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Friday, June 16, 2017

Aliens and technology


Lies being Taught;
Illuminati is a sham;
Now the truth;
Here I reproduce a series of article by a friend whose judgment I fully trust;

Illuminati: Aliens and Technology
        This is another one of those touchy subjects; not everyone is willing to accept alien intervention in this world. This topic is so controversial I've debated with myself whether or not to add this section. There's so much uncertainty because before we can even consider a conspiracy on a galactic scale we would have to acknowledge that we are not the only intelligent life in the universe or even this galaxy. Most of what you'll read in this final section will be theory. If extra terrestrials is something too strong for you to take on I'll invite you to skip this section.
        Is humanity really so arrogant to think we (humans) are the only life in the immense existence of the universe? Billions of star systems were formed long before we have; to say just a small thousand years, if another race similar to us came about a thousand years before us, they would be that far more advanced.
        Many writers, with convincing theories have written, not just science fiction novels, but very informative books theorizing aliens involvement in humanities past. Although the "Ancient Aliens" television season does incorporate significant facts to support their theories, much of what they say is one sided while much of the arguments are a twist of words and easily dismissible. Erik von Daniken is one author who gives a convincing argument of past technology, but it isn't necessarily convincing that it was aliens. Our distant past, though entirely incorrectly determined by academics, can easily be explained by human technological advancements; Atlantis. Although there is even speculation that even they were extra terrestrial. Von Daniken also makes much reference to the "Book of Enoch" that the giants or Nephalim in the Earth's past were an offspring of human alien hybrids.
        Zechariah Sitchen wrote "The Earth Chronicles" through his translation of Sumerian texts; in his belief the gods of Sumer were not gods at all, but alien beings. He often theorizes of another planet in our solar system called Nibiru or "Planet X" based on his translations. If his theories are accurate our solar system will be going through a dramatic change.
        More recent theories have suggested multiple races of extra terrestrials living among us. Several races have been named such as the Zetas, Dzopas, Mantis, Greys, Reptillians and Draconians, but there have been reports of other races that are no different then us in appearance.
        The story of the Dzopas is rather interesting, but poses no connection to the Illuminati at all. In brief they supposedly crash landed in the mounts of Bayan Kara Ula between China and Tibet some 13,000 years ago. They are a short humanoid race with big heads and yellow skin; their descendents still live in China and are protected by the government. The last report I've heard back in the 1990's relating to them is that of a race of pigmy like people in China that have undergone a genetic mutation due to too much consumption of mercury in their water supply. That was the Chinese governments ploy to debunk ET's, but it seems to be dismissible that Mercury is capable of a lot of things, but not genetic deformation.
        The grey's are thought to be highly intelligent beings that seek knoweledge, they've subsequently been experimenting on humans through abduction means but don't necessarily mean harm. They're neither evil nor kind. Little connection has been found between them or the Illuminati.
        Back in the 1957 Sputnik, the first satellite man has ever put into space, or at least by the Russians, was shadowed by one already in orbit, it was called the "Black Knight". This unknown satellite was already in polar orbit, something American and Russian scientists weren't able to accomplish until some time later. There have been suggestions that the Germans have been planning to go to space during World War II, but it can't be confirmed whether they have or not; this satellite may have even been more ancient.
        Unidentified Flying Objects are just as they're stated to the public, but they're not always manned by aliens from outer space. In some encounters of UFOs people have reported meeting human occupants. Our government could very well have engineered a type of space craft without telling us; the Nazi Bell and Ultron Engine are excellent examples that we have this technology.
        In 1977, the SETI received an alien signal from outer space and were never able to conclude its origins; this part is actually fact. The signal was dismissed from adequate because it was only lasted a little over a minute; no valid reason was ever offered as to what created this "Wow Signal".
        To back step by six decades there was the whole Roswell incident. It can't be certain if actual aliens crash landed there or some secret government project crashed, which actually sounds more likely, it's obvious that this was no weather balloon. This story is constantly being absorbed by the conspiracy theories, authors and directors, which we'll get into in a moment. Many supposed insiders have come forward admitting that the government has been secretly working with aliens for years. Two Area 51 insiders claimed to have worked with an alien named J Rod.
        Sanni Ceto has come forward admitting that she is a the reincarnation of an alien being involved in the Roswell crash and wrote the book (with the help of Ann Urlich Miller) "Stranded on Earth: The Story of a Roswell Crash Survivor". She a mentally handicap woman that claims her human incarnation is punishment for being responsible for the crash of two UFOs. She claims to have been a Zeta Reticuli and also makes note that her brother J Rod was involved in the crash. A third source using this name. In her short book she also briefly describes how the alien craft had worked and that the Zeta's home planet was destroyed in a war with the Draconians and/or Reptillians.
        The Zetas are said to be a peaceful race that are for the enlightenment of humans. They are like Gray's but have a more creamy complexion. Zeta's can hybrid with humans to the point where it's impossible to tell them apart.
        I comedic ally noted that in the movie "Skyline", a 2010 alien movie, that the main character's name was Jaarod. When directors have some inside knowledge, they'll often incorporate tiny hints most people would overlook.
        It's a fact that there has been a technological boom within the last 60 years (and that's just the technology they tell us about) and most people would attribute that to World War II, the war's over, no more need to develop weapons to kill people, we can now use sonar to study the Earth. I don't deny that that played a key role as did the scientific achievements attributed by Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla. But isn't it possible, if not probable that, that we've reverse engineered some lost technology either the ancients possessed or something we found belonging to our interstellar neighbors. Nano technology, for example, we can create camera's so small that it can film a person's digestive track.
        We'll get back on alien technology in just a moment, the mentioning of Einstein and Tesla brings up a point that must be acknowledged. Were these two men the last significant minds that came into humanity? One could attribute von Neumann as well but should only strengthen the point. Brilliant minds are being developed in the world every generation, isn't it odd that there haven't been any Einsteins lately? Supposedly there has, inventors of all sorts are alive today, but credit is never given to them. Most of these men of genius start out working for the government as Russell Crow did in "A Beautiful Mind". Once these scientists realize that their work is being kept to the select few and not used for the good of humanity they rebel. Well the CIA and MI6 have very convincing methods no doubt. When they invent something they are bullied into signing contracts with certain companies; legally the company now owns a patent on the product. Note that the FBI and CIA, though both working closely with the government, are in fact not even owned by the government.
        David Icke was the only one I know of to bring up the idea of "patching". What this is is a type of addictive drug that is induced into a person's bloodstream that the body would therefore require; without it withdrawal is so difficult that it kills a person. He says that hundreds of scientists and brilliant minds are manipulated like this if they ever decide to rebel. I've found nothing to confirm this, but it doesn't sound that far fetched.
        Going back to Roswell, alien technology was more than likely used in the third part of the Philadelphia Experiment and Montauk Project, which is known as Project Looking Glass. This conspiracy theory involves a machine that enhances a person psychical ability and creates a yellowish gasious bubble with a fish-eye lens that allows a person to look into the future. The insiders suggest that the object reverse engineered to make this possible was called the Orion Cube; a golden box that the surviving Roswell alien used to contact his home planet. The machine that scientists have created to see into the future looks remarkable like the one made in the movie "Contact", with multiple rings spiralling around a barrel in the middle.
        The Looking Glass was performed by the CIA and MI6, this experiment was said to have presented multiple outcomes of future events, but nothing was ever certain. The future is not written in stone so it was only showing possible outcomes. They were only able to look so far into the future but then they hit a wall just before 2013 and the images became distorted and scrambled. Project Looking Glass was said to have been discontinued because of a certain warning from aliens telling the government that using this technology during the Harmonic Concordance, a time of galactic synchronization, could lead to an apocalyptic outcome.
        This takes us to the Mayan Calendar, in fact some would theorize that December 21, 2012 is not the end date. The Mayas never actually predicted the end of the world but we can see now that this is a possibility. The Mayan Calendar doesn't actually end on a particular date, dates are irrelevant, it's the time period of great change; whether the specific date was 20 years ago or 20 years from now it simply hallmarks the era of great change. I believe this era is of awareness, people are starting to wake up to the tyranny that we're faced with, there are just too many people for this to happen all at once.
        It works like the Hundredth Monkey theory; a monkey on an island off the coast of japan learned how to wash its sweet potatoes before eating it, to rinse the dirt off because dirt isn't a good taste. This monkey, her name was Katie, I believe, taught other monkeys in her area how to wash their sweet potatoes, all this took place on an isolated island. Once enough monkeys learned how to do this all of a sudden the other monkeys on the main land started doing it with no interaction with these other primates. Whereas humans have fallen out of touch with nature it's going to take much time for all of to wake up and realize our true potential.
        Some would argue that this Mayan cycle could at in accordance with Pole Reversals and cataclysmic geological events, I don't deny this either. We're humans but we still have some connection to nature. The human brain generates its own magnetic field and a drastic change in the Earth's own magnetic field could draw about a change to us. Mother Nature has its own spirit as so many Native American tales acknowledge the Spirit of the Earth. The Earth goes through it's changes as well and it reacts to every toxin we put into the air and all the manipulations our technology has brought. In that respect, cataclysm is not completely out of question. In recent years natural disasters occur more and more frequently, HAARP can't be the main contribution.
        The movie "2012" depicted a galactic alignment causing all these Earth changes was simply added for propaganda. Movies will mislead people into believing multiple things, but as noted earlier they can also be used to reveal things to the public. The movie "Knowing" directed by Alex Proyas came out in March 20, 2009, it doesn't escape the title in one particular scene. Nicholas Cage is watching television late at night and the clock just changes from 11:59 to 12:00, just beneath the time change is the word "Japan", which is 13 time zones away from the setting. Nicholas Cage examines a paper, the camera zooms into the bottom of the page and just above the number in focus is "666". Cage looks back to the TV and sees a report that there was an explosion on a rig in the Gulf of Mexico. Let's hit back to reality and 13 months later to the day we have BP Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Some would argue that this is strict coincidence, I'll leave it up to you. This movie also includes a version Nordic aliens, who look strikingly similar to us.
        The term Orwellian State is named after George Orwell, the author of "1984". Orwell either foresaw the government take over or had inside information in the matter; his book, later bacame a movie, depicted a fascist dictatorship where the people living under this reign thought of the government as their big brother to look after them during the war. When two people start waking up, realizing how they became slaves they're tortured and brain washed back in society.
        "They Live" is a film pertaining to a reptilian take over; Roddy Piper, who plays as a construction worker discovers a pair of sun glasses that allows him to see such beings for what they really are, and finds out that they are at the head of politics and the wealthiest in the world. The film also incorporates the jump room/stargate technology in a brief scene.
        Peter Finch plays a reporter that's out of touch (or in touch) with reality in the movie "Network", directed by Sidney Lumet. This movie doesn't pertain to aliens either but it explains much of the epidemic with network news stations and admits that everything we see on television is a lie and that countries do not matter anymore, but corporations.
        Stanley Kubrick is one director that was more then likely involved in the occult; although it's unclear if he participated in the dastardly acts of the Illuminati he was well aware of what went on. Although I've seen some of his movies, I don't think he is the best director but at one point he found himself involved in the conspiracy of the moon landing. Again, this is another controversial subject; either we did or didn't go to the moon and I for one believe we did, but not through standard rockets.
        It was during the Cold War so I understand the pressure to beat the Russians to the moon; they had already beaten the Americans to space. At some point after production of the movie "Dr. Strangelove" Kubrick was offered unlimited financial backing for his movies in exchange he would aid them in faking the moon landing. Fredrick Ordway, who worked for NASA's space program, was also Kubrick's top science advisor for his next film "2001: Space Odyssey". Kubrick used a cinematic technique known as Front Screen Projection on both "2001: Space Odyssey" and the Apollo moon landing. Front Screen Projection allows scenes to be seen behind the actors as if it was actually there much like we use Blue or Green screen to be presented with a computer generated back ground; this technology, at that time, was still unavailable. Instead of blue or green screen there was scotchlite.
In the original credits of "2001: Space Odyssey" there are vast credits thanking NASA for their contribution to the film. In later years these have been removed from the credits.
        Below are two pictures; one of Kubrick's "2001 Space Odyssey" that shows the division of the scotchlite screen and the other of the moon landing photos where the background is clearly not connected to the foreground:
        In one of his later films, "The Shining", Kubrick left hints of his involvement of the moon landing. The main characters are played by Jack Nicholson and Danny Lloyd. At the start of the film Nicholson discusses business with the hotel manager that wears a tupay with hair resembling JFK's, the president who first suggested we go to the moon. In this film there are twin girls, yet in Stephen King's novel there were no twins, only sisters that were murdered. Kubrick may have changed it to twins because before the Apollo program, NASA was running a project called Gemini. There is also a scene were Danny is playing with toy cars set up like a launch pad as he is wearing an Apollo 11 sweater. In the novel the suspicious room was 217, yet Kubrick changed it to 237 in the movie because the average distance between the Earth and the moon 237 thousand miles. There's various other means of symbolism in this film but we shouldn't delve into them. I would invite the reader to watch "Kubrick's Odyssey" for more details.
        Kubrick's final film was "Eyes Wide Shut", finished in 1999, which was only four days before his death. Kubrick originally showed the film to Warner Brothers Studios, who begged him to change the film, Kubrick refused. There were certain scenes intentionally removed from the movie before it was released to the public that are not shown in the special features of the DVD. This movie pertains to a normal doctor (Tom Cruise) infiltrating a sexual occult underworld among the rich and wealthy wearing cloaks and masks, one must wonder if there was any truth to this tale.
        There are various other reasons to believe that the moon landing was in fact, a hoax. In the first photo below the flag placed upon the moon appears to be waving, but there is no wind on the moon. Also, notice how there appears to be more than one light source in the position of the shadows. The second photo has simply been turned up in brightness, in the deep vacuum of space the background should simply remain black, but instead you can make out geometric patterns within the imperfect scotchlite screen:

        Richard Hoagland, former NASA employee also presents evidence of a
   hoax when he describes his whereabouts on the day of the moon landing.
"... I noticed something strange... a man, wearing jeans and a long, light-colored raincoat. This man, wearing one of those floppy "great coats" that cowpunchers used to wear in old Westerns, complete with a dark leather bag slung over one shoulder, was slowly, methodically, placing "something" on each chair... As he got closer, I suddenly realized that he was accompanied by a more conventionally dressed representative from JPL itself; none other than the head of JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) press office, Frank Bristow. In the midst of all the commotion, why was Bristow personally squiring this very out-of-place individual around the auditorium? As Bristow watched approvingly, his "guest" preceded to hand each available reporter a copy of whatever he'd been putting on the seats... I opened the handout... I turned to the couple of mimeographed pages and began to read; I couldn't believe my eyes. The date was July 22, 1969. The three Apollo 11 astronauts, Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldine, and Mike Collins; two of whom had just successfully walked on "the frigging moon" and wouldn't splash down in the South Pacific for two more days, were still half-way between Earth and the "Sea of Tranquility." Yet here, someone with an obvious "in" to JPL was handing out a mimeographed broadsheet to all the real reporters... claiming "NASA has just faked the entire Apollo 11 Lunar Landing... on a soundstage in Nevada! And if that wasn't weird enough, this individual was being personally escorted around von Karman by none other than the head of the JPL press office himself!"
                                                        -Richard Hoagland-
                        Lost Knowledge of the Ancients pages 72-74
        Hoagland, himself, believes this to be a farce or a seed that was planted to inevitably start a conspiracy theory to cover up the true purpose of the NASA moon landing. In all actuality, I see the point and understand Hoagland’s take; why would they admit faking the moon landing to so many people if they didn't expect it to get out? Hoagland, like myself, believes that there is a Dark Space Mission, where the public is told one story; NASA has an entirely separate one unknown to most. Despite his belief I do not waver on mine.
        In the photograph above, where the photo's tint has been enhanced, Hoagland believes that these photographs were taken on the moon, but that there are glass domes or towers of alien bases on the moon, I don't doubt this either. In fact, satellite photographs of the moon released by NASA are not free from alteration. Below are two photos of the moon that you can clearly distinguish a blur photo shopped by NASA; this photograph is also in black and white, the reason is simply because it's harder to distinguish. Do you suppose there's something there they don't want us to see?
 It's actually stated in the Brooking's Report, an official document released by NASA, states that the possibility of a cover-up if intelligent life was discovered elsewhere in the universe simply because people might be too immature to handle the implications of such discoveries.

To be continued……