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Sunday, August 16, 2015

my posts on India on Facebook 2014

Statue of Sardar Patel is Need of the hour. Like Sardar Patel United India now Indians needs to be united and be free from caste divisions.

Corruption in India begins and ends with Indian Judiciary. If one has to end corruption in India Prime Minister must begin with cleaning Indian Judiciary.

China is flexing its muscles in South China Sea, Indo-China border. Russia is flexing its muscles in Ukraine. Israel is committing Holocaust of Palestinians in Gaza. Japan is old friend of India when it sent its forces for liberation of India by helping INA of Subash Chander Bose and also arch enemy of China. it is time for old friends to meet including Vietnam.

Hindus do not vote on communal lines. For politicians it is Vote first, nation last.

To remove poverty India must introduce One child norm.

India needs anti corruption laws. Corrupt should be hanged and their property confiscated. India is poor but Indians politicians, bureaucrats and judges are rich. this is not acceptable. taxpayers money is meant to provide education , health, roads, rails, metros, electricity, water, sanitation to all.

Practically we are Kleptocracy [rule of thieves] & emotional fools/votors since 47. We bring Anti Indian govts like Communist which supported China in 62 war, Owaisi party is offspring of Razakars who wanted separate Hyderabad & Owaisi have same type of dreams. Dynasty rule since 47 did not work and have divided India like Nehru Jinnah reason for partition, Nehru-Abdullah family did not allow Sardar Patel to integrate J&K, Mamta destroying Bengal, Mulayam, Maywati destroying UP by Muslim vote bank, Lalu, Paswan destroyed Bihar state for Muslim vote bank. Kashmiris, Assamese, Bengalis Hindus are refugee in India. and we treat northeastern Indians as Chinese and yet call china aggressors?

The traditional system of single earners was economically and socially better as it led to less demand for money and less professional or work interaction led to more domestic and social harmony.

It is wrong to say that Rajiv Gandhi @ Khan died for India. He did not die for protecting Indian sovereignty but he died for for protecting Sir Lanka sovereignty.

Pre-nupital contract be allowed. The oaths, promises and undertaking that is administered at the time of marriage (Hindu marriages) needs drastic amendments as it is of Vedic age. Times have changed and laws of the land have changed. Men and women need to treated as equals and the new contracts or oaths should include that both husband and wife will try to support the family and work for the family and be responsible for the family in equal measure. It should also include that if at any stage, some discord develops, it is the duty of both to try and settle it amicably whether it is financial matter or any other. So, to protect the institution of marriages, new rules should provide the couples some scope to live apart or get separated permanently with settlements by mutual agreements entered into at time of marriage.

In India there are no Hindus, they are only Dalits, non dalits, jats, OBC's, Nirankaries, Radha Swamies, Arya Samajies, Sikhs, yadavs, rajputs, Jains, brahmins, baniyas, Sacha Sauda wale, Sai Baba wale, bapu wale, baba wale, dera wale, ashrams wale etc etc.

For last 60 years, Muslims feel insecure. For last 60 years Muslims have been voting for Congress. For last 60 years, Congress and later other parties like NCP, JDU, RJD, SP, BSP, AAP has been threatening Muslims of communalism. The threat which these parties themselves created to get Muslims votes. For last 60 years Congress has not allowed Muslims to live in peace. Muslims are still insecure. To all Muslims who vote on religious lines – Try to change how you have been voting in last 60 years. Vote for Modi and for first time in several decades you may actually feel secure.

Reliance and Politics; 1. Dhirubhai Ambani rose due to corruption and he corrupted all and sundry. 2. gas and oil are national treasure and they must remain in national hands. 3. linking everything in terms of dollar when dollar is printed by private sector federal reserve would mean subjugating our freedom to others

In last 60 years of congress rule, more and more people have become backward, more and more people have died of hunger and cold, more and more people are jobless.

News 1 - why colonies and villages are important? because they have over 70% of voters.
News 2 - Money and liquor or daily wages being given in colonies to vote.
Great India consists all SAARC nations who were present today on swearing in of Indian PM. It was a welcome sight to see all important leaders from Great India on one platform.

Judiciary must get itself independent from corruption, nepotism and sycophancy. a disease afflicting Judiciary at all levels

Only those who have honor know what honor is and what it means losing it at hands of unscrupulous persons. It is dereliction of duty by High court to insist on compromise, on one hand it shows that HC does not know how to decide cases on merits and on other it encourages and promotes crime and. (on delhi high court for compromise between gadkari and Kejriwal)

Indians think they have developed. but i feel we have become less free less honest, less brave less compassionate. we were more honest earlier till we became westernized.

There are seven estates. Three paid by Taxpayers namely Legislature, Executive & Judiciary. There are four more outside the organs of state. They are; 4th Media, 5th bankers / corporates, 6th religion - Godmen and 7th Organized Crime.

Entire assets of Rs 900 crores of Yadav Singh and his wife be nationalised and lo and behold Modi has brought black money worth RS 900 Crores.

KD Aggarwal

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