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Monday, March 16, 2015

Illuminati: Introduction

Lies being Taught;
Illuminati is a sham;
Now the truth;
Here I reproduce a series of article by a friend whose judgment I fully trust;

Illuminati: Introduction
"Nothing would be what it is because everything would be what it isn't; and contrary wise, what it is, it wouldn't be and what it wouldn't be, it would. You see?"
                                        -Alice in Wonderland-
        Upon this introduction to the Illuminati I must congratulate the people of Iceland for their most recent revolution and my hopes that this paper will help enlighten those willing to learn the truth about what goes on around us.
        Do not read the following pages if you rely on a rigid belief system to give your life a false sense of security and meaning. What you're about to read must be taken with an open mind and willingness to see that the world is not as you think. If you're willing to put everything you think you know on temporary hold and open up to the possibility that you have been systematically deceived and lied to your entire life, that would be excellent; I welcome you to the facts and theories of an outsider looking in.
        Much of what you'll be reading will pertain to facts, most can be supported by declassified documents along with theories to propose an alternative solution to reasons behind why things are the way they are or why things were done the way they were done. I will try to make note of the ideas used that cannot be supported by official documentation.
        The Illuminati is the power that lies beyond the crown. The presidency or prime minister of a certain country is not the highest power; although it may be to their governments, but have you ever asked who has power over the government? It is not the people.
        If you're reading this you surely must have realized that something is terribly wrong with this world; not just in your respective countries but all over the planet. There is ample corruption within the governments and politics. Those countries that are adorned to be the most prominent such as the United States and England are only considered such because they are the dirtiest.
        The influence over the heads of these countries stems from the monetary system. Most people don't understand how a nation’s monetary system works and thus fail to realize how important it is. This system is the most trusted and unquestioned form of faith, people inadvertently put more blind faith into money than they do religion. In turn those who control the money have more power than that of the government or any religious institution.
        I don't wish to step on anyone’s toes with this paper; whether you are a staunch Freemason or a devout Catholic some of the suggestions and information provided in the following pages may be taken offensively. The objective of this paper is not to demonize any social institution but to present various information that should be considered. The average person's way of thinking has been under attack for some time where we are commonly influenced by every major media outlet and television news station. I am asking people to look beyond what they are told to believe and make decisions for themselves when it comes to belief of what is fact.
        If every year the top sports players of various teams gathered together in isolation, rest assure that every local newspaper would try to cover it. If such a meeting was to transpire between the heads of every major corporation, industry and nation, we would certainly know about it, right? The Bilderberg Meeting, which will come up towards the end, is where about 150 of the world’s top executives meet to discuss their plans  for the future, yet the mainstream media refuses to cover this story. Why? Because the media is a corporation like everything else and it's owned by the same people who run the banking cartel, oil industries, food and pharmaceutical companies, and almost every conceivable economic institution.
        The following pages will cover only a brief overview of prominent members of the Illuminati, what their agenda is, how they came to power and what influence they have over us.
        I'm quite certain that some of the things presented here will be attacked because it goes against the official consensus, but what makes the official version of things true?
"Even if you are a minority of one the truth is still the truth."
        All who read this will clearly know that I am a conspiracy theorist, I do not deny this. There's actually nothing remotely odd about conspiracies; a conspiracy is an idea or plan of action that is kept between two or more people. The main integer of a conspiracy is secrecy and with that being the case might I ask what you consider when something is “classified”? There are only two types of people that would deny a conspiracy; the conspirators and the naive.
        I apologize to those of you I'm sending this to overseas; the majority of my research regarding present day conspiracies generally applies to the United States and England. I have little doubt, however, that the same trademarks that lead to war in the Middle East are being pulled off by the same selected few.


To be continued……

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