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The Day We See The Truth And Cease To Speak it, Is The Day We Begin To Die. MLK Jr.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

illuminati- The conclusion

Lies being Taught;
Illuminati is a sham;
Now the truth;
Here I reproduce last part of series on article by a friend whose judgment I fully trust;
Illuminati: Conclusion
        You don't have to agree with everything that was written above; even if you revoke all conspiracy theories that were mentioned, something is still very wrong with the function of life. I, by no means, want to tell you how to think or what to believe, the media and government does enough of that; this paper was about the information; take from it what you will, leave what doesn't fit. Look up the facts that are presented and see for yourself, don't take my word for it.
        It doesn't matter if you're against the idea of global warming, genetically modified organisms, the monetary system or just the fact that the government keeps too much information from the people; whatever concept you're fighting with it's still against the system. People need to look past the ways we differ and look at the things we have in common.
        Religion is one of the main causes of war and has killed so many people just because they don't share the same belief; that's just focusing on the way we're different. We're not supposed to judge people for their beliefs or the color of their skin, but by their actions. If there's to be any hope for humanity we need to open our eyes and resort to reason.
“If you could flick a switch and open your third eye you’d see that we should never be afraid to die”
        Many people see what's going on around them but don't want to get involved because they feel they need to take care of their family. But what will become of the family or the individual if this plan for global dictatorship is successful?
        So how do we get out of this? For starters we would need to challenge their source of power; the monetary system. If the Central Banks of each country would succumb to a public audit there's no way they could legally atone for all the missing money. If you don't want to take my word on how the money system works I invite you to investigate the matter yourself. Only with an honest and fair monetary system could a country have a chance to truly be free.
        The corruption in politics would definitely need correcting if all the scandals on child abuse are true. I'm pleased to inform you that such actions are being taken on a political and religious level. The Association of Citizen Prosecutors (ACP) and the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS) will be prosecuting the Vatican, Crown of England, Canada and the pharmaceutical companies for crimes against humanity. I wish the attorneys Jason Bowman and Rev. Kevin Annett good luck and hope they are not killed before making it to court.
        I understand that there are those who are completely oblivious to the corruption in the system and some people just can't handle the implications of such knowledge; some people just aren't interested in the truth. There's no way anyone will listen to any of this if they don't want to know. I've sent this paper to those who are curious on what is really going on and I'm asking those who read and believe it and do their own research; if you find someone who is curious on such matters to spread the word.
        People are generally afraid to speak up about what they believe especially when it's about something out of the ordinary. The term Conspiracy Theorist has been met with so much ridicule so that people won't want to believe what they have to say or what evidence they present. Nobody wants to be made fun of; some would say it's even better to be one with the crowd. People may be mocked because they're different, but what's really wrong with a having a different opinion and going against the grain?
"You laugh at me because I'm different. I laugh at you because you're all the same."
                                                                        -David Icke
        Only after human awakens to the fact that everything works in a design could we stand up to the tyranny of those that are in control. They lavish in money and don't want us to be aware of ourselves. We are a drop of rain in a pool of cosmic consciousness that should seek something more than money. No religion is absolutely right . The answers needed for actual meaning should be sought within ourselves, not in this material world.
"This is the American spirit, to count and compare instead of being content with spiritual satisfaction. This is what is meant by the Scripture, 'The love of money is the root of all evil.'"
                                                        -Aleister Crowley-
        That's the idea behind their main goal; to keep people trapped in this matrix of materialism. We are many if we realize it. We are all spiritually connected to each other and until people awaken to what's really going on we, as a race, can never fully live up to our potential.
        Among our civilization there are the naive who deny anything is wrong with the current system and have every doubt that the government has been lying to them their entire lives. People don't like to feel everything they've believed in is wrong so changing their opinions would be difficult. Then we have those who know there's a conspiracy and think "I'm only one person, there's nothing I can do about it", which is probably the majority. But then there is the third type who knows what's going on and they stand up for what they believe in and participate in peaceful protests.
        Historically speaking Great Britain took over India by force, a people who are passive in nature. Britain lost control of this country because they listened to reason and went up against men like Gandhi. The reason Gandhi was so successful is because he had so many supporters. Today we’re supposed to be living in the Age of Reason and the government is “supposed” to look out for its people. Only after the majority of people cry out as one will the government be obligated to listen. Otherwise small groups of protestors and riots will be crushed and treated as criminals.
        A rogue group of citizens participate in league to what we now commonly refer to as "Anonymous". You can often identify them in peaceful protests wearing a Guy Fawkes' mask, who attempted to blow up Parliament on November 5, 1605 and was hung for treason, often popularized from the movie "V for Vendetta". The government would like you to look among this group as a terrorist organization responsible for computer crimes. It is but a group of people, started by hackers who seek change. Maybe not everything everyone has done in this group can be condoned, but at least they take a firm stance against tyranny within our governments.
        Again I apologize to those overseas; if there is any form of terrorist attacks in your area, I offer you to look into the implications that relate to your own governments. This Illuminati conspiracy reaches far and wide around the world. Where they have rule of the corrupt monetary systems they can conquer areas of the government.
        Only after the population awakens to what is going on can we act to correct the wrongs that the few men have dictated into our lives. We, the people, need to act and stand up to the oppressions that have been thrown at us and it's up to us to stand up for what's right. Questions need to be asked and peaceful demonstrations need to be conducted rather than assassinations and riots.
        Some would say this will lead to war between the people and the government and I don't deny that possibility. War is coming, regardless; if one reads the world news they can feel tension growing in the Middle East. Egypt's new president called for an attack on Israel. Other countries will be dragged into this war as well and people will be caught fighting under false pretenses where none of our enemies are dying, but just people. Our family members who serve in the military, who think they're serving a patriotic cause, but are being used as pawns by those who have never stepped foot on a battlefield. Patriotism is just a country’s version of devotion as faith is to a religion. The Illuminati could spark WWIII as a means to depopulate the Earth, serving their agenda, or they could have the government fight in their defense to the people who have caught on. Only if conducted through careful rational will a war be preventable. It doesn’t have to be fought on a battlefield but a courtroom through diplomatic discretion.
        If you find other people that are equally as curious and on the verge of waking up, I urge you to pass this along to those that will read it. This is warning ahead of time, the economy is set up to collapse; money is decreasing in value by the second. Eventually it will cost $20 for loaf of bread. If people are just going to sit back and let this happen it's best to stock up on rations and supplies now. If you own your own land you may need a garden to produce your own food. Dark times are coming and I hope people will heed this warning.
        Perhaps it's asking something very radical for people to act against those who dictate our lives. Good people, in general, do what it takes to maintain peace. Our children grow up and are put into a corrupt indoctrinating system that forces them to believe lies. The change that's being asked for is no easy task and if we're not going to act we can at least give the hidden version of truth to those that precede us so they can see the corruption around.
"To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards out of men."
                                                                -Abraham Lincoln

Friday, September 1, 2017

Why Germany Lost World War 2?

Lies being taught;
Adolf Hitler, a man who swept the Germans up to incredible victories, was also the main reason Germany ultimately lost the war. He refused to accept reality, took no advice from his Generals and then made poor decisions.

Now the truth; 
Before Hitler, England and France had attacked and enslaved more than 100 countries in Africa, Asia, America including Canada, and Australia, NZ etc. England & France were like a big bully of your school snatching away candy of small children the 3rd world countries. America got independence with the help of French Army because of fighting between England & France over world domination. 

Then along came Hitler who single handedly made German a superpower in a matter of few years. He was also attacked by England and France. But this time England and France took on more than they could chew. France was overrun in a matter of 2 weeks, England lay in ruins and became insolvent. From a zero in 1920, Hitler took Germany to such heights that it took the combined might of all powers America, Britain, China, Russia, France and 121 other nations to defeat Germany size of Texas because collectively these 121 nations had far more resources than Germany. But thanks to Hitler, the 100 nations/small children who were enslaved by the Big Bullies like England & France got their freedom.
The defeat of Hitler is similar to a story, I heard when I was young.
“There was a lion who came into view of a troupe of hyenas. The Lion, was a large one, powerful and forbidding to behold, a creature of undeniable magnificence. The hyenas were smaller, doglike creatures, with their broken-back gait. They gathered first in a little group, twenty meters from the lion, which was trying to feed on his kill. And then the hyenas had moved forming a circle around the lion, and whichever one was directly behind the powerful cat would move in to nip at its hindquarters, and lion would turn and roar and dart a few meters, and that hyena would withdraw quickly - but even as that happened, another one would advance behind the lion for another nip. Individually, these hyenas would have no more chance against this king of the grasslands than a man with a knife would have against a soldier armed with a machine gun, but try though he might, the lion could not protect his kill – nor even himself - and in just five minutes the lion was on the defensive, unable even to run properly, because there was always a hyena behind him nipping at his balls forcing the lion to run in a way that was pathetically comical, dragging his bottom on the grass he tried to maneuver. And then he was bit, as yet again he turned towards his new attacker, another bit him from his back and he thereafter it was never ending until he could fight no longer with so many and on so many sides and fronts. He ultimately, was unable to defend himself from so many and on so many fronts and lay dead and defeated. The hyenas took their kill, cackling in their odd laughing barks, as though finding amusement in their usurpation of the greater animal. And so the mighty had been vanquished by the lesser. Reminds me of the defeat of Germany and Hitler combined forces of USA, UK, France, Russia, China and armies of 121 nations attacking and ultimately defeating a powerful Germany size of Texas. 

Lion; Germany.

Hyenas; List of allied nations in World War 2 along with the dates when they attacked Germany the lone Lion;

1. Poland: September 1, 1939
2. France: September 3, 1939
3. United Kingdom: September 3, 1939 and its dominion states (4-57)
4. Australia: September 3, 1939
5. New Zealand: September 3, 1939
6. Canada: September 10, 1939
7. India: September 4, 1939
8. Pakistan: September 4, 1939
9. Bangladesh: September 4, 1939
10. Sri lanka; September 4, 1939
11. Nepal: September 4, 1939
12. Newfoundland: September 4, 1939
13. Tonga: September 4, 1939
14. South Africa: September 4, 1939
15. Antigua and Barbuda: September 4, 1939
16. Bahamas: September 4, 1939
17. Barbados: September 4, 1939
18. Botswana: September 4, 1939
19. Brunei: September 4, 1939
20. Cameroon: September 4, 1939
21. Cyprus: September 4, 1939
22. Dominica: September 4, 1939
23. The Gambia: September 4, 1939
24. Ghana: September 4, 1939
25. Grenada: September 4, 1939
26. Guyana: September 4, 1939
27. Jamaica: September 4, 1939
28. Kenya: September 4, 1939
29. Kiribati: September 4, 1939
30. Lesotho: September 4, 1939
31. Malawi: September 4, 1939
32. Malaysia: September 4, 1939
33. Singapore: September 4, 1939
34. Sabah and Sarawak: September 4, 1939
35. Maldives: September 4, 1939
36. Malta: September 4, 1939
37. Mauritius: September 4, 1939
38. Mozambique: September 4, 1939
39. Namibia: September 4, 1939
40. Nauru: September 4, 1939
41. Nigeria: September 4, 1939
42. Papua New Guinea: September 4, 1939
43. Saint Kitts and Nevis: September 4, 1939
44. Saint Lucia: September 4, 1939
45. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines: September 4, 1939
46. Samoa: September 4, 1939
47. Seychelles: September 4, 1939
48. Sierra Leone: September 4, 1939
49. Solomon Islands: September 4, 1939
50. Swaziland: September 4, 1939
51. Tanzania: September 4, 1939
52. Tonga: September 4, 1939
53. Trinidad and Tobago: September 4, 1939
54. Tuvalu: September 4, 1939
55. Uganda: September 4, 1939
56. Vanuatu: September 4, 1939
57. Zambia: September 4, 1939
58 Denmark: April 9, 1940
59. Norway: April 9, 1940
60. Belgium: May 10, 1940
61. Luxembourg: May 10, 1940
62. Netherlands: May 10, 1940
63. Malta: June 10, 1940
64. Greece: October 28, 1940
65. Kingdom of Yugoslavia: April 6, 1941
66. Russia: June 22, 1941
67. Georgia: June 22, 1941
68. Armenia: June 22, 1941
69. Azerbaijan: June 22, 1941
70. Estonia: June 22, 1941
71. Latvia: June 22, 1941
72. Lithuania: June 22, 1941
73. Belarus: June 22, 1941
74. Moldova: June 22, 1941
75. Ukraine: June 22, 1941
76. Kazakhstan: June 22, 1941
77. Kyrgyzstan: June 22, 1941
78. Tajikistan: June 22, 1941
79. Turkmenistan: June 22, 1941
80. Uzbekistan: June 22, 1941
81. Tannu Tuva: June 25, 1941
After the attack on Pearl Harbor
82. United States: December 8, 1941
83. Panama: December 7, 1941
84. Philippines: December 7, 1941
85. Costa Rica: December 8, 1941
86. Dominican Republic: December 8, 1941
87. El Salvador: December 8, 1941
88. Haiti: December 8, 1941
89. Honduras: December 8, 1941
90. Nicaragua: December 8, 1941
91. Republic of China: December 9, 1941
92. Guatemala: December 9, 1941
93. Cuba: December 9, 1941
94. Korea: December 9, 1941
95. Czechoslovakia: December 16, 1941
96. Mexico: May 22, 1942
97. Brazil: August 22, 1942
98. Ethiopia: December 14, 1942
99. Iraq: January 17, 1943
100. Bolivia: April 7, 1943
101. Iran: September 9, 1943
102. Italy: October 13, 1943
103. Colombia: November 26, 1943
104. Liberia: January 27, 1944
After D-Day
105. Romania: August 25, 1944, (formerly a member of the Axis)
106. Bulgaria: September 8, 1944, (formerly a member of the Axis)
107. San Marino: September 21, 1944
108. Albania: October 26, 1944
109. Hungary: January 20, 1945, (formerly a member of the Axis)
110. Bahawalpur: February 2, 1945
111. Ecuador: February 2, 1945
112. Paraguay: February 7, 1945
113. Peru: February 12, 1945
114. Uruguay: February 15, 1945
115. Venezuela: February 15, 1945
116. Turkey: February 23, 1945
117. Lebanon: February 27, 1945
118. Saudi Arabia: March 1945
119. Argentina: March 27, 1945
120. Chile: April 11, 1945
121. People's Republic of Mongolia: August 9, 1945.