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Monday, February 1, 2016

How to fake revolution or engineer a regime change?

How to engineer a revolution/regime change?
Zionists took over North America from England with help of France in 1776 when England was financially weak due to seven years wars (1756-1763) including Carnatic and Bengal wars. Zionists then took over France in 1792 when France was financially weak due to French help given to Zionists to take over North America (1763-1776). Zionists took over Russia in 1919 when Russia was financially weak due to its war with Germany 1914-1919. In recent times we have seen regime changes by so called revolutions in Libya, Egypt and Greece. So how does this happens. Can the uprising be faked to facilitate Zionists take over of otherwise peaceful and prosperous nations? 

A country ‘A’ is doing well. Its people are by and large contented and their daily life is showing improvement but another group of people ‘X’ with huge money @ Bankers / Financiers want to bring country ‘A’ under its domain. The current premier of country ‘A’ is not letting go. So how do ;X’ engineer a revolution to change regime in Country ‘A’ to their favor? 
Step 1; Financially weaken targeted regime, or wait for the time when it is financially weak.

Step 2; Accumulate finance for arms and ammunitions and for Step 3.

Step 3; Buy/blackmail/ create prop-up internal army of
i)  Saleable Saboteurs
ii)  Saleable Media
iii) Saleable ‘Liberals’ @ communalists to weaken targeted regime/ nation by countering nationalism, pamper increase number of minorities.
iv) Saleable Union bosses,
v) Saleable Academics, to create false image,
vi) Saleable saleable politicians,
vii) Saleable / influence westernised college brats who want to make quick money in any way.
viii) Sale-able/ Create NGOs and send your agents and money through these NGOs to categories i) to vii) above.

Step 4; Engineer public opinion / hate against targeted regime by use of eight categories of saleable agents mentioned in step 3. Their ranks will be further swelled by disgruntled citizens, wannabes, people who have nothing to do or nothing to lose and general riff raff of society found everywhere.

Step 5; Step in with saleable international media to portray the manufactured uprising as ‘popular’ ‘spontaneous’ against ‘tyrannical’ ‘communal’ ‘exploitative’ ‘corrupt’ regime. Remember before ‘X’ went in with money the ’A’ was doing well and prosperous.

Step 6 the final step would be attacking police stations, police, army, para military and faking blood and self sustained injuries and provoking hanging or someone setting himself on fire would be a bonanza. If police fires in self defense, the event of police firing at own unnamed citizens will be used by paid media to de-legitimise the govt.

Step 7; Once targeted regime is sufficiently de-legitimised, pour in paid army or mercenaries to take on regular army of targeted regime and with local hysteria and uprising the regular army will soon change sides and revolution is successful.

Saw any similarities.

Dollar index is all time high means dollar is being accumulated. Dollar reserves at Zionist Banks federal reserve are at its highest. similar figures at federal reserve were seen in 1932-33 when Jews started accumulating money for their impending war with Germany. Now Crude is at its lowest in several years. means someone wants middle east to be financially weak. Does it indicate impending war between West and Middle East.


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