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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Holocaust figures defy common sense.

Lies being taught;
Now the Truth;

"The mass-murder of six million Jews, is a myth admitted and proved primarily by British and American authors, and while withholding my own views, here is some information to consider:

According to evidence led in a paper entitled "The Third Reich", three to four million Jews were murdered in Auschwitz alone. This is mathematically impossible. Auschwitz was in operation for four years. Let's assume only three million people were killed here -- in one year, that would be 750,000 or 62,500 a month -- or 2,083 a day!

According to the German Christian Democratic delegate, Eric Blumenfeld of Hamburg, who was incarcerated at Auschwitz, killings only took place at night, for reasons of secrecy -- a period of 12 hours. Thus, 2,082 people should have been killed every 12 hours out of 24 for 1,460 days (four years).

Assuming the corpses were buried, and seeing that sand is four tenths heavier than the human body (proportionately), at an average of 50 kilograms per body, 70 kilograms of sand would be displaced per corpse [a kilogram is equal to 2.2 pounds for practical purposes]. At 2,083 bodies a day, with a corpse mass of 104.2 metric tons, this would be 145.8 metric tons of soil to be removed daily!

In four years, assuming there were "only" 3 million bodies buried, this would leave 212,868 metric tons of soil piled up somewhere. Where is it? There is also the argument that the bodies were burned (also a mathematical impossibility). The calculations are based on figures and evidence from the ultra-modern and efficient crematorium at Dortmund in Germany. To burn one corpse completely requires 31½ kilograms of coal.

The 2,083 people allegedly killed in Auschwitz daily would have required more than 65 metric tons of coal, which was extremely valuable to the war effort – each day. For Germany, this was impossible.

Burning the bodies was impossible for another reason. In the most modern crematoriums today, one body requires about 2½ hours to be completely cremated. Even if Auschwitz had had 100 burning chambers, the 3 million corpses would have taken 15 years to cremate, burning only in the 12-hour period each day.

Each body produces on average 2 kilograms of ash. Three million corpses would create 6,000 metric tons of ash. This ash, all 6,000 metric tons of it would make quite a heap.

Where were all these ash-heaps after the war?

In closing, I would like to add that all recorded history is on paper and on paper you can write anything, even that 6 million Jews were killed. Paper is patent."

Can anyone argue with these figures?

Source; Jess

New York Times May 20, 1945 (20 days after death of Hitler)


Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Holocaust Fake Pics 3

Lies being taught;
There are several photographs showing holocaust of Jews.

The Truth;
The photographs are fakes. here some samples.
detailed news report of 1912














Fact 1

Fact 2