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Monday, July 15, 2013

33 degrees of Freemasons.

Entered Apprentice

Fellow Craft

Master Mason

Secret Master

Perfect Master

Intimate secretary

Provost and Judge

Intendent of the building

Elect of Nine

Elect of fifteen

Sublime elect

Grand master Architect

Royal Arch (Of Enoch)

Scottish Knight of Perfection

Knight of the Sword or of the East

Prince of Jerusalem

Knight of the East and West

Knight of the pelican and Eagle and Sovereign Prince Rose – Croix of heredom

Grand Pontiff

Venerable grand Master

Prince of Patriarch Noachite

Prince of lebanus

Chief of tabernacle

Prince of Tabernacle

Knight of Brazen serpent

Prince of mercy

Commander of the Temple

Knight of the Sun

Knight of St Andrew

Grand elected knight Kadosh, Knight of the Black and white Eagle

Grand Inspector Inquisitor Commonder

Sub Lime Prince of the royal secret

Grand Inspector general

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