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Thursday, December 15, 2011

1923- Hitler prevented trifurcation of Germany.

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Hitler’s rise to Power;  Part –I.

‘Treaty of Versailles’ was the hour of Germany's deepest humiliation. Even this ‘Treaty’ was violated by France when in the beginning of 1923 the French invaded Germany, occupied the Ruhr district and seized several German towns in the Rhineland. This was a flagrant breach of international law and was protested against by every section of political opinion at that time. The Germans could not effectively defend themselves, as they had been already disarmed under the provisions of the Versailles Treaty. To make the situation more fraught with disaster for Germany, and therefore more appalling in its prospect, the French carried on an intensive propaganda for the separation of the Rhineland from the German Republic and the establishment of an independent Rhenania. Money was poured out lavishly to bribe agitators to carry on this work, and some of the most insidious elements of the German population became active in the pay of the invader. At the same time a vigorous movement was being carried on in Bavaria for the secession of that country and the establishment of an independent monarchy there, under vassalage to France, as Napoleon had done when he made Maximilian the first King of Bavaria in 1805.

The separatist movement in the Rhineland went so far that some leading German politicians came out in favor of it, suggesting that if the Rhineland were thus ceded it might be possible for the German Republic to strike a bargain with the French in regard to Reparations. But in Bavaria the movement went even farther. And it was more far-reaching in its implications; for, if an independent monarchy could be set up in Bavaria, which would extend from the Rhineland through Bavaria and Austria into the Danube Valley and would have been at least under the moral and military, if not the full political, hegemony of France. The effect of putting such a plan into action would have meant the complete dismemberment of Germany; and that is what French diplomacy aimed at.

By the autumn of 1923 the separatist movement in Bavaria was on the point of becoming an accomplished fact. General von Lossow, the Bavarian chief of the REICHSWEHR no longer took orders from Berlin. The flag of the German Republic was rarely to be seen, finally, the Bavarian Prime Minister decided to proclaim an independent Bavaria and its secession from the German Republic. This was to have taken place on the eve of the Fifth Anniversary of the establishment of the German Republic i.e. November 8th, 1923.

Hitler staged a counter-stroke. For several days he had been mobilizing his storm battalions in the neighborhood of Munich, intending to make a national demonstration and hoping that the REICHSWEHR would stand by him to prevent secession. Ludendorff was with him. And he thought that the prestige of the great German Commander in the World War would be sufficient to win the allegiance of the professional army.

A meeting had been announced to take place in the Bürgerbräu Keller on the night of November 8th, 1923. The Bavarian patriotic societies were gathered there, and the Prime Minister, Dr. von Kahr, started to read his official PRONUNCIAMENTO, which amounted to a proclamation of Bavarian independence and secession from the Republic. While von Kahr was speaking Hitler entered the hall, followed by Ludendorff. And the meeting was broken up.

Next day the Nazi battalions took the street for the purpose of making a mass demonstration in favor of national union. They marched in massed formation, led by Hitler and Ludendorff. As they reached one of the central squares of the city the army opened fire on them. Sixteen of the marchers were instantly killed, and two died of their wounds in the local barracks of the REICHSWEHR. Several others were wounded also. Hitler fell on the pavement and broke a collar-bone. Ludendorff marched straight up to the soldiers who were firing from the barricade, but not a man dared draw a trigger on his old Commander.
Hitler thereafter never looked back.


Monday, December 5, 2011

FDR sent engraved invitation to Japan to attack at Pearl Harbor

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In Truth Behind Pearl Harbor, I told how Franklin Delano Roosevelt minutely planned a false flag operation to enter European war on the side of Communist Russia, to defeat anti Communist forces of Germany. 

In my next article ,FDR Knew in advance minute by Minute progress of attack at Pearl HarborI detailed how FDR knew minute by Minute details of Operation of Pearl harbor and prevented it from being aborted by Japanese. The blame for not only the initial dead but also those who died subsequently when US declared war on Germany lay wholly with FDR and his advisers. 

Here is a few excerpts by Curtis Dall son in law of Franklin Delano Roosevelt from his famous book; "FDR- My Exploited Father-in-Law." He also states that FDR had sent engraved invitation to Japan to attack pearl harbor;

" Page; 133
Fixed in my mind forever is the bizarre picture of General George Marshall reportedly riding his horse in the sunny Virginia countryside and his other doings in Washington on that fateful Sunday morning. His slothful warning messages, sent over slow channels, were merely a ghastly gesture, timed to arrive after the "surprise" attack, as a face-saving device.

How many of the 4 500 American casualties and how much of our enormous naval losses suffered at Pearl Harbor could have been avoided?

I have often wondered if, as part of a long-range plan, FDR deliberately ignored the possibility and danger of an attack on Pearl Harbor by the approaching massive Japanese Task Force, an attack made on us almost by engraved invitation. He must have! Then, if such were the case, he must have wanted it. Who told him to "want" it? What manner of leadership was that? Had the virus of great power so altered the chemistry and character of the man I was very fond of to such an extent that I could not recognize him? Could he be the same man whose arm I had once tightly held on numerous occasions as he walked, so he wouldn't fall? Was he the same man whose many hopes and aspirations we had once shared?

It certainly appeared doubtful, in fact, incredible!
No doubt it is mighty fine to wear a navy cape and appear at a prominent wind-blown spot on a heavy  U.S. cruiser for a press picture. But, what about our Pearl Harbor casualty list? The tears? The debt? Why the betrayed dead?

Who told FDR that a "Pearl Harbor" was necessary? Did he fall for the one-world-despot theory? Was that where he was supposed to come in for Glory?

Accordingly, is it very hard for me to take in what occurred then? No, it is more than that. It is just impossible!

CHAPTER XXI - My Visit with Admiral Kimmel
Admiral Kimmel, more than any other Naval officer certainly knows the "score" about "Pearl Harbor" and can now state the truth.

Page 160
I remembered reading that Admiral William (Bull) Halsey wrote Admiral Kimmel, "You were left holding the bag." Yes, it is very clear that Admiral Kimmel was left "holding the bag", but it is becoming more clear that the "bag" he held was one not "made in Germany", as it were, but one "made in Washington."

Page 161
I said, "Admiral, why was your predecessor, Admiral Richardson, removed from his Command? "

Quick as a flash came his answer: "He wanted the Fleet based on our West Coast. In fact, he went to Washington, called on Stark [Admiral Stark, Chief of Naval Operations] and pleaded with him and others there for such a move, in view of tensions beginning to shape up in the Far East. Richardson thought and stated that Pearl Harbor was difficult to defend with the available forces and equipment there; 360 degrees of ocean to look after, hard to keep the fleet adequately fueled, vulnerable to submarine attack, inadequate anti-aircraft guns supplied to the Army, all of which was quite true. Failing to make any headway with Admiral Stark, he decided to go and see the President. With him, he likewise pleaded for the Fleet in the Pacific to assume a safer and more strategic posture. Roosevelt gave him a deaf ear, would not listen! Finally, Richardson banged hard on the table with his fist, stating he had presented his recommendations to high authority, and left, returning to Hawaii.

"Soon, he (Admiral Richardson) was relieved of his Command and I found myself succeeding him. At once, I conferred with Richardson, told him I had nothing whatsoever to do with the matter in Washington, and told him that I agreed with his recommendations which were overruled."

Page 162
Continuing, the Admiral said, "Colonel Dall, interestingly enough, or perhaps significantly enough, I had not been long in that Command when an order came through from Washington for me to transfer several capital ships and some auxiliaries, including oilers, for duty in other areas, which reduced my strength about 20%. Then, several months later, in June of 1941, as I recall it, I was ordered to detach and transfer more capital ships. Becoming most disturbed by this time, I went to Washington and protested that order coming from Admiral Stark. I did manage to have the order somewhat modified by him, but I was further weakened—something which puzzled me no end."

At my indicated look of surprise, the Admiral continued, "To cap it all, in the late Fall of 1941, not very long before the attack occurred, the Navy Department in Washington ordered my three carriers detached, sending one to Wake, one to Midway and one back to home waters. So, on December 7, 1941, my fleet was deprived of carrier air strength. General Short had about 12 Army reconnaissance planes, of which only six were in operational condition for extended reconnaissance over water!"

The Admiral then arose and walked slowly about the room to stretch his legs, and continued his startling remarks.
"Colonel Dall, this may further surprise you, but I found out later that the Japanese Task Force approaching Pearl Harbor, had specific orders that if the American Forces at Pearl Harbor became alerted, before the attack was launched, their Task Force was to return, at once, to Japanese waters, without attacking! Hence, to me this explained why much vitally important information contained in the decoded and translated Japanese cables received in Washington was deliberately withheld from the U. S. Commanders at Hawaii, lest the Japs alter their plans to attack under the favorable conditions duly created for them by Washington."

Here, the Admiral quoted from a secret dispatch sent from Tokyo to the Japanese Embassy in Washington, D. C. on December 1, 1941 … "to prevent the United States from becoming unduly suspicious, we have been advising the press and others that though there are some wide differences between Japan and the United States, the negotiations are continuing. (The above is for only your information.)"

Page 163
"I never received this information", said Admiral Kimmel, adding, "Early on Saturday afternoon, December 6, 1941, a pilot message from Tokyo to their Washington Embassy was intercepted and decoded, indicating that a very important fourteen point message was then on its way to their Ambassador in Washington.

"By three o'clock that afternoon, December 6, 1941, thirteen of the fourteen points had been received, decoded by us and translated. Distribution was promptly made to the most important officers of government by midnight.
"When the thirteen points were delivered to the President in the White House about 9:00 P.M. (3:30 in the afternoon of Saturday in Hawaii), he remarked, 'This means war."'

Why was a radio message, via the excellent facilities of the Navy, to Admiral Kimmel and General Short—alerting them to their imminent danger, not promptly dispatched by the Commander-in-Chief of our Armed Forces, or by Admiral Stark, acting under his direction? That question is what hurts so badly to contemplate! Why?

Admiral Kimmel said to me, "Early the next day, the Sunday morning of December 7th, General Marshall and Admiral Stark met in the latter's office in the Navy Department. About 9:00 a.m., the 14th part of the Japanese message had just been intercepted, decoded and translated. The time was still only 3:30 a.m. at Pearl Harbor—plenty of time for the alert.

Page 164
"General Marshall was milling around in Stark's office, pretending he had not fully digested the thirteen parts received on Saturday afternoon. As for his horseback ride for most of Sunday morning in Virginia, so extensively publicized, that was a pure fabrication.

"Stark said to Marshall, ‘Let’s radio Kimmel, and alert him.’ Marshall replied, 'Let's not. It might be detected by the Japs, and complicate things.' " (Emphasis supplied.)
"Stark—I can reach him by Naval radio, in about 15 minutes.'
"Marshall—I’ll wire him later.'"
"And he finally did just that", exclaimed the Admiral, "Marshall sent me a regular commercial wire, via Western Union, indicating no urgency, or priority of treatment!"
Concluding the episode, the retired Commandant said, "Two, hours approximately, after the bombs had fallen, I did receive Marshall’s wire, via Western Union, and I was so damned mad to get a regular Western Union commercial wire then from him, that after reading it, I crumpled it up and threw it in the waste basked.”

See the entire book here;

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Quotes By Curtis Dall on Russian Revolution; "F.D.R. - My Exploited Father-in-Law"

Lies You have been Taught;

1.     Russian Revolution was by peasants of Russia.


Now the truth;

Some time back I had mentioned the source of wealth of Jewish bankers and their quest for New World Order. Prior to NWO, World was controlled either by Church or by Monarchy. NWO is a World run neither by Church nor by Monarchs at least Catholic Monarchs but by Power of money.  After take over of US and France, next goal of Jewish bankers was to finish catholic monarchy in Russia, Austria-Hungary and Germany. This desire was realized through Great War. How Jews / Masons were responsible for Great War has already been detailed by in following article;

How New York Bankers were responsible for Russian revolution has been detailed by me at;-

Here are a Quotes by Curtis Dall, from his book FDR - My Exploited father-in-Law, which just re-enforce the facts as already known to all who are interested to Know True World History and not just Propaganda Published in History Books by International Bankers who now run most of the World.

Quotes from the book, F.D.R. - My Exploited Father-in-Law by Curtis B. Dall, On Russian Revolution being the handiwork of International Bankers for Jewish takeover of Russia;

Pg. 29:
Freddy Warburg was often available to help me, and many were the hours that we spent together, deep down under 15 Broad Street in the vault! .. One interesting anecdote he described to me took place at the close of World War 1, in November 1918. It seems his uncle, Max Warburg, of Hamburg, Germany, had been one of the Kaiser's top Secret Service men. It was he who arranged for the first sealed train after the Armistice to pass through Germany, carrying to Trotsky in Russia $500,000 in gold. This seemed to me, at the time, to be a lot of gold to send to Trotsky, or to any one man! However, Russia, in my mind, was then far away. (About Russian Revolution being conducted by world money’ers and not by Russians. See here Part-1


Dedicated to young Americans-May you benefit from observing how certain shadowy forces contrive to ruthlessly advance their own financial and ideological objectives at your expense. They select, then groom, and ultimately control many of our highest government officials. They plan the wars and through "foreign policy" arrange to set the stage for incidents to initiate hostilities. They overwork the word "Peace" to mislead you and create a plausible smoke screen in order to conceal their real operations. You can recognize who "they" are.


Pg. ii:

The American people are not reared and trained to become international minded schemers. As a result, we have become the ready victims of those who have been reared and steeped in that type of training. In addition, as a people, we are too inclined to hedonism, deeply absorbed in a program of pleasure. Toward that end, we are being encouraged and daily "molded" by our foreign influenced press, radio, and TV programs. We are encouraged to become absorbed in the trivial, for obvious reasons, by dedicated world planners.

Let us not fool ourselves. The wealth, freedom and liberty of the American people are being stolen and steadily nibbled away. Today, as easy suckers, we are buying many overpriced, political "benefits," all paid for, of course, with our own hard-earned money!

We have also been goaded into trying to run the affairs of other nations which yield a fine profit for the world money powers who are in the know on credits and markets. Whether you realize it or not, that has all been planned for you in just that way."

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