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Monday, December 6, 2010

kaps Model for double digit economic growth for India


Dear Brethren,

The only way India could India could experience a double digit economic growth is by;-

1.     Decrease lending interest rates to below 4% pa. Low interest rates improve employment opportunities.

2.     Decrease minimum wages by half. High wages discourage employment.

3.     The money spent on CWG should have been spent in constructing roads, bridges, hospitals, power plants, water provisions.

4.     Gujarat and Bihar are an example. Our citizens should have basic necessities of food, clothes, roads, electricity, water.

5.     Decrease support prices of agricultural products at level of international prices plus transportation.

6      Pick up all beggars from streets and put them to work in factories. Give them free food, shelter and education or work.

7.     Remove reservations for incompetent or make reservation on the line of US reservations.  Pick up all people who say they are backward and put them in physically demarcated areas and give them free food, shelter and education. At no cost should merit be allowed to suffer.

Let me tell you an interesting incident, there was this employee of a reserved category in a government department who was always finding faults with his superiors/others, neither himself ever doing anything, nor allowing anyone else to do anything. I asked him why?
Well, the person said; “If I work, my country will progress and if my country does progress, it will not remain backward and there will be no reservations for backwards. My kin will lose jobs.”
I asked; “then what do you do?”.
He answered; “We (50% of government employees) ensure that the other half does not work? You see a government office to work efficiently does not need so many employees”. …. We are king makers.” After a few years, the same inferior was the boss of his former superior and country becomes more backward.

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