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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Truth About Zimmerman Telegram - How USA is tricked into War - False Flag

Lies being taught;

Zimmerman telegram was Germany telling Mexico during World War I that if they attacked the US, Germany would make sure they got back Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. In an act of retribution USA entered into World War 1 on the side of England and crushed Germany.

Now the truth;

The telegram inter-alia states;
We intend to begin unrestricted submarine warfare on the first of February. We shall endeavor in spite of this to keep the United States neutral. In the event of this not succeeding, we make Mexico a proposal of an alliance on the following basis: Make war together, make peace together, generous financial support, and an understanding on our part that Mexico is to re-conquer the lost territory in Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. The settlement detail is left to you. “

Thus the telegram is only conditional to come into effect if and only if USA declares war on Germany. If you believe the telegram, then you have to believe Germany did not want war with America -- It says so.

Mexico was to declare war on America, IF AND ONLY if America declared war on Germany. One act of Yankee aggression would then justify another act of aggression, right? 

Following are undisputed facts;-

1)     Germany did not want war with America

2)     Mexico never had a Military worth the name.

3)      Mexico declined the offer

So why all this hype.

The Zimmerman Telegram had a far more effective impact for the German cause in being intercepted, than if it had not been intercepted.

British and American authorities would obviously then make a big deal of it, at a time that very most people in America were worried that British intelligence was manipulating American media into supporting America getting into the war.

It would have been a fantastic way to create doubt and in-fighting in America vis-a –vis, England greatly reducing USA’s morale to fight.

And it had no effect, but then Zimmerman admitted the telegram thus screwing up a perfect "disinformation" campaign by confessing ?

Why did Zimmerman make a a complete mockery and fools of leading American Isolationists of the day, the chief "conspiracy nuts" being such notable American icons as trusted Henry Ford and American hero Charles Lindbergh.

Why did he admit it what he had done when he could have just remained silent and let Americans ridicule England for faking telegrams ?

Anyone who researches Arthur Zimmerman as the cause of America "entering" WW1 should also realize that Zimmerman was also the cause of Russia "exiting" WW1.

And strangely enough, Russia was exiting the war against Zimmerman's Germany at the exact same time America was entering the war against Zimmerman's Germany.

Any serious student of history would want to understand such a strange relationship of conflicting interests in the same man.

For the part about America "entering" the World War, America would declare war on Germany just three days after German Foreign Secretary Arther Zimmerman admitted to sending a telegram to Mexico promising an alliance against America should America declare war on Germany.

The fact that Zimmerman openly and freely admitted to the deed, when he could have just said it was Woodrow Wilson's "war conspiracy theory" talking, raises serious questions about the German leader's loyalty to Germany.

And a German official mysteriously committing such a bizarre treasonous act against his own country should have given everyone in America pause to rethink what we were getting ourselves into.

1.     Because World War 1 was not about England and its allies versus Germany But it was about Jewish world domination and takeover of Jerusalem by England and to hand it over to Jews and to install Jewish control over last remaining monarchies of Austro-Hungry, Russia and Germany.

2.     Because Arthur Zimmerman the author of Telegram and then State Secretary for Foreign Affairs of the Germany was a German Jew and Zionist.

3.     Because he was instrumental in helping Lenin and his Jewish band of Bolsheviks travel through Germany's, in his own train loaded with 20 million in gold, for Jewish takeover of Russia and kill Christian Czar Nichols II of Russia.

4.     Because, He confessed to it after being assured by amongst others by fellow Zionists Chairn Weizmann and others that they have got an assurance from England that if Zionists can bring USA into war, England will support and give Jerusalem to Jews. England did keep its promise to Zionists including Arthur Zimmerman when after a few months of US entry into World War1 it gave Jews “Balfour Declaration”.

5.     Because the Zionist Jews had been negotiating with Britain, Winston Churchill being their esteemed spokesman, to have the Balfour Declaration put in writing.

6.     Because During the first meeting between Weizmann and Balfour in 1906, Balfour asked what Weizmann's objections were to the idea of a Jewish homeland in Uganda, rather than in Palestine. According to Weizmann's memoir, the conversation went as follows:
"Mr. Balfour, supposing I was to offer you Paris instead of London, would you take it?" He sat up, looked at me, and answered: "But Dr. Weizmann, we have London." "That is true," I said, "but we had Jerusalem when London was a marsh. I believe I speak the mind of millions of Jews whom you will never see and who cannot speak for themselves."

Here is the text of The Balfour Declaration.

"Foreign Office. November 2nd, 1917. Dear Lord Rothschild.

I have much pleasure in conveying to you, on behalf of His Majesty's Government, the following declaration of sympathy with Jewish Zionist aspirations which has been submitted to, and approved by, the Cabinet.

'His Majesty's Government view with favor the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavors to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country.'

I should be grateful if you would bring this declaration to the knowledge of the Zionist Federation.

Yours sincerely. Arthur James Balfour". 

Statement to Parliament in 1922 by Winston Churchill, then colonial secretary, that it should not be thought that, in the Balfour Declaration, Britain gave something to the Jews for which she received nothing in return. England issued the Balfour Declaration in exchange, not for something she hoped would happen in the future, but for something that had already happened in the past.

When asked by William Yale, of the US State Department what the Jews would do if the British failed to live up to their agreement, Chaim Weizmann retorted, "If they don’t, we’ll smash the British Empire like we smashed the Russian Empire.”

But it took another world war, (1939-1945) and death of 72 million more before England gave them Jerusalem in 1948. Zionists Jews through their poodle Winston Churchill did smash the British Empire which ended within a decade thereafter.

Zionists Jews do not work or are loyal to the country in which they live whether it be Germany, England, USA or France or any other country in which they live. They only work for the best interests of Israel, wherever they are. Same as in current days, they successfully pushed America into wars with Iraq, Afghanistan and soon Iran, all to protect Israel.

Major causes of the chronic instability that has bedeviled the Middle East since the fall of the Ottoman Empire are the conflicting agreements into which Britain entered during World War I. The British promised the Arabs independence in return for their help against the Ottoman Turks. The British also entered into the secret Sykes-Picot agreement with their allies, the French (and originally with Czarist Russia as well), dividing the same areas that the Arabs thought were to be independent into British and French spheres of influence. These agreements undisputedly were designed to create or reinforce British alliances against the Ottoman Empire, which was allied with Germany. Finally, however, the British government issued the Balfour Declaration proclaiming that "His Majesty's Government view with favor the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people and will use their best endeavors to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of the existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine or the rights and political status of Jews in any other country." Historians describe the negotiation of this third agreement which, in addition to its obvious internal conflict between the rights of "the Jewish people" and "the existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine," also was in conflict with Britain's other two secret agreements.

Now read the complete Truth;


Dec. 7, 1916—David Lloyd George becomes prime minister of Great Britain and quickly imposes a war dictatorship. C.P. Scott, editor of the Manchester Guardian, who had, according to Fromkin, been “converted to Zionism” in 1914 by Chaim Weizmann, was considered Lloyd George’s closest political confidant. A so-called War Cabinet is subsequently formed with Sir Mark Sykes as chief secretary. Sykes was the co-author of the then-secret Sykes-Picot agreement which established which areas of Syria and Palestine were to be British and which French after the war.

Jan. 9, 1917—German government makes the decision to begin unrestricted submarine warfare on February 1.

Jan. 16, 1917 —Zimmerman Note sent, encoded, from Berlin to the German ambassador in Washington in newly create code 7500. British did not knew how to decipher or brake this new code 7500.

Jan. 19, 1917—Zimmerman Note forwarded with some changes, encoded, from the German Embassy in Washington to the German legation in Mexico City by Western Union telegram in old code 13040, which had been broken by British. German Embassy send the telegram in old code as presumably German embassy in Mexico did not have new code 7500.

Late January 1917—Chaim Weizmann is first introduced to Mark Sykes, submits to him a memorandum prepared by a committee of Zionists, and has several preliminary conferences with him The memorandum was entitled “Outline of Program for the Jewish Resettlement of Palestine in Accordance with the Aspirations of the Zionist Movement” and, according to Weizmann, “does seem to have anticipated the shape of things to come.”

January 25, 1917 – Woodrow Wilson began his 2nd term as President of USA. His close confident was Rothschild agent Col. Edward Mandell House.

Jan. 31, 1917—Germany announces unrestricted submarine warfare against Britain, to begin the following day.

Feb. 3, 1917—U.S. breaks off diplomatic relations with Germany. The German ambassador, Count Bernstorff, is given his passport and told to leave the U.S.

Feb. 7, 1917 —Weizmann and other Zionist leaders again meets Sykes.

Feb. 14, 1917—German Ambassador in USA, Count Bernstorff leaves New York on the Danish steamer Friedrich VIII bound for Copenhagen. Bernstorff and his party had been granted safe conduct by the British on condition that the ship stop for inspection at Halifax, Nova Scotia. At the time of the Lusitania sinking in 1915, Bernstorff had, as the result of a long conversation with President Wilson, had singlehandedly prevented war between Germany and the U.S. This had been a great disappointment to the British, who had, as a result, wanted him removed from the scene.

Feb. 16, 1917—The Friedrich VIII enters Halifax harbor. Passengers and ship inspected and held for almost 2 weeks, with no communication with the outside world.

Feb. 17, 1917—First full conference leading to the Balfour Declaration. Present were: Rabbi Gaster, Lord Rothschild, Herbert Samuel, James de Rothschild, Nabum Sokolow, Joseph Cowen, Herbert Bentwich, Harry Sacher, Chaim Weizmann and, from the British government, Sir Mark Sykes, ostensibly in an unofficial capacity. At that meeting a formal agreement would have been signed by both the British and the Zionists, the terms of the Balfour Declaration would have been agreed to, and it would have been agreed that Britain would formally issue the Balfour Declaration within some specified period of time. On their side, the exact text of the original Berlin-to-Washington Zimmerman telegram was given to Sykes by Chaim Weizmann who supposedly got it from his counterparts in Germany. Arthur Zimmerman the author of telegram is himself was a Jew and Zionist.

Feb. 23, 1917—US ambassador Walter page is given copy of the telegram in German along with its English text.

Feb. 24, 1917—The U.S. State Department receives a telegram from London containing an English translation of the text of the Zimmerman Note.

Feb. 27, 1917Friedrich VIII permitted to sail from Halifax.

March 1, 1917 —Text of the Zimmerman Note published in U.S.

March 27, 1917 – Trotsky leaves New York with 20 million in gold 

March 29, 1917 – Arthur Zimmerman admits Zimmerman Cable.

April 2, 1917 – Zimmerman Telegram cited to congress as cause for war even though Mexico had already declined it.

April 3, 1917 – Lenin thanks Zimmerman for February Revolution in Russia.

April 6, 1917—U.S. declares war on Germany because of Zimmerman telegram.

April 1917 —British General Allenby commissioned by Lloyd George to invade and occupy Palestine and to take Jerusalem before Christmas.

April 16, 1917—Weizmann is dismayed to learn of the Sykes-Picot agreement to divide Palestine between Britain and France, after the war, in a way incompatible with Zionist aspirations, but comes to realize that the British government was giving priority to its agreements with the Zionists over those with the French.

April 29, 1917 – Trotsky released by Winston Churchill from Halifax and arrives in Russia on May 4, 1917. He along with 20 million in Gold is allowed to travel through Germany in train owned by Zimmerman a fellow Zionist for eventual Jewish takeover of Russia.

October 25, 1917; Jews take complete control of Russia

Nov. 2, 1917—British government issues the Balfour Declaration.

Dec. 11, 1917—General Allenby enters Jerusalem.



  1. This story is incomplete unless you also include the Landman Document:
    the Anglo-American Zionists published a threatening warning to the British Government by means of the Landman document. Addressing the British Government as if they were speaking to an equal, they said in effect:
    "You forget that you did not give us Palestine as an unsolicited gift (Balfour Declaration). It was handed over as the result of a secret bargain concluded between ourselves. We have scrupulously observed our part in bringing America into the war on your side. We call on you to fulfil your obligations in turn. You are aware of our power in the United States: take care that you do not attract the hostility of Israel, otherwise you will come up against grave international difficulties."

  2. Conpiracy theorists ad-nauseam.

    This laughable version of "the truth" is nothing but conspiratorial clap-trap. Your so called historical analysis and timeline are superficial, distorted and as far from rational as they can be. Yes, by 1916 England was desperate to see the US enter the war on the side of the Allies because she, along with France, was close to bankruptcy and her troops were utterly exhausted. England needed America to help tip the balance. A simple glance through history will reveal that countries (even America) invariably seek allies in time of war, so what's new? The British and French governments were incredulous that the naive Woodrow Wilson was prepared to let German navy submarines and surface raiders sink American merchant ships and German saboteurs destroy canals, railways, infrastructure and industrial sites in the US in order to disrupt American industry trade in munitions to Britain and her allies while America took no action. No doubt you have an equally daft theory as to how that was actually carried out.

    How you calculate that the Zimmermann Telegram caused Russia to leave the war is yet another considerable leap of imagination. You completely ignore the Russian Revolution as a possible reason for Russia concluding a peace treaty with Germany and quitting the war in 1917.

    Balfour would be flattered at the prominence you ascribe to his private letter to Rothschild, the inappropriately named "Balfour Declaration", which is nothing more than a minor historical footnote.

    I'm not sure how your historical perspective has been arrived at, but at least it will have provided some amusement to more serious students of history.

    1. Your argument about this being nonsense would hold more weight if it weren't for Samuel Landmans grievance document published in 1936. The Balfour Declaration is meaningless without perspective and, given that Germany had, in fact offered Britain and France an opportunity to surrender (NY Tribune, 01 Dec 1916) it's hard to believe that they would bother with sending out a communique to Mexico like this.

      The Zimmerman Telegram, coupled with the Landman Document, the Sykes-Picot agreement (between a bunch of losing countries), the unilateral shipping blockade inplace by Germany in the English channel, and the Balfour Declaration makes it pretty clear that the Zimmerman Telegram was sent deliberately with the intent of drawing the US in to the war (as was agreed upon between Britain and the Zionists).

      Furthermore, the RMS Lusitania sinking, of which everyone cites as another reason, was known, even then, to be an attempt to bait the US in to the war by the British: Germany literally gave Wilson the manifest which showed that there were munitions onboard meant for the British troops.

      One could argue that we joined the war for legitimate reasons, but frankly, Germany had literally zero concern about the US joining the war. If you read the newspapers published at the time (Library of Congress has most of them), it is clear that prior to Nov 1916, Germany was held in high regard by the general population.

      If you can actually list one authentic reason for the US to be involved in WWI without mentioning the Lusitania (a red hearing) or the Zimmerman Telegram (ties to zionist jews), I'd love to hear it.

      What I've found to be odd was that Arthur Zimmerman was appointed Sec. Foreign Affairs on 22 Nov, the Sykes-Pickot agreement was revealed on 23 Nov with SCJ Louis Brandeis had his nomination approval announced the same day. Brandeis, if you don't want to be bothered, was a stirgent Zionist jew (which is on his wiki page) and close friend to W. Wilson.

      This isn't like some weird cover up with tin-foil hatters grabbing at w/e. People have literally admitted that they did all of this on purpose with documents to support their claims. I'm not sure why anyone else is coming up with 2+2=4, but frankly, the math is pretty simple if you bother to do the reading.

  3. at least i was quite amused to read your comments. seeking allies at time of war is quite different than tricking countries into being an ally. secondly your contention that Germany was attacking Us ships is factually incorrect and nothing but distortion of history. read my artcile on lusitania sinking which was sunk by Winston churchill inspite of the fact that full page advertisements were carried out by German embassy warning people not to travel in that ship. you belong to either israel or UK which is just a colony of Israel.

  4. It is interesting how every time the Zionist madness and mass murder is exposed, Jews come in and try to cover it up. The Jewish involvement in practically every atrocity during the last century is undeniable. The way how Jewish media is destroying the US with lies and deceit is similar to Jewish behavior during Weimar in Germany. Israel should be dissolved momentarily, all Holocaust monuments in the US should be closed, Jewish access to all important functions and professions should be based on the Jewish percentile in the general population. The only way to deal with Zionists is to keep them in a safe distance. History has shown this over the course of 2000 years. They are the true cancer of the earth. The Jewish greed and appetite for destruction can't be cured. We should stop kosher bullshit. Jews are the true psychopaths and mass murderers. No other group of people is so inherently evil and focused on destruction of all other races.

  5. Millions of Jews did not support Zionism especially not in Germany. It started with a relatively small group of people.

  6. Excellent. We found this article because we also suspected that a telegram, written in English by a German nation to a Spanish speaking nation.. was incredulous already, but that it was enough to launch an all out war.. begs incredulity.

  7. This helps clear up a lot of my doubts on WWI, thanks.
    I already knew the Jews had their hands in both wars, but to what extent exactly I did not know.

    Also, the last thing I want to know now is how the war really started beyond the assassination of Franz Ferdinand, if there was any true reason beyond that.