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Monday, May 1, 2017

Soviet Crimes

Lies being taught; Red communism is a brotherhood moment;
Now the truth;

Extermination of the Valuable National Elements of Russia through Jews
The communist takeover of November, 1917, was a Jewish Marxist plan to completely absorb and destroy the ruling power of Russia
They completely succeeded
See our    page for more information on Jews and communism
The next step after killing the Tsar and his family and the educated classes was to exploit the masses.  This was easier said than done
Those pesky White peasants and racially conscious Russians just wouldn't be content with a life of slavery
They must be exterminated

It was pretty easy to dispose of the leading and most valuable elements in Russian society.  The educated, the nobility, the upper class -- some were killed during World War I, some during the Civil War that preceeded the Bolshevik revolution and Jewish takeover of Russia.  Most of the rest had fled the country or had been massacred by the Tscheka (G.P.U., precurser to the NKVD)
A handful were allowed to stay in Russia
The "kulaks" were next, the peasantry.  They were gathered from all sections, dumped in box cars, and transferred to remote places of the Soviet Union to be worked to death or simply outright executed
Tens of millions would die at the hands of Stalin and his Jewish demons
These are only a handful of these godless men
Stalin's right-hand man was an evil Jew, Lazar Moiseyevich Kaganovich, the father of Stalin's mistress.  Kaganovich was the chief mass murderer for Stalin.  He organized the starvation of millions of Ukrainian civilians, ordered the deaths of millions more in the gulags, and ordered the destruction of Christian monuments and churches throughout the empire.  Standing amid the rubble of the great Cathedral of Christ the Savior, Kaganovich said, "Mother Russia is cast down.  We have ripped away her skirts."
Kaganovich and Stalin

Frenkel is the one who founded the Gulag death camp system
Frenkel developed the "you-eat-as-you-work" system in the communist gulags in which millions either lived or died according to their ability to work hard enough for their Jewish masters

Frenkel supervised the building of the White Sea - Baltic Canal
By 1937 Frenkel was head of  the Baikal Amur Mainline railway camp, one of the most chaotic and lethal camps in the Soviet far east, yet when 48 'Trotskyites' were arrested in there in 1938 he was not among them although the camp newspaper openly accused him of sabotage.
From 1937 to 1945 he was head of the Chief Directorate for Railway Construction
Retired in 1947 due to poor health and received a pension
Frenkel was one of the few to survive Stalin's purges

Genrikh Yagoda, Jewish chief of Soviet Secret Police, (NKVD which became the KGB), probably the biggest mass murderer of all time (next to Stalin of course who ordered or condoned the murders of millions of his countrymen) Yagoda was executed in 1938, but not before he had done his dirty for for Stalin and murdered millions of White, Christian, Russians. He would be given the job of chief administrator for the White Sea Canal.

Matvei Berman, Jew who helped Naftaly Frenkel found the Gulag death camp system and institutionalize slave labor as early as 1922.  He headed the slave labor project that built the Belomar-Baltic Canal.  Berman was in the NKVD

Lev Inzhir, Jew commissar for Soviet death camp transit and administration he was eventually put in one of the camps himself.  Fitting

Soviet Gulag System - Siberia

Siberia is cold and forbidding
A nice place to kill off your "undesirables"


Vorkuta, 1997
Yes, they still have gulags
The question is, who is there?  Every country has its true criminals

At least fourteen million passed through the gulag system from 1929 to 1953
At least seven million more were exiled
How many died?
The Soviets claim 1,053,829 deaths
That's laughable -- and that's just the gulags
Most historians agree that close to 60 million died under Stalin (1924-1953)
some by torture, some outright murder, millions by starvation
Nine million died before that under Lenin (1917-1923)
That's close to 70 million Russians killed by Jewish communists
What a holocaust!

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
One of the world's bravest menson of a Cossack from the Russian Imperial Army who died before Aleksandr was born and a Ukranian mother
He actually fought with the Communists during World War II in the Red Army.  He was decorated twice for his service
Yet his growing doubts about Stalin and the regime caused him to be arrested in February of 1945
He had toe audacity to put his doubts in writing to a "friend"
Solzhenitsyn would spend the next 11 years in the Soviet gulag system
Luckily for the rest of the world, the Soviets didn't kill him
bet they wish they had!
Solzhenitsyn's gulag photo

Gulag photo of Aili J├╝rgenson, one of the destroyers of a wooden Soviet monument erected in Tallinn. She was a 15-year-old student at the time
1946, ERAF - 1946, Branch of the Estonian State Archives

Documentation shows that at least 200,000 Estonians were put in cattle cars and shipped to Soviet Gulags. This was almost one fifth of their population

Mordovian Prison Camp Number 385/19 in 1960
Children from the Volga Starved to death
Ukrainian Children Millions were starved to death

Lithuanian civilians They "resisted" occupation and paid with their lives

plight of children in Red Russia
Wouldn't want to be a child in Red Soviet Russia
The world Knew

Ukrainian victims - starved on purpose
Ukrainian victims
Women's barracks
Chained prisoners
Kolyma gold mine, northeastern Siberia. This was the most notorious camp in this system.
Here's your "criminals" Peasants the Jewish communists wanted off their land
Dead in the gulag
Frozen to death in the gulag
No, these are not Jewish bodies
Dead in the Red Soviet Gulag
Are they Germans?  Finns?  Ukrainians?
White Sea -Baltic Canal
until 1961 this was named the Stalin White Sea - Baltic Canal
Naftaly Frenkel, a Jew, told Stalin that using millions of prisoners for "corrective labor," he could build the canal, said to be impossible at the time.  The area is frozen and covered with heavy boulders.  Overnight 100,000 "corrective workers" were dumped there without adequate housing, clothing, food or health facilities.    There they lived in tents with lice.  No bulldozers or derricks helped in their efforts.  They worked twelve hour shifts.  They died by the score.
Stalin got his canal
Depth:  13 feet making it useless to most sea-going vessels
Constructed in 20 months from September 1931 to April 1933
this inhumane schedule served a purpose:  the extermination of all nationally and racially valuable elements of old Russia
Labor force was entirely "forced laborers" from the White Sea Baltic Corrective Labor Camp
They had no equipment other than picks, shovels and wheel barrows
can you imagine moving rocks like this with only wheel barrows?
Notice the dresses? These are women!
No bulldozers to push dirt - just human slaves
Yes, those are women working the dirt also
and here's their tools

Map of the canal from the White Sea to the Baltic Sea
Other Jews in charge during the construction of the canal:
Yagoda was the chief administrator and then assistant chairman
Semyon Grigoryevich Firin - chief of construction in the year 1933 and Chief of Concentration Camps.
Lazar Kogan - chief of BBK construction directorate
Yakov (Jacob) Davidovich Rappoport - deputy chief of the BBK construction directorate
all three were also commissars of death and slave labor camps - nice guys
Gregory Davidsohn Afanasjew, chief engineer
Abraham Isaaksohn Rottenberg, chief of prisoners in isolation and head of the Atheist Action League
prisoners needing "punished" were given to this evil Jew in the "penal isolator", a jail where they were starved and tortured then sent back to work
Matwei Davidsohn Berman, chief of central camp administration for the G.P.U. (NKVD)
Lazarus Josephsohn Kagan (Cohn), chief of constructions
Samuel Kwazenskij, political instructor
The camp physician was reportedly a Jew named Dr. Ginsburg
Berensohn, Dorfman, Kagner, Augert - directors of the finance department of the G.P.U. (NKVD)

the Christian White Russians didn't have a chance

Hitler knew
Hitler knew
Hitler knew

He knew what was going on in Russia

Dr. Adolf Ehrt, historian and Director of the agency in Germany that was charged with administering Soviet information called the
In 1933 Ehrt wrote the book
Communism in Germany:  The Communist Conspiracy on the Eve of the 1933 National Revolution
After the Jews declared war on Germany
March, 1933
After the Jews/Communists took over Russia
After the Jews/Communists attempted to take over Germany
And failed
The book details the great lengths that the Jewish communists went through in order to turn Germany into another Russia
In the end, Hitler and his National Socialist Party prevailed

The last chapter of the book is titled "The Task"
It's a sunning indictment of the Christian nations who brought Germany down
Ehrt writes that Germany fought communism in 1933 not only for itself, but for all western Christian nations in a war against Bolshevism.  He states that "The decisive battle between faith and godlessness, between national consciousness and internationalism, between spirit, honor and character on the one side and bestiality, dishonour and crime on the other, was fought on German soil."
Ehrt writes that the Weimar government was not prepared to fight the Jewish communists.  They could not deal with the great and decisive problems that faced Germany after the "imperialistic system of Versailles" and the advancing Bolshevism that was in every city.  National Socialism met the enemy head on
And Won
Ehrt, and Hitler, believed that they were leading the way for the rest of the Christian nations to triumph over the Communist Internationale
He writes in the last page, last paragraph:
Germany has taken the lead in the fight against the universal enemy and has thus undertaken a mission which it will not abandon until it has been accomplished.  May other nations and states have sufficient insight and good will to recognize this and follow the German example.  The destruction of the Communist Internationale is a task for the nations of the whole of the Christian and civilised world.
The whole of the Christian and civilized world failed Germany
The whole of the Christian and civilized world failed our White brothers
We instead chose Red Communist Jewish Russia as our ally
The Jews Won
Germany Lost
The White Race Lost
Save Your Heritage!
Truth is not Racist
Facts are not Hate

Why would we ally with these murderers

Shame on the Christian nations
Shame on America
Shame on Great Britain

Be Respectful and Polite at all times
Remember -- Truth is not Racist, Facts are not Hate!
Act accordingly
Kapel De


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