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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Illuminati -The Occult

Lies being Taught;
Illuminati is a sham;
Now the truth;
Here I reproduce a series of article by a friend;
Illuminati: The Occult
        We've already touched on Aleister Crowley and, though no immediate links to the Illuminati can be made, his occult practices are often used by them. Anton LaVey, also mentioned earlier, was a follower of Crowley and the founder of the Church of Satan. A Satanist is not necessarily someone that worships Satan, but more so a "Selfist". Anton LaVey did, in fact, worship the devil, but to his followers Satan was just a symbol for the repressed forces of nature.
        Satan doesn't necessarily refer to the entity Lucifer depicted in the Bible. The very word Satan comes from the Hebrew word "Shaitan", meaning adversary or enemy. Only in Judiasm, Christianity and Islam consider Lucifer the "bad guy".
        Lucifer became associated with Satan by tricking Eve to eat from the Tree of Wisdom and going against God's will. Knowledge is one of the Illuminati's assets. Knowledge is power so they hoard it to themselves, which is why everything is "classified". Satan, therefore, wanted man to be aware of himself. Hence Satan is the bringer of light and knowledge as Promethius brought fire to man. Lucifer was, after all, looking out for the well being of man. This is understandable, but it still doesn't give the Illuminati the right to commit ritual sacrifice. Other deities from various religions were changed as mimicry to Satan by early Christians, so not only is Lucifer considered the devil but a multitude of other non-Christian deities.
"To you, Sovereign instructors of Grade 33, we tell you: you have to repeat to the brothers of inferior grades that we worship only one God to whom we pray without superstition. It is we, Initiated in the Supreme Grade, that are to keep the real Masonic religion preserving pure the Lucifer doctrine."
                                                                -Albert Pike-
                                                        Morals and Dogma
        The word Holocaust actually means "Burnt Offering". The Nazi's were as occultic as they get and as we've already touched on, have connections with the Illuminati. Many pagan holidays are used by the Illuminati for specific dates to perform a blood sacrifice. Staged events qualify as long as lives are taken.
        April 19 - May 1, a 13 day period ending on the Beltaine Festival, generally started off with a blood sacrifice usually conducted through fire: April 19, 1943 Nazi Storm Troopers trap Jewish Resistance Fighters in a storm drain, in Warsaw, held there for several days before they use flame throwers to pour fire into each end of the storm drain. April 19, 1993, the Branch Davidians, a cult that resisted police for a few months locked away in the Mount Carmel Center of Waco, Texas, met an untimely end when the building caught on fire. April 19, 1995 was the date of the Oklahoma City bombing, which was also a False Flag operation. April 20, 2010, only a day off, there was the Gulf Oil Fire.
        John DeCamp, whose name will come up later in this section, served in the armed forces and later became a lawyer and then a senator. In his years as a lawyer De Camp looked into the Oklahoma City bombing and discovered all the connections McVey had with the CIA, and certain video tapes that had been confiscated revealing that he had not acted alone. He discovered there was a cover-up in the Oklahoma City Bombing. If McVey had acted alone they could have easily sent in experts to sweep the building, but before any serious investigation could be conducted, Controlled Demolition Group tore down the building, handing over the remains to company called Wackenhut, which is headed by CIA and FBI members.
        October 31, the eve of All Saints Day is considered a major date for a blood ritual. All Saints Day, originally had been in May, but Catholicism later conjoined it with Samhain to give this date some sort of Christian veneer. This was supposed to be celebrated as All Hallow Mass, thus the night before was known as All Hallows Evening, which evolved into modern Halloween. The word "mass" is regarded as a public celebration of the Eucharist; this is a quote from Roman Chatachism # 1367 page 381:
"The sacrifice of Christ and the sacrifice of the Eucharist are one single sacrifice (victum is one and the same), only the manner of offering is different, in the divine sacrifice that is celebrated in the mass. The divine Christ who offered himself once in a bloody manner on the alter of the cross is contained and offered in an unbloody manner."
        Christ is the sacrifice, or host, in the Eucharist. The Latin word hoastia means victum. In the manner of transubstantiation Catholicism believes they are recreating Chirst to be redeemed once again. That wafer supposedly is Christ's body and the wine is Christ's blood. As Christ even did it symbolically in the Bible, Christianity takes it too literal.
        The depiction of Samhain, whose holiday was celebrated by Pagans originally on Halloween, was the horned, stag god. This date was also considered the Celtic New Year. A burnt sacrifice, usually that of a child was performed. Child sacrifice wasn't all that uncommon in ancient times. Various Pagan religions practiced burnt offerings using a child as the sacrificial lamb. The movie "Wicker Man" was based off a pagan ritual sacrifice.
        To this day, the Illuminati still perform similar mock rituals. The Bohemian Grove, a redwood resort in California, is an annual place of meeting for the Illuminati. Various occultic rituals are performed by the world's political and industrial leaders. The Cremation of Care ceremony is pulled off annually, where they sacrifice a human effigy to a giant 30 ft owl statue depicting Molach. This is only one ceremony pulled off within two weeks of the Summer Fire Festival.
        Alex Jones, an honest journalist successfully snuck into the Bohemian Grove and used a hidden camera to video tape this occultic ritual. The owl is the symbol of the Bohemian Club.
        Everything that goes on in there has been kept secret for over a hundred years and only a few minor leaks have gotten out. Anyone in attendance of such bizzar rituals claim it only to be theatrical production, no big deal. It's also been rumored that they engage in homosexual orgies while in attendance; quite plausible when considering the male strippers, who work there named James Dale Guckert, have been invited to White House dinners during the Bush Administration. There'll be more on him in a bit.
        Chris Jones, an employee who worked at the Bohemian Grove bagan lecturing children in his neighborhood about the rituals performed by the elite. Jones was arrested and found guilty of child molestation with little evidence.
        Ceremonies and blood sacrifice are only a few occultic aspects of the Illuminati. This next part deals with a more disturbing aspet: child abuse.
        Back in the late 1980's a scandal in Omaha, Nebraska broke out that threatened the very establishment of the Illuminati in America. It started with a case of money laundering; $40 million dollars went missing from the Franklin Credit Union. The man in charge of the Franklin Credit Union was Larry King; an African American who had ties to the Reagan Administration. This case had a lot of air time and soon missing money became the least of his worries. Children recognized this man from  his involvement with Boystown School District and few local orphanages. He would often have children accompany him to private political rallies and perform sexual favors for those in attendance.
        Four children, in particular, became part of the most disturbing investigation of that time. Lawyer John DeCamp and Investigator Gary Caradori led the case with the testimony of Paul Bonacci, Alisha Owens, Troy Boner and Danny King. Countless other children were used by Larry King and other political figures witnessing the horrors of rape, molestation, murder and devil worship.
        Paul Bonacci was the most involved. He used to help the Illuminati kidnap children to be sold as prostitutes or sacrificial victims. Paul Bonacci's childhood is so disturbing he became schizophrenic from all the abuse and developed multiple personality disorders. In the book "The Franklin Cover-Up", Bonacci and Alisha Owens go to great lengths in testifying to the horrors they had separately witnessed. Bonacci has relayed an experience where he was filmed in the abuse, rape, torture and murder of a boy younger then him. When asked to describe the area in which this happened he told Caradori of a large wooded area with a giant owl statue; one could only assume this was a secret ritual and/or snuff filmed performed at the Bohemian Grove.
        The Illuminati never actually participate in snuff films, but use them as a method of blackmail against politicians. In certain occult areas, politicians are invited among corrupt circles; with the arrogant belief of being important figures the idea of being convicted seems far off. In certain cases they're filmed doing some dark deed, in this case snuff films. The political figures don't necessarily have to be Illuminati members but, the films are kept as blackmail, so these politicians will advance the secret agenda that even they aren't aware of.
        Catholic priests weren't omitted from the charges either. As it was discovered years later, the sexual abuse in children within the Catholic Church was just as bad. As the political figures escape punishment for such vile acts through murder and cover-up, the church pays their way out of the abuse scandals. For the record, not many Catholic priests served a lot of jail time for their actions, most were moved to different areas.
        A similar story is told in "Why Johnney Can't Come Home", which is the story of Johnney Gosch, a boy who had a similar experience. He was abducted off the streets while on his paper route with Bonacci's help and later sold as a sex slave. In more recent years a man named Jeff Gannon (a.k.a. James Dale Guckert) is suspected to be the missing Johnney Gosch.
        The amount of child abuse and demonic rituals actually coincide with what went on with the MKULTRA projects, one could assume a connection between the two. As stated earlier there is always more then one reason they do things. In the case of child molestation there's blackmail, mind control and sex magic.
"The art of illuminism lay in the enlisting dupes as well as adepts and by encouraging dreams of honest visionaries or the schemes of fanatics. By flattering the ambitions of egotists. By working on unbalanced brains or by playing such passions as greed and power to make men of totally divergent aims serve the secret purpose of the sect. People with money were welcomed but kept oblivious of the actual secrets. The purpose is to win power and riches. To undermine secular or religious government and to attain the masters of the world."
                                                        -Nesta Webster-
        Sex magic is one way the Illuminati attempts to achieve an altered state of consciousness. This heightened state of consciousness has nothing to do with the Tantra method of kundalini, but it does focus on principal of sexual energy. Where as kundalini requires meditation and breathing practices to achieve a higher experience in orgasm during sex, sex magic ritualizes in rape and violence; adrenoline is the key to this one. Personally there should be nothing wrong with it as long as it's between two consenting adults, but things go astray once children are brought into it. Although robbing a bank is a means to an end of financial problems, it doesn't give the person a right to do it.
        Such occurrences are not prone to the United States alone, it happens in every major country in the world. There have been hundreds of cases reported all over Europe, not just by priests.
        On a level of physics and quantum mechanics unlimited alternate dimensions and time travel is an accepted belief. Sexual energy can be channeled to achieve a higher state of consciousness in the moment of orgasm. For men there is a brief moment in orgasm that the mind goes blank when it's surrounded by a euphoric moment of pleasure. It's in that blank moment that they believe physical manifestation can be achieved; the revoking of innocence.
        Sexual energy and sexual climax is seen as the most powerful force in the world since it is used to create life. The dark sex magic practitioners believe that by sacrificing an innocent child while simultaneously "channeling" their sexual energy by defiling a child, that it virtually unlimitedly amplifies their mind's metaphysical power.
        Aleister Crowley performed some odd rituals related to sex magic. Although no child rape was recorded that included Crowley, he did participate in homosexuality and beastiality, as did his wife. Crowley believed sexuality did help achieve higher states of consciousness, he wrote about it veiled in symbolism in The Book of the Law, which supposedly, he did not write, but was dictated to him by a demonic entity through his wife.
        Esoterically the obelisk is capped with a pyramid or phallus, which is the male symbol. The phallus is shaped with an upward point, that of a penis, as the symbol of feminine is a downward point. The penis is occultically believed to harness and focalize sexual energy. Thus energy equals power.
        Among certain people megaliths are believed to harness Earth's energy, as an antenna does to radio waves, the obelisk is believed to capture and draw this energy out of the Earth; primary areas of the Illuminati use these obelisks esoterically, yet the public is given various other reasons. Washington DC, the Illuminati's military headquarters was adorned with the Washington Monument in an area known as Du Pont Circle in Washington DC to "commemorate" George Washington. To this day I have found little connecting George Washington to obelisks.
        In the 19th Century three ancient obelisks were transported out of Egypt to three major Illuminati locations: New York, London and Paris. London can be considered the financial capital of the Illuminati. Freemasons all played prominent parts in moving the megaliths.
        Another obelisk moved out of Egypt is located at St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City. One must wonder what use the Vatican, a place of such ethical Christian beliefs, would have for an ancient Egyptian structure. To be fair, the obelisk was brought to Rome prior to the Catholic uprising. The Vatican is actually the religious capital of the Illuminati. Although there's supposed to be a separation of church and state, the two are very closely related under the covers.
        If at any point you go to a bookstore looking for knowledge of the occult, that section has been renamed to "New Age" even though there is nothing new about it. The term "New Age" is attributed to the astronomical advancement from the Age of Pisces into the new Age of Aquarius.
        The symbolism you'd find in these books are ancient and pagan. Gods and rituals that are thought to have been of one religion derive from something much older, like the cross and halo now used in Christianity were originally used to symbolize the sun and its positions in the solstices and equinoxes. Circumcision is now very common, it's no longer done just for religious purposes. Wedding are rituals in the basic form, wearing of a ring in conjoining two people was done in worshipping Saturn. Even funerals, where we mark graves or tombs with a geometric stone to immortalize the spirit. Baptism and the submergence of a child in water symbolize the renewal of life.
        Even the name "Israel" derives off of Egyptian gods: Isis, Ra and El. Many of their practices derive off of the worship of Saturn (El), hence their day of rest being on Saturday. Baron Edmond de Rothschild is considered the "Father of Israel". The finances and exceptions thrown in for the Jewish people to take over Palestine is thought to be a Jewish Conspiracy, when it was in fact all masterminded by Baron Rothschild and Charles Taze Russell even before World War II.
"Without me Zionism wouldn't have succeeded, but without Zionism my work would have been stuck to death."
                                        -Baron Edmond de Rothschild-
        Almost 80% of Israel is owned by the Rothschilds, who funded the Jewish take over from Palestine. They needed a catalyst to demolish Arab protests; the treatment of Jews by Germany. Even the supposedly "non-existent" tribe of black Jews (Falashas) in Ethiopia were moved out of Ethiopia and given safe haven in Palestine.
        It's also somewhat interesting to note the key rolls the Falashas played in Graham Hancock's search for the lost Ark of the Covenant in his book "Sign and the Seal". Tom Croster had done his own search for the lost Ark and claimed to have found it, but he refused to surrender his photographs to anyone but David Rothschild, distant cousin of Edmond, whom he claimed was direct descendent of Jesus Christ.
        There are various other aspects of the occult that I have yet to research and/or fully understand such as numerology, astrology and alchemy. These may play a role in reasons why events are planned or carried out on certain dates. I wouldn't mind feedback from others with such knowledge.
To be continued……

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Truth of Operation Bluestar.

An event which took the life of Indira Gandhi Prime Minister of India and Gen A L Vaidya, Former Chief of Indian Army.

Lies being Taught ;
5th June of 1984; Operation Bluestar; Indian Army attacked Sikh Religious place Golden Temple. (This lie is told by about 4-5% of Sikhs mostly Canadian citizens.)

Now the truth;
1984; Operation Bluestar - Was it an 'attack' on Golden Temple or Freedom of Golden Temple. The issue is whether it was an invasion of Golden Temple or Protection/ liberation of Golden Temple; You decide;

But before that a little bit of history;

April 13, 1919; General Reginald O'Dyer marched a squad of soldiers into the Jallianwala Bagh, a large enclosed public park in the holy city of Amritsar, and opened fire without warning on an innocent crowd of Punjabis gathered to hear political speeches. He ordered his troops to continue firing into a mass of between 5000 and 25000 people for 10-15 minutes.  Around 2000 shots were fired and about thousand people were killed with many more injured.  Dyer led the troops personally and the firing was performed in a systematic fashion with a round of shots, a cessation of firing, a selection of a new target then another round of shots. The firing only ceased when the ammunition had reached a minimum level to assure a safe withdrawal for the troops.  The action was premeditated. There can be little doubt that Dyer knew that the meeting was going to take place and selected the troops to commit mass murder. Simranjit Singh Mann's (President of Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar)- "nana" (maternal grandfather) Aroor Singh then head priest of Golden Temple honored General O'Dyer at Akal Takht after the Jallianwala Bagh massacre and initiated him as a Sikh and a True Khalsa for his brutal act of mass murder of hundreds of unarmed innocents. The proceedings of the exchange between the priests and the General are :-
       ‘Sahib,’ they said, ‘you must become a Sikh’. The General thanked them for the honour, but he objected that he could not, as a British officer, let his hair grow long. Arur Singh [the Sarbrah or manager of the Golden Temple] laughed. ‘We will let you off the long hair,’ he said. General Dyer offered another objection. ‘But I cannot give up smoking.’ the priest concluded, ‘We will let you give it up gradually.’ ‘That I promise you,’ said the General. ‘At the rate of one cigarette a year.’

The only qualification that General O'Dyer had to be made a True Khalsa was that he had brutally murdered hundreds of unarmed Punjabi civilians by pumping bullets into a peaceful gathering. As would be demonstrated henceforth, there are always minuscule minority of Muslim converted Sikhs who believe that a True Khalsa or True Sikh is a person who murders hundreds or thousands of unarmed innocent Punjabis in cold Blood.

Singh, Mohinder, The Akali Movement, Delhi, Macmillan, 1978, p. 14.

1972; Bangladesh takes freedom from Pakistan with help of Indian army. Pakistan/ Muslims who have historically been trying to finish Sikhs again start concentrating on Sikhs to finish them and /or take over Golden temple to avenge creation of Bangladesh.

True Sikhs never trusts Muslims but then some violated this sacred doctrine.
1974; Akali Dal declares Anandpur Sahib Resolution. 

1977-78; G S Tohra harbored political desires and made tie up with Marxists/Naxals Marxists teach hate of every religion including Sikh religion. Marxists view religion as opium and one that retards. Marxists/Naxals start infiltration of some Gurudwaras as Jathedars. In approx 100 Gurudwaras (out of 10,000 plus in Punjab), which Naxals took control, they slowly dismantled religion and started spewing caste based hatred. For first time some Naxalite organizations started attacking people on the basis of their castes and community.

10th April 1978 Harkrishan Singh Surjeet becomes Rajya Sabha MP with help of G S Tohra. Marxists/Naxals have power in West Bengal and Kerala. Both West Bengal and Kerala are the only states in India, where population of Muslims is 1/3rd. 

13th April 1978, Damdami Taksal attacked Nirankaris, Bhindranwala was one of the attackers, but he ran away from one to one fight in which both sides were equally armed.

January 14, 1980; Congress comes to power in center. Zail Singh is made Home Minister and his bitter rival Darbara Singh the Chief Minister of Punjab. Zail Singh decided to use Bhindranwale to finish Darbara Singh.

24th April, 1980; Source of power of Marxists/Naxals is fascism. they believe in killings to attract attention and gain power. Nirankari leader Gurbachan Singh is murdered at his home in Delhi. The police named Bhindranwale as a suspect. Bhindranwale hid himself in a religious complex near the Golden Temple. Zail Singh told the Indian Parliament that Bhindranwale had nothing to do with the killing. Emboldened by the protection of Zail SIngh the then Home Minister of India, Bhindranwale offered the killers their weight in gold. assuming 3 killers the cost of 200 Kgs of gold at that time was about Rs 4.00 Crores and now at over 60 crores. How a poor Granthi can get Rs 4.00 Crores (in 1980) or now Rs 60 crores except from his masters the ISI/Muslims? With arms and ammunition funded from enemies of Sikhs, Bhindranwala began a reign of terror in Punjab.

September 9, 1981; Lala Jagat Narain, proprietor of a prominent newspaper, Punjab Kesari, and a witness against Bhindranwale in his attack on Nirankaris was assassinated. Later his son Ramesh Chander who succeeded him was also killed. Once again the police reported that Bhindranwale was the one responsible. Darbara Singh Chief Minister of Punjab ordered arrest of Bhindranwale. Bhinderwala did not give up easy and eleven people were killed in the fighting which followed his arrest. On the same day, Naxals on motorcycles opened fire on Hindus in Jalandhar and other towns in Punjab, killing several. Among the targets was one of the police officers who had arrested Bhindranwale.

14th October 1981; Zail Singh Indian Home Minister told Parliament that there was no evidence against Bhindranwale in the killing of Lala Jagat Narain and ordered his release. This wasn’t the verdict of a court, or even of the police; this was the government, in the person of the Home Minister, which let Bhindranwale go. This elevated Bhindranwale’s status. He said as much: “The government has done more for me in one week than I could have achieved in years.”
1982 to August 3, 1984;  Akalis at that time had their own axe to grind as inspite of having Punjabi Suba. they were lost elections to congress. They hoped Bhindranwale's race card may attract more voters to their fold and by remaining silent they hoped to pressurize center to concede more of their more demands which had sole purpose of vote bank politics and on April 1982 began Morcha for political money and power. 

On 19 July 1982 the police arrested Bhai Amrik Singh son of the late Sant Kartar Singh Khalsa and president of the All India Sikh Students Federation. To prevent being arrested, Bhinderwala alonwith his militia took refuge in Guru Nanak Niwas in Golden Temple complex next day on July 20th, 1982. His militia mostly consisted of common criminals who joined just for fun of killing. Rooms of the Guru Nanak Niwas were turned into armories. From these rooms, Bhindranwale would issue orders to his men, who would spread out of the Temple to spread murder and mayhem far and wide.

Each day, he would go into the Golden Temple itself from the hostel complex and hold court on the rooftop of the Langar (kitchen). Using religious places he preached hatred against members of other communities and govt. His militia invaded Golden Temple and paraded anti tank mines, machine guns, bombs, rocket launchers on parikarma on daily basis. The anti tank mines, rocket launchers, RPGs and Ak 47/56 were not meant to garland devotees or Guru Granth Sahib. They were meant to shed blood and spread terror. From inside Golden Temple Bhindranwale’s and his terror militia indulged in murder of innocents, torture, rape, extortion, the desecration and abuse of Gurudwaras as sanctuaries, and a limitless host of other crimes that do not bear mention next to these. Tortured bodies of young Sikh girls and boys was found in severs of golden temple almost on daily basis. Most of the Golden Temple Complex became a torture chamber. Golden Temple fell from the most religious place for Sikhs to a Naxalite Hideout, a place more hideous than any villain’s place seen in any Hollywood or Bollywood film.

August 4, 1982 to June 3, 1984; There were over 1200 violent incidents committed by Bhindranwale and his Naxal militia and those like him, in which 421 persons were killed and more than 1180 injured. During January 1 to June 3 1984 there were 775 violent incidents in which 298 persons were killed and more than 525 injured.  On April 23, 1983, Mr. A. S. Atwal Deputy Inspector General of Police Jalandhar was shot dead after prayers on steps of Darbar Sahib within Golden Temple Complex. On April 3, 1984, Dr V N Tewari member Indian Parliament and professor at Punjab University Chandigarh was shot dead. Thirty seven Railway stations were burned down on one day and several attempts were made to derail trains by removing fish plates and planting bombs on tracks. (Indian Democracy derailed). Later an Indian Airlines plane was hijacked to Pakistan. All this proved that Bhindranwale already had a terror network willing to obey his orders. He began a deliberate campaign to create enmity between the Sikhs and Mona Hindus of Punjab and started targeting Mona Hindus by killing them in cold blood after separating Hindu passengers traveling in Buses and trains from Sikh passengers and desecrating Hindu temples, actively seeking a Mona Hindu backlash against Sikhs elsewhere in the country. Bhindranwale fomented race card. 

All the evil they did was in the name of God. And they did all that was evil. They did it, they said, to avenge the ‘injustices’ done to the Sikhs by the Mona Hindus; to defend the Faith against the machinations of the ‘evil Brahmins’ who were out to destroy it; to protect the lives and liberties of ‘persecuted Sikhs’ against an inimical and communalised State. And yet out of a total of 11,694 persons killed by Naxals in Punjab during the period 1981-1993, 7,139 - more than 61 per cent - were Sikhs.

Amritsar a city of religion became a city of death (The time Magazine November 1983). His men were spreading violence throughout Punjab, and targeting just about anyone and everyone. Bombs were being thrown, planes hijacked, buses, Trains  stopped in the middle of the countryside and Mona Hindus separated from the Sikhs and massacred random shootings in parks, markets and other crowded places. As killings grew and tortured bodies of young sikh boys and girls began to found in severs around temple complex. On 15th December 1983, Bhindranwale and other naxals took refuge in Akal Takht the highest temporal body of Sikhs. He took his advisors and host of hot weapons inside Akal Takht. alongwith hot weapons like machine guns, bombs, rocket launchers, anti tank mines etc and started destroying its religious structure and began converting it to military bunkers and hideouts. As his terror grew so did his militia. He also occupied most of buildings in Golden Temple in addition to Guru Nanak Niwas.

Any action by law enforcement agencies to take out Bhindranwale and his armed militia would be an act of liberation of Golden temple from evil forces which had invaded it.

These people killed several thousand innocent unarmed Punjabis exactly what General O’Dyer had done in April of 1919. It follows that for Bhindranwale and the likes of him, definition of a true Sikh/Khalsa is a person who kills hundreds and thousands of unharmed people, children like General Dyer did for which act General O’Dyer was declared a Khalsa and a shrine erected to him within Golden Temple. SGPC was unable to either fight or remove Bhindranwale and his heavily armed Naxal militia. The five High Priests of the Sikh faith and their assistants considered issuing a hukumnama (a religious edict) ordering Bhindranwale to get out of the Akal Takht. A hukumnama is – like a Shia (though not Sunni) fatwa, considered binding on all the faithful, Bhindranwale pre-empted it by giving threats to the High Priests. To make his point and threat very clear, he killed a former Akal Takht High Priest, Pratap Singh. The clergy buckled; the Harimandir Sahib’s High Priest even officiated at the marriage of six of Bhindranwale’s Naxal terrorists.

Knowing fully well that their action will invite law enforcement agencies any time, Bhindranwala and his Militia began damaging Golden Temple, Harminder Sahib and Akal Takht to build fortifications. Multiple holes were made in all walls of golden Temple Complex for Gun Placements. The change in nature of building from Temple to a fortified militarily Garrison wasn't restricted  to the Temple only. The Naxalite terrorists who also changed the nature of most buildings in the vicinity by breaking walls for the purpose of making holes for the gun positions and sightings. Nature and purpose of two old towers and an overhead water tank, was also changed to militarily attack points and high caliber Machine Guns, Rocket launchers or RPGs etc were positioned there. These buildings were turned into militarily Garrison armed with light to heavy machine guns, rocket launchers, RPGs, anti tank mines etc. The Golden Temple ceased to be a religious place and became a fortified militarily Garrison with sandbagged barricades and bricked up windows. They destroyed Akal Takht, and all buildings by making multiple firing ports on all walls by cutting into the marble and gold plated walls.

This was the situation when Law enforcement people along with Sikh Gurudwara Prabhandak Committee and Akali Dal began seriously thinking of liberating the Golden Temple and Akal Takht.

June 3, 1984; Since Bhindranwale and his armed Naxalite militia was armed to the teeth with RPGs, Heavy Machine Guns, anti tank mines, rocket launchers etc, the operation was beyond the power of local police, so Army was called in to liberate Golden temple. The Army operation was led by a Sikh General K S Brar. Before the start of action, General KS Brar Spoke to his troops and said that it was an operation to flush out terrorists who had been indulging in evil acts thereby desecrating the Temple. Brar gave all the men the option to decline to participate, but nobody did. Many of the troops were Sikhs. 

June 4, 1984; Few harmless shots were exchanged between law enforcement agencies and terrorists who fired from within Golden Temple. Whether it was over zealousness on the part of terrorists or probe by law is not known.

4.30 PM, June 5, 1984; Loudspeakers from outside the Temple Complex broadcast appeals to Bhindranwale and his armed Militia to come out and respect religious sentiments attached to Golden temple. As many as 129 people actually did. 

In 1846, a single incident had threatened this untainted peace. A group of armed Nihangs had occupied the burjis [towers] of the Temple in a dispute over its custodianship. When the Khalsa Durbar, under Maharaja Dalip Singh sent an army detachment to clear them by force, they had immediately abandoned its sanctuary and surrendered saying that they could not make the "holiest of holies" a battleground.

However for Bhindranwale and his Naxalite Militia, Golden Temple was not a religious place but a hideout which they converted into a fortified military garrison. They attacked Indian army with heavy machine guns, RPGs and Army fired back in self defense and thus began operation to liberate Golden temple from armed terrorists who had destroyed Golden Temple by converting it into Military Garrison and indulging in murder of innocents, torture, rape, extortion, from within Golden Temple. Troops were handicapped by the order not to fire in the direction of Harminder Sahib, though there were being fired at from all directions. This severally restricted the fighting capability of army as they could be fired at and were being fired at but could not fire back for fear of hitting Harminder Sahib inadvertently and hence operation had to go by cleaning room by room which meant taking heavy casualties.  (Harminder Sahib remained undamaged largely because army chose to die rather than fire back in self defense). Finally Golden Temple was freed renovated and handed over to SGPC for their peaceful possession. Correspondence between Akali Dal, SGPC and state for liberation of Golden Temple from armed militia, if any, remains classified.  Government renovated the Temple and restored the nature of Temple as a religious place.

The Punjab Police under most able leadership of Sikh Indian Police Officer KPS Gill crushed the insurgency with a ruthlessness that matched that of the Naxalite themselves. Young men were eliminated on reasonable suspicion, arrested, tortured for information, and then bumped off in “encounters”. Naxalites soon started escaping Punjab, but even that wasn’t good enough. On one occasion, being tipped off that a certain Naxalite was hiding in Calcutta, in West Bengal state on the other side of the country from Punjab, a hit team went there without a word to the local cops, summarily killed the Naxalite and his partner, and brought their corpses back to Punjab. Gill says the turning point came when the average life span of a Naxalites fell below six months, at which point it ceased to be attractive to criminals or anyone else except that Marxists/Naxalites.

Sikh Community is 2nd most prosperous community in India, first being, Marwaris of Gujrat. The people of India have long moved on, and, have largely managed to heal their wounds. India had several Sikh army chiefs, and Prime minister for last ten years was also a Sikh and President of India through courtesy of Indira Gandhi was once Zail Singh who started it all.

Sh Akal Takth Sahib after repairs was handed over to SGPC for spiritual and religious purposes.
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