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Friday, April 1, 2011


              THE FREEMEN

      This article was originally published December 1st 2006

Dear Brethren,

Many famous men throughout history were members of Masonic Lodges.
A few of them were:

WORLD LEADERS: Miguel Aleman (Mexican President 1947-52), Eduard Benes (President of Czechoslovakia 1939-48), Sveinn Bjornsson (1st President of Iceland), Napoleon Bonaparte (and his four brothers), Randolph Churchill, King Edward VII and King Edward VIII (Kings of England, 1901-10 & 36, respectively), Francis II (Holy Roman Emperor, 1768-1806), Frederick the Great (King of Prussia 1740-86), George I & George II (Kings of Greece, 1845-1913 & 1922-47), George IV & George VI (Kings of England 1760-1820 & 1820-30), Gustavus VI Adolphus (King of Sweden 1792-1809), Leopold I (King of Belgium (1831-65), Peter the Great (Emperor of Russia 1689-1725), William I (King of Prussia 1861-88), William II (King of the Netherlands (1792-1849), William IV (King of England (1830-37)  Abbott, Sir John J.C. - Prime Minister of Canada 1891-99. Allende, Salvador (1908-1973) - President of Chile, Lodge Progresso No. 4, Valpariso Emilio Aguinaldo (Phillippine Patriot and General). Ataturk, Mustapha Kemal, Former President of Turkey 1923-1938. Barclay, E-J. - President of Liberia in 1930 - 1941. Depute-Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Liberia in 1930. Barrientos, Rene. - 1925-1969. President of Bolivie 1964. Batista, Mariano. 1832-1907. - President of Bolivia in 1892. Lodge Ian Amos Komensky No. 1, Prague and Lodge Pravda Vitezi. Bennett, Viscount R.B. - Prime Minister of Canada 1930-35. Bertrand, Francisco - 1870-1926 President of Honduras. Bolivar, Simon. 1783-1830 - Hero of the Independence of South American countries from Spain. Known as the George Washington of South America. Bonaparte, Joseph 1768-1844. - King of Naples. Borden, Sir Robert L. - Prime Minister of Canada 1911-1920. Botha, Pik - Former Foreign Minister of South Africa. Bowell, Sir Mackenzie - Prime Minister of Canada 1894-96. Brant, Joseph - Chief of the Mohawks 1742 – 1807. King Charles XIII (King of Sweden 1748-1818). Churchill, Winston, Sir. 1874-1965. - Former British Prime Minister during the Second World War Member of the Studholme Lodge 1591, of London. Diefenbaker, John G. - Prime Minister of Canada 1957-63. Doumer, Paul - President of France. Doumergue, Gaston - President of France. Frederic II - King of Prussia. Francis I Holy Roman Emperor, 1745-65. Frederic VII - King of Denmark. 1806-1863. Garibaldi, Giuseppe. 1807-1882. –Italian Military Leader & Deputy of Rome. George VI - King of England during W.W. II. Georges II 1895-1952. - King of Greece. Gustave V - King of Sweden 1907 - 1950. Joffre 1852-1931 - Marshall of France. Kamehemeha IV King of Hawaii (1854-63). Kemehemeha V King of Hawaii (1863-72). Lafayette, Marquis de (1757-1834) - French aristocat and Military leader and heavily involved in both AMERICAN AND FRENCH Revolutions. Leopold I - King of Belgium (1831-65). MacDonald, Sir John A. - Prime Minister of Canada 1867-73 and 1878-91. Mitterand, Alexandre - President of France, Edmund Barton (1849-1920) First prime minister of Australia. Edmund Burke (1729-1797) Angle-Irish Statesman & Supporter of pre-Revolution Colonies, Geroge Canning (1770-1827) former British Prime minister, King Hussein of Jordan (1935-1999) King of Jordan from 1952 to 1999, Benito Juarez (1806-1872) President of Mexico from 1861-1863, 1867-1872. King david Kalakaua (1836-1891) The last king of Hawaiian Kingdom and many others.

BUSINESS LEADERS: John Jacob Astor (financier), Lloyd Balfour (Jewelry), Lawrence Bell (Bell Aircraft Corp.), William H. Dow (Dow Chemical Co.), Henry Ford (1863-1947) Founder of Ford Motor Company (Motor Cars), Alfred Fuller (Fuller Brush), King C. Gillett (Gillett Razor Co.), Fredrick Maytag, Andrew W. Mellon (banker), George Pullman, David Sarnoff (father of T.V.), Leland Stanford (railroads - Stanford Univ.) Carson, Curtis L. – Entrepreneur. Walter P. Chrysler (1875-1940),- Founded Chrysler Corporation Automobile Company. He also built New Yorks Chrysler Building. Citroen, Andre (1878-1935) - French Engineer and motor car manufacturer founder of Citroen Car Company. Drake, Edwin L - American Pioneer of the Oil industry. Dunlop, John Boyd – Tire Manufacturer. Faber, Eberhard - Head of the Eberhard Fabor Pencil Company. Forten, James -Abolitionist/ Manufacturer. Gillette, King C. - Gillette Razor Co. Hilton, Charles C. - is listed as a mason on many lists as founder of Hilton Hotels, but the hotel chain was founded by Conrad Hilton, who was a staunch Catholic who left most of his estate to support Catholic charities. Hoe, Richard M. - Invented the rotory press, revolutinizing newspaper printing. Hoover, Frank - Vacuum cleaner fame Lake, Simon - Built first submarine successfull in open sea. Lavoisier, Antoine Laurent 1743-1794 – Chemist.  Lipton, Sir Thomas (1850-1931)- Famous Yachtsman, Founder Lipton Tea Company. MacAdam, John - Invented "blacktop pavement". Maytag, Fredrick - Maytag appliances. Mecherle, George Jacob - Founder, State Farm Insurance. Mellon, Andrew - American industrialist, banker and philanthropist. Nash, Charles - Automotive industry. Olds, Ransom E. -  American automobile pioneer.  Penney, James C. (1875-1971) – founder J.C. Penney chain of retail stores Sanders, Harland "Colonel" (1890-1980) - Founder Kentucky Fried Chicken Restaurants. Sarnoff, David - Father of T.V. (RCA). Teets, John W. - Chairman and President of Dial Corporation. Thomas, Dave - Founder of Wendy's Restaurant. Watson, Thomas - Founder of IBM, Richard J Gatling (1818-1903) inventor of Gatling Gun, and many others Nathan Mayer Rothschild (1777-1836) German founder of Rothschild banking dynasty, Steve Wozniak (1950- ) co-founder of Apple Computer with setev Jobs and many others.

MILITARY LEADERS: Lord Roberts (Kandhar), Lord Horatio Herbert Kitchener (India) (1850-1916), Sir John French, Field Marshall Sir Douglas Haig (1861-19280 British Military Commander during the first World War, Sir Claude Auchinleck, Earl Alexender (Tunis), Generals John J. Pershing, George C. Marshall (1880-1959) American General who formulated who formulated Marshall plan for europes post second World War, Douglas MacArthur (1880-1964) American General, Joseph Stillwell, Johnathon Wainwright, Curtis E. LaMay, Omar N. Bradley, Henry H. "Hap" Arnold, Claire L. Chenault, Mark Clark, James Doolittle, Admirals David G. Farragut (First Admiral of the U.S. Navy), Ernest J. King, Richard Byrd, Tirpitz, Alfred Von 1849-1930 - German Naval officer responsible for submarine warfare, Arnold, Benedict - Major General and early American Revolution war hero, Audie Murphy (1924-1971) America’s most decorated War Hero who later became an actor, Albert Pike (1809-1891) US confedrate Militarily Officer of scottish rite and many others, Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington (1759-1862) British Military Leader.

ASTRONAUTS: Ed Aldrin, Neil Armstrong the 1st person to walk on moon, Gordon Cooper, Don Eisle, Virgil Grissom, Ed Michell, Tom Stafford, Fred Haise, and Wally Shirra Buzz Aldrin, an American Astronaut the 2nd person to walk on moon John Glenn (1921- ) American Astronaut and Democrat Senator.

EXPLORERS: Hiram Bingham (Discoverer of Machu Picchu), James Bruce (Discoverer of the source of the Blue Nile), Adm. Richard E. Byrd, Christopher "Kit" Carson, William Clark; Merriwether Lewis, and Robert E. Peary, Robert Amundsen (1872-1928) Norwegian Explorer who in 1911 led the first sucessful expedition to the south pole, Robert Falcon scott (1868-1912) British explorer known as Scott of the Antractic, Sir Ernest Shackleton (1874-1922) British Explorer

INVENTORS AND SCIENTISTS: Appleton, Sir Edward Victor - English physicist. Nobel prize 1947. Sir Isaac Newton (1642-1727) Lodge, No. 859 Mathematician, scientist theologian, philosopher, Cambridge.Samuel Colt (1814-1862) Inventor Colt Revolver (firearms), Sir Bernard Spilsbury, Sir Alexander Fleming (1881-1955) Scottish Biologist who won Noble Prize for (penicillin), Edward Jenner (vaccination) Simon Lake (first practical submarine), John L. McAdam (Macadamized roads), Luther Burbank Michelson, Albert Abraham - Successfully measured the speed of light in 1882. Montgolfier, Jacques and Joseph - Co-developers of the first practical hot-air balloon Sax, Antoine Joseph - Invented the Saxophone (1846) and many others.

SPORTS: Grover C. Alexander, Cy Young, Jack Dempsey (1895-1983) US Boxer and Heavy Weight Boxing Champion from 1919 to 1926, Arnold Palmer (1929- ) American Golfer, Tyrus R. "Ty" Cobb, Carl O. Hubbell, Christopher "Christy" Mathewson, Mordecai P.C. Brown, Gordon "Mickey" Corchran, Avery Brundage, Albert "Happy" Chandler, Branch Rickey, Knute Rockne, Harold Abrahams (1899-1978) British Athlete who won 100 meters gold at 1924 Olympics, later dramatised in 1981 movie ‘Chariots of fire’, Webb, Matthew (1848-1883)- First man to swim the English Channel (1875), Sir Malcolm Campbell (1885-1948) English Land & Sea speed record holder during 1920s and 1930s, Donald Campbell (1921-1967) English Car and Motor Bike Racer who crashed and died while trying to set a new water speed record, Son of Malcolm,  Leslie Compton (1912-1984) England Footballer, Peter Ebdon (1970- ) English Snooker Player, Sir Leonard Hutton (1916-1990) Former England Cricket Captain, Jack Johnson (1878-1946) First Black Heavyweight boxing champion of the world from 1908-1915, Sir Clive Lloyd (1944- ), west Indies Cricket Captain, Jackie Milburn (1924-1988) English footballer, ‘Sugar’ Ray Robinson (1921-1989) American Boxer and world middleweight and welterweight Champion, Len Shackleton (1922-2000) England Footballer, Jack stein (1922-1985) Scotland Football Manager, Herbert Sutcliffe (1894-1978) England Cricketer Metcalfe, Ralph H. - Olympic Champion. and many others.

COMPOSERS: Irving Berlin (1888-1989) Siberian Born US Based composer of ‘White Christmas’ and ‘Annie get your guns’, Jean Sibelius (1865-1957) Finnish Composer, George M. Cohan, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791) Austrian composer who wrote Masonic Opera, John Phillip Sousa, Richard Wagner, Franz Joseph Haydn (1732-1809) American Composer introduced to freemasonry by Mozart, Franz Listz, Thomas Arne (1710-1778) composer of ‘Rule Britannia’, Sir Arthur Sullivan & his co composer Sir William Gilbert, Lionel Monckton, Robert Burns (1759-1796) Scottish poet, bard and composer of copious Masonic poems and songs, Franz Lizst (1811-1886) Hungarian composer and pianist, and many others.

ACTORS: John Wayne (1907-1979) American actor and hero of western movies, Michal Richards (1949- ) US actor who payed Cosmo Kramer in ‘Seinfeld’, Ernest Borgnine American Film actor and academy Award Winner, Clark Gable (1901-1960) US Actor and Star of ‘Gone with the wind’ & ‘Mutiny on the Bounty’, Arthur Godfrey, David W. Griffith, Oliver Hardy (1892-1957) American Actor and one half of comedy show Laurel & Hardy., Harold C. Lloyd (1893-1971) American actor famous for his comic silent movies, David Garrick (1717-1779) English Actor, dramitist and theatrical producer, Edmund Kean (1787-1833) English Shakespearen actor, Peter Sellers (1925-1980) British actor, William ‘Bud’ Abbot (1897-1974) Amrican Actor, comedian and one half of Abbot & Costello Comedy duo, Cecil B de Mille (1881-1959) Twentiethy Century American Film Director, Douglas Fairbanks (1883-1939) American star of silent movies such as ‘Mark of Zoro’ and ‘Thief of Baghdad’, Alfred Marks (1921-1996) English actor, Richard pryor (1940-2005) American comedian and actor, Roy Rogers (1911-1998) American singer and hero of cowboy movies, Telly Savalas (1924-1994) Greek American actor better known for playing TV detective ‘KOJAK’, Tommy Trinder (1909-1989) English comedian and actor, Jack L Warner (1892-1978) Founder and President of Warner Brother Studios, Darryl Zanuck (1902-1979) US founder of Twenthieth Century fox, and many others .

ENTERTAINERS: Gene Autry (1907-1998) American Performer and Singer known as ‘Singing Cowboy’, Joe E. Brown, Bob Burns, Eddie Cantor, Charles D. Coburn, William F. "Buffalo Bill" Cody (1846-1917) Founder touring America Wild West Show, Donald Crisp, Cecil B. DeMille, Richard Dix, W.C. Fields, Jean Hersholt, Harry Houdini (1874-1926) Legendary Escapologist, Al Jolson (1886-1950) American Singer, Charles "Buck" Jones, Harry Kellar, Tom Mix, Dick Powell, Will Rogers, Charles S. "Tom Thumb" Stratton, Richard B. "Red" Skelton, Paul Whiteman, Ed Wynn, Sir Henry Irving, Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree, Sir Harry lauder (1870-1950) Scottish entertainer and music hall artist, Sir Donald Wolfit, Louis Armstrong (1901-1971)-American Jazz Trumpeter & Singer known as ‘Satchmo’, ‘Count’ William Basie (1904-1984) Us Jazz pianist, Orgnist, Leader of Count Basie Orchester, Mel Blanc (1908-1989) US Radio Actor & Voice of animated characters such as bugs bunny, Daffy Duck & Sylester, Lord Byron British Romantic Poet, Nat ‘King’ Cole (1919-1965) American Singer & Jazz Musician, Jim Davidson (1953-) english Comedian, Roger De Courcey (1944-) English Ventriloquist famous for his side kick Nookie the bear, edward Kennedy ‘Duke’ Ellington (1899-1974) US Jazz Pianist & Singer, W C Fields (1880-1946) American Comedian, Cyril Fletcher (1913-2005) English Comedian , Bob Hope (1903-2003) British American Entertainer and comedian, Alexender Pope (1688-1744) English Poet, and many others.

SCULPTORS: Gutzon Borglum and his son, Lincoln Borglum (together carved Mt. Rushmore National Memorial), Johann G. Schadow (Prussian Court Sculptor) J. Otto Schweizer, Hogarth, Sir John Soane, David Nixon (1919-1978) English Magician and television entertainer, Jean-antoine 1741-1828 – Sculptor and many others.

ARCHITECTS: James Hoban (1762-1831) Irish architect who designed original White House and its replacement. Alexandre Gustave Eiffel (1823-1923) French Architect who designed the Eiffel Tower, Frederic A. - Designed the Statue of Liberty Sir Christopher Wren (1632-1723) English Architect who designed many of Londons Churches including st Paul’s Catedral Jean Francious - Designer of The Arc De Triomphe in Paris, France Hoban, James - Architect for the U.S. Captial.

WRITERS: Robert Burns, Samuel L. Clemens (Mark Twain) (1835-1910) American writer better known for ‘The adventures of Tom Sawyer’, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (Author of Sherlock Holmes) (1859-1930), Edward Gibbon (1734-1794) English Historian and author of ‘Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire’, Edgar A. Guest, Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936) British poet and famous author for ‘The Jungle Book’, Alexander Pope, Sir Walter Scott (1771-1832) Scottish Novelist and author of ‘Ivanhoe’, Jonathan Swift (1667-1745) irish Writer better known for ‘Gulliver’s Travels’, Lowell Thomas, Voltair (real name Francois-Marie Arouet)(1694-1778) French writer and philospher , Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832) German Poet, Friedrich Schiller, James Boswell, Robert Burnes, Richard Brinsley Sheridan, Captain Frederick Marryat, James Hogg, Anthony Trollope (1815-1882) English Novelist and inventor of Red Postbox, W. S. Gilbert, Oscar Wilde (1854-1900) Irish Playright and Novelist, Rafael Sabatini, Carlo Collodi (1826-1890) italian writer who created pinnocchio, Alex Haley (1921-1992) American Author of ‘Autobiography of Malcolm’ & ‘Roots’, William Hogarth (1697-1764) British Painter cartoonist and Satirist, Burl Ives (1909-1995) American Folk Singer, writer and Actor, Aleksandr Pushkin (1799-1837) Russian Author and many others.

YOUTH ORGANIZATION FOUNDERS: Beard, Daniel Carter - Founder Boy Scouts movement in United States, Mariners Lodge No. 67, New York City. Bellamy, Frank S. Land (International Order of DeMolay), William Mark Sexson (International Order of Rainbow for Girls).

UNITED STATES PATRIOTS: Francis Scott Key (wrote National Anthem), Ralph Bellamy (wrote the US Pledge of Allegiance), Paul Revere, John Paul Jones, Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790), John Hancock, Patrick Henry and many others.

UNITED STATES POLITICIANS: Thomas Dewey, Everett Dirksen, Fiorello H. LaGuardia (1882-1947) renowned Mayor of New york who left his name to one of the city’s airports, John Marshall, Barry Goldwater, Hubert Humphrey, Robert Dole, Jack Kemp, Rev. Jesse Jackson (1941- ) American minister, Politician and civil rights activist. and many others.

UNITED STATES PRESIDENTS: George Washington, John Adam, James Monroe, Andrew Jackson, James Polk, James Buchanan, Andrew Johnson, James Abram Garfield, William McKinley, Theodore Roosevelt, William H. Taft, Warren G. Harding, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry S. Truman, Lyndon Johnson and Gerald Ford. George Bush Sr.

Baldwin, Henry. Black, Hugo L. Blair, John Jr., Blatchford, Samuel. Burton, Harold H. Byrnes, James F. Catton, John Clark, Thomas C. Clarke, John H. Cushing, William. Devanter, Willis Van. Douglas, William O. Ellsworth, Oliver. Field, Stephen J. Harlan, John M. Jackson, Robert H. Lamar, Joseph E. Marshall, Thurgood Marshall, John - Chief Justice 1801 – 1835. Mathews, Stanley. Minton, Sherman, Moody, William H. Nelson, Samuel. Paterson, William - Signer US Constitution. Pitney, Mahlon. Reed, Stanley F. Rutledge, Wiley B. Stewart, Potter Swayne, Noah H. Todd, Thomas Trimble, Robert . Vinson, Frederick M. - Chief Justice 1946 – 1953. Warren, Earl - Chief Justice 1953 - 1971, Governor of California, Grand Master of California. Woodbury, Levi. Woods, William B.

RELIGIOUS LEADERS: James C. Baker (Bishop, Methodist Church, organized first Wesley Foundation in U.S.), Hosea Ballou (Founder, Universalist Church), Robert E. B. Baylor (Baptist clergyman, founder of Baylor University), Preston Bradley (founder of the Peoples Church), Father Francisco Calvo (Catholic Priest who started Freemasonry in Costa Rica in 1865), Hugh I. Evans (National head of the Presbyterian Church, U.S.A.), Most Reverend Geoffrey F. Fisher (former Archbishop of Canterbury), Eugene M. Frank (Methodist Bishop), Reverend Dr. Norman Vincent Peale (Methodist Episcopal minister and author) Titus Low (President of Methodist Council of Bishops), Thomas Starr King, Swami Vivekananda and many others.

OTHER FAMOUS MASONS: Agha Khan. 1877-1957.   Ashmole, Elias (1617-1692)- Founder member of the Royal Society of England and Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, first known English speculative Mason at Warrington, Lancashire, in 1646. Bartholdi, Baylor, Robert E. B. - Founder Baylor University. Rev. Francis - Authored U.S. Pledge of Allegiance. Benitez, Conrado, 1889-1971. Philippines. Borglum, Gutzon and Lincoln, - Father and son who carved Mt. Rushmore. Brundage, Avery - Olympic Committee. Giacomo Casanova (1725-1798) - Italian Adventurer, writer and entertainer.  Chagrin, DuBois, W.E.B. - Educator/scholar. Dunant, Jean Henri 1828-1910 - Founder of the Red Cross. Evers, Medger Wiley - Civil Rights Leader Gompers, Samuel - Founder of American Federation of Labor (AFL of AFL-CIO)
Gris, Juan - Spanish Artist - Synthetic Cubism. Guillotin, Joseph Ignace (1738-1814) – French Physician, Inventor of the "Guillotin". Hedges, Cornelius - "Father" of Yellowstone National Park. Hooks, Benjamin L. - Former Executive Director, NAACP. Houdon, Jones, Melvin - One of the founders of the Lions International. Khan III, Aga – Statesman. Lafontaine, Henri - Nobel Prize in 1913. Leazer, Gary - Investigated Freemasonry for Southern Baptist Convention and later joined Freemasonry. Lewis, John L. - Long time leader of The United Mine Workers. Livingston, Robert - Co-Negotiator for purchase of Louisiana Territory.  Madison, James - Hiram Lodge, Westmoreland County, Virginia. Mays, Benjamin -Educator/former President Atlanta University.   Morris, Dr. Robert - Poet and Founder of the Order of Eastern Star Naismith, James - Inventor of Basketball. Otis, James - Famous for "Taxations without Representation is Tyranny". Papst, Charles F. - Coined the term "Athletes Foot". Pound, Roscoe - Former Dean Harvard Law School. Pullman, George - Built first sleeping car on train. Randolph, A. Phillip - Founder - first president, International Brotherhood Sleeping Car Porters. Retief, Piet - Afrikaans leader and one of the founders of the South African nation. Rhodes, Cecil - Rhodes Scholarship. Schoonover, George - Founder of "The Builder". Schweizer, J. Otto. Thomas, Lowell - Brought Lawrence of Arabia to public notice. radio announcer/newsman. Wadlow, Robert Pershing (1918-1940) - Tallest human on record being almost 9 feet tall. Washington, Booker T. - Educator/Founder Tuskegee Institute, Stephen Austin (1793-1836), Lawyer & Colonist known as ‘Father of Texas’, Dr Thomas Barnado (1845-1905) Philanthropist & Founder of ‘Barnado Childrens Home’, James Bowie (1796-1836) American pioneer and gave his name to Bowie Knife, Sir William ‘Billy’ Butlin (1899-1980) British founder of Butlin Holiday Camps, J Edgar Hoover 91895-1972) Founder of America’s Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Charles Lindbergh (1902-19740 American aviator who made first non stop flight from US to Europe.

Brotherly yours


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