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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

ooops 6 million Jewish Holocaust / Jewish Holohoax 1940-1945 Germany

                        THE FREEMEN
Dear Brethren,

Lies being taught;
6 million peace loving Jews were killed or burnt alive in ovens, children used as target practice etc by Hitler/Nazis in Holocaust.

Now the truth;
We have heard the story of "False Cry of Wolf", "6 million Jewish Holocaust" is a similar story being told since 1899, only difference is, that, in this story, there was never any wolf, only Rothschild's desire to have possession of Palestine and Jewish homeland ‘Israel’.

On April 30, 1945, Hitler dies and Germany Surrenders. The 1st news which comes out of Germany May 20, 1945 is that 6 million Jews are safe and were found working in hidden factories.
published New York Times May 20, 1945 20 days after death of Hitler
The complete news is as under:-
Published New York Times May 20, 1945 20 days after death of Hitler.

The population of Japan in 1935 was 130 million with 13 cities. Cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were in top half of cities by population. US forces  continue to occupy Japan to stifle the truth. On 6th/9th August 1945, Jew Bernard Baruch and Truman (member of Jewish secret society) burns alive millions of babies, children, girls, women and old men in two Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The word "Holocaust" is from the Greek "holokaustos" and means "burnt whole". 10 Million of babies, children, girls, women and old men Civilians were burnt alive in Hiroshima and Nagasaki by a racist President Harry Truman:-
Immediately thereafter 6 million Jews who were found alive and who were liberated in Germany in May 1945 are now reported "victims of Holocaust". Interestingly there is no news  of 6 million Jews Holocaust between 30th April 1945 and August 9, 1945, all this trash is given to eat after  10 million babies, children, girls, women and old men are burnt alive by Jews  in two Japanese cities (Jew Albert Einstein Atomic bomb and originator, Jew Bernard Baruch - Director, Jew J Robert Oppenheimer scientific Director Manhattan Project). Typical Jewish or allied propaganda whereby they reduce their crime against humanity by 20 times and increase that of the enemy by equal number. 
The actual figures of dead in German Camps by released by International Red Cross after 60 years of being kept secret are as under;-
International Red Cross_actual figures which are only 2% of reported figures.

Actually these were work Camps -- That's why the prisoner's had a tattoo -- to keep track of the workers.  Prisoners couldn't switch identity cards with a permanent tattoo.  Nor could the "ID card" be lost or stolen or traded.  The idea of a tattoo is now fashionable today with many shops exclusively catering to tattoo making however at time it was efficient as it only had to be done once -- and it was cheaper than constantly making ID cards from paper that was scarce. Think about it, why should the Germans bother to take the time to tattoo people they were going to kill?

Proof 1; New York Times dated may 20, 1945 reported liberation of 6 million Jewish 'slaves' working in hidden factories. All of them were well fed and alive.
 When we look at these fat faces, they were obviously not starved to death. They also did not come in touch with the POWs to catch typhus as the children were usually separated from the adults. The Red Cross inspected the camps regularly. It was different with the German POWs under the Americans, the Red Cross was not allowed, nor was any medical help allowed.

These Hungarian Jewish women and their babies were photographed on May 1, 1945, two days after the liberation of the camp

Proof 2; Prisoners liberated from camps. It means Jews were alive and being fed. You don’t take prisoners and keep them in camps only to kill them. And if they were killed who was liberated. 

Proof 3; To capture 6 million, feed them protect them from allied bombing you need to have an equally large number of army. Germany was at a war. It needed all its men at fronts. 6 million Jews and six million spare army men means they could have additional resources of 12 million army and they could have defeated Russia and consequently allies. They would not spare precious resources to protect Jews.

Proof 4; Photographs. In none of the photographs are the victims religion identified. in none of the photos, the number of persons exceed 100. There are not 6,00,000 different photos doing the round. Who Authenticated the Photoshopped photos, Example1 Example 2 Example 3 the same Jews who wanted and got Possession of Jerusalem or Eisenhower who himself killed 1.7 Million Unarmed POWs and sold their Photos as those of dead Jews. testimonies extracted under torture at Farce of Nuremberg Trials where Justice failed. 

Proof 5; As per western / US/ Russian Historians there were also ‘millions’ of eye witnesses watching 6 million Jews being killed. There were also ‘millions’ of photographs/ photographers and ‘millions’ of documents writers since there are 47 million documents, ‘millions’ also escaped. ‘millions’ also survived, so approx 70 million people were involved in evidencing / recording of 6 million Jewish Holocaust. After deducting these 90 million eye witnesses, document writers, photographers etc from total people involved in WW2, none is left to fight the war. If we believe Holocaust Believers, there was no WW2 as none is left to fight WW 2 which became mythical as more than 70 million were recording/ photographing and watching 6 million Jews being killed.

Proof 6; 6 million Jewish holocaust has been propagated 236 times prior to Nuremberg announcement after 1st Zionist Conference at Basel Municipal Casino on August 29, 1897 resolved that Jewish Homeland in Palestine is the only solution for Jewish problems. 1899-1940 
Proof 7; The very fact that there are several million survivors who took money backfires the claims of Holocaust.

Is it illegal to deny WW2? No
Is it illegal to deny earth is round? No
Is it illegal to deny 9/11? No
Is it illegal to deny Holocaust? Yes
"The size of the lie is a definite factor in causing it to be believed, for the vast masses of the nation are in the depths of their hearts more easily deceived than they are consciously and intentionally bad. The primitive simplicity of their minds renders them a more easy prey to a big lie than a small one, for they themselves often tell little lies but would be ashamed to tell a big one." Adolf Hitler (talking about Jew lies).

No one wonders that if Holocaust was real why Otto Frank never died but went to make millions out of her dead daughter. The diary of Anne frank is written in Ball point pen. It was invented by László Bíró, in 1938. In 1940 the Bíró brothers and a friend, Juan Jorge Meyne, moved to Argentina fleeing Nazi Germany and on June 10 filed for its patent. however it never came into production till about 29 October 1945 in America. It was marketed much later in 1946. There is no way that Anne Frank could have a ball point pen when she is supposed to have written her diary. No body was ever able to talk to her know the truth. The diary was written in America by Jew Writer Meyer Levin, who was awarded $ 50,000 dollars by US Court to be paid by Otto Frank to author Meyer Levin for use of his fictional work as 'Diary of Anne Frank'. Remember Anne Frank died of Typhus and her father Otto never died but went on to make millions out of her dead daughter.

Now the Big Question; Why the Big Lie;

i) Need for “6 million Jewish Holocaust” began with Tenth Century BC with the construction of First Temple by King Solomon wherein he placed “Ark of Covenant” containing Ten Commandments for Jewish People.

ii) First Temple was destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar II in 587 BC. Second Temple was built on 516 BC which was destroyed by Romans in 70 CE.

iii) 1st Zionist Conference at Basel Municipal Casino on August 29, 1897 resolved that only solution for Jewish problems is a Jewish Homeland in Palestine.

iv) During the first meeting between Weizmann and Balfour in 1906, Balfour asked what Weizmann's objections were to the idea of a Jewish homeland in Uganda, rather than in Palestine. According to Weizmann's memoir, the conversation went as follows:

"Mr. Balfour, supposing I was to offer you Paris instead of London, would you take it?" He sat up, looked at me, and answered: "But Dr. Weizmann, we have London." "That is true," I said, "but we had Jerusalem when London was a marsh."

v) Then came Balfour declaration in exchange for Zimmerman telegram and Lusitania sinking but no Israel. When asked by William Yale, of US state Department what the Jews would do if the British Failed to live upto their agreement, Chairn Weizmann retorted, ; “If they don’t, we’ll smash the British Empire like we smashed the Russian Empire.”

vi) Since whole of Jerusalem was not handed over to Jews, they smashed the British Empire nevertheless after end of world war 2.

vii) If England had honored its commitment given to Rothschild contained in Balfour Declaration of giving Jerusalem to Rothschild and creating Israel in 1919 rather than creating Czechoslovakia, than WW2 would not have happened and neither the myth of 6 million Jewish Holocaust at Nuremberg farce.

Please don't forget to see the following time line for 6 million Jewish Holocaust;-
About the other myths please see the link below;
About Holocaust BY Jews check the following link;-



  1. Just have a look at these articles:,_publicerade_artiklar_om_Sex_miljoner_judar_fram_till_1945


  2. This is the best arguments against Holocaust that I have read in whole of my life.

  3. Arguments of holocaust believers have always been that look 9/11 happened, it means Holocaust ALSO happened or World War 2 happened it is proof of Holocaust. But you say, if World War 2 happened it is proof that Holocaust did not happen because both cannot happen simultaneously. Similarly 9/11 is no proof that Holocaust happened. Your logic is different.

    1. Here is the CIA 911 Whistle blower.

  4. 86% of people who believe that jews are the enemy of the world are white/ of Caucasian ethnicity. Why is it that anything that is different from white ethnicity/different religion than catholic/christian is bad?

    1. I just find the enemies of humanity to be bad. Has nothing to do with ethnicity, because jews aren't even of the same species as us Gentiles.

    2. Great article!

      Jim Rizoli
      jjrizo on youtube

  5. Your statement presupposes racism which is not true. Even Jews hate Zionists. Recent protests in Israel are proof of that.

    Truth is not racist. It is true that right from American Revolution which was led by Freemasons to French Revolution when food ships were asked to delay their arrival, and Bankers denied finance to King Louis XVI, to Russian Revolution financed conducted by NY Bankers, Zionists have been responsible for every Revolution in the world apart from World War 1 and 2.

    Again it is historically true that Knight Templar’s dug under ruins of 1st Zionist Temple and suddenly became so rich so as to start modern Banking.

    All Freemason take oath to repossess Israel and to reconstruct 1st Temple the last known place of Ark of Covenants the holiest of holies. It is not thus surprising that FDR, Truman, and Churchill were all Freemasons.

    6 million Jewish Holocaust was “final solution” promulgated by Zionists for possession of Jerusalem as far back as 1895 and thereafter it has been repeatedly mentioned 6 million Jew holocaust since 1899 onwards as fully detailed in my articles.

    Even if I assume your statement to be correct, Jews are also suffering because of Zionist Bankers. Rich are getting richer and poor are getting poorer. The divide is rising because of Zionist Bankers. In the coming days you will see more and more Jews realizing this fact.

    1. Incredibly well said!!! I am glad I've arrived at the point of reading your words and can easily agree with all of what you've said because the truth is the truth is the TRUTH!! I pray many more continue to follow as they have been.

  6. Das ist Echt Toll! Wunderbar. Danke Schoen, mein Bruder.

  7. As a German born Canadian, I cannot, by law, comment on the substance.

    A person who did so was imprisoned in solitary confinement for two years as a terror suspect and then sent to Military Occupied German where he got five years in prison. Things are more complicated than that and you can find many details on the web --- google "Ernst Zundel" for instance.

    If the LAW cannot be used to support TRUTH, what could it possibly be used for?

    1. Sylvia Stolz, 51, was sentenced to 20 months' imprisonment for telling an anti-censorship congress in Switzerland in 2012 that the "so-called Holocaust" under Adolf Hitler's National-Socialist (Nazi) Party had never been legally defined or proven.

  8. Arguing that the holocaust really happened is like arguing that the earth is flat. What is disturbing is that there are people who do not find it disturbing.

  9. It never really occurred to me that Otto frank was alive and well fed was proof that Holocaust never happened. It amazed me that I had been fooled by a person who made millions selling her daughter who died from typhus.

  10. Am so happy to have read this because if you here what the koreans who were captured in germany army say about german army is that they were so social army people in germany who provided food and shelter plus even break and play to its captives.

  11. The only lies on this subject are emanating from blind, ignorant, hateful anti-semitic deceivers like yourself!!! But one day Israel will stand as the head and not the tail of the nations!!!

    1. You Sir are a perfect example of racist abuser and have admitted Jewish desire to conquer the World.

    2. Sounds like world domination to me. There were how many Field Marshals, Generals, Majors, and foot soldiers in the Wehrmacht that were Jewish?

    3. Hitler had around 150 000 Jewish volunteers in his Nazi Armies (There is a book on it called "Hitler's Jewish Soldiers" if you are interested).

      Hitlers Personal Bodyguard and founder of the SS, Emil Maurice, was of Jewish descent.

      The number of Jewish soldiers in the Nazi army amounted approx. 150,000 with some hundred officers, some generals and one Field Marshal, (Supreme Commander and Chief of the Luftwaffe, Erhard Milch). Some hundred of them had received the "Iron Cross" and 20 Jewish Wehrmacht soldiers had been awarded with the highest German WWII army medal, the "Knights Cross".

      Many guards at Westerbork Concentration Camps were Jewish or of Jewish descent

      When International Zionism used their influence to organize a boycott of the German Economy, Germany survived thanks to the help of many German-Jewish leaders who opposed the Boycott

      In 1945 when the Russians liberated Berlin, they found 5000 Jewish Citizens living there

      Jewish Author and influential "Gertrude Stein" led the campaign to nominate Hitler for the Nobel peace prize

      Nazi Germany even had synagogues there (See Wikipedia) 5 still exist today that were around during the Nazi Era. (There was more than 5, but many were destroyed during the war) In fact I believe one of the most famous Nazi synagogues was one in Munich, which had 1000s of members, and once a week a Rabi would travel all the way from Prague to preform his Religious duties, until the Allies bombed it in 1944 or 45.

  12. I am not a history student but based on my intuition, I anticipated that 9/11 could have been an inside job (and it likely is) and Hitler might have been the most misunderstood guy ever. I had this gut feeling that textbook history written for children is for that very reason, a collection of misleading statements.

  13. 4 million in 4 years means that 2700 dead everyday!! A HUMONGOUS TASK BY ANY MEANS!! Did the Nazis have nothing better to do when they had to fight on so many fronts?? Wasting resources on stuff like gassing the Jews is not what a Great leader and battle strategist like Hitler would authorize. It is illogical, unnecessary and murderously stupid! Hitler was NOT Stupid! And if annihilation of Jews was on his mind, there were better ways to do it! In Mein Kampf he mentions that in a Jew, all he sees is just another guy who has a different religion. He also mentioned that Jews often lacked hygiene. That doesn't in anyway indicate that he HATED Jews.

    1. "If the international finance-Jewry inside and outside Europe should succeed in plunging the nations into a world war yet again, then the outcome will not be the victory of Jewry, but rather the annihilation of the Jewish race in Europe!" Adolf Hitler, 1939 Reichstag Speech

    2. If you believe that International Finance -Jewry was responsible for plunging nations into a world war 2 and annihilating 72 million people you must also believe that International finance and Jewry was responsible for 6 million Jewish holocaust since 1895. though Hitler just never wanted war and did not kill anyone. he was a man of peace much different from queen of England who attacked all countries of the world in her quest for world domination.

  14. This is just pure bigotry. Jews have contributed more to humanity than any other ethnicity. We hold a disproportionately high number of Nobel Prizes in the sciences and we basically designed the entire financial system that you currently enjoy, read your history. We invented banking. The Arabs were too stupid even at the height of their empire to know how to manage their finances, they only flourished economically because of the Jewish tribes in Arabia, who designed a perfect banking system. It is the Jews who get credit for their entire civilization, we simply came back to Israel to claim what's rightfully ours.

    1. No one on this planet owns ANY land. Jew, Muslim, or Christian. Those 3 religions are run on greed. You do not own Israel, just as European colonies do not own Canada and the USA. People should reside where they want. All this desire of ownership only adds to the Jewish stigma.

    2. "we basically designed the entire financial system that you currently enjoy, read your history. We invented banking."

      Who benefits from this arrangement?

    3. "We hold a disproportionately high number of Nobel prizes in the sciences"

      This is simply a case of Jews giving other Jews awards, no surprise there. It's the same as a Hollywood film festival.

      "We designed the entire financial system you currently enjoy."

      Nobody enjoys the financial system which holds nearly all nations in perpetual usurious debt servitude. The financial system is the deadliest disease on planet earth. The international Zionist bankers create money with no backing out of thin air and loan it to national governments with ridiculous compounded interest, which they profit from immensely. American taxpayers fork over nearly 500 billion dollars every year just to cover the unjustifiable, usurious interest on the multi trillion dollar debt. The saddest part is that most of this debt was racked up from borrowing from the Zionist owned and operated federal reserve to fight Zionist wars that do not have anything to do with America. The current fiat financial system is the worst crime ever committed against humanity. It has stolen sovereignty from all developed nations all over the world. A nation cannot be sovereign and be trillions in debt to private international criminal bankers. These scumbags organized, and profited from every major war and violent revolution in history. Certainly, the financial system is not something to be proud of.

      "We simply came back to Israel to claim what is rightfully ours"

      How do you figure? Those European Jews who migrated to Palestine in 1948 were not Semites. The universal Jewish encyclopedia states that more than 92% of today's Jews are of Ashkenazi origins. Ashkenazi Jews are NOT Semitic, and therefore are NOT descendants of the Hebrews/Israelites, which means they have no logical claim to Palestine whatsoever.

      European Jews are decendants of an asiatic Mongolian tribe known as the Khazars. They CONVERTED to Talmudic Judaism in 740 ad, under the order of the khagan Bulan. The Khazars were defeated by Russia and their population of about 20 million migrated to places like Poland, Lithuania, Hungary, and Germany. This is the true origin of European Jews, they are the decendants of asiatic Mongolian, Talmudic converts. This information is verified by many authoritave Jewish sources, like genetic testing performed by Jewish geneticists which were independently peer reviewed, anthropological studies on craniometry performed by Jewish anthropologists, and many Jewish historians. I would suggest you read a book called "the invention of the Jewish people", written by Shlomo Sand who is a former professor of history at the Hebrew university in tel aviv Israel. His book confirms all of this without question. There are so many authoritative Jewish sources that confirm this fact, that it is no longer debatable.

      I could join a synagogue and become a Jew tomorrow and be just as Jewish as anyone, if I wanted to. Does that give me the right to violently steal someone else's land? That's a rhetorical question, the only human answer is no.

      Besides, it was Abraham and his seed that the land was promised to, and Abraham was not a Jew. He was a Semitic Hebrew, and according to the 1980 Jewish almanac, "it is incorrect to refer to an ancient Israelite as a Jew, just as it is incorrect to refer to a contemporary Jew as a Hebrew or Israelite." They are clearly of no relation. Jews did not exist in the time of Abraham, nor did they exist in the time of Moses.

      Do you have any idea what group of people are confirmed by anthropologists and geneticists to have the highest concentration of actual Semites? Are you ready for ultimate irony? It is the Palestinian and Syrian Arabs who are confirmed to be of Semitic origins. No joke. Now, who's the anti-Semite?

      It appears that maybe it is you that needs to "read your history."

    4. You deserve some recognition at the very least for your truly informative reply, anyone who argues with what you have said could only do so irrationally and therefore lose credibility. Thank you.

  15. “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter, and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves. “ - Abraham Lincoln
    I know what America is. America is a thing you can move very easily, move it in the right direction. They won't get in their way. -Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, 2001
    If the American people knew what we have done, they would string us up from the lamp posts. -George H. W. Bush
    The men the American people admire most extravagantly are the greatest liars; the men they detest most violently are those who try to tell them the truth. -H.L. Mencken

  16. I'm reading all your comments and you people are smart enough to realize the average jew shouldn't be hated for what the powerful leaders do, just like your average American shouldn't be hated for all the stupid shit our Government, Country or President does.

  17. Thank you for the interesting read. However, i would like to point out that you might have misread at least 1 primary source: Proof 1's source ',1945_NYT.gif'

    In the highlighted portion and in the paragraph to which it belongs, there is no mention that these 6 millions of slaves are Jews. We know for a fact that POWs consisted a large part of the slave workforce. These 6 million liberated slaves will include POWs and such.

    Thus, i urge you to read with more clarity and less prejudice before coming to a conclusion concerning the fate of the Jews.

    1. and when you read it with "6 Million" and "victims of Nazism" it leaves no manner of doubt that refers to Jews. "6 million Jewish Holocaust" was mentioned more than 300 times much before start of WW2.

  18. It may not be 6 million or even 4 million but innocent people were definitely murdered. You're claiming that you need 6 million soldiers to manage 6 million prisoners. How can you explain the regular jails right now? there are only a couple of guards per building and they are guarding hundreds and even thousands at a time. You're saying that it can't be done? uh... yes it can! Jails from all around the world are doing it. You're also claiming that you need the same amount of witnesses for the same amount of people who were captured and burned alive in the streets. Where are you getting this logic? so if 10 people gets shot by a single armed man and a boy passed by, the boy wouldn't be believable unless he can get 9 more people in the scene of the crime just so they can all witness the murder happening together? if it's just him, he's not going to be credible just because there were 10 victims and there's only one witness? wow!!!!!

    1. a) Only innocent Germans were killed. No innocent Jew was killed.
      b) USA put all Japanese in USA in Jails/internment camps. Likewise there were internment camps in Germany for Zionists. Auswitz like others were not even an internment camps, these were hidden factories from where all 6 million Jews were liberated several days after Hitler was dead.
      c) A jail of 100 does not need 2 soldiers but to arrest 100 you need several hundred. The police force to keep 100 prisoners does not need 2 soldiers but police force is much larger in number. Requirements are different during peace times and war times. There was no attempt to kill anyone, Anne frank is live example, she died of typhus like many Germans in those times not of bullet wounds; his father made millions of her, he was merely interned but well fed same as ellie weasel who was alive and well fed.
      d) I never said you need same amount of witnesses. I said the witnesses if you count them are much more un number than the fake victims, which should surprise which cannot be possible.