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The Day We See The Truth And Cease To Speak it, Is The Day We Begin To Die. MLK Jr.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Thoughts of KD Aggarwal 2013

Money has a tendency to flow from poor to rich. Poor is paid so that rich can become richer by labor of poor. The whole purpose of existence of poor is to make life of rich more comfortable.
One person's benefit is another person's loss. when we concentrate on an individual we ignore or demolish another one. only when we think of the whole can we improve each individual. when country prospers than everyone prospers with it. true men are those who put country / society before self.
We believe what we want to believe. When we give up all desires and search why we are, what we are, what is the purpose of life than we can probably know the truth and see light.

You are truly free when you stop thinking what others think about you.
Hope is meaningless if you do not have the desire for light and true light is as dark as the darkness itself.

A good career is never made in career counselling but made by person himself.

Those who won the currency supply and banking in fact own the country. presidents and prime ministers are just puppets in their hands and citizens are slaves.

The moment USA goes off Middle East will be the moment USA declares itself free.

Good Judges follow the Law. Weak Judges follow the Public Opinion.

The man who goes alone can start now. But he who travels with another must wait till that other is ready.

'I was too expensive for the Banks that is why I had to count on myself'.

There are great many things that money can’t buy. But it is funny: have you tried to buy them without money?'

To FBI – l will let you in on a secret. All the stuff you guys gather from your informants is by definition, suspect. Just look at who gives it to you. It’s the product of corruption, treachery, deceit, bribery, and interrogation.

There is no starting and stopping, only doing. Knowledge is not same as wisdom. Wisdom is doing.

Strange ; Betting in Business of cricket is illegal yet stock exchange is legal.

People who take out sand or stones from river beds simply clean the river beds of something which have better use elsewhere. cement, bricks, tiles, land everything used in construction is in private hands so what how does politicians make money from construction - by making sand and stones illegal. when u declare something illegal, you earn more money. simple.

Why people wish happy independence day when they are clueless about what is good for the nation or even them or if knowing about it refuse to do anything about it.

India where people routinely die of hunger and cold, where aged and distraught are not looked after even by their own children, where reservation take away level playing field, where greed runs as the main aim of most citizens, oppression of weak and bowing to rich and able is way of life. where religion is a tool for killing people either in buses, trains or bomb blasts, where morality and truth is an exception, culture is non existent and many people run behind useless economic aims which can only lead to their own destruction.

Need of the hour in India is death penalty for corrupt Judges, politicians and executive. Rape of Mother India is ten times more serious offense than rape of any individual person (heinous as it is).

True nationalism on this day in the context of Indian independence in today's scenario in India, where corruption, nepotism and incompetence, politics of reservation and vote banks is ruining India. where corrupt class of politicians, judges, executive are hoarding real estate and houses have gone beyond the reach of homeless.

I am tired of listening in day in and day out about "fixing". wherever there is money there is corruption. one follows the other like a shadow. so what’s new. Tax all money minting games. There is legal gambling on horse races so why not on some other sports.

Why people watch a business of cricket which is done only between former master and former slave; - ENGLAND (+ SA, Australia +NZ all inhabitants of English people) and INDIA (Pakistan +Bangladesh+ Sri Lanka part of India) which reminds of English slavery / colonialism.

For the World ruled by Israel owned federal Reserve, Palestine does not exist.



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