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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Debunking Oswald shot J F Kennedy theory;

Lies being Taught;

Lee Harvey Oswald Killed John F Kennedy. 

Now the truth;

My earlier article stated Who assassinated J F Kennedy?

Debunking Oswald shot J F Kennedy theory;

For one minute let your fantasy run freely and assume you were Lee Harvey Oswald, an ex Marine and trained sniper who was involved in secret missions in Cuba and other South American States. Then he became a communist, had lived for one year in Russia and was married to a Russian woman. Because Russian communism appeared too restrictive to him, he re immigrated to the United States, knowing, or at least assuming, that his past would cause authorities to closely have an eye on him.

It was Texas in 1963. Like in all others US States there were no laws of gun control (The first gun control act which required professional gun SELLERS only to own a license was introduced in 1968). Everybody could walk into any grocery store or supermarket and buy any kind of gun in any caliber and any amount of the desired ammunition. No identity card was requested like no check of a person's criminal past was carried out.

What would a trained sniper have done? Someone who was experienced in undercover missions and aware of authorities looking after him?
He certainly would have driven out of his home town in a rental car leased under a false name and purchased in any large supermarket any high precision custom made US rifle of a type which probably would have been sold by the millions to make it impossible the weapon to be connected to his person.

The gun would have been a type being sold with a mounted scope not to arouse any attention asking for one. He would have paid cash in order not to leave his identity by the credit card slip. He would have searched, like it is standard operation procedure for snipers, a concealed place where nobody would have heard the shot, seen the flash or smelled the gun smoke. That place would have been a "neutral" environment far away from any possible chance somebody coming across and identifying him. He would have done his job, silently collected his cartridges and his gun, then selling it to the next pawn shop in Mexico where it would disappear forever.

What did Oswald do?

He purchased a "Mannlicher Carcano" caliber 6.5 mm by mail order. That rifle although a common WWI and WWII rifle and single loader was produced for one year only (1940) with the 6.5 x 52mm cartridge and never ever with a mounted scope. Even worse: the 6.5 x 52 cartridge never was used in any other weapon. Every single shot being fired with this gun made it clear where from it had been fired. The gun Oswald ordered was a unique version of the Mannlicher, the one with the scope being known as such by the production number engraved into the rifle's barrel. That gun existed one time in the entire world and Oswald was the proud owner. of it But not enough: He ordered it under a false name to his own mailbox, which he had opened and which he rented under his real name. The rifle arrived the same day a .38 revolver arrived at this mailbox. This mailbox certainly was too small to contain a rifle, ammunition and a revolver so the post clerk had to store it outside of the box and hand it over to him, a package containing a rifle with scope surely causing some attention in the clerk and making it clear that Oswald was it himself who had received it. By ordering the gun by mail he had to find a way to transfer the money which is not possible without being tracked unless cash is sent directly, which sellers normally reject as procedure.

He kept a fake drivers license carrying the name he used for ordering the gun to the mailbox he had rented under his original name. 

He then went to his own workplace and shot the President from the window. The position of the warehouse caused his shots echoing so loudly that those could be heard on the recordings of the radio traffic of the police. Then he left gun, empty and the full cartridges at his own workplace and went to a cinema in the neighborhood, During the bright light of a normal working day he went into a neighborhood cinema, keeping his .38 revolver in his pocket. Who could have behaved more suspiciously?

At home he kept photos of himself showing him at target practice with his unique gun and the revolver he had purchased. On the backside of those pictures he had written: "To my friend George from Lee Oswald".

That all above is true, not fiction. One can ask oneself what else someone could have done to make it possible to track a gun and its ammunition to a specific person. Specifically in a time when it was absolutely impossible to connect both. The only thing which was missing among that chain of "evidence" was a signed confession with his name, address and photo attached to the gun.

The plot above however is from the book " Planting of Evidence for Dummies". Even a normal person would not behave this way. Why should an experienced undercover agent and Ex US Marine be so stupid?

Source by Thomas


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