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Saturday, October 1, 2016

Illuminati: War on Terror

Lies being Taught;
Illuminati is a sham;
Now the truth;
Here I reproduce a series of article by a friend
Illuminati: War on Terror
        September 11, 2001 is considered the most heinous act of terrorism in United States history. Most people in the U.S. can't even comprehend what actually happened that day and take the official story for granted. Though 9/11 was an act of terrorism, people often look to the Middle East as those responsible, not noticing the dagger being raised behind their back.
        Secret societies, the banking system and intricate figures are not the only valuable information left out of the history books, but so are false flag operations. We learn about the Nazi rise to power and that they are responsible for World War II, but how often are people told about the Reichstag Fire? The Nazi's weren't the first to pull it off either; the Roman Emperor, Nero, set Rome ablaze to blame it on the Christian uprising.
        There are numerous cases throughout history where documents have been declassified, revealing to the people what really happened in certain cases of history; 1898 William McKinley blew up the Maine to go to war with Spain. People generally overlook these documents and just get on with their lives.
        History class also declares that the attack on Pearl Harbor went without warning. President Franklin D. Roosevelt knew 12 days before hand of the imminent attack, yet he did nothing. The Gulf of Tonkin Incident, which led to the Vietnam War, didn't even happen; it was just a story to get the American people behind the invasion of Vietnam. And we've already touched on Operation Northwoods (See section JFK).
"Today America would be outraged if UN troops entered Los Angeles to restore order: tomorrow they will be grateful. This is especially true if they were told that there were an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well-being granted to them by the World Government."
                                                        -Henry Kissinger-
        The American people are so brainwashed by the media and totally give consent to it. The last basic freedom that should be revoked from a people is the right to think for themselves. Sadly, in most cases, this is the first one to go. We can thank the media for that.
        If you ever get the chance to watch the “Loose Change: documentary, please do not pass it up, the inconsistencies with the official story of 9/11 are just too much to count; you don't even need to believe half the video to question the official story.
        In September, 2000, an organization called The Project for a New American Century published a document entitled "Rebuilding America's Defenses: Strategies, Forces and Resources for a New Century". The members of this organization were Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, Jeb Bush, Frank Carlucci, John Negroponte and a stream of other people, all of which played major roles before and after the events of 9/11. This document:
·         Calls American armed forces "the cavalry on the new American frontier."
·         Says that key allies like the United Kingdom are "the most effective and efficient means of exercising American global leadership."
·         Calls for a blueprint maintaining global US pre-eminence and shaping the "international security order" in line with "America's principles and interests."
·         This "American Grand Strategy" must be advanced "as far into the future as possible" and the US must "fight and decisively win multiple, simultaneous major theatre wars" as a "core mission".
·         Says that peacekeeping missions demand "American political leadership rather than that of the United Nations."
·         Highlights North Korea, Syria, Iran and Libya as "dangerous regimes" (Targets for takeover) and says their existence justifies the creation of a "world-wide command-and-control system."
·         Spotlights China for "regime change" saying "it is time for the presence of American forces in Southeast Asia". This could lead to "American and allied power providing the spur to the process of democratisation in China."
·         Calls for the creation of "US Space Forces" to dominate space and total control of cyberspace to prevent their "enemies" using the internet.
·         Talks of developing biological weapons that can target "specific genotypes", this may transform biological warfare from the realm of terror to a "political useful tool".
·         Says that this "process of transformation is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event like a new Pearl Harbor."
        Exactly one year to the month later came the event that George Bush would call "Our Pearl Harbor", 9/11. It goes without saying that almost every member of The Project for a New American Century was part of Bush's cabinet.
        Donald Rumsfeld was Secretary of Defense during the Bush administration and the Command Center is supposed to report to him immediately if anything major happens. Dick Cheney was Vice President to George Bush at the time and head of the Wargames (drills) going on that day. Paul Wolfowitz was Deputy Defense Secretary at the time and is now head of the World Bank (2012). Jeb Bush called off the sweeps of the World Trade Center with bomb sniffing dogs just days before the attack. John Negroponte was head of operations in Iraq and later head of US Intelligence.
        The United States was the key country used by the Illuminati to advance the agenda in the Middle East, but as stated earlier where London is the financial capital of the Illuminati, Washington DC is the military capital. So any major war produced by the Illuminati, the United States is likely to play a key component.
        Al Queda is supposedly the terrorist group behind the attacks of 9/11. Al Quida actually translates to "The Database", it was started by the CIA in the 1980's to train Afghan fighters against the Russian invasion. Osama bin Laden worked for the CIA under the name Tim Osman and eventually became the head of this al-Quida network.
"Throughout the 80's (Bin Laden) was armed by the CIA and funded by the Saudis to wage jihad against Russian occupation of Afghanistan. Al-Quida, literally "the database", was originally the computer file of the thousands of mujahideen who were recruited as trained with help from the CIA to defeat the Russians."
                                                        -Robin Cook-
        Nobody in the United States has a better connection to the bin Laden family then George Bush, president at the time of 9/11. Prior to becoming president, Bush owned an oil company called Abusto Energy, which was funded by Salem bin Laden, head of Bin Laden Construction. He has multiple other ties with the bin Laden's as did his father. George Bush Sr. worked for the Carlyle Group, who specialized in weapons manufacturing, which sold weapons to the bin Laden's while Afghanistan was at war with Russia.
        Other members among the Carlyle Group was Frank Carlucci, mentor or Colon Powell; and James Baker, both attended Yale University with Donald Rumsfeld, who was involved in the Bush administration and behind the aspartame scam, which is still to come.
        A terrorist attack that occurred in Saudi Arabia was the Khobar Tower Bombing, in 1996 inside an American base; which was blamed on Osama bin Laden prior to 9/11. Coincidentally, the United States hired Bin Laden Construction to rebuild the tower. Oddly enough Osama bin Laden was treated by the CIA in an American hospital in Dubai just a few months before 9/11. One could assume his relations with the CIA never changed even after the Khobar Tower Bombing.
        The government not only had prior knowledge to 9/11, but helped pull it off. North American Aerospace Defence Command (NORAD) is America's best defense when it comes to air and space threats. If any aircraft alters in its flight program they can have fighters reach those planes in minutes. The state of the art communications technology comes from Cheyenne Mountain, where if a missile is fired anywhere in the world they would know about it. The technology is so sophisticated that they brag about electro-optical and infrared images that show where concrete had cooled drown from the shadow of a C-130 that recently passed over it from 56,000 feet above, yet they couldn't detect four hijacked aircrafts or find Osama bin Laden.
        There are no fly zones over Washington DC that is protected by the Andrew's Air Force Base, which is in Washington DC, yet on the day of September 11 they scrambled jets from Langly Air Force Base, some 130 miles away to intercept the supposed plane that hit the Pentagon. Some think it wasn't a plane at all, which we'll get to.
        Even in Australia there are restricted "no-fly zones" over the Canberra Parliament Building, where  the pilot would need to punch in a 4-digit code that gives him permission to fly through that air space, if it's not punched in within a certain amount of time ground to air missiles will fired upon the plane. The same system applies to the White House, which is not far from the Pentagon, even if the Pentagon didn't have such a defense system, couldn't they just use the ones that protect the White House?
        No remains of any aircraft larger than that which can be carried in your hands was found at the Pentagon after the crash. The FBI confiscated all video tapes that would have proven such. It wasn't until enough people complained that they released three frames of footage that showed nothing substantial. Not only did the plane supposedly vaporize in the crash, but the wreckage done to the side of the Pentagon is completely inconsistent with that of a jet air craft. A hole that broke through several layers of concrete was supposedly made by the plane's nose and body, yet how could that be if it vaporized on impact? There was also no damage made by any of the wings to the side of the building.
        In regards to the World Trade Center, out of seven buildings three collapsed on that day. Out of the three that collapsed only two were hit by jet air crafts. Wold Trade Towers 1, 2 and 7 all fell. There are numerous anomalies that went on this day that would've been impossible unless the laws of physics were suspended. If these facts are revoked and the government's official story is accurate, then Issac Newton must've been part of Al Quida.
        Building 7, although it wasn't hit by a plane, caught fire from the debris of the two collapsing towers. The building was announced on the news to have collapsed a full 20 minutes before it actually came down. If a fire was the cause of the collapse of this steel framed structure, it would have been the third steel framed building in history to collapse from a fire; the first two were the Twin Towers.
        World trade towers 1, 2, and 7 were all owned by Nathanial Silverstein, who took out a $7 million insurance policy on all three buildings specifically for acts of terrorism just two months prior to the attacks, very lucky on his part indeed. It should also be taken into account Building 7 is the furthest away from towers 1 and 2 as opposed to the remaining four.
        All three buildings that fell that day collapsed in onto themselves as they would normally do in a controlled demolition. The official story is that the jet fuel weakened the steel and caused the structure to give way. Not only does the melting point of steel surpass that of burning jet fuel but the twin towers fell at free-fall speed, this is contradictory to Newton's Law of Gravity. Unless there were bombs placed in the building, the lower levels of the building would have slowed down the speed of collapse. It can be seen in the videos of the collapse, explosions from the building on lower levels as the towers came down. At the rate in which the towers fell was equivilent to ten floors shattering per second. Any other known building to collapse due to structural failure don't show the classic kink and implosion that these towers did.
        Tape records of the fire fighters, who claim to have had the fires contained, were confiscated. Only months after did they finally release the tapes. If the heat was supposedly hot enough to melt steel, how do you suppose the firefighters managed to get up to those floors?
        The Al Quida members responsible for hijacking the air crafts were trained by the CIA and even stayed with some of the members some days before. Some of them, such as Khalid al-Midhar and Nawaf al-Hazmi took flying lessons beforehand to implement guilt, while its ignored that they failed the course using a Cessna, nowhere near as advanced as a Jumbo Jet. Out of the 19 hijackers, seven of them have turned up alive, even Muhammad Atta, whose passport miraculously survived the flames. The names of the terrorists have never been changed.
        The day after 9/11, when all flights in the country were called off, George Bush used his executive power to fly members of the bin Laden family out of the country. Not but a few days after Osama bin Laden was named as the culprit for these devastating acts of terror. When Bush was asked where he was on the day of 9/11 he told them he was in a school in Florida; before walking into the classroom he saw the first plane hit the tower and thought to himself "What a terrible pilot". It's true that Bush was in a school in Florida on that day, but when it comes to what he saw on the news it is impossible because the news never aired the first plane hitting the tower.
        False Flags such as 9/11 and, as you'll soon read, the London Bombings were carefully orchestrated by the government. In most cases the government will be running training exercises of the exact event taking place on those day; that way if anyone is caught in the process it can be excused as a drill. In the event of the London Bombings of 7/7 the government was performing four simultaneous drills that happened at the exact same places at the exact same time as to where the bombs went off. What are the odds?
        Another thing these false flags bring about is the term dubbed "Problem Reaction Solution". This is when the government creates a problem, in this case terrorism until the people react in the way so the government could offer a solution. In past cases it was just to get into war, this time in exchange for people's safety the government took away certain liberties, I give you the Patriot Act.
"An evil exists that threatens every man, woman and child of this great nation. We must take steps to ensure our domestic security and protect our homeland."
                                                        -George Bush?
        I could easily touch on more fallible points of the 9/11 Commission but in the interest of time and space, we'll move on. Certain key aspects of the more recent false flags show similar earmarks. A few years later on March 11, 2004 we had the Madrid Bombings, again every one of the supposed terrorists had connections with Spanish Security Service and their bombs were supplied by the Spanish government.
        One case in Tasmania, Australia is the Port Arthur Massacre, which was more of a psyops then a false flag. On April 28, 1996 Martin Bryant reportedly killed 35 people; out of the first 20 shots 19 were hit with marksman precision in under a minute from a righthanded hipshot. Bryant was intellectually impaired, left handed and had never trained to use any high powered weapons in his life. Nobody had ever identified Bryant as the shooter when newspapers started swirling implying his guilt.
        A psyop is an operation designed to psychologically manipulate the beliefs of a group of people for geopolitical and/or military reasons. In the case of the Port Arthur Massacre, Martin Bryant, much like Lee Harvey Oswald was a patsy intimidated into pleading guilty. The psyop there was to get the public in agreement with stronger methods of gun-control. To prevent this from ever happening again the Coalition of Gun Control passed the National Firearm Agreement, preventing private citizens from owning certain high powered weapons. Now in the event of a civilian revolt the government has weapons that people no longer have access to.
        July 7, 2005 there was the first of a series of London Bombings, which is anomalous in its own right. Some strange things happened that day that must be addressed. First, there was a bomb detonated in the subway that was covered up with a power outage. Then the #30 bus was diverted to Tavistock Square, which the supposed terrorist would not have known in advance. Note that out of 400 buses that morning the #30 is the only one to be diverted by the police. Had the #30 bus taken its original route it would have taken Hasib Hussain, the supposed terrorist in question, back to King's Cross where his original #91 bus ride had started. Mohammad Sidique Khan's ID was found in more then one location; he couldn't possibly been in two (or on this case 3) places at once, this was just to link him to the crime in the event that the ID was destroyed in the blast. How are so many passports in the case of 9/11 and 7/7 all of a sudden fireproof? They're made of paper!
        The four bombers on that day had good jobs, played cricket the night before, bought 2-way bus tickets and paid for long term parking. One of the bombers was caught on video arguing with the ticket clerk about the price of his fare. Do these seem like the actions of those about to embark on a suicide mission?
        Testimonies of certain witnesses contradict the official story in both cases; some of these witnesses were met with unexpected death some time after such as Richmond Oates Whitehead or Berry Jennings.
"The policeman said 'mind that hole, that's where the bomb was'. The metal was pushed upwards as if the bomb was underneath the train. They seem to think the bomb was left in a bag, but I don't remember anybody being where the bomb was, or any bag."
                                                                -Bruce Lait-
        Prime Minister of Britain, at the time, Tony Blair promised to release all information relating to the bombings and answer all questions after the official investigation, as expected this was all a lie. Blair's pro-war policy had showed in the poles that he would lose the next election, but the London Bombings occurred just in time to save his campaign. Haroon Aswat was named to mastermind the entire incident when he was working for MI5 all along.
        Mohammad Sidique Khan's last will and testament was claimed to have been found, blindly the government and media's word has been taken as fact where it has never been released. It was also reported that the bombs were set off using mobile phones even though the official story contradicts itself when they tell the people there is no evidence or remote detonation. The same case applies to the Madrid Bombings of 2004. Supposedly they found the DNA of all four "terrorists" at each of the bombing, the proof of which was never submitted to the public.
        The CCTV recordings were confiscated as well, again never released to the public. Only three still images were released of Khan alone, one of which shows the time, which was taken ten minutes after he supposedly died. Supposedly none of the camera's that saw what went on were working that day, this has proven to be a lie.
        We should also touch on the suspicious death of Jean Charles de Menezes. The first story stated that he was wearing a heavy coat with wires hanging out of it and that he ran from the police, vaulted over the turnstyles, ran through a crowd of pedestrians and boarded the train about to detonate the bomb before the heroic police were forced to gun him down. The security cameras all supposedly malfunctioned that day, which showed not be true, and the police had to admit to their error. De Menezes was not wearing a heavy jacket, nor were there any wires and he calmly walked onto the train. He was murdered execution style being shot in the head between 7 and 11 times at point bank range. Honest police officers within the ranks forced out the true details of the case. Some of the police admitted that they didn't even know why they killed him.
"All propaganda must be so popular and on such an intellectual level that even the most stupid of those toward whom it is directed will understand it."
                                                                -Adolf Hitler-
        So, what is the War on Terror really about? 9/11 was just the start of it but after various terrorist attacks and bombings several other countries of the United Nations stepped in to help. Although 9/11 isn't generally associated with Illuminati as some would say it's just an inside job, but keep in mind the government works on behalf of their global agenda. The Illuminati always have multiple reasons for doing things and the reason for the war on terror was to get the people behind the Iraqi and Afghan invasion. Without the consent of the people the government becomes the bad guys.
        Another reason would be the monetary system of those countries. Nobody would really bother to speculate but every country that is part of the IMF is influenced by the Illuminati in some way or another; the banking system is the most profound roll to them. As noted earlier, prior to 2007 Iraq and Afghanistan took no part in the IMF and were free from the Rothschild currency.
        Aaron Russo, a movie director turned politician befriended Nicholas Rockefeller; after maintaining a close friendship for some time Russo ended the relationship appalled by what he had learned. Rockefeller supposedly told Russo that there would be an event that would lead the country into Afghanistan so they could put a pipeline through to the Caspean Sea; it would lead to an invasion of Iraq so they could take the oil and establish a base in the Middle East, and that they would go into Venzuala to get rid of Chavez. When Russo asked him why they were doing this he was told that the ultimate goal was to get people to accept the RFID chip.
        Another reason for the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan is to condition the military in the event of Martial Law. More innocent people in Iraq are killed then those that are actually terrorists. Children are being blown to bits and people are being delimbed through explosive means. Some people just don’t have empathy or a conscience. Controversial photos have been produced about the treatment of prisoners held in Iraq. Children could be blown to bits and prisoners are treated horrifically, yet in America if Janet Jackson has a wardrobe malfunction and lets out a nipple slip at the Super Bowl and people are more outraged about that then what goes on overseas. Which below, do you think, is more outrageous to you?