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Thursday, March 1, 2018

Bombing of Hamburg, 1943

HAMBURG, Germany - "Operation Gomorrah" (just the name tells you what the plans were) - was an aerial fire bombing campaign that occurred on the night of July 24, 1943, until August 3. Formulated by British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, the bombing was carried out by both the British Royal Air Force and the United States Eighth Air Force.
Operation Gomorrah destroyed a significant percentage of the city of Hamburg, leaving over 1 million residents homeless and killing 40,000-50,000 civilians. In the immediate wake of the raids, over two-thirds of Hamburg's population fled the city.
As if this raid wasn't enough, the Allies hit Hamburg at least fifty more times before the war ended with both nuisance raids and large bombing campaigns.

 Bombing of civilians was against the Geneva Convention and International Law.
Operation Gomorrah
Hamburg, Germany
July 24, 1943
Uncensored German film
British Royal Air Force footage after the bombing raid
Tell us, does anything justify bombing unarmed civilians

Hamburg, Germany 75% of the city was destroyed

Burnt bodies in the streets of Hamburg
Innocent civilians

Over 40,000 dead in Hamburg
Mostly women and children
What justification can be made for this atrocity?
for more information read the book:
Apocalypse 1945:  The Destruction of Dresden
The horrifying original account of the most devastating air attack in history - the book which first told the world what happened to one Germany city in 1945

by David Irving

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