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Friday, October 15, 2010

Ayodhya belongs to Lord Ram/Hindus

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Dear Brethren,

Ayodhya is to Hindus what Mecca & Medina is to Islam. Lord Ram was born on January 10, 5114 BC.

Ramayana was written in 400 BC which described Ayodhya as birthplace of Lord Ram ;

Prophet Mohamed was born some time 570/571 AD i.e almost 5600 years after birth of Lord Ram and 1000 years after Ramayana was written which described Ayodhya as birth place of Ram.
Its a case of simple arithmetic yet for the purpose of Muslims votes disputes lingers on. Will Muslims allow a church to be built at Mecca and Medina ? If not then Ayodhya belongs to Hindus the same way Mecca belongs to Muslims.

The Other Turkish name of Babri Mosque is "Masjid E Janmasthan" means "Mosque in the Birthplace" . That clearly indicates that the Mosque was built on the birthplace of Lord Ram.

The Judgement  on lord Ram birthplace was given after an issue was framed as to whether
a)   Disputed site was in fact the  Birth Place of Lord Ram
b)   The structure built by Mir baki was after demolition of an existing Hindu Temple at disputed site.

Archaeological excavations by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) in 1970, 1992 and 2003 in and around the disputed site clearly found the evidence indicating that a large Hindu complex existed on the site. In 2003, by the order of an Indian Court, The Archaeological Survey of India was asked to conduct a more in depth study and an excavation to ascertain the type of structure that was beneath the rubble. The summary of the ASI report indicated definite proof of a huge Temple under the mosque. In the words of ASI researchers, they discovered "distinctive features associated with... temples of north India". The excavations yielded: 
"stone and decorated bricks as well as mutilated sculpture of a divine couple and carved architectural features, including foliage patterns, amalaka, kapotapali, doorjamb with semi-circular shrine pilaster, broke octagonal shaft of black schist pillar, lotus motif, circular shrine having pranjala (watershute) in the north and 50 pillar bases in association with a huge structure..”

The Indian High Court while giving its Judgment relied upon the report of Archaeological survey of India to decide the above issues in favor of Hindus. i.e. Mosque was built after demolition of Hindu Temple. 
The Judgment though  only gives 2/3 satisfaction to Hindus who hope that remaining 1/3rd satisfaction shall be given either by Muslims or by Supreme court of India.

Ayodhya prompts several thoughts relating to the Temple Mount. It shows that the Temple Mount dispute is far from unique. Muslims have habitually asserted the supremacy of Islam through architecture, building on top of the monuments of other faiths (as in Jerusalem and Ayodhya) or appropriating them (e.g. the Ka'ba in Mecca and the Hagia Sophia in Constantinople or ground Zero in New York).

I wish my all those Muslim brothers for their prosperity and happiness for accepting Sri Ram Mandir and showing tolerance in the world's largest democratic country.  Because I believe that even BIG BROTHERS also have some demands which needs to be fulfilled and cannot be expected to sacrifice EVERYTIME. Secularism doesn't mean SACRIFICE done by MAJORITY only.


  1. Many of your assessments sound good and logical,but here in this particular post,you seem to be following your heart,you tell us that, we can not count on history written in our life time,or even what we see in or hear in the media to know what truly had happened or is happening,like Russian revolution and holocaust,Gandhi,but in the meanwhile you want us to take it for granted and believe that, a book written almost 5000 years after some incidence,has given us the exact coordinates of the place where the birth incidence of some mythological body had taken place,that if that incidence happened in the first place.

    1. you mean to say a book written 1000 years before birth Prophet Mohammed, and thus became cause of destruction of Original Ram Temple at Ayodhya. yes. the same book also gave exact coordinates of ancient bridge between Sri Lanka and India 2200 hundred years earlier now recently verified by NASA also. Ram Lila has been performed since last 7000 years. The narrative was penned some 2200 hundred years earlier. even today, Freemasons (Jewsish Society) perform rituals of building of King Solomon's temple every built some 1000 BC. The ritual may have been penned some 300 years earlier i.e. 2700 years after the incident. narrative of King Alexander is also written and role of Chanakya is well written. all this precede Jesus and Bible.

      If you disbelieve all books than from Where do you know history of anything before you were born.

    2. Then Koran is just a mythology. Who has seem Mohammad?

  2. of course you know that Egyptian civilization is older and was much much more advance than our civilization,but there is nothing to confirm in their tradition, during which pharaoh `s rein did prophet Moses live or what year did the exodus happened,neither can the Jews scriptures even though they are the most clever human race and the best record keepers ever existed,confirm that either,and it is worth to mention that exodus is the major incidence in Jews history,I just had secondary schooling but like reading and my dialogue skill is not that good, and you seem to be a high standard historian, you should not go down to the level of those who comment on your posts,but you should take into your consideration that people of all walks and levels might be reading you and want to get explanations,if you take offence of what we say,then you can not be abstract in your reply,as you know prophet muhammad is not mythological figure he was real,he was really born,fought real and recorded battles and made a nation out of hundreds of scattered heathen tribes, all that at the cost of less than few hundred souls lost,if not as prophet we should respect him a leader,I don't like Jews but I admire them too I hate the bad things in them and admire many of their qualities,I don't know what got you pissed off when i said mythological figures, are not our Indian gods just like the old Greek gods? they call theirs Greek mythology and they call ours Indian mythology and my readings says (mythology is either fictitious or is distorted historical accounts) if we have people in our life time make gods of film star,priests and mullahs and graves can you imagine what was the situation thousands of years ago,and how much of importance we can give to their records,it is well know that Persians,Indians,Chinese,Ethiopians and some others have the inclination to exalt people to unbelievable degrees today's man could easily be tomorrow `s god.

    1. yes. you are right. I have corrected my reply.


  3. First of all I would like to salute you.

    Regarding temple mount,correct me if i am wrong,it was built and destroyed more than 1000 years before prophet Mohammad was even born,hellenic temples and christian churches stood and vanished in what is believed to be its place,when Muslims took over the city the place where they built the disputed mosque was a garbage dump so according to them they did nothing wrong.( you think wikipedia is valid as supporting document you can check the above link.
    The destroying previous monarchs and states ` monuments and landmarks and establishing their own, was the kings way in asserting their own supremacy and power regardless of those kings religion,it is a tradition adopted by all kings and emperors from all religions and races,even in India when kings converted from buddhism to hinduism or the other way around made the same thing they destroyed temples to new ones,and so did the Christians in Spain to mosques that muslims left behind the turned to churches and so are doing the Hindus when they got the power now in Indian,the victorious and the powerful always say his word there a saying in Hindi, and the older i am getting, the more i am getting convinced it is 100% true ( jis ki lathi uski bhens).
    I hope if someone can tell me what was in the place Barbi mosque when Muslims in india built it,may be a swamp or a jungle or barren land,I don't think they should have made archaeological excavations before building something in such a place, for sure they did not destroy a temple to built it due to lack of land in such a vast area.
    Jai Hindustan.

    1. babur was not interested in vast areas to built mosques but destruction of other religious places. this happened not only to Ram temples but also to other religious places.

      It is never disputed that ancestors of all muslims in India are Hindus. Forcible conversions, destructions of other religious places and building your own religious places on top of others, and some of the ways to spread your religion.

      I understand you are from Saudi Arabia. will you honestly tell how many mosques have been destroyed in Saudi Arabia in last 50 years for peace, development or just building a road ?

    2. Will you answer two questions?

      1. When there were lots of open and vacant spaces available, why Muslims had to built Mosques In Ayodhya in 1528 when the documents in the hands of Muslim rulers indicated that Hindus have a claim over the same land as per documents written over 1800 hundred years earlier, If it was not forcible conversions?

      2. When there were lots of open and vacant land why Muslims had to built Mosque over Temple Mount when the documents in the hands of Muslin rulers indicated that Jews have a claim over the same land as per documents written 1000 years earlier, If it was not forcible conversions?

    3. Report of Archaeological Survey of India

      Archaeology of Ayodhya;

  4. kapil sir, i totally agree with the points you mentioned.

  5. Excellent Article !!! #JaiShriRam

  6. Read the book, "Prophet of Doom" on the Internet. It was written after the 911 Twin Towers in New York were destroyed. It was written by a man who studied 10 years during the writing of that book. He went back to the best, most recognized authorities on the translations of the Koran, and the hadiths' that followed it. I asked a muslim student to show me a copy of one of the same passages in his "modern Koran." It was significantly different. It did not contain the vile, hatred, doom and destruction of the true Koran, nor of any of its hadiths. Furthermore, most of the students of Islam are never given the Truth about Islam for to be given it would be to destroy it because it is vile. And while we are on the subject of religion. Here is some pure logic. The truth will set you free to make a logical decision on the subject of Mohammed and Islam. Here is some pure logic regarding Judaism. Assuming that there is a god. A God must be perfect by definition. God chose a particular group of his creations, people from Judea, Cannanites, Israelites, Hyskos to be his special people. Logic says that it would be impossible for a god to chose any people over any other people, over any other race. Logic demands that it treat all his creations equally. Having favorites is a human weakness, not a godly weakness. Therefore a god could not have made any of his created people as his favorites. Such contradicts the nature of a perfect god. God can not contradict himself. Jewish mythology. The so-called-jews state in their Torah that God directed them to fight the battle of Jericoh, in which the Jews slaughtered every man, woman and child. What Kind of god would do that to innocent women, who did not fight in wars, or to children who are totally innocent of the sins of their fathers? Only a god created by humans, Only a stupid god. Their god, which is flawed with stupidity, with contradictions of the nature of a god. What god would punish the innocent Children of Adam and Eve because of their transgressions? Only a stupid god, their descritpions of that god, their ideas, concepts of that god are flawed with illogical contradictions, with stupidity. And the story of Jesus Christ is definitely Jewish with a mixture of "Roman Story Writing". But Jewish because it allows a man to be sacrificed, like animals in jewish religion, as an attonement for "sins". There again is the stupidity of illogic. How is it logically possible for one man to be punished for the violations of another man. Does beating or hanging Samuel help or make up for John's killing of a different innocent man? Does it stop the murderer, Samuel from killing again? Does it protect society. What about the logical concept that if a person does evil deeds, that they must suffer the consequence of those deeds or they will continue to do those deeds? So the idea of a "god" dying for our bad deeds(sins) is the most ridiculous story for its social and personal illogical psychology, that anyone who accepts it as true ( believes it ) is thinking stupidly on that particulare subject. But a god can not be so stupid. Therefore such a story was created by men, the writers of the Bible, Torah, etc..