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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Famous Freemasons from India


Sr. No 2/4            Originally published on April 1st, 2007

Dear Brethren,

After my last News Letter, many brethren have written to me to know more about well known Free masons from India. They are:-
1.     President Dr. Rajendra Prasad – Freedom fighter and the 
        first President of Independent India.

2.     President Dr. S. Radhakrishnan – First  Vice President 
        and the second President of Independent India.

3.     President Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed.

1.     Maharaja Ganga Singh of Bikaner.
2.     Maharaja Duleep Singh of Punjab.
3.     Maharaja Randheer Singh of Punjab.
4.     Maharaja Digvijay Singhji of Nawanagar.
5.     Maharaja Mahinder Bhupinder Singh of Patiala.
6.     Maharaja Yadvinder Singh of Patiala.
7.     Maharaja Sir Bhawani Singh of Jhalawar.
8.     Maharaja N.N. Bhup of Coochbehar.
9.     Maharaja J.N. Bhup of Coochbehar.
10.    Maharaja R.J. Bhup of Coochbehar.
11.   Maharaja Viziaram Raj – Maharaja of Vizianagaram.
12.    Maharaja Chhatarsinghji of Rajpipla.
13.    Maharaja Mayurdhwaj Jaladhip of Dhrangadhara.
14.    Thakursaheb Daulatsinhji – Prince of Limdi.
15.    Sir Gangadharrrao Patwardhan – Prince of Miraj.
16.    Shrimant Shankarrao Patwardhan – Ruler of Jamkhandi.
17.    Balasaheb Pant – Aundh Pratinidhi of Chhatrapati Shahu
18.    Pantbahadur Raghunathrao Shankarrao – Chief of Bhor.
19.    H.H. Maj. General Sir Syed Reza Ali Khan – The Nawab 
        of Rampur.
20.    H.H. Maj. General Sir Syed Ahmed Ali Khan – The Nawab 
        of Rampur, The First Grand Master of the Grand Lodge 
        of India, when it was formed in November 1961.
21.    H.H. Sahebzada Abu Samad Khan – Royal family of 
22.    H.H. Ibrahim Khan – Nawab of Sachin.
23.    H.H. Mirza Husain Yawar Khan – Nawab of Cambay.
24.    Sheikh Abdul Khaliq, heir apparent of Magrol.
25.    Maharajkumar Mohammad Amir Hyder Khan of 
26.    Khan Mohammed Tolay - Nawabzada of Palanpur.
27.    Syed Hussam Bilgrami – Nawabzada Utmullah Bahadur of
         Hyderabad State.
28.    Nawab Jung Nawab Hyder, Hyderabad State.
29.    Nawab Sir Amin Jung Jung Bahadur, Hyderabad State.
30.    Chintamanrao Patwardhan – Chief of Sangli (Royal family 
        of Miraj). (1921-1980)
31.    Sampatrao Gaikwad, Sorbga of Baroda State.
32.    Shrimant Bhau Ramrao Venkatrao of Ramdurg State.
33.    Diwan Suryashankar Mehta of Bhuj.
34.    Maharaja Jaya Chamaraja Wadeyar of Mysore
35.    Srikanta Datta Narasimharaja Wadiyar          
36.    His Holiness Sir Sultan Mohamed Shah, Aga Khan
37.    The Nawab Of Pataudi Mansur Ali Khan          
38.    Lt.Gen.H.H.Maharaja Jivaji Rao Scindia ,Maharaja of 
39.    Mr Madhav Rao Scindia , Maharaja of Scindia
40.    Maharaja of Bobbili
41.    Maharaja Amrinder Singh of Patiala, Punjab & former Chief
        Minister of Punjab.
42.    Maharajkumar Mohammad Amir Hyder Khan  
43.    Nawabzada Khan Mohammed Tolay              
44.    Nawabzada Syed Hussam Bilgrami                        
45.    Nawab Jung Nawab Hyder                           
46.    Nawab Sir Amin Jung Jung Bahadur               
47.    Sampatrao Gaikwad                                    
48.    Shrimant Bhau Ramrao Venkatrao        
49.    Sir C.P. Ramaswamy Iyer – Divan of Travancore.
50.    H. H. Marthanda Varma of State of Travancore.

1.     Dr C Gopalachari 1st Governor General Of India
2.     Dr. P.V. Cherian – Governor of Maharashtra.
3.     Immunidin Nawab of Laharu Governer of Hiachal Pradesh &

1.     Sir Dorabji Jamshedji Tata – Barrister, Industrialist.
2.     J.R.D. Tata – Doyen of Indian Industry and Chairman of the
        House of Tatas, India’s leading Industrial House. JRD was 
        a French Mason.
3.     Goculdas Narottam Morarjee – Owner of the Morarjee 
        Goculdas Spinning Mills.
4.     Ebrahim Currimbhoy – Mill Owner.
5.     Ramesh Mafatlal – Mafatlal Industries
6.     Dr Gaur Hari Singhania – Singhania Industries
7.     Sitaram Jaipuria  -
8.     Rai Bahadur Kundan Lal – Dalmia Industries
9.     Dwarkadas Narainji – Merchant Prince.
10.    Purshottamdas Thakurdas – Textile merchant and mill 
11.    T.G. Khaitan – Mill Owner.
12.    Dharamsey Morarjee – Mill Owner.
13.    Narsingir Pratapgir – Mill Owner.
14.    Mohammadbhoy Currimbhoy Ebrahim – Businessman, 
        Merchant Prince.
15.    Sir Purushotamdas Thakurdas. Industrialist - Cotton 
        magnate of Mumbai
16.    Ebrahim Rahimtulla Currimbhoy – Merchant.
17.    S.V. Sista – a leading name in the Indian advertising 
18.    Ayaz Peerbhoy - a leading name in the Indian advertising 
19.    G. L. Raheja. Well known Builder
20.    Jamshed NUSSERWANJI GUZDER Mr. Guzder, is a 
        prominent figure in the businessman and industrialist 
        of Mumbai.
21.    Cav.Dr.G.K Devarajulu. Industrialist.  textile industry
22.    Ardaseer Cursetjee Wadia was the first Indian to be 
        elected a fellow of  the Royal Society; he was the 
        first to introduce lighting by gas in  Bombay. The 
        picture of the First day Cover issued by the Post and 
        telegraphs department depicts the gas lamps installed 
        by him in one of the streets in Bombay. he was the first 
        to build an ocean going steam vessel in India.
23.    V N Sharma, Industralist Vaidyanath Ayurvedic.
24.    Rai Saheb Devi Dass Mehra. Railway Contractor

1.     W.C. Bannerjee - A founder member of the Indian National
2.     Pandit Motilal Nehru – Freedom fighter and father of Pandit
       Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India.
3.     Dr. B.G. Kher - First Chief Minister (then called the Hon. 
        Prime Minister) of Bombay State after Independence.
4.     Dr. Badruddin Tyabji – President, Indian National 
       Congress, Madras, 1887. Judge of the Bombay High 
       Court, 1895. Presided over the Mahomedan Educational 
       Conference, Bombay 1903 and pleaded for women 
       education and abolition of purda. Was associated 
       with Aligarh College. Died August 11, 1909
5.     Sir Sayyad Ahmad Khan Dahlavi – President of the Bombay
        Legislative Assembly.
6.     Sardar Sir R.J. Vakil – Minister, Governor’s Council of 
7.     DADABHAI NAOROJI:- Appointed Dewan of Baroda, 1874. 
        Nominated to  Bombay Legislative Council 1885. 
        President,  Indian National Congress,  Calcutta 
        1886. Lahore,1892 and, Calcutta 1906. Elected to 
        Parliament from Central Finsbury 1892. Published 
        his great book, "Poverty and  Un-British Rule in 
        India". Died 1917
8.     Sir. Rash Behari Ghosh Member, Bengal Legislative 
        Council 1889. Member of the Imperial Legislative Council
        1891 and 1893. President of the Faculty of Law, 
        Calcutta University 1893-1895. Member of the Congress 
        delegation to England 1917. Presided over the joint 
        session  of  Indian Congress Committee and the Council 
        of the  Muslims League at Calcutta 1917.
9.     Sir. Phirozeshah Mehta :- Founder President of the 
        Bombay  Presidency Association. Associated with 
        the Congress from its very inception.  Member, 
        Bombay Legislative Council,  1886. President Indian 
        National Congress, Calcutta 1890. Elected to the 
        Imperial Legislative Council 1893. Knighted 1902.  
        Vice-Chancellor of the Bombay University. In 1911,
        started the Central Bank of India. Founded the 
        Bombay Chronicle in 1913.

1.     Justice D.P. Madon
2.     Justice Prakash Narain.
3.     Justice P.N.Khanna
4.     Justice G Ramanujam
5.     Justice S.S.Ali
6.     Justice R Bhattacharya
7.     Justice V Ramaswamy
8.     Justice S Natarajan
9.     Chief Justice A.B.Saharya
10.    Justice S Padmanabhan
11     Justice V Ratnam
12     Justice B.S.Sinha
13     Chief Justice Devinder Gupta
14     Justice U Sinha
15     Justice A. R. Lakshmanan (S.C.)
16     Justice S Jagadeesan
17     Justice K Veeraswami
18     Justice T Ramprasad Rao
19     Justice N. S. Ramaswamy
20     Justice R N Mittal
21     Chief Justice D S Sinha
22     Justice S K Mahajan
23     Justice D D Sood
24     Bhulabhai Desai – Advocate.
25     Sir Justice N.G. Chandavarkar 
26     P.M. Kanga – Solicitor.
27     Justice J.B. Kanga                                                       
28     Justice D.D. Davar                                                      
29     Sir Chimanlal Setalvad
30.    Justice Dr. Badruddin Tyabji

1.     Swami Vivekananda - Philosopher and theologian known 
        all  over the world.
2.     Keshub Chunder Sen  (1838-1884) a Bengali intellectual 
        and a noted religious reformer. Keshub Chunder Sen was 
        a leading light of the  Brahmo Samaj for several decades. 
        Later, he established a  syncretic school of spiritualism, 
        called the Nabo Bidhan or 'New Dispensation', which he 
        intended to amalgamate the best principles of Christianity
        and of the western spiritual tradition with Hinduism.

1.     Sir Jamsetjee Jeejeebhoy – Philanthropist and social 
2.     Dadabhoy Nowroji Tata  -First Indian to be elected to the 
        British house of Commons in the 19th century.
3.     D.L. Vaidya – Solicitor, Philanthropist and social reformer.

1.     Sir Bhalchandra K. Pradhan –Medical Practitioner, after 
       whom Sir Bhalchandra Road, Dadar, Mumbai is named.
2.     Dr. Sir Tehmuiji Nariman – Medical Practitioner.
3.     Dr. R.N. Cooper – Medical practitioner after whom the 
        Dr. R.N. Cooper Muncipal General Hospital is named.
4.     Dr. D.R. Bhandarkar – Indologist after whom the 
        Bhandarkar Institute of Indology, Pune is named.
5.     Dr. Shantilal J. Mehta, the doyen of the medical profession 
        in India who translated Seth Lokoomal Chanrai's vision
        into reality. Founder Jaslok Hospital.

1.     Tagore, Gaganendranath (1867-1938) painter and art
2.     Parikshit Sahni – Well known film actor and son of
        actor Balraj Sahaney.
3.     David Abraham – yesteryear Character actor in hindi film.
4.     Ashok Kumar Ganguly.

1.     M.R. Jayakar – Bar-at law, Vice Chancellor of Poona University.

2.     Prof M S Thacker.

3.     Sir Reginald Spence founder of Barnes School, Nashik.

4.     Hardeep Sikand.

5.     Sir Syed Ahmed Khan Bahadur. 1817 –1898, commonly 
        known as Sir Syed, was an educator who pioneered 
        modern education for the Muslim community in India 
        by founding the Muhammedan Anglo-Oriental College,
        which later developed into the Aligarh Muslim University.

1.     C.A.Ramakrishnan, I.C.S.

2.     Romesh Chandra Dutt started of his administrative career 
        in the year 1871, as an Assistant Magistrate, Alipore. 
        Later on he worked as Relief Officer in Meherpur, Nadia 
        and in Dakhin Shahbazpur, Bakerganj. He was  the 
        District Magistrate of Bankura, Balasore, Bakerganj,
        Pabna, Mymensingh, Burdwan, Midnapur etc. He was 
        the Division  Commissioner of Orissa, the highest position 
        reached by any Indian ever. 
 3.     Lt. Gen. Kalwant Singh GOC-in-C, Western Commond.
4.     M.P. Kapadia – Assistant Commissioner of Income Tax.
5.     D.R. Pradhan – Chief Secretary, Govt. of Maharashtra.
6.     R.K. Saiyad – Director of Postal Services.
7.     Sorab M. Bharucha – District Collector of Thane District.

and many others
Brotherly yours




  1. Hi Bro
    Thank you for the information. I would like t know was Mahatma Gandhi a Freemason.
    Bro Deven n Dave

  2. No. There is no evidence that Mohandass K. Gandhi was a Freemason, otherwise his name would have been in the above list.

    1. How can swami vivekananda be a freemason?
      He was a hindu and yogi.isnt it?

    2. You can practice ur religion while you are a freemason just to show the public because mostly this type of information is not revealed.

    3. Freemasonry has nothing to do with religious, You can come from any religion and you can be a mason.

    4. King David was first King of Jews. Freemasonry is about construction of first temple of Jews presently under control of Muslims. मंदिर वही बनांगे !

    5. Lol!. It is clearly a pagan satanic cult. Just watch some interviews with 33 degree Freemasons.
      Jerusalem temple, Pyramids and other stories are their myth just like any other religions!.
      I have talked with an ex-mason. I decided that, never get messed up with them!. Better choice is join them and enjoy the benefits.

  3. Very nice info!! (no doubt Satan has his power though Earthly Governance). I would like to know more on Freemason activities in India.

  4. The name 'Pradhan' in the information "Sir Bhalchandra K. Pradhan – Medical Practitioner, after whom the Sir Bhalchandra Road, Dadar, Mumbai is named." is incorrect. It ought to be 'Bhatavadekar'.

  5. hi,
    i have difficulty in making and keeping goals, and to make long story short, my life and mind are in utter chaos.
    i heard the the freemasons are about making better men out of good. can they help me become a better person?
    If so, then how can i join the masons? (i live in bangalore)

    1. please do not get involved with the freemasons. be careful of them. all i can say is that they use people with weak wills for their own sadistic agendas. Look up Monarch method of Mind Control and you will know what I mean. Take care and God bless you. You just need some determination and faith in the true God to help you. I will be praying for you.

  6. was rajiv gandhi a freemason

  7. Want to know if anyone from Indian Defence are part of free mason

    1. ya,i want to know that too

    2. Wg.Cdr.R.S.MurthyApril 15, 2013 at 7:33 AM

      Yes. There are many, many of them including me. There is a separate lodge for defence people only

  8. My fellow indian brothers..pls wake up ...dont get blinded by this satanic cult can realize ur dreams without following this satanic tradition...i am not being skeptical abt this ...they are not as good as they look frm the isnt a doorway to realo success as it may seem some research abt their mad riruals and thwir goals...

    1. Do you think this list is correct??
      Because this list also includes swami vivekananda..
      Do you have any idea?

    2. The list is taken from site of Grand Lodge of India and can be seen here;

      Yes, it does mention Swami Vivekananda as a Freemason.

    3. Yes, you are right.
      I am just unable to know , how can vivekananda be a member of such an organisation..

    4. Yes, swamy vivekananda was a freemason, I do not understand why you surprise? One should not distinguish what is devine or demonic without learning a bit of it. Do not believe in heresays and rumours.

  9. Sir syed Ahmed khan was a free mason but. He had high regards in Muslim can it be???

  10. Sir Sayed did a great job for muslim education.but on personal front he had a strange beliefs.which are far from islam.

  11. Great information Thanks for the good work

  12. nice information. keep it up

  13. never knew they were that many.
    Good information keep it up

  14. very good information, these free emasons are anti christ and anti islam, their aim is to rule the world with blodd shed and now they are doing it, they are the devil worshippers. please be safe from free masons.

  15. Free Masons are devil worshipers, they are eagerly waiting for Dajjal to come and rule this world. They worship Dajjal (One Eye Devil). These Free Masons have members all over world and are trying to convert all persons into mason (devil worshiper). I dont understand how these big names of every filed is a Mason.
    ya phir unki Akal gu khane gayi hogi

  16. i know about all this stuff but a question that arise in my mind is that every person in that list is the one trying to bring modern education and westernization(clothing and thinking) to a developing country in India and this surely changed life of people...its a good deed how does they belong to devils....i mean Sir Syed educated ppl how is that bad??

    1. If you go into depth of the so called modern education and development, you'll find it is nothing but "Dajjalism".

  17. Many of you have the question regarding Vivekananda.

    Vivekananda as a very young man was a free spirited enquirer, a very bright student in a western education college and quite close to his teachers and other westerners. It was in that phase that he joined Masons curious about what it is. He soon disassociated and never participated.

  18. Swamiji was attracted to the tenets of Freemasonry. He was initiated into Lodge Anchor and Hope in February, 1884 and became a master mason in May,1884. He assimilated the teachings of Universal Brotherhood and even called himself Bro. Vivekananda.

    His adherence to Universal Brotherhood was reflected, when he commenced his famous address in Chicago in the Parliament of Religions, addressing the audience as “ Brothers and Sisters of America”. A Convention of all the Lodges was held in Chicago at the same time and Bro. Swami Vivekananda could not attend the same due to his participation in the Parliament of Religions. Nevertheless Swamiji met W.Bro.Connor and the latter in his letter dated January 22, 1894 to W.Bro.Gilbert W.Bernard introducing Swamiji had written as follows.

    “ I take very great pleasure in introducing to you personally and as a freemason, our East India Brother Swami Vivekananda, whom I examined in the English Work, in which he was made a Master Mason in Anchor and Hope , 236 E.C.” .

    To all the detractors of the Mystic Tie...... Before you railroad the Brotherhood... Get an education, know us .. know what we do and then take an informed call instead of believing everything you are told.

    1. How can some one know you? what is the way to know your brotherhood?

  19. Great piece of history surprised to see no new posts, keep up the good work though

  20. Swami Vivekananda was a peace loving human so he joined freemasons i guess. but you know no good can be achieved without a little trace of bad. the freemasons are here to relieve us of blind faith which leads us to tragedy and destruction.
    Swami Vivekananda gave his world famous speech in chicago on 9/11/1893. you add 108 to 1893 and you get 2001. that is the year pentagon was attacked on the same date 9/11/2001.

    i guess the attack was for a reason which will be revealed in the year 2109.

  21. dear sir
    it may be intresting to see if these eminent personalities were also part of rotary/lion's clubs etc. it may throw up intresting facts!!!
    with best wishes

  22. can I know nizam of hyderabad was a freemason

  23. Any bollywood current actor? (Salman khan comes closest to mind is he?)

  24. what is the reason for establishment of free mason or any secret society . what is their aim or what they want to achieve?

    1. Freemasonry is aimed to impart knowledge among non-Jews about first temple of Jews and thus seek to enlist support of non Jews for a Jewish state in Palestine and possession of site of first temple of Judea presently under occupation of Muslims. every secret society has hidden aims peculiar to such society.

  25. is this worshiping saithan ? what are you worshiping ?

  26. It is learnt that Freemasons have black magic and even women are part of the club. Is it true ? Some say, Freemasons have free sex with anyone at the secret meetings they have. Is it true ? People in the group normally become very rich and famous based on the support of fellow members. Is it true ?

  27. The real objective behind Freemasons movement is still not clear. All big names who enter the group normally become rich and famous. There is some hidden agenda behind this group.

  28. 1. check masonic index and article secret of freemasonry revealed.

    2. normally only big and famous names are allowed to join this group.

    3. it is Jewish.