld as its new chairman; using his political influence Rumsfeld appointed Dr. Arthur Hayes as new FDA Commissioner. It wasn't long after that aspartame was added into all diet soft drinks and gum. People focus more on taste rather then health, taking for granted that someone's looking out for their health, which is simply not true.
        Fluoride is another one, which was added into our water supply. Tap water is no longer healthy to drink. Just as the Nazi's did to the Jews in concentration camps our own government does the same to us. The reason given to the public is that it's healthy for our teeth; this is only true for infant teeth that fall out anyways. Fluoride is often found in tooth paste, but we don't necessarily ingest tooth paste, do we? The main ingredient for rat poison is Sodium Fluoride. What fluoride really does to a person is weaken their resistance to domination; it makes the mind more susceptible. Some companies have even been adding it into bottled water as well.
        “Codex Alimentarius” sets the standards for food commodities, codes for hygiene and technology, and limits pesticide residues. The World Health Organization had a just policy over these until 1996 when German delegates advocated a ban on herbs, vitamins and minerals implemented into food for therapeutic reasons when they debated that all of these should be classified as drugs. Because of little loopholes in the laws like this, Germany and Norway's health-food industries have been taken over by the pharmaceutical companies; it's illegal to put over 200 mg of Vitamin C in food in certain countries as it is for adding more the 45 IU of Vitamin E and so on. About 170 count
ries accept the commission for Codex Alimentarius without question.
"I've seen it work on hundreds and hundreds of people. Now to me this is criminal. If you write to Hills Packing Company that makes Science Diet dog food... high tech foods for animals... and say, 'How many minerals, exactly, is in Sience Diet dog food?' They'll write back there's 40 minerals. You write Checkerboard Square in St. Louis, Ralston Purina, and say 'Just how many minerals are in your rat pellets for laboratory rats?' They'll say there are 28 minerals. I'll give anybody... a crisp $100 bill if you can find me a human infant formula in a grocery store that has more then 11 (minerals)... So dogs get 40 minerals, rats get 28 minerals, and human infants get 11. Is that fair? No! Doesn't matter if you're talking about SMA, Similac, Isomilk, ProSoyB. In fact, that's why they call Similac, Similac, because it lacks everything."
                                                -Dr. Joel D. Wallach-
        Dimethylpolysiloxane, I don't know how to pronounce it either, is a plastic antifoaming agent which is often used in skim milk, wine fermentation, syrups, soups, rendered fats, you'd also find it in McDonald's Chicken McNuggets, or Taco Bell's Chicken Burritos. In most other countries it's illegal to add this into foods, but it appears as if the US is testing ground before bringing it into other countries.
        Monsanto, the company that brought to the world pesticides such as DDT and Agent Orange, turned over a new leaf and are now producing Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO). They've actually made patents on numerous plants and animals and are currently creating a monopoly on the world's agriculture. We'll start with GM salmon; they've created a cross species of salmon, if it ever gets out into the wild it would take 40 generations to lead to the extinction of natural salmon. GM corn; 80% of corn grown in the US and in various countries in Europe are made from a genetically altered type of corn that produces its own pesticide, do you really want to eat something the bugs won't even touch? The studies have shown that with enough intake it can lead to breast and prostate cancer.
           Monsanto has taken over the agriculture and continues to buy independent farmers out. Some of Monsanto's GM seeds are designed to grow faster and bigger then natural ones so if farmers decide to use these they must pay a tax on them. Most of Monsanto seeds are made to be sterile, so farmers will be forced to buy them on an annual basis. With patents placed through the World Intellectual Property Organization, Monsanto could legally prevent farmers from breeding pigs that share similar characteristics of their patent claims. Often when Monsanto buys certain farmland off of the independent farmers, the farmers will often torch the land before Monsanto claims it.
        Hundreds of Indian farmers were reported to have committed suicide because of financial instabilities caused by Monsanto. The farmers would use Monsanto's patents because they need the extra growth, however Monsanto failled to tell them that the crops would require three times the amount of water regular plants take and in an arid climate such as India, this was hard to come by.
        If you ever get the chance to watch the film/documentary "Food Inc.", you'll see the horrors of the early stages of the food industry. The slaughter of countless chicken and cattle is just gruesome. Cows that are deathly ill, that can't even stand were forced into the heard prepared to slaughter via forklift. The reason I'm advising you to watch it is because people need to see what has become of the meat packing industry. Upton Sinclair wrote "The Jungle" in the early 1900's, on his investigation into the meat packing industry of those days, which led to all sorts of regulations and safty laws on food. He would have a field day if he witnessed what goes on today.
        A cows natural diet consists of grass, yet when investigating the meat industry most are fed corn from an early age. When the food industry jumps out of concordance with natural law something's bound to go amiss. This is how E Coli came about; mutated corn mutates in a sick cow's digestive track.
        Growth hormones are constantly being injected into cattle at a very young age. The hormones help the cows grow bigger and faster, but people fail to realize this works the same way DDT does. DDT killed bugs, which were ingested by birds, resulting in a decrease in fertility because the eggs were too fragile. In like manner, cattle with hormones are led to slaughter, processed and fed to the public; children are now starting to reach puberty at earlier ages as a result.
        Removing vitamins from certain foods and replacing them with chemicals that would inevitably lead to our diminishing health work in accordance with hospitals and pharmaceutical companies, it's all in the Illuminati's agenda.
"The FDA's official position is that there is no such thing as any herb, any plant, any nutrient or any dietary supplement that has any beneficial effect on the human body. Thus no herb, plant, nutrient or supplement can ever be approved by the FDA to protect against influenza. As you've figured out, the whole game is rigged from the start. Herbs that have any anti-viral properties will never be approved as anti-virals. And, frankly, for the people trying to run natural product companies to try and play the 'FDA game' is useless. You can never appease tyranny. Trying to 'conform' to the requirements of the FDA and FTC is like Jewish prisoners trying to conform to the wishes of Hitler. You've been condemned from the start!"
                                                        -Mike Adams-
                                                Editor of NaturalNews
        In accordance to standards of depopulation it's in their best interest that people remain sick. Any time someone goes to a doctor they'll always be prescribed pills, herbal remedies are out of the question. There has been a growing number in diagnosis and prescription drugs today than ever before. Children are constantly being diagnosed with depression to put them on Prozac or some anti-depressant; 94% of Prozac is actually fluoride. Maybe our children aren't really depressed, maybe they're just experiencing the basic ups and downs of life. In like manner they must be vaccinated before going to school. I personally would rather take my chance without vaccinations considering what they're starting to put in them.
        Herbal remedies can be grown by anyone and can’t be taxed so it's in their best interest to ignore it all together. Do you have any idea how much money the pharmaceutical companies make off of prescription drugs? Up to 80% of health decisions involve ambiguity, the variability of diagnosis and available treatments, which leads to unnecessary treatments and costs. Americans currently pay $200 billion a year on prescription drugs and that number grows by 12% on a yearly basis.
        Glaxo Smith Kline is the second largest pharmaceutical company in the world (First is Pfizer) and was started in 1880 in Britain by two American pharmacists, Henry Wellcome and Silas Burroughs. Back then it was known as Burroughs Wellcome & Company but merged with Glaxo in 1995 and Smith Kline Beckman in 2000.
        Burroughs Wellcome drug firm was owned by Welcome Trust, whose director was Lord Oliver Franks. Franks was the British ambassador to the United States from 1948 to 1952. He was also director of the Rockefeller Foundation, the Kurt von Schroeder Nazi Bank, and Rhodes Trust. Franks was in charge of approving Rhodes Trust's scholarships; one was awarded to Bill Clinton in 1968. Clinton's academic mentor was Carroll Quigly at Georgetown University, who confirmed a conspiratorial network in one of his writings:
"There does exist, and has existed for a generation, an international Anglophile network which operates, to some extent in the way the radical Right believes the Communists act. I know of the operations of this network because I have studied it for 20 years and was permitted for two years, in the dearly 1960's, to examine its papers and secret records. I have no aversion to it or to most of its aims and have, for much of my life, been close to it and to many of its instruments... In general my chief discussion of opinion is that it wishes to remain unknown, and I believe its role in history is significant enough to be known."
                                                        -Carroll Quigley-
        Based off of Quigley's writing, do you think he may have been referring to the Illuminati or at least an organization related to? I think he might...
        The cancer foundations are another major rip off. Not only have they had the cure for cancer for years but they make people pay billions of dollars to kill themselves with unnecessary torture. Chemotherapy is the most common form of treatment for certain cancers. People often subjet themselves to the treatment not knowing there are other herbal remedies that could be sought. Chemotherapy kills cells; not just the cancer cells, all cells. The idea there is for the person's body to outlive the cancer. People often die from the treatment alone, it kills people faster than the cancer does. Often, people who survive the treatment and beat the cancer have their life expectancy decreased by decades. The cancer, depending on the location, will only cut life short by a matter of years. The FDA make massive amounts of profits from these techniques.

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