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Monday, June 15, 2015

Illuminati and control of Central Banking;

Lies being Taught;
Illuminati is a sham;
Now the truth;
Here I reproduce a series of article by a friend;

Illuminati and control of Central Banking;

        I'm pretty sure the Central Banking system is ran the same way in most countries of the Westernized continents; North America, Europe, and Australia. A Central Bank has control of a nation’s inflation and interest; they control the amount of money in circulation. Every dollar in circulation is owned by the central bank and must be repaid with a certain amount of debt attached to it. Money equals debt and debt equals slavery.

        "Modern Money Mechanics" was a booklet produced by the Federal Reserve that explained how the process of a Central Bank works. Every truth in that document was overshadowed by banking terminology that 90% of the population couldn't understand. A rough translation is as follows:

        The government will exchange gold bonds for monetary notes with the central bank. The bonds are kept by the bank, but the money notes are loaned to the government with interest. Already, one should be able to see a problem.

        Let’s say the above amount was $10 billion. That $10 billion was just made out of thin air and then goes into a bank account. Based on the fractional reserve practice, that $10 billion becomes part of the bank's reserves as all money does. Out of that $10 billion, $1 billion is the required reserve, while the other $9 billion is an excessive reserve. The Excessive is used as the basis of new loans. One would think that this excessive $9 billion was coming out of the original 10, but it's not! What really happens is that an additional $9 billion is created out of thin air. So now we have $19 billion created out of $10 billion. Yes, you read that correctly, you should see another problem.
        It's stated in "Modern Money Mechanics":
"Of course, they do not really pay out loans from the money they receive as deposits. If they did this, no additional money would be created. What they do when they make loans is to accept promissary notes (contracts) in exchange for credits (money) to the borrowers' transaction accounts."

        Assume someone borrows this newly made $9 billion dollars and deposits it into his/her own bank account, the above process repeats. This other bank now creates an additional $8.1 billion. This deposit money creation/loan cycle could go on into infinity. With this process $90 billion could be created off of the original $10 billion. The problems keep going.

        The only thing giving this newly created money value is the money already in circulation. Unless money is taken out of circulation, which is controlled by the central bank, the existing money will decrease in value. This is what we call inflation. That is why $1 in 1912 is equivalent to $21.60 today.

        Debt is attached to every dollar in circulation through interest rates. Every loan that is given out by a bank must be repaid with perpetual interest. In regards to the $10 billion, if the interest rate is 6% then $6 hundred-million is owed back in addition to that $10 billion. If nothing but the $10 billion exists, that must be paid back, where does the money to pay for the debt come from? In short, it doesn't exist.

        An analogy I like to use regarding the money system; where you take out $100, that $100 dollars would need to be returned to the bank with 6% interest, that's like saying you borrow a shovel from your neighbor and you must return the shovel with 6% of another. It doesn't make much sense but that's how a nation's money system works. Ever dollar in circulation is owed back to the Central Bank with additional money that doesn't exist! Read it again, the words won't change.
"It is well enough that the people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system for, if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning."
                                                        -Henry Ford-

        At least three of the Illuminati bloodlines are in control of central banks. The United States’ Federal Reserve System is owned by the Rockefeller Family, as already stated the Rothschilds run the European Central Bank. Bank Central Asia, however, there's the Li family, whose members are more than just bankers. Where there may be 120 or so members of the Rockefeller family, there are thousands in the Li bloodline. They run the triads of Asia and are by far the most threatening among the other bloodlines, we'll touch on them later.

        Sadly, there are only a handful of countries in existence today that do not use the Rothschild banking method: Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Switzerland, Sudan, Libya and, just recently, Iceland. Sudan and Libya are slowly falling and although Switzerland does have a Central Bank it's not subjective to all the corruption with statutes and regulations that have been instituted onto the banking cartel; it's one of the reasons why Switzerland hasn't succumb to the European Union and Swiss bank accounts appear in various other countries.

        It should also give motive to 9/11 to know that it wasn't until 2007 that Afghanistan and Iraq converted to the Central Banking monetary system. We'll get to 9/11 later, but if this could be used as a reason to go to war the only thing holding us back from North Korea are the nuclear missiles.

        Every country below shown in green (Except for Iceland) run off of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which is also ran by the Rothschild Dynasty:

        Now isn't that a horrific sight? The IMF describes itself as:
“An organization of 188 countries (as of April 2012), working to foster global monetary cooperation, secure financial stability, facilitate international trade, promote high employment and sustainable economic growth, and reduce poverty.”

        The two words that come best to mind upon reading this statement is "Bull Shit!" Odd how almost every country highlighted in green is having more economic troubles then those in grey. Of course, not all countries part of the IMF follow the Articles of Agreement; you'll find certain countries, although partaking of the IMF, remain ill in favor of the promotional dominance. There are boundaries between banking and politics.

To be continued……

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