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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Illuminati: Asian Agenda.

Lies being Taught;
Illuminati is a sham;
Now the truth;
Here I reproduce a series of article by a friend;
Illuminati: Asian Agenda
        Before proceeding, I do have to admit my relative ignorance on what goes on in Asia; I don't speak the language and there are so many unspoken secrets in these foreign lands, rarely do they reach public ear in the United States.
        This Asian agenda brings us back to the Li bloodline. It's unusual that only one family would be put in charge of such a large continent, but they are a large family; all over Asia the Li's own the banks, Red China, cable networks from Israel to Indonesia and are at the heads of Triads, very prominant secret societies in Asia. Over 14 Lis have been at the head of the Triads in the past two centuries in respective locations.
        The Triads hold multiple names in Asia where they break off into various sects: Heaven and Earth Society, Hung League, Three United Association, etc. As noted before, not all secret societies in Asia follow the same agenda, but I've turned up evidence in both ways suggesting that they may be with or against the Illuminati. It's possible that the secret societies in Asia are of indifference on the matter considering the vastness of the continent.
        Li Mi was part of the Golden Triangle secret society and was supplied by CIA to take control of the poppy fields in China and began running the opium production. Li Quiang was part of the Central Committee of the Communist Party, and Li Desheng the former was Minister of Foreign Trade in 1978. Li Peng and Li Xiannian are both former Presidents of China. Li Pel Wu is the chief executive of countless banks in China.
        Almost every country in the world, including the ones in Asia, have fallen victim to the Illuminati's financial scheme, but that doesn't mean all the governments of these countries wish to cooperate with their agenda. China has fallen; one will notice the mass coverage of media that you won't get out of other Asian countries except for China and Japan.
        Although the Chinese government are working coherently with the Illuminati (most Communist countries do), not all of their Secret Societies are working towards the same agenda, or it might just be the Illuminati thinks they are in control of the Asian Agenda.
        One event is brought to the scenes by Benjamin Fulford, a Canadian journalist working in Japan, first started in an interview with Heizo Takenaka, former Finance Minister of Japan. Takenaka admitted to handing over the Japanese finances to some European oligarchs because they threatened to use an earthquake machine if he did not cooperate.
        Since the invention HAARP, learning how to manipulate the weather has become a prominent weapon for the Illuminati. Events no longer have to be staged when it could just be blamed on Mother Nature. The HAARP records show an unusual amount of activity below. The first picture is HAARP with little to no activity, the other is HAARP's energy release before the earthquake in Japan.
           It could also be noted that several of HAARP's records were deleted around crucial points of natural disasters. The day before Haiti's devastating earthquake, HAARP deleted its records. It's quite disheartening that not many people have heard of HAARP and therefore don't believe we have the power to manipulate weather; equally disheartening is the fact that any evidence linking this corporation to weather modification can be covered up with the stroke of a key.
        Some time after his interview with Takenaka, Fulford came forward about a ruling elite the ran the western world. He received threats and claimed to have been confronted by an assassin, given a choice to either help advance the agenda or meet an untimely demise.
        Shortly after this incident, Fulford said that he was contacted by an Asian secret society, the names of which are the Red and Green Societies that have offered to help. This is where the information gets conflicting. These secret societies have over a million members, assassins included. They have offered Fulford protection as well as other politicians around the world that oppose the Illuminati.
        These Chinese secret societies were formed in the mid 1600's, while opposing the Manchus. The Ming army organized an underground society aimed at overthrowing the Quing Dynasty. It's believed they played a major role in the Boxer Rebellion; as the Freemasons had pull over what went in their parts of the world, the Triads and other secret societies did in Asia effect their area. The Triads are not entirely a criminal organization, they have their own methods to get around the law, crime just happens to be one of them. But the secret society goes further having honest members like doctors and school teachers that at any point can be called upon in their assistance.
        They've been underground since and have moved to Hong Kong during the Communist takeover of China. As stated earlier, the Li bloodline has been working with the Illuminati, but as of 2008 there may be growing dissention in that bloodline or possibly they lost control of certain Secret Societies. For one, they granted Fulford protection.
        Fulford became the spokesman for these secret societies and delivered a threatening message for the Illuminati:
"I have told the Illuminati they are no longer allowed to murder Japanese politicians. I plan now to extend this protection to all politicians in the West. If the Illuminati assassinate or attempt to assassinate Ron Paul, Barack Obama, or any other politician, may God have mercy on their souls."
        There is a bit of evidence that suggests truth in the matter. Countless individuals that have stood up against the Illuminati have been silenced through various means. Several names in the music industry are suggested to have been the result of Illuminati hits; not all should be believed, though. Among the recent names have been Michael Jackson and Whitney Housten. The amount of drugs Whitney Housten did, I'm gonna dismiss that one. Princess Diana, however, should not be overlooked.
        Although Fulford mentioned protection to Obama, it's become evident that he sold out to their agenda; Ron Paul still carries the torch of hope and the problems he's stirred with the Federal Reserve while not being assassinated suggests that he has had some protection.
        Why all of a sudden, would Asian secret societies stand up to help with this problem? They are much greater in numbers than any Illuminati group, around 600 to 1. One answer that has been granted is SARS.
        Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome became a life threatening disease back in 2003. Since that time it's been discovered what scam it was. Nikolai Filatov, head of Moscow's epidemiolocal services commented that the SARS virus was "probably man-made".
        The worst outbreak of SARS hit China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Tiawan, killing thousands. The life expectancy of someone with SARS is 10%, yet it should be noted that there were over 100 cases in the United States and nobody there died. The truth about SARS is that it's a biological weapon designed specifically to kill Asians. Where Asia has the greatest population it's in the Illuminati's best interest to decimate the world's population through disease and war.
        Biological warfare is possible; viruses can be specifically designed to infect a certain race. Viruses are constantly being formed in a lab so it could one day be let out and scare the population. Swine Flu was created to scare the people into getting vaccinations until the contents of the vaccine was leaked to contain Mercury and other harmful elements. Those who submitted to the vaccination had a higher percentage of being infected after the injection.
        It's a common thing in the U.S. to hear the China card being prepared, sometimes North Korea as well. The intentions to launch a World War III are out there. Although, supposedly, World War III is supposed to be fought in the Middle East in which it will be sparked between Israel and Iran and bring about the arrival of the Antichrist. If push comes to shove China will be brought out, as one of the few countries that can sustain the prophetic two- million man army. This is just circulation among the occultic aspects of the New World Order. If the rumors are right, however, WWIII isn't that far; Prime Minister of Israel, Netanyahu just recently announced his decision to attack Iran. Could Albert Pike's earlier suggestion of World War III come about?
        In June of 1967 there was an earlier attempt to draw the United States into a war with the Middle East. The Israeli Air Force attacked the USS Liberty, killing 37 crew members and injuring over a hundred more. The USS Liberty never sunk, as was the intention of the US and Israeli governments. During the midst of the attack, President Eisenhower ordered US reinforcements to stand down, the only reason that the USS Liberty got away is because a Russian ship spotted the attack, which was meant to have no witnesses. This was another false flag operation where the United States was to blame the attack on Egypt to aid Israel in its attack on Middle Eastern countries. The official story given to the public on the attack is that the Israeli Air Force didn't know who the ship belonged to and took action as if it were an enemy fighter.
        John's Book of Revelation, the final book of the Bible prophesizes the End of Days. There has been a great deal of speculation on who the symbolism of prophecy relates to. William Ambrose Spicer picks apart the code of symbolism in his book "Our Day in the Light of Prophecy". In this book he gives good evidence to suggest we have already passed the opening of the 6th Seal. Asides from the Antichrist the three most notable villains in this prophetic text is the Beast, the Dragon and the Harlet. It's likely that the Antichrist is a person, some say Obama, whom I doubt; the primary supporters (Beast, Dragon and Harlet) are more then likely institutions: Illuminati, Catholic Church and the mass media. The infamous mark of the beast most believe to be the RFID chip.
        War is one of the greatest ways to depopulate the planet, especially with nuclear weapons about it seems imminent. It does depend, however, how far the agenda goes and if they are willing to go to such extremes to achieve their goals. Once reaching that goal of depopulation they're supposed to follow the Georgia Guide Stones.
        Written among the Georgia Guide Stones are the Illuminati's Ten Commandments after establishing global dominance. The Georgia Guide Stones also known as the "American Stonehenge" are five vertical standing stone slabs with ten guides written in eight languages. The languages are in English, Spanish, Swahili, Hindu, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese and Russian. We'll go over the ten guidelines in short:
1.) Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
-This would be over an 85% reduction of global population. This has nothing to do with the balance of nature, but maintaining governance over the population.
2.) Guide reproduction wisely, improving fitness and diversity.
- Only allow those physically fit to bare children so their children, kinda like the Nazi's did with their eugenics program.
3.) Unite humanity with a living new language.
- One language like they did before the Tower of Babel
4.) Rule passion, faith, tradition, and all things with tempered reason.
- Control people's interests and beliefs by law.
5.) Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.
- I'd really like to know their definition of "fair".
6.) Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in world court.
- Courts fall under Maritime Law.
7.) Avoid petty laws and useless officials.
- Don't allow any laws or politicians that go against the agenda.
8.) Balance personal rights with social duties.
- Work should be just as, if not more important then ones personal life.
9.) Prize truth, beauty, love, seeking harmony with the infinite.
- What's their definition of beauty?
10.) Be not a cancer on the earth, leave room for nature, leave room for nature.
- Put nature above humanity.
        These guidelines were set up in Atlanta, Georgia, funded by a mysterious man with the pseudonym R. C. Christian. Little is known about the man, but he paid great sums of money to Elberton Granite Finishing Company to build the structure. The four main stones are oriented to the four cardinal directions. The stones hold astronomical features as well, such as; a channel to indicate the celestial pole, a horizontal slot that shows the annual path of the sun, and a sunbeam the marks noontime throughout the years. It could also be noted that the reverse initials R. C. to C. R. was that of the man who had founded another secret society back in the 1700's, Christian Rosenkreuz founded the Order of the Rosie Cross, also known as the Rosecrucians.
        There are also four inscriptions carved into the stone that are languages far older then those already listed: Classic Greek, Egyptian Heiroglyphis, Sanskrit and Babalonian.
        The plan to achieve the goals of the Georgia Guide Stones is (or was) to unite countries of the three northern continents; the European Union has already been formed and they're working on a North American Union with United States, Canada and Mexico, I personally believe once the dollar collapses completely they will try to consolidate the currencies of the North American countries as they have already done in Europe. Creating the Asian union, now seems like a challenge if the accounts Fulford has given are true.
"The New World Order is a more palatable name for the Anglo-American world empire. It's the planetary domination of London, New York and Washington over the rest of the world. It's hard to get people to join that or think they have a part in it if you call it the Anglo-American world empire. If you call it the New World Order then the people of India or some place like that, or the European Union, might think, well, there's something in there for us too."
                                                -Webster Griffin Tarpley-
        The fact of the matter is, in order the achieve this goal of a one world government and uniting the planet to be ruled by the few, Asia would need to be Westernized, but that may not necessarily be something they're willing to do. Whether the Li bloodline is partaking in the agenda or not, conforming the entire Asian continent isn't something the people over there are prepared to do.
        Although many of the Asian countries are ran by the Li bloodline, it's possible that there are those secret societies that have their different agenda, perhaps they don't wish to decimate the world's population.
        In recent years, China has been introducing new solar power and wind turbine technologies, which sound like a good sign considering the oil companies are all owned by prominent Illuminati members. This new energy methods were brought about shortly after Chinese delegates met with high members of the White Dragon society.
        However it should not be overlooked that there is a possibility that Fulford is wrong in his accounts; he believes to be telling the truth but it's just as possible that he is being used as a pawn to promote false stories that he believes are true.
        One can assume within the higher ranks of globalization, world leaders, working on behalf of those in power behind them, will push for a world currency and go along with this esoteric agenda, however there are likely many within the ranks that go against it, possibly on the secret society level but they're in too low of a place right now to do anything about it. Although Chinese and Russian administers promoted the idea, its evident that not everybody is open to the suggestion within the Asian countries, to my recollection, it wasn't until 2011 nobody east of Turkey attend the Bilderberg meetings.
        In the 2011 Bilderberg meeting, Chinese Foreign Minister Ying Fu was in attendance along with the White Dragon Society representative Yiping Huang. It's been suggested that they discussed a new financial system with Joseph Ackermann (CEO of Deutschebank) and Queen Beatrix.
        It still remains unclear if the Asian Agenda works with, against or has their own agenda.
To be continued……