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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Illuminati; forgotten past.

Lies being Taught;
Illuminati is a sham;
Now the truth;
Here I reproduce a series of article by a friend whose judgment I fully trust;

Illuminati: Forgotten Past
"History is written by the victors."
                                                -Winston Churchill?
        The history of war tends to be one sided; those who win choose what story is recorded in the history books. In American history the Civil War is awfully one sided; none ever gets to hear the take of the Confederacy. World War I, what was going on in the mindset of the German people?

        It's not just war but individuals in general. When looking through history the late 1800's to the mid 1900's produced some very interesting historical characters that are often rarely heard of and I'd like to touch on a few.
        The most notable is Nikola Tesla, often thought of as the "Invisible Man" in history because he made so many contributions to science, yet the school systems mention very little about him, this is where the Illuminati comes in. Tesla's technology could have revolutionized the planet had it been applied for the right reason. Unfortunately, by the time he arrived in America, the Illuminati had already seized financial power. After Tesla and Edison's "War on Currents", Tesla was funded by JP Morgan to create wireless communication; in secret, Tesla was working on something much bigger, basing his finds off the pyramids, Tesla utilized the Earth's magnetic energy to create free energy, something that had been proven possible, but constantly covered up. Many inventors have been eliminated for discovering the secrets.
        In 1997 Dr. Eugine Mallove, working alongside Richard Hoagland, invented a device that could process free energy, they announced on the radio show Coast to Coast that they would present this tabletop device to the White House. Less then 24 hours before they were supposed to make their presentation, Dr. Mallove was found bludgeoned to death outside his parent's home.
        Dr. Stefan Marinov found a way to process cold fusion in Austria, before his device could be patented, he was killed. Marinov's death was ruled a suicide when he jumped out of a window backwards from the 10th story.
        It was a different time and Tesla was too valuable then to be eliminated. Tesla lived to be 86, and upon his death thousands of documents pertaining to his life's work was confiscated by the government, only a fourth of which was turned over to his family. Tesla even made reference to some form of gravity-shielding technology called "No-Fuel Motor":
"The flying machine of the future- my flying machine- will be heavier than air, but it will not be an aeroplane. It will have no wings... It can remain absolutely stationary in the air, even in a wind, for great lengths of time... It's lifting power will not depend upon any such delicate devices as the bird has to employ, but upon positive mechanical action."
                                                        -Nikola Tesla
        A prototype of this machine had gone without completion until some time after his death by Ralph Ring and Otis Carr, who had studied under Tesla. They used what was called the "Ultron" engine, which is thought to be this "No-Fuel Motor".
        One could imagine that this "Ultron" would be a prototype for what we modernly call UFOs. It's uncertain how the "Ultron" worked but the occupants of this vessel held no memory of making any such voyage, they would return thinking it a failure until some time later, through a dream of sorts, the memory would return.
        In 1961, agents working within classified projects swooped in on Carr and confiscated ('stole' would be a better word) the device and all documents pertaining to. Carr described it as:
"They came over with all their bells and whistles and said, 'You're shuttin' down right now.' And we asked them why, and they said 'Because of your threat to overthrow the monetary system of the United States of America.' That was their ploy... 'And we're confiscating everything.' They went into the offices and they went into the lab, and they started just confiscating everything. Then they debriefed us and told us, in essence, 'You guys are wrong. You're attempting to overthrow the monetary system.'”
        Any type of free energy device would be a threat to Illuminati, where the major bankers own most oil industries as well. If energy suddenly becomes free it nullifies the use of oil, the oil owners would go broke. This is why JP Morgan cut Tesla's funding and why Carr and Ring's vessel never reached the mainstream media.
        Aleister Crowley is another one to note, whose involvement with the Illuminati may be more personal level. There's little to go on that suggests Crowley was an initiate in the Illuminati, but his arrogance and doctrine connect him to Illuminati beliefs. He was an initiate in certain secret societies such as Golden Dawn, Astrum Argentium, Ordo Templi Orientis and claimed to be a 33rd degree Freemason. He practiced an early form of Satanism and even referred to himself as "the beast". Anton LaVey, Illuminati initiate, founded the Church of Satan, was an admirer of Crowley's.
        In occultism, "Do what thou wilt" is the law of the One World Government that the Illuminati marches toward. It was originated by Crowley while he was grandmaster of the O.T.O. The Illuminati follow this law religiously. Having all the money and power makes them immune to human law. Crowley's "Book of the Law" was supposedly dictated to him by a demon known as Aiwaz through his wife.
        Asides from his beliefs and practices in the Dark Arts it’s uncertain what other influence Crowley had on the Illuminati. But it's likely that Crowley did partake in aiding the US government. During the end of World War I Crowley acted as an Intelligence Officer in Long Island, New York; this area will be of more importance later on, as will his contacts: Jack Parsons and John von Neumann.
        A symbol Crowley often used in some of his books was the Star of Babylon, a seven pointed star, which is also said to be the Seal of the Great White Brotherhood. The Great White Brotherhood is composed of 12 Wisdom Orders, each broken into several sects. Secret societies and ancient religious institutions compose the wisdom orders.
        Consider at one point in the Earth's distant past, there was a global religion that after some time, for whatever reason; either a war or cataclysmic event, broke apart due to isolation; the traditions and rituals of such knowledge would gradually change over time in certain areas. Those that are most similar break into a single order; Aztec, Mayan, Olmec and Incan beliefs would be one order while Hinduism, Vedas, Zen and Buddhism would be of another. Rituals and scopic beliefs are all different, but all 12 hold a piece to the heart of this major religion or Secret Wisdom.
        Even the Great White Brotherhood has succumbed to the Illuminati; some orders are disregarded with their rule. Any Wisdom Order connected to Native American beliefs are often thrown to the side. When it comes to the spirit of the Earth or a deeper connection we have to ourselves in life after death is knowledge the Illuminati don’t want people to have. They’re trying get us stuck in the Five-Sense Reality that nothing exists beyond the material realm. The Native American way of life was a very useful system that worked in harmony with nature.
        Each of these orders has certain Grandmasters as the Catholics have the pope. The Illuminati are not just wonderworkers of money, but they excel in infiltration. Religion is another form of control, to enslave people with their own beliefs. This is the foundational belief of the Illuminati, enslave the population and promote themselves as god.
        Although Christianity is considered presently among the wisdom orders, it simply masks over a far older one, but carries the same rituals such as transubstantiation. The illusion that the bread and the wine actually turn into the physical body and blood of Christ in a cannibalistic way. This is Babylonian in nature, ritually carried out originally as the Feast of Bal.
        The belief of the Holy Trinity derives off of various other traditions as well, as does the story of the Immaculate Conception from the Babylonian story of Nimrod, Queen Semiramis and the child Tammuz. The story is virtually the same for God, Mary and Jesus; likewise with Osiris, Isis and Horus. Just as Nimrod and Osiris both died before the birth of their corresponding children, they were also seen as the same spirit of their sons. As Nimrod is Tammuz and Osiris is Horus, Jesus was not only the son of God but shared the same essence as God.
        The Easter Holiday incorporates symbols from these other deities such as the egg, which was a symbol of Ishtar; people tend to eat ham on this particular holiday as Tammuz was killed by a wild bore. The date of the holiday was purposely placed around the vernal equinox for the starting period of the sun’s dominance over darkness as was symbolic for the war between Horus and Seth. The Light of the World (sun), Son of God, proves dominance over the deity over the lord of darkness.
        Satanism, as you would guess, is not among the mystery schools. Satanism represents the opposite force, where the Wisdom Orders are to focus on spirituality, Satanism focuses on the Dark Arts. Crowley studied the Kabbalah, but this book of ancient Jewish mysticism doesn't only focus on the demonology, but communion with the spirits, which was supposed to be the main focus, spirituality through peaceful meditation.
        There is an ancient knowledge that is bound to certain orders that only the deepest initiates and shamans can learn; astral projection being one, the reading of tarot cards or rune stones would be another. Much of this knowledge was taken out of circulation thanks to Christianity, but hijacked and kept by the few.
        Christianity was very influential in erasing the past; ancient books filled with past knowledge were destroyed when Christians burned down the Library of Alexandria. The inquisition of various religions is another example; Christianity considered Heretics to be guilty of the most profound sins and did what they could to destroy them. The Cathar religion was lost during the Crusades, but in recent years hidden texts such as the Nag Hamadi texts have been found. When the Spanish reached South America, again, using Christianity, they destroyed countless artifacts and structures that they believe were built by demons. The high priests of these Native American orders were slaughtered for not conforming, taking with them whatever knowledge they possessed.
        Edgar Cayce, another man existing within the World Wars time frame, indirectly affects the Illuminati. Although Cayce was a Freemason, his story is related to the mystery of prehistory. Cayce was well known for psychic healing abilities. Although I haven't heard of him performing surgeries like his South American contemporary José Pedro de Freitas, Cayce made his mark by prescribing remedies to the sick. He would often fall into trances and just by hearing the person's name or address he could determine what was wrong with the person and what would help them, often resulting through herbal remedies.
        Cayce was also known as The Sleeping Prophet, he never had any recollection of what he spoke of when he fell into trances. Often, Cayce would make claims to Atlantis and of the Great Sphinx, that it was much older than the current accepted theory. He also stated that somewhere beneath the Sphinx lies the Hall of Records. Cayce's first reading in mentioning the Sphinx was done on July 1, 1932. The proof of its age wouldn't come until a half-century later by Egyptologist, John Anthony West and Geologist, Robert Scotch.
        The Hall of Records was predicted to be found in the late 1990's. Although the date is believed to have been missed because supposedly no Hall of Records was found. It should be noted, had the Hall of Records actually been found, do you really think it would be reported? Our current, mistaken, view of history would be demolished. It is in their best interest to keep the public believing their version of history.
        The current understanding of the world is not the only thing distorted through the media. If the Illuminati have control of what gets taught in schools they could very easily block out the past. Since history is written by the winners, this doesn't exclude prehistory.
        It would be too much of a detour to investigate the past right now and prove the lies we've been told about our history, this would only lead to countless unanswered questions. But any investigator worth his own salt would be able to determine that humanity's distant past is not as we're told. It's a belief that the Illuminati originated in Babylon, with the mysteries and they've been carrying around these secrets with them for some time.
        As ancient structures have been built atop grid nodes and ley lines of the earth's internal energy, so have certain government bases and major Templar churches. The government being the Illuminati’s strong hold in keeping the public suppressed; suppression of knowledge is the most effective tool they have in guiding the planet into one world order.
        Along with this knowledge of ley lines there is a forgotten system of measurement that is used in harmony with the Earth, which was dubbed The Megalith System, refounded by Alexander Thom in the 1960's and 70's while researching the stone circles and hedges of Great Britain. The Megalithic Yard could very well have been the biblical Cubit. There are numerous ancient structures such as the Great Pyramid, Stonehenge or Baalbek, whose measurements can be converted to this forgotten system. The way this system works was best described in the book "Before the Pyramids" by Alan Butler and Christopher Knight.
        Washington DC, not only was it built atop a ley line, but its ground layout can be measured with the megalithic system. The Washington Monument, the Pentagon, White House, the Jefferson Stone all comes out to rounded numbers when using the Megalithic Yard. The ground plan layout of Washington DC was drawn up by a Freemason of the 33rd degree named Pierre L'Enfant. It can be assumed that there was some determination to have it built exactly in this manner because when certain implications arose in building the Pentagon during WWII, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, a 32nd degree mason, stepped in to be sure the structure was completed in the manner it was designed.
Through certain aerial views of Washington DC, occult symbols can be found; in the street plans an almost complete upside down pentagram could be made out. There's also a shape around Capitol Hill that some would say resemble an owl. Source;
        The first picture below is of an area in Washington DC. A single eye could be made out from this particular view; notice the interior holds a certain pattern. This design is very similar to the one used in the Vatican on Capitoline Hill. The pattern almost looks like that of a crop circle formation.