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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Holocaust Fake Pics 2

Lies being taught;
There are several photographs showing holocaust of Jews.

The Truth;
The photographs are fakes. here some samples.
Photo 2a has been repeatedly presented as proof of inhumane deportations of Jews into ghettos and extermination camps, and has also been broadcast as such on German television. The photo archives of the Federal Railway Administration in Hamburg, however, reveal what this picture really shows. 

It is a freight train crowded with German refugees bound for the Ruhr region, standing in the Hamburg train station in 1946. The untouched original photo, illustration 2b, hangs in the Hamburg Main Station. This photo shows, on the left, double decker passenger carriages on their way to Lübeck, and on the right, parts of the Main Station buildings. Both of these elements would have allowed for the photo location to be identified as the Hamburg Main Station, and both these elements were retouched or cut out from original to make up the doctored version.


See how the two pics been combined above into fake one to show Nazi cruelty towards children.


1997: The Wehrmacht exposition shows this extract with the caption: ‘Jews being executed’, as proof in the section of the exposition entitled ‘Wehrmacht and Holocaust.
 (Note: in the original photograph, the man to the left of the man covering his genitals is very clearly wearing a bathing suit, as is the man with his back to the camera at the left. This has all been blacked out, apparently with a paint brush, in the extract shown in the exposition.

(279) The US weekly magazine Life (21/05/1945, page 36), comments: ‘The bodies of almost 3,000 slave laborers being buried by US soldiers. These dead worked in underground factories in the manufacture of V1 and V2 rockets.
In actual fact, these dead were the victims of the US terror attack on Nordhausen on 4 April 1945. Although the war was almost over, German cities continued to be bombed. Thus, the city of Nordhausen was bombed and almost totally destroyed on 4 April (2 days before the evacuation of the camp to Bergen-Belsen), also destroying the Boelke barracks in which the inmates were being housed. (From the series of publications from the Vierteljahreshefte für Zeitgeschichte, number 21, Stuttgart page 194, Prof. Martin Broszat).


(280) (281) Photos from the National Archives of the October Revolution and the National Photographic and Film Archives in Krasnogorsk. The photos are supposed to have been found on German soldiers and are said to illustrate the mass execution of Russians.

However The Fact;

‘The staff of the Supreme Commander hereby issues the following order:
All settlements in which German troops are located are to be destroyed and burnt to a depth of 40 – 60 kilometers from the main front line and 20 – 30 kilometers to the right and the left of all roads. The destruction of the settlements to the above indicated radius is to be carried out by the air force and artillery using grenade launchers, over large surface areas, as well as by political education squads, ski troops and partisan divisions, equipped with bottles of inflammable liquids.


(282) Same origin as in photos 280 and 281. The commentary of the Dutch weekly Vim Nederlands (29/06/1991) reads: ‘The crematoria of Majdanek camp. Zyklon B containers lie around nearby.’ In reality, these containers are funereal urns for the ashes of cremated persons.


Hungarian Jews are gently forcing an elderly woman towards the entrance to Krema V, where they will all be gassed and cremated together.
None of them is wearing a camp uniform; it could have been photographed in a public park for all we know. Perhaps she is ill; perhaps she has just received news of the death of a loved one; or, more likely, perhaps she has just been caught stealing, picking pockets, or swindling on the black market.



top photo is fake.
below photo is real 
        fake photo 

Truth ; The naked girls in the photo is cropped out of a 1963 polish film called "passenger". see the film and take screen shot at exactly 31.36 and you shall see the actress on the right.

Fact 1

Fact 2


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