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Thursday, October 13, 2011

New York Bankers plan and conduct Russian Revolution from inside USA;

                      THE FREEMEN

Dear Brethren,            

Lies being taught; 

Russian revolution was spontaneous uprising of Russian peasantry to overthrow czarist regime

Now the truth; 

New York Zionist Bankers planned and conducted ‘Russian Revolution’ from inside America for Jewish takeover of Russia

Russian Revolution Part - 1.
The Rothchild’s through Milner, along with Jacob Schiff Chairman of Kuhn and Loeb Bank (he gave $ 20 million in gold), Sir George Buchanan, the Warburg’s, the Rockefellers, partners of J P Morgan (He gave at least $ 1 million), Olaf Aschberg of New York NYE Bank of Stockholm, Sweden), the Rhine Westphalian Syndicate, a financier named Jovotovsky (his daughter later married leon Trostky), William Boyce Thompson ( A Director of Chase national bank, he contributed $ 1 million), and Albert H. Wiggin (President of Chase national bank), helped plan, finance and conducted it from New York through Jew Leon Trotsky @ Lev Davidovich Bronstein. 

In the archives of the State Department there is a document, No. 861.00/5339, which reveals how Jacob Schiff, who was a very influential person within the Masonic organization B'nai B'rith, and his companions Felix Warburg, Otto Kahn, Mortimer Schiff, Isaac Seligman and others had made plans as early as 1916 to overthrow the Russian Tsar.

Russian Imperial Ambassador to the United States, Bakhmetiev, reported that after the Jewish Bolshevik victory 600 million Rubles in gold were transferred back from Russia to Kuhn Loeb and Co. Bank in New York between the years of 1918 and 1922.

Leon Trotsky (whose real name was Lev Davidovich Bronstein, son of wealthy Jewish parents), was a reporter for Novy Mir, a Jewish paper in New York, from 1916-17. Trotsky was given $20 million by Jacob Schiff in gold to help finance and recruit people for so called ‘Revolution’ which was deposited in a Warburg bank, and then transferred to the Nya Banken in Stockholm, Sweden.
There is a copy of a letter supplied in Washington, D.C., in 1918 by the Committee of Public Information:
“Stockholm, 21 Sept. 1917
Mr. Raphael Schilok Haparand,
Dear Comrade.
In conformity with a telegram from the Westphalian Rhineland Syndicate, Max Warburg & Co.’s Bank informs you that an account is opened for Comrade Trotsky’s enterprise ... 
J. Furstenberg”

According to the Knickerbocker Column in the New York Journal American on February 3, 1949: "Today it is estimated by Jacob's grandson, John Schiff, that the old man sank about $20,000,000 for the final triumph of Jewish Bolshevism in Russia."

Jacob Schiff also financed the training of Trotsky’s rebel band of Jews that was to overthrow the Czar of Russia. He brought Trotsky to New York in February 1916. Trotsky recruited expatriate young Russian Jews from New York's large Russian Jewish immigrant population, and trained them in guerilla warfare. They were trained on Rockefeller’s Standard Oil Company property in New Jersey.

The bloody massacre of millions of Russians and the enslavement of countless millions more did not seem to trouble the conscience of the International Bankers in their ongoing scheme of global domination.

On March 27, 1917, after being sufficiently trained in the techniques of guerrilla warfare, Leon Trotsky @ Lev Davidovich Bronstein, with 300 well-trained Jewish Communists thugs left New York aboard the S. S. Kristianiafjord (S. S. Christiania), which had been chartered by Schiff and Warburg, on March 27, 1917, bound for Russia to wage the Jewish / Bolshevik revolution. Their purposes were Jewish takeover of Russia and establish a Marxist government under the leadership of Lenin, Stalin, and Trotsky.

At Halifax, Nova Scotia, on April 3rd, 1917 the first port they docked at, the Canadians, under orders from the British Admiralty, seized Trotsky, and his men, taking them to the prison at Amherst. Trotsky was arrested because of a telegram, which had been sent from London on the 29th of March 1917. It revealed that Bronstein @ Trotsky and his socialist companions were on their way to Russia to start a revolution against the government, which at that time was allied with UK in the ongoing World War 1. (Antony Sutton, "Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution", Morley, 1981, p. 28.)

The American President Woodrow Wilson (through Col. House) and British embassy in Washington (through intelligence officer Sir William Wiseman, who later became a partner with Kuhn, Loeb and Co.) intervened and asked them to let Trotsky go. This was done as Jewish Takeover of Russia was important at this point of time. President Wilson was merely following the dictate of Col House, advisor to President Wilson and stooge of Rothschild’s. Trotsky was released, given an American passport, a British transport visa, and a Russian entry permit. Wilson knew what was going on, because accompanying Trotsky, was Charles Crane of the Westinghouse Company, who was the Chairman of the Democratic Finance Committee.  All these documents in the Canadian national archives are now available to researchers.

A man with an unsavory background, frequent arrests, jailings and exile for revolutionary activities against a government allied with the US in a world war was freed by Presidential intervention - against the express wishes and sound reasoning’s of America's most important ally Russia and UK in this same European war! It was Col House, an agent of Rothchild who dictated to President Wilson. Col. House in early life negotiated cotton purchases in the United States for Rothschild interests in Great Britain and later joined his banking Cartel. Stan Monteith, a pioneer NWO researcher and broadcaster, found a typewritten copy of the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" in the papers of Col. Edward M. House at Yale University.

‘Col House’ was an "adviser" to Woodrow Wilson and FDR. It makes sense that he would have a copy of the Blueprint for the New World Order in his possession. For further information that first Col House and later Bernard Baruch advisors to both Wilson and FDR were Jews and Russian Plants in White House please read FDR my exploited father-in-law by Curtis Dull

Meanwhile, Lenin had been able to infiltrate the Democratic Socialist Republic established by Kerensky. In October, 1917, when the ‘Revolution’ started, Lenin, who was in Switzerland (also exiled because of the 1905 Bolshevik Revolution), negotiated with the German High Command, with the help of Max Warburg (head of the Rothschild-affiliated Warburg bank in Frankfurt), to allow him, his wife, and 32 other Bolsheviks, to travel across Germany, to Sweden, where he was to pick up the money being held for him in the Swedish bank, then go on to Petrograd. He was put in a sealed railway car, and upon reaching Petrograd, was joined by Stalin and Trotsky.

Trotsky as a Merciless Despot

The Masonic Leon Trotsky arrived in Petrograd via Sweden and Finland on the 4th of May 1917. In the beginning of July he became a Bolshevik to prepare the take-over of power together with Lenin, despite the fact that Lenin had characterized him as a swine in the same year. Jewish extremists streamed into Russia from all directions. After Trotsky, another 8000 Jewish revolutionaries arrived, speaking Yiddish among themselves. In Petrograd, they immediately began to give out newspapers, periodicals and books in Yiddish and Hebrew.

Trotsky with the help of money given by New York Bankers bought weapons, paid money to poor peasants and recruited them in Red Army. Trotsky founded the so called ‘revolutionary’ Red Army.

Trotsky's co-workers were also very clever international bandits. I shall name only the most important chiefs within the military commissariat. Eighty per cent of the whole commissariat were Jews. All the chiefs were Jews.

The Vice-People's Commissary for Military Affairs was Yefraim Shchklyansky, who had arrived with the third train from Switzerland. His subordinates were, among others, Yemelyan Yaroslavsky (actually Minei Gubelman) and Semyon Nakhimson.

The following were members of the military council:
Arkadi Rosengoltz
Mikhail Lashevich
Robert Rimm
Joseph Unschlicht
D. Weinman
Moisei Lisovsky
Isaac Zelinsky
German Bitker
Moisei Rukhimovich
Bela Kun (actually Aaron Kohn)
Grigori Sokolnikov (actually Brilliant)
Josef Khorovsky
Some of the army commanders were:
Vladimir Lazarevich
Naum Zorkin
Yona Yakir
Vadim Bukhman
Boris Feldman
Yevgeni Shi-lovsky
Other important Jewish leaders in the Red Army were:
Ari Mirsky
Gavril Lindov-Leytezen
Boris Zul
Yevgeni Veger
Isaac Kiselstein
M. Volvovich
Leon Mekhlis (who later became an infamous and bloodthirsty Chekist)
Mikhail Rozen
Samuil Voskov
Moisei Kharitonov
Grigori Zinoviev (actually Ovsei Radomyslsky)
Yakov Vesnik
Adolf Lide
P. Kushner
Mikhail Steinman
M. Schneideman
Mikhail Landa
Boris Tal
Yan-Yakov Gamarnik
Josef Bik
Rosa Zemlyatchka (actually Rozalia Zalkind)
Yan Lenzman
B. Goldberg
G. Zusmanovich
The division commanders were also Jews:
Grigori Borzinsky
Sergei Sheideman
Mikhail Meier
Boris Freiman
Alexander Yanovsky
Semion Turovsky
Andrei Rataisky
Alexander Sirotkin
Eduard Lepin
Samuil Medvedyevsky
Miron Polunov
Grigori Bozhinsky
David Gutman
Alexander Shirmakher
Yevgeni Koffel
Boris Maistrakh
Ruvin Iztkovsky
Mark Belitsky
Leonid Berman
Konstantin Neiman
Nekhemia Feldman
L. Schnitman
Leon Gordman
Mikhail Sluvis
Yakov Davidovsky
Their deputies were of course Jews:
Yakov Schwarzman
Adolf Reder
Moisei Akhmanov
Alexander Grinstein
Abram Khasis
Semyon Nordstein
Alexander Richter
Lazar Aronstam
Vladimir Lichtenstadt
Leon Lemberg
Abram Vaiman
Josef Rosenblum
Leon Rubinstein
Yefim Rabinovich
Moris Belitsky
Isaak Grinberg
Isai Goldsmidt and many more...
(Molodaya Gvardiya, No. 11, 1990)

The reader will understand that it is nearly impossible to name all those involved. These lists were released only in 1990. People had no idea of the real situation.

Nearly all the chiefs of the concentration camps were Jews.
The most infamous of these were:
Naftali Frenkel
Matvei Berman
Aaron Soltz
Yakov Rappaport
Lazar Kogan
According to the Jewish researcher and publicist Arkadi Vaksberg, eleven out of twelve chiefs of camps in the GULAG were Jews. (Alexander Vaksberg, "Lubyanka", Stockholm, 1993.)

It was also Trotsky who had decided that the independent, well-to-do farmers should be annihilated and the others transformed into workers on kibbutzes or collective households, which were called kolkhozes in Russian.

He used especially gruesome methods to recruit innocent peasants in red Army. For this purpose, according to the Jewess Dora Shturman's book "The Dead Grasp after the Living" (London, 1982). Trotsky had young peasants taken from their farms by force and coerced them into new careers as red soldiers, giving orders to shoot all who resisted. With such criminal methods he formed the so-called “voluntary” Red Army which "fought with great honor against landowners and capitalists and won".

He finally managed to train and equip an army of five million men. He registered all the officers and their families. If any officer betrayed the Reds or went over to the Whites, his family was taken hostage and the traitor was warned they would be killed if he did not rejoin the red Army at once. Officers and their families were also executed for disobeying orders. Lenin's and Trotsky's cruelty and mercilessness became the guiding star for the Soviet government.

Trotsky had "guilty" people executed for the most trifling "offences". He himself used to be the "principal witness" at these mock trials. In her book, the Jewess Dora Shturman called those methods "organized and legalized banditry".

In 1917, Rothschild directs Lenin to replace Kerensky. Trotsky with the help of money from New York Bankers which he paid to peasants to recruit them in Red army seized power from Kerensky on November 7, 1917, replaced the democratic republic with a communist Soviet state. While most members of the Provisional Government were killed, Kerensky was allowed to live. Kerensky later admitted to receiving private support from American Wall Street bankers and corporate, which led some to believe that the Kerensky government was a temporary front for the final Jewish Bolsheviks takeover.

After coming to power, Trotsky became Lenin's right-hand man. It was Trotsky who ruled Russia during Lenin's illness. He mercilessly inflicted suffering on people of a magnitude the world had never seen before. He often executed his victims personally. He murdered hostages in the cruelest manner and even ordered children killed. There are plenty of documents about these cruelties preserved in the archives of the Communist Party.

 The Masonic Jew Leon Trotsky spoke to his fellow criminals ("revolutionaries") in Petrograd, in December 1917. Among other things, he said the following:
"We must turn her (Russia) into a desert populated by white Negroes upon whom we shall inflict such a tyranny as none of the most dreadful despots of the East have ever dreamt of.

The only difference is that this tyranny will not come from the right, but from the left, and will not be white, but red, in the literal sense of that word, for we shall shed such streams of blood that all the losses of human lives in Capitalist wars will shrink and pale before them. The biggest bankers on the other side of the Atlantic will work in very close collaboration with us. If we win the Revolution, crush Russia, we shall consolidate the power of Zionism on her funereal remains and become such a force that the whole world will go down on its knees before it. We will show what real power is.

Using terror, blood-baths, we will reduce the Russian intelligentsia to a complete idiocy, to a bestial condition... And meanwhile, our youth in leather jackets -the sons of watchmakers from Odessa and Orsha, Gomel and Vinnitsa, oh how magnificently, how rapturously they are able to hate everything Russian! With what enjoyment they are annihilating the Russian intelligentsia - officers, engineers, teachers, priests, generals, academicians, writers... "
(Aaron Simanovich, "Memoirs", Paris, 1922, Molodaya Gvardiya, Moscow, No. 6, 1991, p. 55.)

Some notes of elucidation to the above. "Our youth in leather jackets" refers to members of the Cheka, mainly Jews, who wore such jackets and were armed with revolvers. The four towns mentioned were within the so-called Jewish Pale in western Russia (now the Ukraine and Byelorussia).

Stalin and Kaganovich carried through this action in 1929. Everything that happened in Russia under the cover of Communism was actually strongly connected with the religion of the Jews. Their own extremists in their vanity have admitted this.

The Sept. 10, 1920 edition of The American Hebrew journal stated the following:

"The Bolshevik revolution in Russia was the work of Jewish brains, of Jewish Dissatisfaction, of Jewish planning, whose work is to create a new order in the world. What was performed in so excellent a way in Russia, thanks to Jewish brains, and because of Jewish dissatisfaction and by Jewish planning, shall also through the same Jewish mental and physical forces become a reality all over the world."

US Military Intelligence officer, one captain Montgomery Schuyler, sent two reports to Washington in March and June 1919, describing in graphic detail the Jewish role in the Russian Revolution. Both these reports were only declassified in September 1957 and the originals are still held in the US National Archives in Washington, open for public inspection.

The first report, sent from Omsk on 1 March 1919, contains the following paragraph:

"it is probably unwise to say this loudly in the United States but the Bolshevik movement is and has been since its beginning, guided and controlled by Russian Jews of the greasiest type..."

The second report, dated 9 June 1919, and sent from Vladivostok, said that of the

"384 commissars there were 2 Negroes, 13 Russians, 15 Chinamen, 22 Armenians and more than 300 Jews. Of the latter number 264 had come to Russia from the United States since the downfall of the Imperial Government."

The rabbi Stephen Samuel Wise in New York said:
"Some called it Communism, but I called it Judaism."
(Curtis B. Dall, "The Military Order of the World Wars", The Army-Navy Club, Washington, 1973, p. 12.)

It has also been said that the Old Testament was the textbook of Bolshevism. In Genesis, chapter 47, verses 13-26, it is described how Joseph cunningly exploited a famine to enslave the Egyptians. He had gathered in huge amounts of grain (Gen. 41:29-57) in order to sell it to the Egyptians, in years of dearth, for cattle, land and their own freedom. This story inevitably brings to mind how the Russian peasants were enslaved and forced into Kibbutzes by means of an artificial famine in 1932-33.

Also, according to a Jewish Midrash (Bible commentary), it was a pious act of Joseph to withhold enormous profits, made in the Pharaoh's name, for the enrichment of his own family; this was tacitly excused by Jehovah's later command in Exodus 3:22:
"Ye shall despoil the Egyptians!"
(Source: Robert Graves and Raphael Patai, Hebrew Myths, "The book of Genesis", London, 1964, pp. 266-267.)
Was it not true that the ancient dreams of the Jewish extremists were realised as they took away the Gentiles' money, cattle, houses, religion and personal liberty? Plundering was officially called the nationalization of private property.

An Israeli authority notes:
"Until 1939, the population of many Polish towns east of the river Bug was at least 90 per cent Jewish, and this demographic phenomenon was even more pronounced in that area of Tsarist Russia annexed from Poland and known as the Jewish Pale."
(Israel Shahak, "Jewish History, Jewish Religion - The Weight of Three Thousand Years", London, 1994, p. 62.)

In August of 1917, the Royal Family had fled to Tobolsk, in Siberia. They stayed at the Governors house until April, 1918. Czar Nicholas II and the Royal Family leave Tobolsk for Moscow on April 22, 1918. On April 30, 1918, the Bolsheviks took the Romanovs off the train in Ekaterinburg. From May 1 through July 17th, the Romanovs lived in the Ipatiev house, Ekaterinburg. The group knew that White Russian army was trying to rescue the Romanovs from the Red Army, and had to act fast. Once the peasants realized they were swindled, they would re-install the Romanovs. Yankel Sverdlov (nĂ© Solomon) sent the order to Yurovsky to kill the Royal Family. Rest is already detailed in;-

Conclusions are drawn by the facts, not by the Author. Object of these articles is to bare the truth hidden from you by Politicians.