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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Iluminati Aliens and Technology-II

Lies being Taught; Illuminati is a sham;
Now the truth; Here I reproduce a series of article by a friend whose judgment I fully trust;
Aliens And technology -II
        As I theorized above, I believe we've been to the moon but not by using standard rockets; does humanity really have the technology to manipulate time-space as theorized in the Philadelphia Experiment? There's another part of Project Looking Glass that has yet to be discussed; a space portal, vortex or wormhole as physicists generally refer to it. If the teleportation of the USS Eldridge did actually happen, do you really think the government would find this too dangerous? Rest assure the corporate banksters would do anything to back the government in obtaining this technology.
        Project Looking Glass referred to these wormholes as Stargates. To enter one end of the stargate because space and time can be bent, you can reappear in another space and time through these gateways using some type of electromagnetic field; the Bermuda Triangle, for example, is a natural energy vortex and those who have lived through it were susceptible to time duration.
        Project Pegasus is another conspiracy theory dealing with time and space duration brought about by Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA). Andrew Basiago is a lawyer who claims to have worked for DARPA. According to Basiago this teleportation and/or time travel has been going on since 1968, a year before the moon landing. Basiago says he grew up with his father, who was involved in the experiment of time travel and was sent back in time as a test subject to the Civil War and witnessed Abraham Lincoln giving the Gettysburg Address. There is a known photo of a lone boy standing behind the soldiers as the Address is being made, in which many believe is Basiago himself at ten years old.
        Robert Dean and Arthur Neumann, as well as Basiago, are other whistleblowers who claim to have inside information: confirming that not only is there life on Mars, but that human beings have already been there (again, not through standard rockets) as well as government officials meeting with Martian personnel and other alien beings.
        An example of humans being able to manipulate time was reported in a 1977 issue of Vancouver Sun Times where Sid Hurwich invented a device to change the flow of time in a given area. He demonstrated the invention to his friends of local police. Hurwich turned the device on and asked his officer friend to lift his revolver off the table or pull the trigger for that matter, his friend could do neither, the revolver was froze to the table. When the device was turned off they all looked at their watches to realize they were late. What actually happened is that time slowed down around them so much while the rest of the world was moving at normal speed. The reason the revolver couldn't be moved is because, although the pressure they put on the gun seemed perfectly normal to them, it did not last long enough in conventional time to overcome the normal power of inertia. This device was sold to the Israeli government and Hurwich was given the "Protectors of the State of Israel Award on behalf of the Zionist Organization of Canada."
        So we can manipulate time, can we manipulate space as well? In the science fiction/horror film, "Event Horizon", this concept of a wormhole is practiced. Many objects in recent years have been seen in the sky with a gaseous spiral flowing behind it in areas such as Norway, Russia or China; many UFOs in the past have been accompanied by angel-hair fibers that disintegrate when touched, yet recently more and more of these spirals have been viewed in the sky. Could this be a gateway being opened that the UFOs pass through to get from one point in space to another?
        Again, UFO's don't necessarily mean aliens, where it may just very well be a secret government air ship. Russia admits to one of the sightings being a missile test, but I don't know of any missile that's ever formed a spiral design. Some conspiracy theorists believe that these wormholes and stargates are jump rooms from one side of the galaxy to another. Are we really left this far into the dark that we don't know what to believe?
        So if human ingenuity is so powerful; UFOs, stargates and time manipulation can all be attributed to us, is there any more evidence of extra-terrestrials that can't be explained by great men of genius? Asides from witness testimonies where some can be dismissed (not all) there's only the crop circle formation. They've said it's been debunked with the official story being two drunk guys using rope and wooden planks. No human can possibly make something as beautiful and perfect as some of the crop circles shown below. There's just no way!
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        There are many other anomalies that go along with the crop circle formations; the areas seem to be pulsing with magnetic energy. Often, after these formations appear, certain battery powered technology will often power down when inside a crop circle. If it's not ETs, why would the government go to such great lengths to create these? It's even been caught on camera of two orbs of light flying over a field and the formation just appeared under them.
        There are a few formations that stand out, strikingly, from the rest; which was more like a message than a complex mathematical design, which many crop circles possess. In 2001 the greatest sensation in Crop Circle history appeared not far from the Chilbalton Observatory in England; it was almost impossible for the media to overlook. A face emerged followed by, what appeared to be, a data strip three days later. A similarity was discovered in the latter of the two with that of the Arecibo Message NASA sent out into space from Puerto Rico in 1974 in bionary coded figures. The code that appeared in near Chilbalton Observatory was, indeed, a reply from the one Carl Seagan created in 1974. Seagan's message contained our calculation system, primary elements, DNA code, height and quantity, what planet we live on in respect of our sun, and what type of communication we use. The reply stated the same calculation system, but was composed of Silicone instead of Carbon, their DNA was vastly different where they have big heads and small bodies, similar to the Dzopa; they inhabited the third, fourth and fifth planets in their solar system with a population of 21.3 billion; their means of communication, though, was something more complex, which resembled another crop circle formation that appeared one year earlier.
        A year later another intriguing formation appeared in a town called Crabwood; this time it was a picture of alien face, looking more like a Gray than any other, it was holding an encrypted message that was converted into computer format and a message soon emerged from there, and a quite cryptic one if you ask me:
"Beware the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises. Much pain but still time. There is good out there. We oppose deception. Conduit closing."
                                                                -Crop Circle-
Below is the face that appeared outside the Chilbalton Observatory along with the comparison of the binary code we exchanged with the ET's and the third is the one reported in Crabwood. One could say the face of the first eerily resembles the face on Cydonia on Mars.      
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        What to make of that message? If it was created by extra-terrestrials, it sounds like a warning. The conspiracies go deep to Reptilian involvement with the Illuminati; supposedly George Bush was reptilian shape shifters. There have been numerous videos on YouTube that show someone's eyes undergoing a brief transformation and I'll admit that some of it does look very strange, but flictations in someone's eye doesn't necessarily imply one is an alien being. This message could be to us about those leading the planet or possibly to the planetary leaders, who may have struck a deal with the wrong type of extra-terrestrials. If reptilian shape shifters really are in charge of the Illuminati and they have backing from interstellar entities we would need some help from our extra-terrestrial brothers.
        It's been theorized that humanity has been going through this same various cycle for some time, that before we can join with our extra-terrestrial neighbors we need to find enlightenment; but time and time again humanity fails and they're just waiting to accept us if we can only pass the test. Every culture that has come and gone before us has left something behind through oral or written interpretation of cataclysm befalling the planet because of corruption and war. It's no surprise to me that we haven't been back to the moon in 40 years; humanity is simply too dangerous.
        Why would the government be too afraid to admit to us that there are other life forms out there that are smarter and more advanced than us? Because of the way we'd react. A person is smart and can handle anything but when people are together they can easily resort to panic and act without thinking. Some would lose faith in the government because they're no longer as powerful as we thought; I have lost faith in the government because they can't tell the truth.
        To be fair, for some human beings the notion is a little too difficult to take on. But this isn't just the United States government, but most of them think the public is too immature to handle the implications. Sgt. Major Bob Dean said it best:
"There is no way to lift up Pandora's Box just a little bit, because once you crack Pandora's Box all hell breaks loose. You can't tell just a little bit of the story (aliens) because if you start telling just a little bit you're gonna have a time bomb on your hands because everyone's gonna want to know more."
                                                                -Bob Dean-
        There have been rumors that the great disclosure everyone is looking for will come in the form of a staged alien invasion, possibly during World War III. One might be able to see how the government benefits from this; whether or not extra-terrestrials agree to take part in this, with so much classified technology that the government possesses, they could easily pull this off. One the one hand it would cushion the blow of telling people "yes, aliens exist" and they could act just as surprised as we are. On the other hand if this event were to occur people would die; death and decreasing the population works in accordance to the Illuminati's plan.
        In recent years they've been throwing the whole global warming issue at people, which they blame on over population. So far I can distinguish two important reasons for this: they want to implement a carbon tax, taxing people to breathe, apparently; and the other would be to pass sterilization programs and limit people to having no more than two children. Such programs are not unusual, Germany did it during WWII to those who had genetic disorders and China is another example, where they are way over their maximum.
        There have even been rumors that the eerie symbolism of the Book of Revelation, which we've already touched on, could also refer to alien beings, but this is only speculation. However it is interesting that a UFO was spotted over the Temple Mount (Dome of the Rock) in Jerusalem on January 28, 2011 and caught on video by several cameras only to disappear in a flash of light and fast ascension into the sky.
        Odd how the government blames us for the whole global warming issue. Where we breathe in oxygen and exhale carbon, plants intake carbon and release oxygen; they fail to note that they're still slashing the Amazon rain forest along with other forest areas. It's also curious to note that Earth is not the only planet in our solar system to increase in temperature. The other planets could all be experiencing this because the sun or because there's another body entering our solar system; Nibiru perhaps, if you're willing to go there.
        In recent scientific updates even NASA has admitted to other bodies within our solar system beyond Pluto with elliptical orbits. Could that be another reason Pluto lost its planetary status, they don't want to mention what the Sumerians called the 12th planet (moon and sun included).
        The population issue has been going on for some time, but there is one option that is casually overlooked. Instead of condensing the population on the planet, why can't we just expand into space? The universe is a very big place and can certainly fit us; the technology the government is hoarding is enough to allow that. Some might say the ET's don't want us to go into space because we're not ready, which could be legitimately why we haven't been back to the moon in some time. We would first need to accept that aliens are out there and the only one's keeping us from realizing this are the few that control the many. Human beings are resilient creatures, if they disclose the existence of extra-terrestrial brothers to the public there's not much we can do about it except ask questions and move on with our lives. If aliens have been among us for decades or centuries but haven't exterminated us yet, they probably mean no harm.
To be continued……

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