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The Day We See The Truth And Cease To Speak it, Is The Day We Begin To Die. MLK Jr.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Thoughts of KD Aggarwal 2013

Money has a tendency to flow from poor to rich. Poor is paid so that rich can become richer by labor of poor. The whole purpose of existence of poor is to make life of rich more comfortable.
One person's benefit is another person's loss. when we concentrate on an individual we ignore or demolish another one. only when we think of the whole can we improve each individual. when country prospers than everyone prospers with it. true men are those who put country / society before self.
We believe what we want to believe. When we give up all desires and search why we are, what we are, what is the purpose of life than we can probably know the truth and see light.

You are truly free when you stop thinking what others think about you.
Hope is meaningless if you do not have the desire for light and true light is as dark as the darkness itself.

A good career is never made in career counselling but made by person himself.

Those who won the currency supply and banking in fact own the country. presidents and prime ministers are just puppets in their hands and citizens are slaves.

The moment USA goes off Middle East will be the moment USA declares itself free.

Good Judges follow the Law. Weak Judges follow the Public Opinion.

The man who goes alone can start now. But he who travels with another must wait till that other is ready.

'I was too expensive for the Banks that is why I had to count on myself'.

There are great many things that money can’t buy. But it is funny: have you tried to buy them without money?'

To FBI – l will let you in on a secret. All the stuff you guys gather from your informants is by definition, suspect. Just look at who gives it to you. It’s the product of corruption, treachery, deceit, bribery, and interrogation.

There is no starting and stopping, only doing. Knowledge is not same as wisdom. Wisdom is doing.

Strange ; Betting in Business of cricket is illegal yet stock exchange is legal.

People who take out sand or stones from river beds simply clean the river beds of something which have better use elsewhere. cement, bricks, tiles, land everything used in construction is in private hands so what how does politicians make money from construction - by making sand and stones illegal. when u declare something illegal, you earn more money. simple.

Why people wish happy independence day when they are clueless about what is good for the nation or even them or if knowing about it refuse to do anything about it.

India where people routinely die of hunger and cold, where aged and distraught are not looked after even by their own children, where reservation take away level playing field, where greed runs as the main aim of most citizens, oppression of weak and bowing to rich and able is way of life. where religion is a tool for killing people either in buses, trains or bomb blasts, where morality and truth is an exception, culture is non existent and many people run behind useless economic aims which can only lead to their own destruction.

Need of the hour in India is death penalty for corrupt Judges, politicians and executive. Rape of Mother India is ten times more serious offense than rape of any individual person (heinous as it is).

True nationalism on this day in the context of Indian independence in today's scenario in India, where corruption, nepotism and incompetence, politics of reservation and vote banks is ruining India. where corrupt class of politicians, judges, executive are hoarding real estate and houses have gone beyond the reach of homeless.

I am tired of listening in day in and day out about "fixing". wherever there is money there is corruption. one follows the other like a shadow. so what’s new. Tax all money minting games. There is legal gambling on horse races so why not on some other sports.

Why people watch a business of cricket which is done only between former master and former slave; - ENGLAND (+ SA, Australia +NZ all inhabitants of English people) and INDIA (Pakistan +Bangladesh+ Sri Lanka part of India) which reminds of English slavery / colonialism.

For the World ruled by Israel owned federal Reserve, Palestine does not exist.



Wednesday, December 11, 2013

What is money?

Lies being taught;
Money is a medium of exchange, a common commodity which is accepted in barter for all other commodities.

Now the truth;
Money is a tool of political control through issue of debt based currency.

Example; suppose you borrow a spade from your neighbor to do your garden and after one month you return the spade. You have taken a spade and you have returned the spade. You do not return a spade plus another handle of a spade or plus 6% of spade. So money is not a commodity or common commodity as medium of exchange.

Spade does not lose its value by use but money does. How?

Debt is attached to every dollar in circulation through interest rates. An analogy I like to use regarding the money system; where you take out $100, that $100 dollars would need to be returned to the bank with 6% interest, that's like saying you borrow a shovel from your neighbor and you must return the shovel with 6% of another. It doesn't make much sense but that's how a nation's money system works. Ever dollar in circulation is owed back to the Central Bank with additional money that doesn't exist! Read it again, the words won't change.
"Modern Money Mechanics" was a booklet produced by the Federal Reserve that explained how the process of a Central Bank works. Every truth in that document was overshadowed by banking terminology that 90% of the population couldn't understand. A rough translation is as follows:

        The government will exchange gold bonds for monetary notes with the central bank. The bonds are kept by the bank, but the money notes are loaned to the government with interest. Already, one should be able to see a problem.

        Let’s say the above amount was $10 billion. That $10 billion was just made out of thin air and then goes into a bank account. Based on the fractional reserve practice, that $10 billion becomes part of the bank's reserves as all money does. Out of that $10 billion, $1 billion is the required reserve, while the other $9 billion is an excessive reserve. The Excessive is used as the basis of new loans. One would think that this excessive $9 billion was coming out of the original 10, but it's not! What really happens is that an additional $9 billion is created out of thin air. So now we have $19 billion created out of $10 billion. Yes, you read that correctly, you should see another problem.

It's stated in "Modern Money Mechanics":
"Of course, they do not really pay out loans from the money they receive as deposits. If they did this, no additional money would be created. What they do when they make loans is to accept promissary notes (contracts) in exchange for credits (money) to the borrowers' transaction accounts."

        Assume someone borrows this newly made $9 billion dollars and deposits it into his/her own bank account, the above process repeats. This other bank now creates an additional $8.1 billion. This deposit money creation/loan cycle could go on into infinity. With this process $90 billion could be created off of the original $10 billion. The problems keep going.

        The only thing giving this newly created money value is the money already in circulation. Unless money is taken out of circulation, which is controlled by the central bank, the existing money will decrease in value. This is what we call inflation. That is why $1 in 1912 is equivalent to $21.60 today.

Debt is attached to every dollar in circulation through interest rates. Every loan that is given out by a bank must be repaid with perpetual interest. In regards to the $10 billion, if the interest rate is 6% then $6 hundred-million is owed back in addition to that $10 billion. If nothing but the $10 billion exists, that must be paid back, where does the money to pay for the debt come from? In short, it doesn't exist. Ever dollar in circulation is owed back to the Central Bank with additional money that doesn't exist! Read it again, the words won't change.

"Let me issue and control a nation's money and I care not who writes the laws."           -Meyer Amschel Rothschild-

"I have two great enemies, the Southern Army in front of me, and the financial institutions in the rear. Of the two, the one in my rear is my greatest foe."  -Abraham Lincoln-

It's believed, that the Rothschild family was behind the assassination of Abraham Lincoln; the Civil War provided the perfect scapegoat. James Garfield was another president that fell victim for wanting a debt free currency.

 “Whoever controls the volume of money in our country is absolute master of all industry and commerce… and when you realize that the entire system is very easily controlled, one way or another, by a few powerful men at the top, you will not have to be told how periods of inflation and depression originate.” -James Garfield-

John F Kennedy was assassinated within of few months of issuing executive order 1110 by which intended to replace federal reserve owned money with US owned debt free money.


Sunday, December 1, 2013

Adolf Hitler was a life lover and a Vegetarian.

Lies being taught;
Hitler’s alleged vegetarianism was fiction, a product of propaganda orchestrated by Joseph Goebbels.

Now the Truth;
“On October the 3rd (1938) I met Hitler at the frontier near Ach and was able to inform him of the successful move forward by my divisions. Then I drove to Asch to a field Kitchen in front of Eger where I had a meal, as did Hitler. It was normal soldiers field ration, a thick stew with Pork in it. When Hitler realized that stew contained meat he contended himself with a few apples; he also asked me to arrange for the field kitchen to prepare a meatless meal for the following day” Panzer leader by General Heinz Guderian.CH 3 P 58

As per stenographic transcripts translated by Hugh Trevor-Roper of conversations between Hitler and his inner circle which took place between July 1941 and November 1944, Hitler was a vegetarian “ Do you know that your Führer is a vegetarian, and that he does not eat meat because of his general attitude toward life and his love for the world of animals? Do you know that your Führer is an exemplary friend of animals, and even as a chancellor, he is not separated from the animals he has kept for years?...The Führer is an ardent opponent of any torture of animals, in particular vivisection, and has declared to terminate those conditions...thus fulfilling his role as the savior of animals, from continuous and nameless torments and pain. ”

According to these transcripts dated November 11, 1941 Hitler said, "One may regret living at a period when it's impossible to form an idea of the shape the world of the future will assume. But there's one thing I can predict to eaters of meat: the world of the future will be vegetarian." On January 12, 1942, he said, "The only thing of which I shall be incapable is to share the sheiks' mutton with them. I'm a vegetarian, and they must spare me from their meat."

In private conversations, Hitler often recited the benefits of eating raw vegetables, fruit, and grains, particularly for children and soldiers. In an attempt to disgust dinner guests and provoke them into shying away from meat, he reportedly told graphic stories of visits he had made to a slaughterhouse in Ukraine.

Food writer Bee Wilson is of the opinion that: "His distaste for meat knew no pity of animals." She went on to note that: "At mealtimes he often boasted - in graphic detail - of a slaughterhouse he had visited in Ukraine. It amused him to spoil carnivorous guests' appetites." This idea, however, is not supported by the BBC series "The Nazis: a Warning from History". In this series an eyewitness account tells of Hitler watching movies (which he did very often). If ever a scene showed (even fictional) cruelty to or death of an animal, Hitler would cover his eyes and look away until someone alerted him the scene was over. The documentary also commented on the German animal welfare laws that the Nazis introduced, which were unparalleled at the time.

In a November, 1938 article for the English magazine Homes & Gardens describing Hitler's mountain home, The Berghof, Ignatius Phayrethe wrote, "A life-long vegetarian at table, Hitler's kitchen plots are both varied and heavy in produce. Even in his meatless diet Hitler is something of a gourmet — as Sir John Simon and Anthony Eden were surprised to note when they dined with him in the Presidential Palace at Berlin.

His Bavarian chef, Herr Kannenberg, contrives an imposing array of vegetarian dishes, savoury and rich, pleasing to the eye as well as to the palate, and all conforming to the dietic standards which Hitler exacts."

In his table talks, Hitler spoke about vegetarianism on April 25, 1942 at midday, about Roman soldiers eating fruits and cereals and the importance of raw vegetables. He places the emphasis on scientific arguments such as naturalists' observations and chemical efficacy.

In a diary entry dated April 26, 1942, Joseph Goebbels described Hitler as a committed vegetarian.

In February, 2013, After decades of silence, 95-year-old Margot Woelk, the last surviving member of the team tasked with testing Adolf Hitler's food, has come forward with details about Hitler.

In an interview with the U.K. publication The Times, Woelk described tasting the Fuhrer's meals between 11 a.m. and noon before the dishes were driven to Nazi headquarters, known as the Wolf's Lair. She told the Times:
“It was all vegetarian, the most delicious fresh things, from asparagus to peppers and peas, served with rice and salads. It was all arranged on one plate, just as it was served to him. There was no meat and I do not remember any fish,"

Woelk's account upset longstanding lie that Adolf Hitler was not a vegetarian. Woelk became a taster when SS officers showed up at her home; she had recently moved to a house owned by her mother-in-law after her husband went off to war, according to the Daily Mail. she was smuggled out on a train back to Berlin by a Nazi officer who secretly aided her escape from Russians. Woelk believes the other tasters, all young women, were not so fortunate, and brutally raped and then murdered by the Russians.


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Freemasonry is anti-Christian

Sr. No 2/11     Originally published ; 1st November, 2007

Lies being Taught;

Knight Templar’s predecessors of Freemasons called themselves “Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon”. It was most wealthy and powerful of the Christian military orders and were among the most prominent actors of the Christian finance.

Now the Truth;
Knight Templar’s used the name Christ to gain access to 1st Temple of Jews in Jerusalem for whose complete control they are again still fighting. They are anything but Christian. see here
This month’s topic is : IS MASONRY ANTI CATHOLICISM. 
So it would seem if we were to go by number of papal bulls issued against Masonry since 1300. I had already mentioned in my newsletter of October 2006, the papal Bull issued against Knight Templars in 1307.

Between 1307 to 1717 there was a lull as Freemasons kept a low profile. However after 1717 when some lodges became unionized under GLE, they again came into lime light. On 28th April 1738, Pope Clement XII issued 2nd Papal Bull ‘In Eminenti’ against the Freemasons. It stated that Freemasons had formed lodges ‘in which men of no matter what religion and sect, content with a certain affectation of natural virtue, are mutually bound together in a close and exclusive league’. They took oaths to preserve their secrets under threat of horrible penalties if they broke those oaths’. Pope clement asked ‘Why the need for secrecy if the Freemasons were doing good and not evil? They were libertines and miscreants, ‘for assuredly if such people were not doing evil they would never have so much hatred for light’. The Pope therefore forbade Catholics to become Freemasons on pain of excommunication.

The Pope’s Bull was enforced in many catholic countries like Spain, Italy, Portugal etc. The Lodges there were banned / disbanded. The Freemasons were arrested and tortured in many countries. The Freemasons in these countries either disbanded, went underground or shifted to safer countries like England, France and Ireland, Scotland etc. After some time the persecution also died on its own.

On 18th May 1751, Pope Benedict XIV issued yet another Papal Bull against the freemasons; it reiterated the 1738 Bull of his predecessor Clement XII.

In 1884 Pope Leo XIII issued a proclamation stating that Masonry was one of the secret societies attempting to "revive the manners and customs of the pagans" and "establish Satan's kingdom on Earth."

“There was nothing nefarious or subversive on the pope's part, Leo XIII was a troubled man. He felt deeply the great losses in church power, privilege, and wealth brought on by the democratic revolutions and developed such profound mistrust that he kept all of the gold of the Vatican in a box under his own bed. He truly believed democracy was evil, part of the 'kingdom of Satan', and that the Catholic church had a right and duty to oversee every secular government."

The reasons given for this edicts were that Freemasonry systematically promotes religious indifferentism and undermines true, i.e., orthodox Christian and Catholic Faith and life. Freemasonry is essentially Naturalism and hence opposed to all supernaturalism.

"The principles of social science follow. Here naturalists teach that men have all the same rights, and are perfectly equal in condition; that every man is naturally independent; that no one has a right to command other; that it is tyranny to keep men subject to any other authority than that which emanates from themselves." - Pope Leo XIII, "Humanum Genus"

A number of Papal bulls were issued against freemasons threatening those Christians who became freemasons with excommunication. The complete list of papal Bulls (Pope’s Decree or Order) issued against Freemasons is as follows:-

Clement XII        April 28 1738               In Eminenti
Benedict XIV       May 18 1751               Providas

Pius VII             September 13 1821       Ecclesiam  
Leo XII              March 13 1825              Quo Graviora     
Pius VIII            May 21 1829                 Traditi Humilitati
Pius VIII            March 25 1830       †      Litteris altero     
Gregory XVI        August 15 1832            Mirari Vos
Pius IX              November 9, 1846 ‡      Qui Pluribus
Pius IX              April 20, 1849       ?      Quibus Quantisque Malis      
Pius IX              December 8, 1864 ‡      Quanta Cura
Pius IX              September 25, 1865      Inter Multiplices
Pius IX             October 12, 1869        ‡ Apostolicae Sedis c.
Pius IX             November 21, 1873       Etsi Multa
Leo XIII           June 29, 1881        †‡    Diuturnum

Leo XIII           February  15, 1882       ‡Etsi Nos
Leo XIII           March 20, 1884             Humanum Genus
Leo XIII           December 22, 1887 †     Officio sanctissimo

Leo XIII           October 15, 1890          Dall'alto Dell'apostolico Seggio
Leo XIII           December 8, 1892 †      Custodi di quella fede

Leo XIII           December 8, 1892 †      Inimica vis

Leo XIII           June 20, 1894              Praeclara

Leo XIII          March 18, 1902             Annum Ingressi
Paul VI           November 21, 1964‡      Unitatis redintegratio

Paul VI           October 28, 1965        ‡ Nostra Aetate

The church’s code of canon Law had declared Masonic Membership punishable by automatic excommunication, However this major doctrinal document was revised On November 27,1983, by the then Pope, John Paul XXII who retracted all of the Papal Bulls against Freemasonry and allowed Catholics, after several hundred years, to again become members of secret societies without fear of excommunication.

However later in the same year, the Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger (current Pope Benedict XVI), who was then a senior Church functionary, made it known that Freemasons remain ‘in state of grave Sin’ and are barred from taking communion. The statement reads as follows:-
VATICAN CITY (1984) "The Vatican, clarifying its position on membership in Masonic lodges, said yesterday that Catholics who join such organizations commit 'grave sin'. The new reminder, in the Vatican newspaper L'Osservatore Romano, appeared to be aimed mainly at Catholics in the United States, where some have interpreted recent church statements as relaxing the 247-year-old ban on Masonic membership imposed by Pope Clement XII. A new code of Canon Law outlined on Nov. 25, 1983, had omitted membership in the Masons in the list of offenses that incur automatic excommunication." Hence the above statement was issued to clarify the position of Vatican on Membership of Masonic Lodges.  - (UPI)

Regarding Religion, the old charges of Masonry as per Andersons Constitution (1723) states as under:-

“I. Concerning God and Religion. A Mason is obliged by his Tenure, to obey the moral law: and if he rightly understands the Art, he will never be a stupid Atheist [Gothic letters] nor an irreligious Libertine [Gothic letters]. But though in ancient times Masons were charged in every country to be of the religion of that country or nation, whatever it was, yet 'tis now thought more expedient only to oblige them to that religion in which all men agree, leaving their particular Opinions to themselves: that is, to be good men and true or Men of Honour and Honesty, by whatever Denominations or Persuasions they may be distinguished; whereby Masonry becomes the Centre of Union and the Means of consolidating true Friendship among Persons that must have remained at a perpetual Distance.”


Date October 12th 2007. Reuters:
(Published in Times of India, October 14th, 2007)
The current pope Benedict VI has rehabilitated “The Knights Templar,” when the Vatican published trial documents it had closely guarded for 700 years. A reproduction of the minutes of trials against the Templars, Processus Contra Templarios - Papal Inquiry into the Trial of the Templars a massive work and much more than a book - with a 5,900 euros ($A9,332) price tag. "This is a milestone because it is the first time that these documents are being released by the Vatican, which gives a stamp of authority to the entire project," - said Professor Barbara Frale, a medievalist at the Vatican's Secret Archives.

The most interesting part of the documents is the so-called Chinon Parchment, which contains phrases in which Pope Clement V absolves the Templars of charges of heresy, which had been the backbone of King Philip's attempts to eliminate them. Templars were burned at the stake for heresy by King Philip's agents after they made ‘confessions’ that were given under duress. The official presentation was done on October the 25th 2007.

The parchment, also known as the Chinon Chart, was "misplaced" in the Vatican archives until 2001, when Professor Frale stumbled across it. "The parchment was catalogued incorrectly at some point in history. At first I couldn't believe my eyes. I was incredulous," she said."This was the document that a lot of historians were looking for."
The announcement came one day before the anniversary of October the 13th, 1307 when the secret decree issued by the then Pope Clement V under pressure of King Philippe IV was opened. Its contents made known and under orders of Pope Clement V and king Philippe hundred of Knights Templars also known as ‘Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon’ were rounded off and killed/burned on stakes.

“The pontiff chose Benedict as his papal title, a name with special significance for the Knights Templar. The Rule of the Templars, which is like a code of conduct for the Order, was originally known as the Rule of Benedict.”

Who are currently the Bankers of Vatican? 

Are they the same Freemasons ? Any Connections with supreme leader of Freemasons - The Rothschilds - Israelis ?

Many have made a trade of delusions and false miracles, deceiving the stupid multitude.

Blinding Ignorance does mislead us. O wretched mortals, open your eyes!

With Fraternal Greetings,