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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Holocaust Fake Pics 3

Lies being taught;
There are several photographs showing holocaust of Jews.

The Truth;
The photographs are fakes. here some samples.
detailed news report of 1912














Fact 1

Fact 2



  1. I'm glad to see this ridiculous myth debunked.

  2. when will the world wake up to the real story? you know when? when its too late.

  3. everything we've ever been taught is a damn lie!! people will believe anything the mainstream media tells them!! so pathetic!! maybe humans don't deserve to survive

  4. "Abusing your right for free speech"..

    Are you serious? How many ethnic groups that suffered "genocide" and lost a war managed to win a country????

    You tell me this! How was the Zionist council and the MOSSAD able to bring so many from the German military to kangaroo court, corrupt trials if the "poor little Jews" were persecuted so badly?

    How did a fully armed NATION of "poor little Jews" manage to not only barge their way into Palestine, but gain UNITED NATIONS support of the major world powers to take the majority of Palestinian land?

    How did the descendants of those poor little Jews, in less than 40 years after such a supposedly "catastrophic genocide", manage to arm themselves with 300 undeclared nuclear weapons without signing a non-proliferation treaty, and avoiding any level of investigation for 3 decades???

    How did those "poor little Jews" manage to have Balfour declare, long before WW2, that Palestine would become a Jewish state?

    All they needed was a catalyst, a big media hype.

    Just like 9/11 was the Zionist USA's catalyst for illegal invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, the holohoax was the Zionist catalyst for the illegal invasion of Palestine.

    And it worked a charm both times - an idiotic public swallow the lies, and accept suppression of freedom of speech, and accept laws prohibiting investigation. In the USA, they will accuse you of terrorism, or blacklist you, or just destroy your family life.

    In Europe, you go to jail for speaking.

    Do you have absolutely no compassion for human beings? Do you have any idea how many atrocities across the world have now been linked with Jewish greed?

    How many in the Middle East, Europe, the USA etc etc must be killed and robbed of their freedom before you start to put 2 and 2 together and see the media bullshit for what it is?

    Or maybe it is easier for you to live in a world of comic book villains, where "poor little Jews" are picked on by the big evil Arabs, the big evil Europeans, the big evil Babylonians, the big evil Romans...

    Grow up, and see the lies. If you want to live the rest of your days believing propaganda, go ahead. It just makes you part of the problem.

  5. why we believed

    free yourself from a life time of psyche warfare propaganda

  6. I feel that we are living in hell. People are lie and you can not trust on anyone. Internet is the good thing and we see how this word really goes on.

  7. Some excellent work has been carried out here. Never give in.
    They have even made attempts to change UK law to make it illegal to deny or downplay the holohoax.that would be fun.