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Friday, February 1, 2013

How to live a happy Life

How to be Happy ?

Nasthi lobho samovyadhi
Nasthi krodha samoripuhu
Nasthi daridriyavath dukham
Nasthi jnanath param sukham 

“There is no disease greater than greed,
One’s anger is his greatest enemy,
There is no sorrow deeper than poverty,
There is no greater peace than wisdom.”
(Sanskrit Verse).

The ultimate state of happiness is when you have no desires or have contentment in life. The state of happiness that you desire is upto you. The cause of unhappiness is unfulfilled desires, Hence to reduce unhappiness, you must reduce your desires.

Satyameva jayati nanrtam
Satyena pantha vitato devayanah
Yenakramantyrsayo hyaptakama
Yatra tat satyasya paramam nidhanam 

“Truth alone triumphs; not falsehood.
Through truth the divine path is spread out by which
the sages whose desires have been completely fulfilled,
reach where that supreme treasure of Truth resides.”
(Sanskrit Verse).

In real life, truth almost never triumphs, so people are not happy. One should live by needs and not be desires. Desires are like universe having no end in sight, there are those for whom universe is their roof, but for most of us a real roof is enough. Live by limited needs and you live a happy life. 

What is the difference between needs and desires ?

        Needs                      Desires 
(Durable presentable)  Branded    

1. Casual pants (jeans),     $15                       $50+
2. Flannel shirt,                 $15                       $40+
3. Sweater (blends),           $20                        $80+
4. Men's coats (suit jacket), $45                      $150+
5. Ladies dress                  $15                       $150+
6. Men's watch,                  $40                     $1,000+
7. Shoes, from                   $25                       $150+
8. Cellular phone,               $60                       $500+

A person is taught (by some for their own gain) to judge others by their clothes. (which even a thief or murderer will wear better). Judge others by their character. 

Why we are hung up on movie stars whose sole business is to entertain us. Animals dance for our entertainment (in animal world) or various stars in circus or girls who dance on laps or poles. Have we ever sought rushed to get ourselves photographed with such animals or pole dancers?? Then why we give so much importance to movie stars. merely because they make more money by dancing in movies than pole dancers ??
We make life more expensive for us hence we are not happy. If we live as per our needs the life will be much more enjoyable and peaceful. 

Desires and needs both change with times;

 When I was in early twenties, I used to go up the hills on every weekend and hence I had desire to own a property to be called summer house. But at that time it also looked funny to block a huge amount of money for use only on weekends when hotels were much cheaper.

Later when I was in thirties, I had lot of professional work in Capital city and then I had a desire to buy a property to be called as capital House. But yet again the property was too expensive for occasional visits which in any case were paid by others.

Now I am in forties and have money to buy property but now do not travel much hence have no desire to buy property at any of these places. The need is to live in peace and invest nearby which can give reasonable returns and secure future.



  1. Nice well done..

  2. Aristoteles Onassis (+1975 ), greek shipowner, formerly richest greek said:
    "A rich man is very often only a poor man with a lot of money."

  3. "The life of this world is but comfort of illusion." I guess this now makes more sense. The smoke screen that's being sold to us, not given, gets more and more expensive. We don't desire it but we now need it and are paying for it as the price gets higher, we can't let go of it anymore. To many of us, what we own, defines us.