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Monday, February 7, 2011

Final Solution for Jewish homeland and repossession of Jerusalem - Manhattan project.

                  THE FREEMEN
Dear Brethren,
Lies being taught;
6 million peaces loving Jews were killed or burnt alive in ovens, children used as target practice etc by Hitler/Nazis in Holocaust.

Now the truth;
Final Solution for Jewish homeland and repossession of Jerusalem - Manhattan project. A Jewish Holocaust or Holocaust by Jews - Part -II

In my last article, I had mentioned detailed history of two thousand year old desire of Jews to repossess Israel and their three thousand old desire for military domination of the world.

I had mentioned The secrets of Freemasonry are the reconstruction of First Temple of Jews by King Solomon and Jewish desire for world domination as depicted and performed or play acted in their Lodge meetings.

Jews are rich but money cannot buy Israel. Jews are good assassins, but assassinations cannot give them Israel. Jews have led most revolutions across the modern world, but revolutions and toppling off of Kings in other countries cannot give them Israel. Final solution, which alone can give them Israel and simultaneously fulfill their desire for world domination are; 1st Political Zionist Theodor Herzl "father of Zionism" suggested 6 million Jewish Holocaust as" Final Solution of the Jewish Question" in 1895 to repossess Jerusalem from Muslims.

a)     Immense Public sympathy in their favor which Jews generated in the form of 20 times exaggeration of German Holocaust though it was Hitler himself who favored creation of Israel and immigration of Jews to Palestine and also offered them free transportation. However Rabbi Abba Hillal Silver of Cleveland and Rabbi Stephen wise of New York assailed the decision on the ground that it will make Jews a pauperized salesmen of German made goods (see New York Times Dt January 15, 1939).

b)     A weapon of massive destruction which at one throw can immediately capitulate them to world center stage and which will, not only make them militarily dominate the world, but would substantially enhance their claim over possession of Israel, and thus enable them to rebuild their destroyed first Temple.

The third and final stage of Holocaust by Jews began with the quest for development of Holocaust weapon i.e. atomic bombs to fulfill three thousand year old Jewish desire since the days of King David for world domination and for repossession of Israel.

Thus Leo Szilard, Eugene Wigner, Niels Bohr, Albert Einstein, Alexander Sachs, financier Bernard Baruch, Julius Robert Oppenheimer, Lipman Siew @ William Leonard Laurence, all Jews devoted themselves to military dominance over the world by their research, production and actual use of atomic bombs on huge civilian population by burning alive estimated 10 million babies, children, girls, women and old men - all civilians when it dropped atomic bombs on two major cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki on 6th and 9th August 1945.

Now read further;-

Jew Albert Einstein  (14 March 1879 – 18 April 1955). Einstein’s theories of molecular movement and energy were used to create the first atomic weapon, dubbed the “Manhattan Project” for the United States. He set in motion the program of nuclear fission in the United States. Einstein was an official emissary for the World Zionist Organization. He was committed to Zionism; Ronald W. Clark mentions in Einstein; His Life And Times, Avon, 1971, p.377, "He would campaign with the Zionists for a Jewish homeland in Palestine." On p.460, Clark quotes Einstein, "As a Jew I am from today a supporter of the Jewish Zionist efforts." (1919).

As a tribute of Einstein’s pre eminent role in the fulfillment of Jewish desire for World Domination, Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion offered Einstein the position of President of Israel, after Israel's first president, Chaim Weizmann, died in November 1952. The offer was presented by Israel's ambassador in Washington, Abba Eban, who explained that the offer embodies the deepest respect which the Jewish people can repose in any of its sons.  The post of President being merely ceremonial in nature was expectedly declined by Einstein.

Jew Leó Szilárd (February 11, 1898 – May 30, 1964) was a Hungarian physicist who conceived the nuclear chain reaction in 1933, patented the idea of a nuclear reactor with Enrico Fermi, and in late 1939 wrote the letter for Albert Einstein's signature that resulted in the Manhattan Project that built the atomic bomb. One of Szilard's main contributions was his and Enrico Fermi's creation of the first controlled nuclear chain reaction. This was done at the University of Chicago in Dec. 1942.

Jew Enrico Fermi (29 September 1901 – 28 November 1954) came under Jewish influence through his wife Laura who was a Jew. Along with J. Robert Oppenheimer, he is frequently referred to as "the father of the atomic bomb". He was part of a team of physicists working on the Manhattan Project. He was awarded the 1938 Nobel Prize in Physics for his work on induced radioactivity.  His contribution to A-Bomb was that he led the construction of the first nuclear pile known as Chicago Pile-1.

Jew Niels Henrik David Bohr (7 October 1885 – 18 November 1962) was a scion of international Jewish bankers who was recognized as the founder of modern physics.  His mother Ellen Adler Bohr, came from a wealthy Jewish family from Danish banking. He made fundamental contributions to understanding atomic structure and quantum mechanics, for which he received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1922. He was part of a team of physicists working on the Manhattan Project.

Jew Eugene Wigner (November 17, 1902 – January 1, 1995) was a Hungarian American physicist and mathematician. He received a share of the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1963 "for his contributions to the theory of the atomic nucleus and the elementary particles. He co-authored the letter to Franklin Delano Roosevelt which was the beginning of Manhattan Project.

Jew Bernard Baruch who financed the project. The principle characters in causing President Franklin D. Roosevelt to approve the Manhattan Project was Albert Einstein, Leo Szilard, Eugene Wigner, Wall street financier Bernard Baruch head of the Jewish high council in Manhattan and J. Robert Oppenheimer  who was made the scientific Director of Manhattan Project. Needless to say all were Jews.

Manhattan Project:
In August 1939 Jew Leo Szilard alongwith Jew Eugene Wigner wrote a letter to President Franklin Roosevelt pointing out the danger that would arise if Germany made the first A-bomb. To make the letter more influential, it was signed not by Szilard but by his old colleague, Albert Einstein. The result was the slow beginnings of the U.S. atomic bomb project (Genius in the Shadows: A Biography of Leo Szilard, by William Lanouette, pg. 198-212). Einstein's letter to Roosevelt, dated august 2, 1939, was delivered personally to President Roosevelt by a Russian / Lithuanian Jew Alexander Sachs on October 11. The atomic bomb program could not be launched without the necessary Wall Street sponsorship. Sachs, a Russian Jew, listed his profession as "economist" but was actually a bagman for the Rothschilds, who regularly delivered large sums of cash to Roosevelt in the White House. Sachs was an advisor to Eugene Meyer of the Lazard Freres International Banking House, and also with Lehman Brothers, another well known banker. Sachs' delivery of the Einstein letter to the White House let Roosevelt know that the Rothschilds approved of the project and wished him to go full speed ahead.

Jew Bernard Baruch; The atomic bomb was developed at the Los Alamos Laboratories in New Mexico. The top secret project was called the Manhattan Project, because its secret director and financier, Bernard Baruch, lived in Manhattan, who was head of the Jewish high council in Manhattan. Baruch had chosen Maj. Gen. Leslie R. Groves to head the operation. (He had previously built the Pentagon, and had a good reputation among the Washington politicians, who usually came when Baruch beckoned. Groves is known as the General in charge of the Manhattan Project which built the Atomic Bomb. He was chosen because he is the one who supervised the building of the Pentagon. It is said that high Masons supervised the construction of most of the governmental buildings in Washington D.C.  No doubt Groves was a high-ranking Scottish Rite Freemason). In Oppenheimer; the Years Of Risk, by James Kunetka, Prentice Hall, NY, 1982, Kunetka writes, p. 106, "Baruch was especially interested in Oppenheimer for the position of senior scientific adviser."

Jew Julius Robert Oppenheimer (April 22, 1904 – February 18, 1967) Born to affluent Jewish parents, J. Robert Oppenheimer, a Jewish cabalist, was an American theoretical physicist and professor of physics at the University of California, Berkeley. J Robert Oppenheimer was the scientific director of the Manhattan Project, which developed the first nuclear weapons at the secret Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico. For this reason he is remembered as “The Father of the Atomic Bomb”. As director of the Manhattan project, Robert Oppenheimer was responsible for collecting, coordinating, and leading the team that developed and detonated the first atomic bomb.

Robert Serber (March 14, 1909 - June 1, 1997) was an American physicist who worked in the Manhattan Project. Serber developed the first good theory of bomb disassembly hydrodynamics. Serber's came under Jewish influence as his wife Charlotte was Jew. Because Charlotte was a Jew, she was appointed by Oppenheimer to head Los Alamos' library, making her the only female section leader at wartime Los Alamos.

The first atomic bomb;
The first successful test of the atomic bomb occurred at the Trinity site, two hundred miles south of Los Alamos at 5:29:45 a.m. on July 16, 1945.
Oppenheimer was beside himself at the spectacle. He shrieked, "I am become Death, the Destroyer of worlds." Indeed, this seemed to be the ultimate goal of the Manhattan Project, to destroy the world. Oppenheimer's exultation came from his realization that now his people had attained the ultimate power, through which they could implement their three thousand year old desire to rule the entire world.
He was also one of the principle proponents of using the bomb unannounced, against actual human targets i.e. a huge civilian population.

FDR and Truman was member of Jewish secret Society;

The decision to burn millions of babies, girls, children, women, and old men was forced upon Truman by Jewish lobby in particular by Bernard Baruch, a prominent Jew and adviser to both FDR and Truman, Robert Oppenheimer, Leó Szilárd etc. Truman’s acting secretary of state James Byrnes was elected U.S. Senator with the help of this Jewish financier Bernard M. Baruch. It was Baruch who dictated to Truman, through his man Byrnes, that he should drop the atomic bomb on Japan. Byrne, Truman's secretary of state, went to him and said, "What will you say, Mr. President, at your impeachment proceeding when the American people learn that you had a weapon which could have ended the war and did not use it?" thereby forcing Truman to do the bidding of Jews / Bernard Baruch.

On August 6, 1945 the uranium bomb "Little Boy" slammed Hiroshima with the explosive force of 15,000 tons of TNT. Three days later the plutonium bomb "Fat Man" devastated Nagasaki. – which ultimately resulted in the burning alive of all civilian population approx 10 million babies, children, girls, women and old men of two major Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Jew Lipman Siew @ William Leonard Laurence (March 7, 1888 – March 19, 1977). Despite the fact that the Manhattan Project was the most closely guarded secret of World War II, one man, and one many only, was allowed to observe everything and to know everything about the project. He was Lipman Siew, a Lithuanian Jew who had come to the United States as a political refugee at the age of seventeen. He lived in Boston on Lawrence St., and decided to take the name of William L. Laurence. When Laurence went to New York, he was hired by Herbert Bayard Swope, editor of the New York World, who was known as Bernard Baruch's personal publicity agent. Baruch owned the New York World. In 1930, Laurence accepted an offer from the New York Times to become its science editor. It is stated in Who's Who that he "was selected by the heads of the atomic bomb project as sole writer and public relations." How one could be a public relations writer for a top secret project any one can guess. Laurence was the only civilian present at the historic explosion of the test bomb on July 16, 1945. Less than a month later, he sat in the copilots seat of the B-29 on the fateful Nagasaki bombing run.

Extermination of millions of civilians by burning them alive was absolutely necessary to put final cap on Jewish desire for World domination.


Much justification for development and use of atomic weapons by Jews as detailed above is made on German research on similar subject. But was there a German programme for atomic weapons?

In the 1930s, Germany and Japan had a number of scientists working on the development of nuclear fission. In 1938, two Germans scientists, Otto Hahn and Fritz Strassmann, working at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in Berlin, discovered that when they bombarded uranium with neutrons they could split the uranium atoms' nuclei into two parts releasing energy and more neutrons (a process called fission.) From this it was obvious to scientists around the world that it was possible to create energy-producing fission chain reactions as the neutrons from one split-atom plowed into surrounding atoms, splitting them also. There are conflicting facts about whether research was stopped there or that it was carried further, atomic bomb built and also tested but undisputed fact remains that when Hitler realized the horror of such weapons and scale of human suffering that would eventually follow, he forbade its research and production. Similarly The Emperor of Japan let his scientists know that he would never approve such an inhuman weapon. In both of these countries, their leaders sternly forbade them to continue any further production or research of atomic weapons. In 1941, German Army Ordnance began compiling a report which ranked weapons development programs. Development or production of nuclear weapons was nowhere in the picture as early as in 1941 as it had been completely banned.

Hitler’s policy as regards Chemical weapons was also clear. He had banned use of Chemical weapons or use of poisonous gasses and never used them against allies even in D Day Invasion. Rather George Bush President of US had used Chemicals weapons against Iraqi children, babies, girls and women all civilians in Fallujah - 

Hitler’s much touted attack on Poland on September 1, 1939 was nothing more than to regain German Corridor (under Polish possession) which cut off East Prussia from rest of Germany which was wrongly cut off from Germany under 1919 Treaty of Versailles. If England and France had not (wrongly) attacked Germany on September 3, 1939, WW2 would not have happened.


Note by Author;- I had sent advance copy of above history to few well wishers who told me that If I proceed to publish the above page, I will be;-

a)     Assassinated or

b)      Cases filed against me all over and I will be hounded to bankruptcy as was done to Julian Assange recently for publishing truth and  

c)      All my accounts will be closed.


Americans do not have Freedom much less freedom of Information. However I believe in the values of freedom and have decided to publish the above page notwithstanding what may become of me. Our lives are worthless if we do not have freedom or know truth.



  1. Thank you once again, very interesting info, especially about the nuclear program. I know the so called Jewish Holocaust story is full of holes, simply they can not produce a single image of Nazi ovens that burnt Jews/ not even in their musems they have one image or one drawing of it. Your info dating back to the 10th century is an eye opener . God Bless

  2. Good stuff Kaps, very well researched and written.

    This is hardly relevant, but it maks me laugh. Bernard Baruch's father was in the Ku Klux Klan.

  3. The nazies and the zionists had a treaty called the Ha,avara treaty in which they send zionists people to Palestine and transported two hundred million Reichsmark to zionist in Palestine to establish the zionist state of Israel. Hitler himself was part jew because his grandmother got laid by Rothgschild. The child became the father of Hitler. Hitler got his money direct from Rothschild and he even funded his study at the Tavistock Institute in England before he became politicly interested. The Rothschildfamily was working for the zionist state long before that.